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Bill Clinton's Campaign Promises

with space for writing the date the promise was fulfilled.

1 "Vote for me and we'll produce more natural gas in Texas." - "Dallas Morning News" January
11, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
2 "The West should establish a $60 billion fund to help stabilize the Russian ruble." - New York
City, April 1, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
3 "I will streamline the federal government and change the way it works, cut 100,000
bureaucrats and put 100,000 new police officers on your streets of American cities." - New York
City, July 16, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
4 "I promise you I will never bash public employees." - "Dallas Morning News" June 18, 1992
Date fulfilled [ / / ]
5 "I would want the first judge I appointed to believe in the right to privacy and the right to
choose." - PBS, July 7, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
6 "[What] would work is to raise the top tax rate on people with gross incomes above $200,000 to
35 or 36 percent and put a surtax on people with incomes of a million dollars or more a year." "Time" July 20, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
7 "We should pay up -- and pay now -- the past dues we owe to the U.N." - New York City, April
1, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
8 "If I become president, we will keep a glatt kosher kitchen in the White House." - New York
City, April 1, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
9 "Under our health care system, all Americans will have access to quality and affordable health
care through coverage from their employer, or if they're unemployed, through their
government." - Jersey City, NJ, October 29, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
10 "I want a leaner bureaucracy and more investment." - "Time" July 20, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / /
11 "A national apprenticeship program for non-college-bound young people so they can get good
jobs, fully fund Head Start -- those things are not terribly expensive." - "Face The Nation"
(CBS), October 6, 1991 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
12 "To the fathers who have chosen to abandon their children by neglecting their child support:
Take responsibility for your children, or we will force you to do so." - New York City, July 16,

1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]

13 "U.S. [NATO] troop levels can be safely reduced to a force in the range of 75,000 to 100,000."
- "Europe" October 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
14 "As soon as the Pentagon issued a study which said there was no basis in national security for
discriminating based on the sexual orientation of Americans who wish to serve in the military, I
said I would act on the study." - Los Angeles, CA, May 18, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
15 "I am going to send Al Gore to Capitol Hill to take the lead in passing our program in the first
100 days of the new administration." - Little Rock, AR, July 10, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
16 "I would bring in all the players within the first 60 days and tell them to develop a national
health care plan." - "Dallas Morning News" October 7, 1991 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
17 "The Clinton-Gore Administration will view the support of generic industrial technologies as
a priority mission." - Clinton's "Technology: The Engine of Economic Growth" September 21,
1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
18 "My first priority would be to pass a jobs program, to introduce it on the first day I was
inaugurated." - St. Louis, MO, October 11, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
19 "My plan offers $50 billion in new investments over the next four years -- new incentives for
the private sector, and investment tax credit, urban enterprise zones, new business tax incentives,
research and development incentives, and others." - "Arizona Republic" June 28, 1992 Date
fulfilled [ / / ]
20 "At the very least, 10 percent of the $76 billion that the government now spends each year on
research should be redirected from the Pentagon's research budget to civil efforts." - Clinton's
"Technology: The Engine of Economic Growth" September 21, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
21 "We can give you a country again where we are pro-growth and pro- environment. Where we
are pro-business and pro-labor, where we are pro-civil rights and pro-civil order, where we are
pro-family and pro-choice." - "Portland Oregonian" July 26, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
22 "When it comes to AIDS, there should be a Manhattan Project." - Los Angeles, CA, May 18,
1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
23 "We can pledge right now that for every dollar we reduce the defense budget on research and
development, we'll increase the civilian research and development by the same amount." Georgetown University, November 20, 1991 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
24 "I want to increase federal funding for research, prevention, and treatment [for AIDS]." Jersey City, NJ, October 29, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
25 "I support a strong American role in the U.N. and with the European Community to end
Serbian aggression. I have supported the use of multilateral military force, if necessary." -

"Europe", October 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]

