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The History of British Educational System

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Education is the heart of any developed society . It is important for
the social , political and economic enhancement of any economy . For any
society to remain relevant and competitive , curricula should be reformed
or revised to conform to globally accepted standards . Curricula should
incorporate new developments and ideas in the form of technology ,
theorems , and up-to-date research findings . For positive learning
outcomes to be achieved , curriculum needs to be implemented in an
efficient and technology-compliant manner . Education in Britain , like
the US , went through a lot of opposition and obstacles at first . A
commendable educational system has however , has been established to
ensure that knowledge is available for the benefit of all .
Explain why the study of curriculum history is important to educators in
your field .
Curriculum has multiple definitions but it can be described as a track
or course of learning (Akker , 2003 . Curriculum History is an aspect of
educational inquiry that is extremely vital in any field of study ,
including mathematics . It is however , often ignored (Garrett , 1994 . Its
importance should continually be emphasized if knowledge is to be passed
on from one generation to another effectively .
Mathematics is not a very easy subject to teach because it contains
topics that are not always applicable to everyday life . Understanding
the history of how mathematics has been taught in the past would help to
identify the effective methods that achieved the desired results in the
classroom and how these methods may be reviewed to enhance learning .
Curriculum history focuses on the information and perspectives that
should be passed on to younger generations through established schools .
Understanding and applying the lessons from the study of curriculum
history is a method of preserving culture and heritage within a society .
This helps to provide an insight into understanding past and present
events in a society , and helps to provide a different perspective to
contemporary issues . It focuses on theory , practice , intention and
reality (Garrett , 1994 .
Despite the importance of Curriculum history , instructors of today are
not required to understand the history behind the ideas and opinions of
their fields they are rarely encouraged to find out how things were in
the past . Curriculum History allows educators to be more probing about
new ideas that come their way . It forces them to ask questions and draw
conclusions based on their background knowledge of the History of any
topic . Critical examination of curriculum ideas is important to
achieving educational excellence and empowerment in both students and
educators . Curriculum history should be part of an educator 's way of
teaching courses because it provides new and effective ways of altering
the Curriculum (Garrett , 1994 .

Educators are the major determinants of how curriculum is implemented in

the classroom . Knowledge of the background of Curriculum is essential to
its implementation .