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Convisage LIVE Case Study Challenge

Case Study - Phase II

As a part of Phase I analysis you 1)

Prepared competitive landscape of Marketplace for gyms and fitness centers in India
Estimated the market size for this service in India
Identified the top 3 segments and prepared acquisition strategy for the same
Identified new business avenues for ClassVerse

Now, as part of Phase II, ClassVerse need you to identify the following:1) Solve a major operational challenge
Currently, the reconciliation of confirmed classes with attended classes is a manual process. While
this works for now, devise a strategy to solve this problem for scale. At present, when a ClassVerse
member books a slot at a studio, he/ she can cancel it 1 hour prior to the slot. ClassVerse pays the
studio, in case the member turns up at the studio. In case the member books and doesnt turn up at
the studio, the members session gets counted but the studio is not paid anything.
2) Devise a strategy to build customer loyalty for ClassVerse
3) Expansion Strategy
a. Prepare an expansion plan for ClassVerse in India for next 2-3 years
b. ClassVerse wants to enter the foreign market in next 2 years. Identify the target foreign
markets for the company and give a rationale behind the same.
c. Prepare a competitive landscape of Marketplace for gyms and fitness centers in that
d. Identify the key fitness trends in that market
e. Do a market segmentation in the country and also identify the top 3 segments
You are free to innovate in terms of ideas for ClassVerse expansion strategy and also the new business
avenues. The final submission should make a coherent piece that includes both Phase I and Phase II
Kindly note that market sizing for the first phase has to be done for the ClassVerse app and not the fitness
industry as a whole. Additionally you can improve upon the initial phase I analysis.
Teams would be judged on:

Effective use of data

Effective use of charts and images to reinforce business case
Slides together build a competing business argument

Rules & Guidelines for Phase II:

The title of the Power point presentation should be: Convisage_<TeamName>_<College

The presentations need to be sent to the following id:
The subject of the mail should be of the format Convisage_<TeamName>_<College
Your submission should be in form of Power Point presentation, with maximum of 15 slides
(excluding cover page, thank you page etc.)
The final presentation will be of 12 mins + 5 mins of Q&A
Phase 2 Submission deadline: 11:59pm, Saturday , October 31st , 2015