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Time Allowed: 90 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 100

Read the following instructions carefully before you begin to answer the questions.







This Booklet contains 100 questions in all

following three parts:
Part A : General Awareness
Part B General
Part C :Quantitative Aptitude

comprising the

bliqfLrdkesadqy100 iz'ugSa] ftuesfuEufyf[kr

Hkkx 'kkfeygSa

(50 Questions)
(25 Questions)


% lkekU; tkudkjh
% lkekU; cqf)ekk ,oardZ'kfDr

50 iz'u
25 iz'u

(25 Questions)


% ifjek.kkRedvfHk#fp

25 iz'u

In questions set bilingually in English and Hindi, in case of

discrepancy, the English version will prevail.
All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
The paper carries negative marking 0.25 marks will be
deducted for each wrong answer.
You will be supplied the Answer-Sheet separately by the
Invigilator. You must complete the details of Name, Roll
Number, Test ID and name of the examination on the
Answer-Sheet carefully. You must also put your signature on
the Answer-Sheet at the prescribed place before you actually
start answering the questions. These instructions must be fully
complied with, failing which, your Answer-Sheet will not be
evaluated and you will be awarded ZERO mark.
Answer must be shown by completely blackening the
corresponding ovals on the Answer-Sheet against the relevant
question number by Black/Blue Ball Point Pen only.
Answers which are not shown by Black/Blue Ball-point Pen
will not be awarded any mark.
A machine will read the coded information in the OMR
Answer-Sheet. In case the information is incomplete or
different from the information given in the application form,
such candidate will be awarded ZERO mark.
The Answer-Sheet must be handed over to the Invigilator
before you leave the Examination-Hall.
Failure to comply with any of the above instructions will
render a candidate liable to such action/ penalty as may be
deemed fit.
Answer the questions as quickly and as carefully as you can.
Some questions may be difficult and others easy. Do not
spend too much time on any question.
No rough work is to be done on the Answer-Sheet.
Mobile phones and wireless communication devices are
completely banned in the examination halls/rooms.
Candidates are advised not to keep mobile phones/any
other wireless communication devices with them even
switching it off, in their own interest. Failing to comply
with this provision will be considered as using unfair
means in the examination and action will be taken against
them including cancellation of their candidature.




vaxzsth vkSj fgUnh Hkk"kk esa rS;kj fd, x, f}Hkk"kh iz'uksa esa dksbZ folaxfr gksus
dh fLFkfr esa vaxzsth fooj.k ekU; gksxkA
lHkh iz'u vfuok;Z gSa rFkk lcds cjkcj vad gSaA

iz'u i= esa udkjkRed vadu gksxkA gj xyr mkj ds fy, 0-25 vad dkVk


fujh{kd }kjk vkidks mkj&if=dk vyx ls nh tk,xhA mkj&if=dk esa

fu;ekoyh ds vuqlkj /;kuiwoZd viuk uke] jksy uEcj] VsLV vkbZMh vkSj
ijh{kk dk uke vo; fy[ksAa iz'uksa ds mkj okLro esa 'kq: djus ls igys
mkj&if=dk ij fu/kkZfjr LFkku ij vki viuk gLrk{kj Hkh vo'; djsaA
mi;qZDr vuqnskksa dk iwjh rjg vuqikyu fd;k tk,] vU;Fkk vkidh
mkj&if=dk dks tkapk ugha tk,xk vkSj *'kwU;* vad fn;k tk,xkA


mkj&if=dk esa lHkh mkj iz'u la[;k ds lkeus fn;s x;s lEcfU/kr
v.Mkdkj [kkuksa dks dsoy dkys@uhys ckWy isu ls iwjh rjg dkyk djds
fn[kk,aA tks v.Mkdkj [kkus dkys@uhys ckWy&ikWbaV isu ls ugha Hkjs tk,axs]
muds fy, dksbZ vad ugha fn;k tk,xkA


vks-,e-vkj- mkj&if=dk esa Hkjh xbZ dwV lwpuk dks ,d e'khu i<+sxhA ;fn
lwpuk viw.kZ gS vFkok vkosnu izi= esa nh xbZ lwpuk ls fHkUu gS] rks ,sls
vH;FkhZ dks *'kwU;* vad fn;k tk,xkA


ijh{kk&Hkou NksM+us ls igys ijh{kkFkhZ dks mkj&iqfLrdk fujh{kd ds gokys

dj nsuh pkfg,A



iz'uksa ds mkj ftruh tYnh gks lds rFkk /;kuiwoZd nsAa dqN iz'u vklku
rFkk dqN dfBu gSaA fdlh ,d iz'u ij cgqr vf/kd le; u yxk,aA


