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Music & Me

School Tour 16





1.1 Background
VoluME (Volunteerism, Music & Me) is an event aimed at promoting and inspiring volunteerism
through music. The concept of volunteerism is still new among our youths and a large area of it
remains yet to be explored. This is what a team of young individuals from Sukarela, the main
organiser of this project, is aiming to change. The idea of incorporating music and community
service projects has always been their dream, and now they are ready to materialise it.
Sukerela believes that the universality of music will help to spread and translate the message of
volunteerism. Music works particularly well with young people attracting them to come and join in.
Volunteering is more than what meets the eye. It gives a sense of purpose for the youths &
empowers them with a sense of belonging to the community. Through volunteerism, we are aiming
to highlight to the younger generation that they will not only be helping others, they are also
improving themselves. For them to volunteer, it is essential to introduce these young, potential
future leaders to the multiple volunteering platforms that are available. We believe this can be
achieved through VoluME.
VoluME School Tour 16 is aimed at young Malaysians especially in elite schools of Sekolah
Berasrama Penuh (SBP) as we believe that they are the future of Malaysia. They should not be left
out in this noble cause that is volunteerism generally and specifically in the Malaysian scene. The
people behind VoluME are a group of positive, energetic youths that believe in inspiring people to
make a positive impact in society. At the current moment, this program is also being planned in
Malaysian local universities.
VoluME School Tour 16 is scheduled to make its first stop in STAR, followed by Sekolah
Menengah Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin (SOKSEK), before we proceed to other SBPs.
These 2 locations were chosen as pioneers, as they are the alma maters of the Monalyssa
band . The band wishes to inspire more generations of students not only to be involved in
volunteerism but at the same time being successful in their chosen careers.

1.2 Objectives

1. To raise awareness on volunteerism in Malaysia

- Each representative from participating volunteer organisations (including the artists) will share
their experience through their involvement in volunteerism and how it has impacted the community
in Malaysia.
- The speakers will share the different ways the students can involve in volunteerism
2. As a platform to inspire volunteer involvement
- The experience sharing of the speakers and artistes will illustrate how students can be involved
in different organisation and causes
- we hope the students will either be involved with the participating NGOs or start their own
3. To integrate music with volunteerism
- The artistes will share their experience on their involvement in volunteerism by musical
performance as a means of involvement
4. To highlight important, up to date issues on marginalised groups such as refugees & the
- Each of the volunteer organisations will have their own niche and social cause they are involved
in. This will help raise awareness to the students and hopefully raise a sense of gratitude and
willingness to help out

1.3 Tentative Schedule

The event would comprise of a performance by the touring artists for a total of one and a half
hours. In between, there will be sharing sessions presented by experienced volunteers, on
their cause and work. The touring artists themselves will be have their own exclusive sharing
Proposed activity as below, any input is highly welcomed




Organiser arrivals / Hall set up


Sound check


Asar and ziarah orphanage home at Ipoh


Maghrib prayer


Arrival of guest


Monalyssas opening performance


The Nasi Lemak Project (tbc) sharing session


Aiman Mamat (tbc) performance part 1


Monalyssa sharing session


Aiman Mamat (tbc) performance part 2


IMARET sharing session


Monalyssas closing performance

1.4 Road Tour

We are planning to collaborate with SBPs around Malaysia, starting with STAR and SOKSEK, by
organizing a similar event in different parts of Malaysia.
Throughout the course of the tour, the proposed event will similar for all locations. This tour will
involve two local Malaysian artists; Monalyssa and another artist (subject to change based on


