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Customer Viewpoint

"I was impressed with the customer service and

support following a recent situation where I used
the Red Alert. I was immediately called following its
conclusion, and the advisor was able to recount
what had been heard, and checked that I was not
only safe, but felt reassured as well.
ASB Ocer at Sovereign Housing Association
"As a driver delivering to our stores at all times of
the day and night, you can sometimes encounter
situations that can leave you feeling isolated and
alone. The Identicom gives us peace of mind that if a
situation does arise there is always someone there
ready to listen, monitoring our safety and wellbeing,
and escalating any situation to the emergency
services as appropriate."
Transport Planning Assistant at Dominos Pizza


SoloProtect provides the leading BS8484 approved

lone worker solution for your employees and is the
sole manufacturer of Identicom still the UKs most
widely-used, dedicated lone worker device.
The solutions oered by SoloProtect aim to help you
keep your workforce safe. Through signicant market
experience gained since our inception in 2003, we
understand the risks lone workers face. We will work
to deliver a solution to meet the needs of your
organisation, work closely with you and your team
during the implementation process and throughout
the entirety of your contract.

In order to better understand your requirements,

we can support the solution and your internal team
to maximise your investment and help you get the
most out of the solution. Introducing SoloProtect to
your company can not only help you to improve
worker safety, but also to protect brand value and
inform your Risk Management reporting.
We will ensure your lone workers are professionally
trained in using the device and will always have
access to an accredited Alarm Receiving Centre
should an incident occur. This gives you peace of
mind that your lone workers are well looked after,
that we will notify you in case of an alert, and we
will send you a monthly report on your solution

SoloProtect: A fully managed solution

We support you and your team throughout the length of your contract. While you are with us, you can make full use
of all our service and training provision. We are always happy to help and want to make sure your lone workers use
their Identicom eectively to stay safe.
76% of users rated our training excellent*
Identicom is further supported by an extensive
array of training material tailored to your needs,
which helps users to get accustomed to the device
Dedicated to helping you
Our friendly Customer Service team is at the heart of
SoloProtect. Located in the headquarters in Sheeld,
we can help with questions of functionality or assist in
updating the device over the air (OTA), so that the user
can continue using their Identicom with minimum
We are exible
Through oering various 12, 24, or 36 months contract
options you can pick a solution to suit your needs.
Short contracts and trial agreements are also available.

We do the maths
We also send out monthly reports to inform you
about device usage across the team. In cases of
genuine Red Alerts, we will notify you directly. You
can also access any captured audio through a Red
Alert for up to a year.
Getting personal
You will always have a personal point of contact
within our team. A Business Development Manager
and a member of our Customer Support Team will be
working closely with you, ensuring that you select a
SoloProtect solution best suited to your business, and
to help you at the implementation stage and on an
ongoing basis.

*2014 Data

A lone worker using SoloProtect.

The discreet ID badge Identicom is
now used by 150,000 lone workers.

Identicom lone worker device

Monthly reporting as standard

SIM Card and all inclusive

network usage

User training on how

to use the device

24/7 Alarm Receiving

Centre support

Dedicated Customer Support

team at SoloProtect

Who benefits from a SoloProtect solution?

Lone Worker
- Always have the ability to raise an alarm
- Less likely to feel isolated whilst working alone
- Feel valued by employer
- Discreet alarm activation
- Forms part of dynamic risk assessment

- Demonstrate care to sta
- Protecting brand value
- Reduced risk of employee on employer litigation
- Improved sta morale,
reducing risk of sta turnover

Line Manager
- Helps dene managerial responsibilities
to Lone Workers
- Visibility of tangible benets
of solution via monthly reporting
- Clear audit trail provided by device usage

- Level 1 (highest) Police response
guaranteed where appropriate
- Can handle an alarm more
eciently by issuing a URN
- Fewer false alarmsand less resource wastage

We make
alone safer
We are constantly trying to
improve our services by focusing
on what we, and our customers,
believe is vital in any lone
worker solution. So we have
created Our Promise, which is
a commitment to our customers.
We see this as an essential part
of keeping you safe and
delivering the greatest benet
and service to you.

The fastest possible escalation for your
lone workers.
In a genuine Red Alert situation, every second counts
for your lone worker. SoloProtect ensures a discreet
alarm call is made immediately upon button press
connecting that call is our rst priority (not all lone
worker devices do this). We record, listen and assess,
often within seconds, then escalate an incident
appropriately. We keep you the employer, updated
and provide a full, written report after the incident
has been resolved.

We actively encourage the highest possible
level of usage by your lone workers.
We promote every-day usage to our customers we
want SoloProtect to be an intrinsic part of your stas
dynamic risk assessment, not just a button to press
when a user is in trouble. We work with clients to
promote regular usage of the solution its a fully
inclusive service, so we support you to maximise the
value of your investment. Lower cost solutions dont
come with this level of support and so daily usage
rarely happens, a waste of your money.

