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Connections count. As technology becomes more wireless, how you manage this technology can
determine your success or failure. Now more than just a convenience, wireless is the network backbone
most companies are looking to convert over to, replacing the traditional cabled networks in favor of the
greater flexibility and adaptability of wireless.
RYCOMs Wireless LAN Solutions provide you with a fully functional, fully secure, fully managed wireless
LAN network that allows maximum flexibility and mobility, at a minimal cost when compared to wired
LANs. With RYCOMs Wireless Solutions your staff and customers can easily move from office to office,
or even between floors within a building, while still being fully connected. A wireless LAN delivers all the
benefits of cable, with more freedom and convenience.

Data and Telecommunication Solutions

By utilizing a network of fixed wireless access points, located throughout your premises, your staff and
customers can have full roaming capabilities with no interruption of service allowing the internet, your
LAN and network applications as well as communication services (VoIP) to be accessed wherever and
whenever required. Because RYCOM uses best-of-class hardware our access points are fully hardware
independent permitting any wireless (WiFi, BlueTooth, etc.) enabled device to gain access to, or be
accessed through the local wireless LAN, or another remote wireless LAN across the internet. RYCOMs
Wireless LAN Solutions provide:
Full IP network compatibility
WiFi and Bluetooth support
Roaming and non-roaming access within office or building
Password protected and non-protected network access
Advanced wireless Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Timed access and access auditing with billing
Customized WiFi log-in and landing pages
Guest access provisioning
Web content filtering and restriction
Bandwidth rate limitation per user
Wireless LAN to Wireless LAN connectivity
Remote monitoring and configuration
Integration with RYCOM VoIP and Point-2-Point Solutions

Stay connected. Technology is always changing, and so are your needs. Protect your investment by

having RYCOM provide 24/7 remote monitoring and support through our network operations center and
field service team. Our goal is to provide you with maximum uptime with minimum disruptions to you,
your staff or your customers.
Building out a quality WiFi network requires more than a trip to the local computer store. Unlike
simple home wireless networks, an office deployment requires in-depth understanding of access point
design, wireless signal propagation and shielding, correct channel selection as well as technical
details of other wireless networks that may be deployed nearby. RYCOMs experienced sales and presales engineers are experts at developing and building out network solutions. From Canadas largest
transaction network to the internal networks with key commercial buildings in all of our major cities,
RYCOM is an unseen force that keeps Canadians connected and working. Partner with us and learn
what being connected really means.

Copyright 2009 RYCOM Inc.

RYCOM Solution Blueprint

WIFI provides a wide range of possible deployment options. From in-office LANs to multi-floor roaming networks that combine computer
and mobile device support, there is a solution to suit your needs:

Server 2 can provide:

Customizable Login Portals
Unique Access Code Authentication
Remote Access and Configuration
Billing Support
Offensive Web Content Restriction
Bandwidth Rate Limitation per User

Notebook can access the following

from any Network A access point:
Secure network access
VoIP (SoftPhone client)
Network Services 9 on 4.5
Other notebooks/PC on the network

Point 4.2

Point 4.1

or 3


Point 4.4

or 2

Point 4.3


Point 5.2

Point 5.2

or 1

Point 4.5


A roaming mobile device can

access the following from any
Network A access point:
Secure network access
VoIP (Dual mode phone)
Network Services 9 on 4.5
Other notebooks/PC on the

Fax Machines
Backup Drives


Notebook can have limited, nonroaming, access to the internet from

any Access Point on network B. Service
can be delivered as a pay per use or
timed access network.

1 - Internet
2 - Server/Proxy Server
3 - Core Switch/Core Wireless Switch
4 - Network A LAN Edge Switches (set up for roaming)
4.x - Network A Access Points
5 - Network B LAN edge switch (set up for non-roaming)
5.x Network B Access Points
6 - Mobile device on network A, Access Point 4.2
7 - Notebook on Network A, Access Point 4.2
8 - Roaming Device on Network A (across 4.1, 4.3, 4.4)
9 - Wireless Services on Network A (printers, servers, etc.)
10 - Non-roaming Notebook on Network B, Access Point 5.1)


Data and Telecommunication Solutions

Business Enterprise Technology Solutions


Monitoring and Remote support Solutions