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Self Realization during Kumbh 2010 at Haridwar through

Sahajyoga Stalls in the Exhibition area & Meditation center

(9th March to 16th April’ 2010)
As we all are aware, the Kumbh celebrations in Haridwar started since the beginning
of March this year when thousands of devotees and seekers came everyday to take a
dip in the Holy Ganges. The main celebrations and Mela cum exhibition started from
15th of March and concluded by 16th April.

(Devotee taking a holy dip in Ganges at Har-Ki-Pauri, Haridwar during Kumbh Mela’ 2010)
This was a unique opportunity to propagate the message of our divine mother and to
become a instrument in giving Self realization to thousands of seekers from not only
India but also abroad.
By the divine grace and blessings of Shri Mataji, three stalls for Sahajayoga
in the Mahakumbh exhibition area and a residential plot of 2000 sq.ft near
the exhibition area was allotted to us. About one thousand seekers visited
the stalls and residential plot everyday and, in all, more than 31000 seekers
received their Self realization during the Kumbh Mela Celebration.
Seekers from various states of India (mostly from West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujrat,
Madhya Pradesh, UP, Bihar) as well as from abroad (mostly from Europe & Nepal)
not only took their Self realization but were also given nearby Sahajayoga center’s
addresses & mother’s photo to continue meditation at their places. Many devotees
wrote their experience as to how they have finally found the true peace. Many, who
had come to stay for longer duration returned back to meditate with us and also
brought their friends and relatives. Many had miraculous experience of seeing Shri
Mataji in Maa Durga form and also as Shiva.
The Self realization work started on 9th March with a small Ganesh Puja at the lotus
feet of Shri Mataji asking for prayers and removal of all obstacles and negativities.
All varieties of seekers including sadhus, saints, normal household people, young
seekers, came to the exhibition area as well as residential plot to receive their self
realization. Many devotees following false gurus and staying in their tent
accommodation came to our residential plot and found their true inner peace.

Seekers taking their Self Realization at the Residential plot

(B-2, Gauri Shankar Dweep, Kumbh, Haridwar)

Seekers taking their Self Realization at the Sahajyoga Exhibition Stalls

(A-125, A-126, A-127, Gauri Shankar Dweep, Kumbh, Haridwar)
Various Preparation & activities undertaken for this auspicious work :
1. a) On the allotted Plot of 2000 sq. ft., a waterproof Meditation Hall was
constructed with provision for staying of few families with Kitchen and
toilet facilities.
1. b) Three stalls for Sahajayoga in the kumbh exhibition area were
decorated so that every seekers could be approached.

2. Big Hoardings of Shri Mataji Photographs (20ft * 10ft) were put up in

the Kumbh area & at few places in Haridwar city.

3. Special invitational Pamphlets were printed in large numbers

(70,000) for distribution to new seekers inviting them to the
exhibition stalls and to residential plot. Contact details of state
coordinators were also printed on back side. These Pamphlets were
also distributed by Yuva shaktis at different locations of the Mela on
important days
4. Seven minute video was run on Haridwar TV Channel which included
a two minute mother’s speech asking seekers to take their Self
realization, video clips of seekers taking their Self realization in
sahajayoga stalls.
5. Mother’s poster were hung on poles as well as pasted in and around
kumbh area with arrows pointing directions to Sahajayoga Exhibition
stall and residential plot.
6. A mother photo in envelope and a two page folder giving brief
description of sahajayoga was given free to seekers after self
realization who asked for it and expressed their desire to continue. It
was seen that most of seekers took mother’s photo with them.
7. 6 copies of Nationwide list of Sahajyoga centers were compiled taking
help of national Trust and national web site (www.sahajayoga.org.in)
so that seekers could be given the address of nearby centers after
their self realization where they could establish themselves with the
help of local collectivity.
8. Similarly, a list of major international centers was compiled with the
help of world sahajayoga web site (www.sahajayoga.org) for
providing help to foreign seekers.
9. Newspapers were given messages and invited to cover the divine
work and some of the local newspapers visited our stall and also gave
it’s coverage in the newspaper (see enclosed clippings in next pages).
10. A register was kept at both places for seekers to record their
experiences and it also gave us valuable feedback and inspiration and
above all extreme joy.
As the time duration of the Kumbh Mela Celebrations was quite long and expected
number of seekers quite high, it required collective participation not only with
attention but also physically & financially and it gives us a great joy that all the
Uttrakhand collectivity generously donated for this divine cause and also
participated in becoming instrument in giving Self realization to new seekers. A
special mention must be made for senior citizens and Yuva shaktis who devoted full
time with some even staying throughout for more than one month.
We are highly indebted to National Trust, New Delhi for not only providing
us guidance and support but also financial help for carrying out this divine
work. Our joy knew no bounds when we received a letter from Papaji
wishing us success and sending Shri Mataji’s blessing.
We could all feel the divine presence of Shri Mataji & there were tremendous
vibrations. There was complete thoughtless as soon as one faced Shri Mataji’s altar
at both the places. We express our profound love and deepest gratitude to Shri
Mataji for elevating us to such high status and choosing us as her instrument in this
divine work. Thank You Shri Mataji for everything.

With regards
Gyaneshwar Dutt Sharma
(State Coordinator, Uttrakhand)
Letter from Papaji, where he wished us success and conveyed the
blessings from Shri Mataji.