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Last evening when glancing through the Glory of the Divine Mother (

Devi Mahatmyam ) a strange idea struck to compile the names of Asuras and
their Associates. While the main Villains are well known as they bear
the chapters heading there are many hidden associates which one may not
notice so as to remember his name. An attempt is made to compile the
demons names.
Ambaa Om created this Cosmos with her incomparable splendors, animate
as well as the in animates which includes the Devas immortals, Asuras
Demons, Ghandharvas celestial musicians, Yakshas demi gods,
Rakshasas evil spirits, the Manavas we
Human beings, apart from creeping, flying, swimming animals What a
Variety in Her splendid Creation apart from the mountains, rivers,
valleys oceans, forests, planets, stars and we cant really conceive this
cosmos externally but only can unfold it in TRUE SELF by Her Grace.

We see demons constantly and in the present form as terrorists. Demons

are always the opposite of Good and the misfortunes they create are
perfect as part of
Ambaas will, as per Her grand scheme of things and not the inventions
of terrorists. This would go on and on.

In every religion we have seen prophets praying, like the Jesus

praying to deliver from evil. The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH ) as a part of Haj
rituals threw stones against Satan, as a symbolism against evil and in
this DM we know how the good prevailed over evil.

Why the demons should be part of Creation ?

Ambaa created evil to provide the contrast that enables the human
beings to Experience the GOODNESS. If there was no injustice there could be
no justice.Similarly all the opposites of all Virtues. Ambaa is using
the Evils for our benefits so as to not to destroy us but to make us

disillusioned so that we SEEK HER. Also pl remember, SHE has given us the
power of FREE WILL to enable us, an informed Choice and through that to
create or exhaust the KARMAS.

First Chapter DM :

Is about the two demons Madhu and Katabha intoxicated with their power
who challenged even the Maha Vishnu. This sort of evil is common today
with the personalities either in office or factory or in politics
behaving against the Dharma.

Second Chapter DM :

The next demon, which DM describes, is the Mahishasura with his great
Valor who conquered the entire gods and became Indra. The demon
expelled the gods from Heaven his associates were CHIKSHURA, CHAMARA, UDAGRA,
MAHAHANU, ASILOMA, PARIVARITA, BIDALA. Finally the Chandika playfully
conquered all these Evil asuras.

Third Chapter DM :

The commander in chief of Mahishsura was CHIKSHURA . after he was

slained came forward CHAMARA who was killed by Ambaas lion and similarly

the Royal lion killed KARALA by merely hitting with her fist. Devi
herself took on udagra, Ugrasya, Ugravirya, Mahahanu and Bidala. There are
two more associates of the main Demon namely Durdhara and Durmukha.

Fifth Chapter DM :

Indras authority were again captured by Shumbha and Nishumbha. We see

how devi tempts the demons Chanda and Munda to trap them. Here his
associate named Sugriva is introduced as a messenger of Shumba to Devi.

Sixth Chapter DM :

We see the name of demon Dhumralochana a Chieftain going to the extent

of dragging Devi by her hair. Mother by her mere Humkara the sound of
Huum reduces him to ashes.

Seventh Chapter DM :

Here both the Chanda and munda are killed by Kaali and Chandika herself
will kill Shumbha and the following chapter.

Eighth Chapter DM :

When chanda and munda were killed their associates 84 of the KAMBU Clan
set out for battle along with 50 of the Kotivirya family and 100 of the

Dhowmra family. Like wise the asura clans Kalaka, Dowrhrida,

Mowrya,Kalikeya join them. We notice how the various energies take part in the
battle and Devi employs Shiva himself as a messenger to meet the demons.
Some shlokas talk of offspring of associates of demons DITI And DANU
split by Aindri Devi. Noticing that the asuras assailed by different
forms of Mothers the greatest of all demons RAKTHA BIJA comes forward and
from his every drop of blood springs another asura of his size equal in
strength and valor. We know how Chandika drunk the entire spill of
blood of raktha bhija to protect the world from evil.

Nine th and Tenth Chapter DM :

This chapter discusses the fierce war between Ambaaji and the demons
Shumbha and Nishumbha and finally the demons get killed by Chandika

In this exercise I have tried to recall the names of Asuras and these
anti divine forces are very much like divine who chose to develop
against the law of Ambaa. Such forces hinder even today in the minds of human
beings blocking the progress towards the Ambaa Consciousness. In Ambaa
sadhana even a small shortcoming in the sadhana is enough to make the
hostile forces hold Sway like the raktha bhija. Ambaa willing let me try
compiling the Philosophical aspects of these asuras ( of our mind ) in
the next Post.