Page 1

Part- I (General Awareness)










What happens to a liquid, when the vapour pressure

equals the atmospheric pressure?
(a) The liquid cools (b) the liquid boils
(c) No change
(d) The liquid evaporates
The jet plane engine works on the principle of
(a) Pascals law
(b) angular momentum
(c) linear momentum
(d) Newtons Laws of Motion
A sailor in a submarine can see objects on the surface
of the sea with the help of a
(a) gyroscope
(b) telescope
(c) stereoscope
(d) periscope
Detergents are
(a) sodium salts of fatty acids
(b) sodium salts of sulphonic acids
(c) sodium salt of benzoic acid
(d) None of the above
The noble gas used in radiotherapy is
(a) neon
(b) argon
(c) radon
(d) xenon
Maximum photosynthetic activity occurs in
(a) blue and red region of light
(b) green and yellow region of light
(c) blue and orange region of light
(d) violet and orange region of light
Cooling in a refrigerator is produced by the
(a) ice deposits on the freezer
(b) sudden expansion of a compressed gas
(c) evaporation of a volatile liquid
(d) (a) and (b)
The computer language that is the most used for
business and scientific purposes is
(a) LOGO
Electron microscope was invented by
(a) Knoll and Ruska (b) Rober Koch
(c) Leeuwenhock
(d) CP Swanson
Water exists both as solid and liquid at
(a) 100C
(b) 50C
(c) 2.5C
(d) 0C
A transformer works on the principle of
(a) self induction
(b) mutual induction
(c) generator
(d) inverter
Mycoplasma is associated with a disease that affects
the organs of
(a) respiration
(b) excretion
(c) reproduction
(d) digestion
Which one of the following is not a vaccine?
(a) BCG
(b) Anti-rabies
(c) Polio vaccine
(d) Progesterone
The hydraulic brakes used in automobiles is a direct
application of
(a) Archimedes principle (b) Toricellian law
(c) Bernoullis theorem
(d) Pascals law


15. Heart attack occurs due to

(a) bacterial attack on the heart
(b) stopping of heart beat
(c) lack of blood supply to the heart itself
(d) impairment of hearts working due to unknown
16. The pH of human blood is between
(a) 6.5-7
(b) 7.5-8
(c) 8-9
(d) 4.5-5
17. The surface temperature of the Sun is nearly
(a) 2000 K
(b) 4000 K
(c) 6000 K
(d) 8000 K
18. The material used for electric fuse is an alloy of tin and
lead. This alloy should have
(a) high specific resistance and low melting point
(b) low specific resistance and high melting point
(c) low specific resistance and low melting point
(d) high specific resistance and high melting point
19. Light travels in optical fibre irrespective of its shape
because it is a device by which signals can be
transferred from one location to another. It is based on
the phenomenon of
(a) diffraction of light
(b) refraction light
(c) polarization of light
(d) total internal reflection of light
20. Glass is actually
(a) a crystalline solid
(b) an ionic solid
(c) an elastic solid
(d) a vitrified liquid
21. An individual whose blood type is B may in an
emergency donate blood to a person whose blood type
(a) B or A
(b) AB or A
(c) A or O
(d) AB or B
22. Which one of the following is not an insect borne
(a) Beriberi
(b) Kala azar
(c) Malaria
(d) Plague
23. What is the pH value of pure water?
(a) 1
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 10
24. Which of the following nutrients is not a structural
component of the plant?
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Calcium
(c) Phosphorus
(d) Potassium
25. Biological catalysts in living organisms are known as
(a) hormones
(b) vitamins
(c) steroids
(d) enzymes
26. Which part of the equatorial region has welldeveloped rubber plantations?
A. Amazon basin
B. Indonesian islands
C. Malaysia
D. Zaire basin
27. Which atomic power station in India is built
completely indigenously?