An array of training options for your team
and customer support, free of charge.
Delivering class-leading lone worker training and
ongoing support, with your sta in mind. At
SoloProtect, training is not an afterthought, its an
integral part of integrating the solution with your sta
and policy. We train your users face to face or via the
web, using qualied trainers with materials
specically designed to deliver the knowledge your
lone workers and their managers need. We wont
charge you for training we want you to have the
best customer experience, and maximise your value.
Our support team is there for your users throughout
the life of your SoloProtect contract, not just at
set-up. A friendly, helpful voice is only ever a phone
call away.

Improving the safety provision for

your lone workers


It is false to assume that working alone is illegal, or a

practice that automatically places an employee in
danger. As long as lone working is carried out safely,
it can bring economical benets and allow for greater
exibility. Therefore, it is essential to fully understand
any risks lone workers face and if required, counteract
these through solutions from SoloProtect.
Lone workers can nd themselves in a more isolated
work environment. This can make them more
vulnerable to receiving insucient help in case of
accidents or medical emergencies (environmental
risk), or should they face verbal abuse or physical
attack (social risk).
Factors that increase environmental risks for lone
- Working in isolated or remote areas
- Handling dangerous goods or materials
- Working at height or with machinery
- Adverse weather or dicult terrain
Factors that increase social risks for lone workers:
- Substance abuse by clients and within the public
- Working at night or outside normal hours
- Handling high-value goods
- Meetings that involve complex
social needs or situations
- Home visits or working within the community

Laws and regulations

It is a legal requirement* for employers to
acknowledge their duty of care to sta, whilst
ensuring that measures are put in place to protect
the safety and wellbeing of workers. This also
applies if the employees are not working on the
business premises. Risk assessments will help
identify potential hazards within each role, of which
the employees should be informed.
Criminal legislation, such as The Corporate
Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007,
relates specically to a business deemed to be
responsible for the death of an employee due to an
aspect of, or failing within their processes or
operations. If successfully prosecuted, an organisation
can expect a ne of at least several hundred thousand
Currently, the Sentencing Council is reviewing
guidelines for health and safety and Corporate
Manslaughter oences. In a consultation document
issued November 2014, the council is looking to
create clear guidelines to promote clarity and
consistency in regards to charges imposed on
organisations and individuals.

Under the proposed changes, it is expected

that nes will increase signicantly in accordance
with the rms turnover. The new guidelines on
sentencing are predicted to be published by the end
of 2015.
Lone worker safety solutions, such as SoloProtect,
can help form a signicant part of an organisation's
duty of care.
*Health and Safety legislation in the U.K. is enforced
by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Identicom - the dedicated lone worker device

Core Functions 8 and 9 Series

Amber Alert
Allows leaving details about risks and location,
which are date and time stamped, and only
accessed by the Alarm Receiving Centre in the
case of a subsequent Red Alert.
Red Alert
Activates an audio link to a 24/7 Alarm Receiving
Centre. The call is monitored, the audio recorded
and the situation is escalated depending on what
is appropriate.
Man Down Alarm
Can detect non-movement or tilt should a worker
trip, slip or fall and then automatically raise a
Man Down Red Alert.
Camera Function
Allows image capture and uploads these directly
to Mobile Workforce Management to share with
Enables a quicker time to rst x (TTFF) and gain a
location x, even if GPS signals are weak.

One or Two-Way Communication

Identicom is a two-way audio device. For discretion
in Red Alert situations, the device operates in
one-way audio mode. In a Man Down Alarm two-way
audio can help assist a worker in distress after
suering an accident (if selected).
Status Check
Checks battery life, network signal strength and
GPS coverage. This ensures that workers are fully
protected when carrying out lone work and gives
peace of mind that help is only the press of a button
Multi-Function Buttons
Each button can be allocated to a phone number to
either make a call or send a pre-dened text message
(not an alarm function).
The 9 Series is 3G enabled to allow for a quicker
upload of pictures to Mobile Workforce Management
and improve network connection in areas where 2G is

Multi-Function Buttons

Magnetised Rip Alarm

Status Check

LCD Screen


Micro USB Charging


Amber Alert

Red Alert

Two-Way Audio Capacity

The dedicated device helping lone

workers reduce social and
environmental risk
Red Alert - 24/7 Audio link
to Alarm Receiving Centre
Amber Alert - Device message facility
Network strength & Battery life feedback
Priority response available,
quicker than a 999 call
GPS location data during alarms, available
only to Alarm Receiving Centre
SIM card and network usage included
BS8484 approved
Man Down Alarm
Camera function
(877c/ 977c only)

