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GENERAL SCHEDULE OF HOLY WEEK ACTIVITIES Marinduque Moriones 2015 *Subject to changes without prior notice.

March 20 5:00 pm General Recollection (Boac Cathedral)

March 23 April 6 Diskwento Caravan (Boac Riverbed)

March 27 2:00pm Recollection for Morions and Senakulistas

March 28 2:00 pm 5:00 pm Kumpisalang Bayan (Boac Cathedral)

March 29 PALM SUNDAY 5:00 am - 6:30 am Holy Mass in all Parishes 7:30 am HOSANAHAN (Procession in all town centers celebrating Christ entry to Jerusalem with participants showing of their gaily decorated Palaspas. (Palm Fronds) 8:00 am Palm Sunday Holy Mass All Parishes 10:00 am Opening of Gasan Trade Fair 2015 (Gasan People’s Park) 3:00 pm Holy Mass 4:00 pm Estacion Heneral (All Parishes)

March 30 HOLY MONDAY 5:30 am HOLY MASS (all Parishes) 7:00 am Holy Mass ( Morion Arena, Boac) 7:30 am PILGRIMAGE (Ceremonial Morion Mask Rites) 7:30 am Registration of Morions (By tradition morions register already dresses up in designated places in town centers) Boac, Gasan,Torrijos, Mogpog, Sta. Cruz) 7:30 am Mogpog Trade Fair Exhibit (Mogpog Covered Court) 8:00 am Community Parade of Costumes (Boac Town Center, Public and Private sector officials & employee in


costumes of biblical characters, turning the town into a

small Jerusalem, similar activity of wearing kaftan and parade of morions are undertaken in Torrijos by the public and private sectors from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday in Sta.Cruz “PABASA” are undertaken at the Municipal Lobby. Holy Mass ( Aglipayan Church, Buenavista) Grand Parade of Morions & Samaritana (Participated by LGU Officials, Employees and Morions) Poblacion Buenavista 4:00 pm OPENING OF MARINDUQUE EXPO 2015 (Boac River Bed c/o Provincial Government of Marinduque)

4:00 pm SALUBONG- HANGO SA IKAAPAT NA ESTACION Pagtatagpo ng nagdadalamhating ina at ng Panginoong Hesus (Amargura) (Mogpog, Poblacion) 7:30 pm Night of the Gospel Songs (Gasan Covered Court)

March 31, HOLY TUESDAY 5:00 am Pabasa ng Pasyon (Traditional chanting of the poetic narrative on the Passion of Christ) (Gasan Kiosk) 5:30 am HOLY MASS in all Parishes 6:30 am Pagbasa ng Pasyon (Boac cathedral) 7:30 am Pabasa ng Pasyon sa mga Parokya 8:00 am HOLY MASS at Grotto (Aglipayan Church, Buenavista SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION (Catholic Church, Buenavista) SME Roving Academy Trade Mission Plant Tour (DTI)

- Morion Mask Maker, Mogpog

- Rejanos Bakery, Sta. Cruz

- Monte de Ramos Handicraft, Sta. Cruz

- Julie Anne Handicraft, Torrijos

- Marinduqueland Corporation, Gasan

- Marinduque Lepidoptera Butterfly Farm, Gasan

- Coco coir Facility, Gasan

April 1, HOLY WEDNESDAY 5:30 am HOLY MASS in All Parishes 8:00 am Community Parade of Custumes and Program Participated by Public & Private Sectors, Officials and Employees in Morion Inspired Costumes of Biblical characters, turning the town center into a small Jerusalem on the streets of Boac. HOLY MASS ( Aglipayan Church Buenavista) 9:00 am PAGPAPAKASAKIT NI KRISTO (Mogpog Poblacion) KALBARYOHAN Sta. Cruz Poblacion (Holy Wednesday to Good Friday) 3:00 pm CONFESSION all Parishes 4:00 pm HOLY MASS All Parishes 5:00 pm Holy Wednesday Religious Procession (All Town Centers) 7:00 pm SENAKULO PART I The Creation (Moriones Arena, Boac, Marinduque)

April 2 , MAUNDY THURSDAY 4:00 am Pabasa ng Pasyon

( Gasan Kiosk)