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A. Kalpakkam
B. Narora
C. RawatBhata
D. Tarapore
Which of the following non-member of Parliament has
the right to address it?
A. Attorney General of India
B. Solicitor General of India
C. Chief Justice of India
D. Chief Election Commissioner
In order to be recognized as an official Opposition
Group in the parliament, how many seats should it
A. 1/3rd of the total strength
B. of the total strength
C. 1/6th of the total strength
D. 1/10th of the total strength
Which one of the following is the highest gravity dam
in the world?
A. Beas Dam
B. Bhakra Dam
C. Hirakud
D. Nangal Dam
Which one of the following is the worlds longest
A. Beas Dam
B. Bhakra Dam
C. Hirakud
D. Nagarjunasagar Dam
Which of the following processes brings the land
surface to a common level?
A. Aggradation
B. Erosion
C. Gradation
D. Weathering
In which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found?
A. Granite
B. Igneous
C. Metamorphic
D. Sedimentary
Who was the founder of Saka Era?
A. Kanishka
B. Chandragupta Maurya
C. Samudragupta
D. Chandragupta Vikramaditya
During the early Vedic period, the society was based
A. Birth
B. Wealth
C. Religion
D. Occupation
Which, among the following, is the oldest dynasty?
B. Gupta
Which of the following regions of the world is most
thickly populated?
A. East Asia
B. South Asia
C. North-West Europe
D. North and South America
The mapping of which of the following is most
A. Mountains
B. Plateaus and Plains
C.Interior of the Earth D. Oceans and their depth
The deepest mine in the world (about 4 km deep) is in
the Continent of
A. Africa
B. Asia
C. North America
D. South America
Who was the founder of the Gupta Dynasty?
A. Chandragupta
D. Maharaja Sri Gupta


41. The Girnar Hills are situated in which of the following

A. Gujarat
B. Karnataka
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Maharashtra
42. Large number of fish are found on the western coast of
the deserts in the tropical region this is because
A. The hot-dry climate is more suitable for fish
B. Up-welling of cold waters from the bottom of the
sea provide abundant food for fish
C. Fish in large numbers come up from the sea bottom
D. Clear sunshine attracts fish in large numbers
43. What is the principal reason for the dense population
in North-West Europe and North-East America?
A. Growth of manufacturing industries.
B. Advancement of agriculture
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. none of these
44. The number of Vedas is
A. Eight
B. Four
C. Ten
D. Two
45. Indus Valley Civilisation became known from
excavations at
A. Mohanjodaro
B. Ropar
C. Harappa
D. None of these
46. Swetambara and Digambara are the sects of which
A. Hinduism
B. Buddhism
C. Jainism
D. Zorastrians
47. Monuments containing relics of Buddha are called
48. Charak was the court physician of
A. Chandragupta
B. Kanishka
D. Ashoka
49. Who among the following can participate in the
proceedings of both the houses of parliament?
A. Vice-President
B. Solicitor General
C. Chief Justice
D. Attorney General
50. What can be the maximum interval between two
sessions of parliament?
A. 3 months
B. 4 months
C. 6 months
D. 9 months

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Part II (General Intelligence & Reasoning)

51. A was born 5 yr before B, B is 4 yr older than C and 3
yr younger to D. If A is now 17 yr old, how old is D?
(a) 19 yr
(b) 15 yr
(c) 12 yr
(d) 8 yr
52. If RUSH is coded as 66, then how is GIRL coded as?
(a) 75
(b) 64
(c) 47
53. If TORTISE is coded as VQTVKUG, ELEPHANT is
coded as
54. If day before yesterday was Friday, what will be the
third day after the day after tomorrow?
(a) Thursday
(b) Friday
(c) Saturday
(d) Sunday
55. From the given alternatives select the word which
cannot be formed using the letters of the given words
56. In a certain code the following numbers are coded in
a certain way by assigning signs

Which number can be decoded from the following?

(a) 79328
(b) 79382
(c) 79832
(d) 79882
57. If DELHI is coded as 73541 and CALCUTTA as
82589662, how can CALICUT be coded?
(a) 5279431
(b) 5978213
(c) 8251896
(d) 8543691
58. From the given alternatives, select the word which
cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.
59. In a certain code, if AUDITORIUM is written as
MUIROTIDUA, how will MISFORTUNE be written in
that code?
Directions (60-63): In each of the following questions,
select the related letters/word/numbers from the given
60. Portfolio : Securities
(a) Lecture : Consignment (b)Star : Class
(c) Trustee : Company
(d) Pannel : Jurors
61. 5 : 36 :: 6 : ?
(a) 48
(b) 49
(c) 50
(d) 56
62. 16 : 56 :: 32 : ?
(a) 96
(b) 112
(c) 118