Identicom - The UKs most widely

used lone worker device

All the benefits of Identicom

in a mobile app for users with
a lower risk profile
The BS8484 approved app* enables Android or
iPhone users to benet from all the core functions,
Red Alert with 24/7 link to Alarm Receiving Centre,
Man Down Alarm, Amber Alert and Status Check at
a lower price point than the Identicom device.
The app is simple to use through touch screen
technology and allows the user to switch easily from
the home page to the alert buttons. Additionally, the
Red Alert can be triggered through short-cut keys on
the phone.
Identicom mobile oers protection for lone workers
with infrequent or low risk, such as delivery
personnel, who do not work in remote areas or visit
homes, mobile sales representatives, executives,
maintenance or utilities sta.
Identicom mobile can also be used in conjunction
with Mobile Workforce Management, an online tool
facilitating better management across a mobile team.
*Not BS8484 approved when used on iPhone.

Identicom Mobile

Combining safety for lone workers with

simplicity and transparency for managers


Mobile Workforce Management combines the safety benets gained by

deploying either the Identicom or the Identicom mobile with the additional
advantage of managing a mobile workforce through an online portal.
Through being able to view the location of lone workers, managers can better
coordinate their sta or allocate jobs or tasks to team members. This can improve
the eciency of operations, while workers can reduce the reporting burden through
greater sharing of information, increased visibility and automatic notications being
sent to personnel. Personal dashboards can help to keep track of the activities/ job
completion of lone workers and allow to easily monitor important developments
at a glance.
The creation of a shared platform across the workforce can support the feel of
community of lone workers within a company through being able to share
information, pictures or risks with other members of the organisation. Also, SMS
or Voice SMS can directly be sent out through the platform to the workers.
Mobile Workforce Management in conjunction with Identicom or Identicom
mobile can hence help to contribute towards the duty of care to your lone workers
and increase eciency and productivity.
Mobile Workforce Management is available in three levels:
Keep an overview of your lone workers and communicate through the platform.
Also allows for NFC scanning if a job is completed for more transparency and ease
of reporting to customers and managers.
Keep in touch with your workforce, communicate and allocate jobs to your workers.
For more information visit

Mapping interface
Upload images

View users
Search users, tags, or places

Communicate internally

Tag risk

Create Geofences
Share information
Organise users by department




Your questions about the

Identicom answered

How does Identicom work?

Identicom is supported by an Alarm Receiving
Centre. Through the discreet press of a button, an
audio link is established. A qualied member of the
team can listen to your situation and arrange for
further escalation as necessary.
Which worker benets most from an Identicom?
All types of workers without direct or close supervision can benet from the device. Through the Man
Down function, Identicom can detect trips and falls,
while the discreet ID badge design allows you to raise
an alert in cases of abuse or attack without further
aggravating the situation.
What happens in an emergency?
After a Red Alert is raised, the Alarm Receiving
Centre receives audio recording and decides on an
appropriate response given the situation. Hereby the
fastest level 1 response through the Police can be
guaranteed, where appropriate. Additionally, the
employer and other pre-dened contacts are notied.
How will I know that someone is listening to my Red
When the Red Alert is activated, the device vibrates
in regular intervals, like a heartbeat. This is discreet
and cannot be heard or felt by anyone else. You can
be assured that the Alarm Receiving Centre is
listening to your Red Alert.

How often do I have to charge it?

To ensure best practice and battery life, the
Identicom should be charged before every use.
What happens if I get it wet?
The Identicom is not waterproof and should be kept
away from water. Wallets are available to purchase
to protect the device from light rain and splashes.
Are my Amber Alerts listened to?
No, your Amber Alerts are not listened to routinely.
Only in the case of a Red Alert are the Amber Alerts
accessed by the Alarm Receiving Centre to help
locate you.
How often should I use my device?
To maximise the benets of the device, you should
use the Identicom every working day.
How do I know when to start talking in an Amber
The amber LED light indicates when a connection
to the Alarm Receiving Centre is established and the
recording can start. Therefore, when the light starts
to ash you can start to speak.
What happens if I have a problem?
We hope you will not encounter any problems with
your Identicom, but should you come across any
issues, please call our friendly UK-based customer
service team at:
Tel: 0114 399 6000
or email support@SoloProtect.com

Who uses SoloProtect solutions?

Customer Viewpoint
The protection of sta is paramount, and having experience using the device, we know that it works, and weve
always received great customer support from SoloProtect. In the past we have had an incident where a member
of sta has been threatened, we also know that sta can be happy and comfortable with their device and this is
why we have chosen to upgrade and expand our Identicom units.
National Centre Manager at Hilti
We are delighted that sta can work with the reassurance that if they need help, it can be accessed easily and
eciently through Identicom.
Violence & Aggression Manager at NHS Lothian


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Email: info@SoloProtect.com
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