2.1 Volunteer Organisations

IMAM Response & Relief Team (IMARET) is a team powered by the Islamic Medical Association of
Malaysia (IMAM). Since its launching on 19 December 2014, IMARET has been involved in
numerous disaster relief missions locally such as the East Coast flood relief and Sabah
earthquake as well as working closely with our partners in the Federation of Islamic Medical
Associations (FIMA) in helping victims of the Nepal earthquake. Spearheaded by a team of
medical officers and young specialists from various medical backgrounds and expertise ranging
from emergency medicine, psychiatry & general medicine, IMARET also draws participation from
volunteers of various background, ethnicity and religion. Apart from that, IMARET provides regular
medical outreach to the marginalised communities such as refugees (eg Rohingyans, Syrian), and
the Orang Asli communities.
Some of IMARET's past and ongoing programmes are:
- Flood Relief in Malaysia
- Post Disaster Relief (Psychosocial) Sabah Earthquake
- Fundraising and awareness for Nepal Earthquake
- Health education and medical outreach for marginalised communities such as refugees (eg
Rohingyan, Syrian) and Orang Asli.
- Public Awareness regarding marginalized communities
- Training and talks in Disaster medicine
For more information:
Website: www.imamrelief.com
Facebook page: IMAM Response & Relief Team IMARET
Contact: imamrelief@gmail.com








The Nasi Lemak Project (TNLP) is a for-profit, highly scalable social business who cultivates poor
families to be small Nasi Lemak & food enterprises through microcapital, support and market
creation through microfranchise model. The profits are channeled to create more poor family
enterprises, to sustain TNLPs nonprofit works, and to create more social enterprises to alleviate

Our nonprofit social impact work is continuous throughout the year, such as Streetranger
Movement, Project Edurangers and Lepak Library. Some of the impact projects are for-profit and
self sustainable, such as Foodapreneurs Accelerator, Pixel Garage, Unemployment Lab, Suka
Seni and Stingarden Theatre Project in which profits are reinvested to scale the projects, and to
create more future social entrepreneurship projects.

Our Headquarters is a young and friendly two-storey house in Batu Caves. The Headquarters is an
open space for anyone to share ideas, create new impact projects and be our partners in making
Malaysia a better place to live with free flow of energy and Nasi Lemak!


Monalyssa was formed in December 2010 when five very talented young musicians Haiqal
(vocals), Ball (Guitars), Moja (Bass/Synth), Syuk (Guitars) and Ringo (drums) decided that it was
time that they showcase their work in the local music scene. Fuelled by a mutual interest in music
and performing, they took inspiration from the music of The Killers, Coldplay, Tame Impala as well
as local heavyweights Faizal Tahir, Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussein. They found their niche in
marrying modern rock, alternative pop and rock ballads. The combination worked, and it gave
Monalyssa the unique edge that defines the band's sound.
Five years on, and Monalyssa has grown from strength to strength, having performed for a mixed
audience in various shows, events and music festivals across Malaysia. One of their singles,
"Scars", was also chosen as the theme song for the animation movie, "Super Squad". Though they
have only been performing for the independent scene, Monalyssa do garner the attention of local
music lovers through their fresh music everywhere they play.
What sets the Monalyssa boys apart are the varied background that they come from, with each
member pooling into the group, their different skills and experiences. Haiqal, the vocalist, will soon
qualify from the Law Faculty of University Kebangsaan Malaysia where he also plays rugby and
dabbles in the theatre programme. Moja divides his time between song-writing and attending to
patients at Penang General Hospital as he completes his clinical years in pursuant of a medical
degree from PMC/University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. Ball, recently graduated with a degree
in Actuarial Science from UiTM and enjoys a career in banking with an international bank in Kuala
Lumpur. If none of these backgrounds sound remotely musical, Monalyssa is also armed with
Ringo and Shuk, both of whom obtained degrees with elements of music know-how. Ringo is
backed with a degree in music performance from UiTM and puts his heart and soul in jamming his
drums. Of course, to anchor these skills and experiences, Syuk, a graduate of computer science
and music composition, offers the band his enormous and priceless experience performing music
as a solo artist and a frontman of another band.
Recognizing that their spirit and charisma may be channeled towards a greater purpose, IMARET
(Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia Relief & Response Team) began to seek Monalyssa's
involvement in various charity events by appointing them as their Goodwill Ambassador. Last year,