26 "My administration will stand up for democracy and buttress democratic forces in Haiti,
Peru, and throughout the Western Hemisphere." - (AP) August 14, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
27 "We need not just a new generation of leadership, but a new gender of leadership. This is a
minority I enjoy being in." - "Phoenix Gazette", July 15, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
28 "Those who can [after two years on welfare] will have to go to work, either by taking a job in
the private sector or through community service." - "Putting People First" Date fulfilled [ / / ]
29 "The United States should lead the fight to slow global warming, instead of dragging our feet
and ignoring important scientific data." - New York City, April 1, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
30 "I want to appoint one person, one man or woman, to oversee and coordinate all federal
efforts related to this issue [AIDS]." - Jersey City, NJ, October 29, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
31 "A Clinton-Gore Administration will not permit American firms again to sell key technologies
to outlaw states like Iraq." - (AP) August 14, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
32 "I certainly will give every consideration to Hispanic candidates for the Supreme Court." "Dallas Morning News", July 2, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
33 "The old adage 'mi casa, su casa' will be true when my house is the White House." - "Dallas
Morning News", July 2, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
34 "All the money by which we reduce defense research and development I would put
immediately into domestic, commercial research and development." - "Dallas Morning News",
August 16, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
35 "I will elevate economics; create an Economic Security Council similar to the National
Security Council." - Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
36 "My administration will reduce our forces, but maintain a credible presence in Europe and
Asia." - "Portland Oregonian", September 1, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
37 "I want people like some of you in this audience to be part of a Clinton Administration, not
because or in spite of your sexual orientation, but because America needs you." - Los Angeles,
CA, May 18, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
38 "You live in a country that makes it harder to raise children than any country in the world.
You vote for me and I'll give you family values." - "Portland Oregonian", July 26, 1992 Date
fulfilled [ / / ]
39 "If I become president, I will have a cabinet that looks like America." - "Portland
Oregonian", July 26, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
40 "After this election is over, I will continue to reach out to the American people. I'll get back on

a bus when I'm president. I'll go back and have town meetings, and let ordinary people ask me
questions. I will not hide behind the walls of the White House." - (AP) September 25, 1992 Date
fulfilled [ / / ]
41 "My strategy puts people first by investing more than $50 billion each year over the next four
years to put America back to work -- the most dramatic economic growth since World War II." (AP) June 22, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
42 "With the dwindling Soviet threat, we can cut defense spending over a third by 1997." Georgetown University, November 20, 1991 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
43 "I propose that the U.S. must take the lead in putting together a bridge loan to help Russia
make the transition from its old system to its new economy." - New York City, April 1, 1992 Date
fulfilled [ / / ]
44 "Middle-class taxpayers will have a choice between a children's tax credit or a significant
reduction in their income tax rate." - "Putting People First" Date fulfilled [ / / ]
45 "Vote for me and we'll conserve more energy all over America." - "Dallas Morning News",
January 11, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
46 "We'll restore the dignity of blue collar work by guaranteeing an apprenticeship program to
every non-college bound student in the United States of America." - San Diego, CA, June 15,
1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
47 "We will link China's trading privileges to its human rights record and its conduct on trade
and weapons sales." - Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
48 "We'll seek to raise the average goal for automakers to 45 miles per gallon." - Philadelphia,
April 22, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
49 "We'll pass a national bottle bill to encourage recycling by creating small deposits on all glass
and plastic bottles." - Philadelphia, April 22, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
50 "I will not raise taxes on the middle class to pay for these programs." - East Lansing, MI,
October 19, 1992 Date fulfilled [ / / ]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Promise 1 - We voted for him
Promise 2 - Good. Sell them tractor parts as well. Keep them going.
Promise 3 - Forget it. Congress told him they weren't going to cut their staffs, and it looks like he
won't cut the White House staff 25% as he promised. If you think 100,000 government
employees are going to go quietly without the American Federation of Government Employees
(AFGE) raising hell, think again.

Promise 4 - Right. He has already bashed.

Promise 5 - He said he would not ask that a Supreme Court nominee be "pro-choice".
Promise 6 - Those people will then pass the tax along to us through higher prices on their
products, lower wages, etc.
Promise 7 - Good. And demand that all other countries do the same.
Promise 8 - So what?
Promise 9 - Good. Just like Medicare, or those wonderful socialized medicine programs they
have in England or Canada. We *promise* you won't have a 6-month wait for your broken arm
like in Canada.
Promise 10 - Good. See Promise 3.
Promise 11 - Those programs are already there. They're called vocational and technical schools.
But it's a worthy idea.
Promise 12 - They should advocate mandatory sterilization for the men and women who engage
in irresponsible parenting.
Promise 13 - Good idea.
Promise 14 - There should be NO sexual orientation in the armed services. If you are gay, keep
your mouth shut. If you are straight, keep your mouth shut. Follow your orders.
Promise 15 - Duh! That's his JOB!
Promise 16 - What?!?! He was supposed to have that already planned before he took office!
Promise 17 - That's pretty ambiguous.
Promise 18 - See Promise 11.
Promise 19 - The Democrats shrieked and wailed when the Republicans talked about tax credits
and incentives. Promise 20 - Sounds good, but 90% of our technology (computers, calculators,
microwave ovens, etc.) has come from defense research and the space program. There are only
two places to cut from the budget -- social programs and defense. 75% of defense spending is on
salaries, and if you cut that, you'll have UNEMPLOYMENT.
Promise 21 - "Pro-family" *and* "pro-choice"? Mutually exclusive. Al Gore wants to
emasculate industry or make restrictions so tight that their products will be prohibitively
Promise 22 - When it comes to AIDS, people should keep their pants zipped. Don't screw around,
don't use IV drugs. USE COMMON SENSE.