63. LJHF : USQO :: QOMK : ?

Directions (64-67): In each of the following questions,
find the odd word/letter/numbers/figure from the given
64. (a)AKEW
65. (a)Inch
66. (a)45, 27
(b)30, 18
(c)20, 10
(d)15, 12
67. (a)DEFY
Directions (68-71): In each of the following questions,
various terms of an alphabetic or numeric series are given
with one term missing as shown by (?). Choose the missing
term out of the given alternatives.
68. 28, 33, 31, 36, ?, 39
69. 125, 80, 45, 20, ?
(a) 5
(b) 8
70. DHL, PTX, BFJ, ?
71. Z, U, Q, ?, L
(a) I
(b) K
(c) M
(d) N
Directions (72): Which one of the given responses would
be a meaningful order of the following words?
72. 1. Study
2. Job
3. Examination
4. Earn
5. Appointment
(a) 1, 3, 5, 2, 4
(b) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
(c)1, 3, 2, 5, 4
(d)1, 3, 5, 4, 2
73. C is wife of B, E is the son of C, A is the brother of B
and father of D. what is the relationship of E to D?
(a) Mother
(b) Sister
(c) Brother
(d) Cousin
74. Six girl are standing in a circle facing to the centre.
Bindu is to the left of Viji. Rekha is in between Bindu
and Mumtaz. Jessa is in between Vijji and Nirmala.
Who is to the left of Mumtaz?
75. Somu travelled from a point A straight to B, a
distance of 12 km. He turned right and travelled 8 km
and reached point C. From that point took right turn
and travelled 6 km, and reached point D. What is the
minimum distance between final point and initial
(a)10 km
(b)12 km
(c)13 km
(d)14 km

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Part III (Arithmetic)

76. Annual income of Amit and Rani are in the ration of
3:2, while the ration of their expenditures are 5:3. If
at the end of the year each saves Rs. 1000, what is the
annual income of Amit?
(a)Rs. 9000
(c)Rs. 7000
(d)Rs. 6000
77. What is the smallest number that must be subtracted
from 2361 in order to get a perfect square?
78. What is the value of the expression?

79. Find the value of






Find the area of a triangle, two sides of which are 8
cm and 11 cm and perimeter is 32 cm.
If a square and a rhombus stand on the same base,
then the ratio of the areas of the square and the
rhombus is
(a) Equal to
(b)equal to
(c)equal to 1
(d)greater than 1
A park is square shape with side 20 m. Find the area
of the pavement 2 m wide to be laid all round it.
(a)176 m2
(b)170 m2
(c)122 m
(d)154 m2
The length and breadth of a rectangle are increased
by 10% and 5% respectively. Find the percentage
increase in its area.

84. A wire is bent in the form of a circle of 56 cm radius.
It is opened and bent to form a square. The side of the
square will be:(a)16 cm
(b)44 cm
(c)88 cm
(d)56 cm
85. A sphere is melted to form a cylinder whose height is
4 times its radius. What is the ratio of the radius of
sphere to cylinder?
86. If tan A = cot B, then A + B is equal to :-


87. The difference between compound interest and
simple interest on Rs. 2500 for 2 yr at 4% per annum
is:(a)Rs. 15
(b)Rs. 8
(c)Rs. 6
(d)Rs. 4
88. Find the value of
) :(a)


89. Two numbers are less than the third number by 50%
and 54% respectively. By how much per cent is the
second number less than the first number?
90. The difference between a number and 2/5 th of the
number is 30. The number is :(a)30
91. In a class there are 30 boys. The average weight is
decreased by 200 g. when boy whose weight was 25
kg leaves the class and new one is admitted. Find the
weight of the new comer (in kg.).
92. Sum of the digits of a two digit number is 12. If the
digit of the number are inter changed, then the new
number is 36 less than the original number. What is
the original number?
93. Some guavas are distributed among 16 boys, 40 boys
and 70 boys. What should be the minimum number of
guavas required to distribute, so that no guava is left?
94. Mohan spends 1/5th part of his money as pocket
money and 4/5th of the remainder in other affairs. If
he is left with Rs. 48 per month, what his monthly
(a)Rs. 360
(b)Rs. 400
(c)Rs. 500
(d)Rs. 300
95. How many 3 digit number, in all are divisible by 6?
96. If a man works for 30 days of the whole month, he
gets Rs. 42 per day. If he is absent on a work. He is

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fined Rs. 2 per day. If he gets Rs. 952 in all the whole
month, how many days did he not work?
97. Ravi and Ajay start simultaneously from a place A
towards B, 60 km apart. Ravis speed is 4 km/h less
than that of Ajay. Ajay, after reaching B, turns back
and meets Ravi at a place 12 km away from B. Ravis
speed is (imkmph):(a)12
98. Ram and Shyam together can do a work in 8 days.
Both of them began to work. After 3 days Ram fell ill,
Shyam completed the remaining work in 15 days. In
how many days can Ram complete the whole work?
99. Rashmi covers a certain distance by train at 25 km/h
and the same distance of foot at 4 km/h. if the time
taken by him for the whole journey be 5h 48 min,
how much total distance did she cover?
(b)32 km
(c)35 km
(d)40 km
100. A boat can row a distance 6 km upstream in 3 h,
when the speed of stream is 0.5 km/h. what is the
speed of the boat in still watr?
(a)1.5 km/h
(b)2 km/h
(c)2.5 km/h
(d)3 km/h


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