5:00 am Pasyon ng Moryon (Mogpog)

7:00 am Pabasa ng Pasyon ( Boac Cathedral) 4:00 pm PAGHUHUGAS NG PAA AT PRUSISYON NG BANAL NA SANTISMO SA LOOB NG

( Aglipayan Church, Buenavista)


5:00 pm HOLY MASS in all Parishes (Celebrating of the Last Supper) 6:00 pm Start of Vigil at the Blessed Sacrament (Boac Cathedral) 6:00 pm Religious Procession (Independent Church, Buenavista) Religious Procession ( Aglipayan Church, Buenavista) 7:00 pm SENAKULO PART 2 The Last Supper ( Moriones Arena, Boac, Riverside) PASYON DULA (BUENAVISTA)

April 3, GOOD FRIDAY 5:30 am Pang-umagang pagpupuri

6:00 am Tawak Drinking Ritual Drinking of Herbal potion against poisonous bites (Mercado, Boac) Flagellantes Self-flogging by penitents ( Boac Cemetery) 8:00 am DAANG KRUS, KALBARYO NI KRISTO ( Sta. Cruz Poblacion) 8:00 am Paglilibot ng mga Moryon sa kabayanan (Mogpog)

9:00 am VIA CRUSIS The Way of the Cross

( Boac, Mogpog & Torrijos)

12:00 nn 1:00 pm Tawak Drinking (Guingona Park, Gasan) 12:00 nn SEVEN LAST WORDS All Parishes 1:00 pm SIETE PALABRAS

( Aglipayan Church, Buenavista)

2:00 pm Flagellantes Self flogging by penitents

( Gasan & Mogpog Cemeteries)


(Boac Cathedral)


( Aglipayan Church, Buenavista)


(ALL Town Centers) 4:00 pm Veneration of the Holy Cross

( Boac Cathedral)


(Sta. Cruz Town Plaza)

April 4, BLACK SATURDAY 8:00 am Saranggolahan sa Gasan Masiga Airport Harana ng mga Moryon (Mogpog) 7:00 pm SENAKULO Beheading of Longhinus (Boac Morion Arena)c/o Provincial Government of Marinduque 7:00 pm PUGUTAN PLAY (Story of Longinus) Church Patio, Torrijos 7:30 pm PUGUTAN PLAY

( Guingona Park, Gasan)

8:00 pm Pagbabasbas ng Bagong Apoy at Tubig, Pagnauli ng pangako sa Binyag

( Aglipayan Church, Buenavista) 9:00 pm BLESSING OF FIRE & EASTER MASS (All Parishes) 10:00 pm- 12:00 midnight MASS-SALUBONG ( Poblacion Torrijos)

April 5, EASTER SUNDAY 12:00 am Midnight SALUBONG Ritual and Dance celebrating the appearance of the Risen Christ before the Blessed Mother ( Buenavista) 4:00 am SALUBONG AT BATI,ALELUYAHAN Ritual and Dance celebrating the appearance of the Risen Christ before the Blessed Mother (Designated area in all town centers) 5:00 am, 6:30 am, 8:00 am Easter Holy Mass (All Parishes)

7:00 am Holy Mass (St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish) 8:00 am BANCATHON (Sagwan, Layag at Kampayan sa Dalampasigan) Laylay Port and the Coastal Areas of Boac 8:00 am Paglilibot ng mga Moryon sa kabayanan Harana ng mga Moryon (around the town) (Mogpog) 8:30 am Morion parade Paligsahan ng mga Moryon Pagbibigay ng gantimpala (Mogpog) 10:00 am Pugutan sa Araw ng Linggo ng Muling Pgkabuhay ( Boac Covered Court) 12:00 nn TRADITIONAL PUGUTAN (Mogpog Covered Court) 3:00 pm GASANG-GASANG EASTER SUNDAY STREET DANCING FESTIVAL Gasan Poblacion (Guingona Park -Venue) (Competition of Various contingents in choreographed movements and morion inspired costumes) ( Gasan, Marinduque) 5:30 pm HOLY MASS (Buenavista Catholic Church) 7:00 pm PUGUTAN PLAY (Story of Longinus ) (Poblacion, Torrijos)