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Output #8

Name: Zion-Grace C. Rosareal

Date: February 25, 2016

Grade & Sec: 9 Pythagoras


Dead Poets Society vs Freedom Writers: What Got the Most Feels?
From a teachers point of view, the movies Dead Poets Society and Freedom Writers may
both have great impacts in their teaching lives. To them, these are inspirations, aspirations and
motivations for them to move forward and love the profession they chose. As a teacher, there is
no turning back; it is either lighting the path of the students to a brighter future or closing their
doors of opportunities toward success. But for us students, weve got these feels that we are in
a huge debt - making us want to gratify our second parents for we knew that if it wasnt for them
we would never be who we are right now.
Dead Poets Society and Freedom Writers both featured heroic teachers that changed
many of their students lives. In both movies, all the sacrifices of Mr. Keating and Ms. Gruwell
in the end was worth it as the once you-dont-care-we-do-what-we-want youths were
transformed into individuals capable of accepting people and valuing life.
Mr. Keating was rather a cool and calm teacher. They might not always see him but they
knew hes there. His teaching style allows students to let them show what their true colors are as
he dared each of everyone to live their lives to the fullest. Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys.
Make your lives extraordinary. He knew that his students were pressured by peoples
expectations and handcuffed by their fear of failures so he freed them all and then constantly
reminding them to suck the marrow out of life and look at things in a different way.
Ms. Gruwell was the ever-supporting and unpredictable teacher in a mixed-race class.
She used the experiences of different people for her students to relate to and brought into
teaching the life of Ann Frank during the war. She taught them that deciding to live a better
tomorrow rather than having a bitter yesterday is worth the change. This had opened the hearts of
her racist students and in the end accepted all their individual difference that led them into a
better judgement of themselves and other people.
If I were to enter a portal leading into their worlds, I would rather choose to live in the
movie Dead Poet Society and would love to meet Mr. Keating. I dont have a broken family, an
experience of being homeless or a diary written during war (and maybe the reasons why I cant
really relate to Freedom Writers) but being in a high-level university with everyones
expectations around you is where I could relate myself to. Others may think that to live deep is to
have daring adventures but thats not all there is to it. Sucking the marrow out of life doesnt
mean choking on the bone that line seriously made me re-evaluate my whole existence hence I
made an oath to myself to not repeat the same mistakes that I did but rather grab all opportunities
while I can because one day, Im going to stop breathing, turn cold, die and then become food
for worms and fertilizer for daffodils.
Although I liked Dead Poets Society than Freedom Writers, the two movies made me feel
that I have something to thank God for. I have teachers that are to be compared to a candle they
are consuming themselves to give light other people. They may not be a movie protagonist or a
famous person in which people would quote but I am very lucky to have teachers like Mr.
Keating and Ms. Gruwell.

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