the boys lent their support in helping flood victims in the east coast by directly participating in
rescue efforts in Kelantan. This year, they displayed their volunteerism spirit when they joined arms
with IMARET and played some uplifting songs for the homeless during soup kitchen activities in
downtown Kuala Lumpur. Monalyssa also participated in mentoring activities for children from an
orphanage in Bukit Beruntung and shared their talent and love for music with the much-loved
The crowing glory for the boys came in October 2015 as they were crowned champions of Projek
Muzik HotFM 2015. Their single, "Dua Kaki Berlari" captured the attention of renowned composer,
singer and industry heavyweight, Aizat Amdan, who later helped produced the song. Dua Kaki
Berlari is now considered as one of the top songs in Malaysia and is climbing up the radio charts
like lightning. Having managed to break into the mainstream scene, Monalyssa brought colours to
the Malaysian music industry as they still maintained their roots in their music. The boys were the
only Malaysian band to have performed a major mainstream event (Semi-final Anugerah Juara
Lagu 30) and a major independent event (Rock The World 15), both on the very same week.
Together with the endless support by their group of supporters known as MONARMY, the boys are
now even more confident to take on the challenges and fuel their ambition to climb even greater
heights, to make their mark in the local music scene.
1) Scars - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAYbapUBtX0
Composer: Monalyssa
Lyric: Monalyssa
Publisher: Taja Archive Publishing
2) Bilang - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDOk9-9ymAM
Composer: Monalyssa
Lyric: Monalyssa
Publisher: Taja Archive Publishing
3) Dua Kaki Berlari - http://youtu.be/ovtMYgpjydo
Composer: Monalyssa
Lyric: Monalyssa
Publisher: Taja Archive Publishing

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialMNLS

Instagram: @monalyssaband / https://instagram.com/monalyssaband/

Twitter: @monalyssaband / https://twitter.com/monalyssaband


Mohamad Aiman, or commercially known as Aiman Mamat, is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, and
freelance designer in the architectural field. He completed his degree in architecture and
environmental design at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in Gombak, Selangor.
Aiman Mamat selg taught himself to play the guitar at age 13, he later became a guitarist for a
number of nasheed groups and artists around Malaysia. He describes his music as a positive
mixture of traditional Malay and old English music, which further translates into pop-rock, baroque
pop, jazz, and traditional archipelago. So far, he has written three original songs entitled Yang
Baru, Kamu and Tawar Hati.
His solo career started in 2011 and he has made a number of appearances in acoustic shows,
wedding shows and even collaborated with well-known Malaysian artists such as Loque
(Monoloque) and Encik Mimpi. Currently, he has started a nasheed experimental group called
`Major 9. He is not only the groups guitarist but also the driving force behind a musical band
project called `Burong Antu with `nusantara fusion music brand as trademark.
Aiman Mamat made his mark in the Malaysian music industry when `Kamu was selected as the
finalist of Projek Muzik HotFM 2015, a collaboration of Muzik-Muzik 30 of TV3 and HotFM. He was
given the chance to collaborate with Aizat Amdan, a well-known music figure in Malaysia, which
has helped him grow both musically and personally.
He is now actively involved in song writing and music performance across Malaysia.
Social Medias
Facebook: Aiman Mamat
Instagram: @_mangster
Soundcloud: mangster
Youtube: mangster

3.0 Budget
15 volunteers (include artistes)





Transportation (KL Ipoh KL)

5 vehicles (RM350 x 5)


Accommodation for 1 night

8 rooms (RM250 x 8)

RM 2000

Food allocation

2 days (RM55 x 2) x 15pax

RM 1650

Promotion (banners, bunting, posters)

RM 1000

Renting of equipments/ sound system

1 set

RM 3500



4.0 Organising Committee: SUKARELA

Project Manager
Ahmad Mujahid Husni, Penang Medical College

Assistant Project Manager

Muhammad Nazrin Nor Ariffin, Royal Bank of Canada

Executive Committees
Dr Ahmad Munawwar Helmi, National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN)
Dr Ahmad Yusuf Yahaya, SEGi University
Dr Aneesa Abdul Rashid, Family Medicine Specialist and Medical Lecturer UPM
Muhammad Haiqal Mohd Noor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


11, Jalan Resak, 3/12A, Seksyen 3,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
Phone number: +60193042219 / +60176587896
Email: sukarelagroup@gmail.com