Promise 23 - Defense research is done by the private sector. Ever heard of General Dynamics?
Promise 24 - Good thing, but we spend more on AIDS research than any other disease, and it's
only increasing.
Promise 25 - What, you mean IMPERIALIST AGGRESSION? The United States should play
"World Policeman" and stick its nose in the governments of other countries? GASP!
Promise 26 - See Promise 25. As of the beginning of January, Clinton had ALREADY backed off
on his promise to allow Haitian boat people into this country. But then, that helps with the
"prevention" part of Promise 24, eh?
Promise 27 - The right person for the right job. If that person is a woman, fine. If not, don't give
it to a woman just because she's a woman. Don't give it to a man just because he's a man.
Promise 28 - Right. When the Republicans brought this up, they were called "unfeeling racists".
Remember the "Welfare Queen" during the Reagan Administration? Remember the Willie
Horton incident (which by the way was started by the Al Gore campaign)?
Promise 29 - The United States is filled with greedy companies. They are doing more than any
other country in the world. Take a look at the air quality and emissions of Eastern Europe.
Clinton has no idea what he's talking about. Sure, let's clean things up, but let's be truthful, Slick
Willy. This contradicts Promise 1. How can we clean things up and reduce global warming if
we're going to produce more burning fuel? Okay, it's "natural" gas, but it's going to be using up
a precious resource.
Promise 30 - See Promise 24, Promise 26, Promise 27.
Promise 31 - Good idea. Maybe he will be the Super Democrat who can accomplish that. For
what it's worth, Congress must approve the sale of "key technologies" to foreign countries.
Guess which party controls Congress? Riiiiiight.
Promise 32 - Admirable. So what? There are blacks and women on the Supreme Court. Let the
right person for the job be chosen. If Slick Willy chooses an Hispanic, that will disappoint Mario
Cuomo, who is expecting a nomination.
Promise 33 - Previous Presidents have tried that, much to their regret.
Promise 34 - What sort of research?
Promise 35 - Billary knows economics only from "book learning'". He has already chosen to
virtually ignore the recommendations given during his "Economic Summit" in late 1992.
Promise 36 - See Promise 3, Promise 13.
Promise 37 - See Promise 5, Promise 10, Promise 27, Promise 32.
Promise 38 - See Promise 21. Family Values?!?!?! GASP! Is Slick Willy trying to force his view

down our throats? Is Slick Willy trying to start a "religious war"? GASP!!!
Promise 39 - See Promise 37, Promise 32, Promise 27, Promise 10, Promise 5.
Promise 40 - See Promise 33.
Promise 41 - See Promise 6, Promise 11, Promise 18, Promise 19, Promise 20, Promise 28,
Promise 34.
Promise 42 - See Promise 20.
Promise 43 - See Promise 2.
Promise 44 - Right. Due to "Republican Lies" the budged deficit was under-estimated by $18
billion. Even though it was only an ESTIMATE and $18 billion is chump change, all those tax
cuts and credits are now out the window. For what it's worth, those plans were based on the
deficit being HIGHER than it actually is. Republicans under-estimated, Democrats OVERESTIMATED and made their tax cut plans on those figures. Since the Republicans' estimate was
wrong, that negates the whole thing. Do you really think the Democrats EVER intended to give
tax credits and cuts? You do? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Promise 45 - Doesn't this contradict Promise 1? See Promise 29.
Promise 46 - See Promise 3, Promise 6, Promise 11, Promise 18, Promise 19, Promise 21, Promise
23, Promise 28, Promise 41. How can Slick Willy increase the number of jobs when he is going to
cut Federal jobs and raise taxes on the job producers?
Promise 47 - See Promise 31. Congress controls trading agreements, and the Democrats control
Promise 48 - Admirable goal.
Promise 49 - Admirable goal.
Promise 50 - See Promise 44. This one went out the window 30 seconds after Clinton said it at the
debate. He even contradicted himself by saying that he disagreed with Ross Perot on how much
to raise taxes on the middle class.