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Tiger Contracting Company (L.L.C) is one of the largest development and construction companies in
the UAE and operates from Sharjah and Dubai. Tiger Contracting was founded in 1976 by H.H.
Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi and Eng. Waleed Mohammad.
The company has been classified as one of the top in the construction sector in the region and has
been providing distinct and continuous services for the past thirty two years; almost 200 projects
have been delivered or are in process of getting delivered. The company has always partnered with
the best consultants in the region to ensure best results are delivered to clients. T.C.C is staffed with
talented & experienced professional multidisciplinary staff that is constantly providing expertise
and knowledge; they are an integral part of T.C.C's success and achievements.
T.C.C portfolio proudly boasts the development of over 69 Million Sq. Ft. of Built-up-Area (BUA), 10
Million sq. ft of Land Area and has delivered 23,000 Office Units.


Engineer Waleed M. Mohammad is Chairman of the Tiger Group; and an active business leader
in the United Arab Emirates. His passion is real estate; and he oversaw tremendous growth in his

Property operations during the 1990s, with a number of projects initiated in the Emirate of
Mr. Mohammad pioneered numerous companies in contracting, travel and tourism, and
education. He organized, structured and launched all entities currently within the Tiger Group,
including Tiger Properties, Tiger Contracting, Tiger International General Contracting, Tiger
Industries, Al Durah Contracting, Al Durah Foundation, AlWaleed Commerce, DubaiLink
Tours, Dana Hotel Management, and Samaya Hotels & Resorts
His core focus remains property development and management, including all aspects such as
sales, leasing and facility management. He is a hands-on executive frequently leading staff in
day-to-day functions such as devising leasing tactics and appropriate customer care
techniques. Landmark projects that he personally supervises include the Taawun Towers close
to the Sharjah Exposition, Samaya Furnished Apartments next to the Sahara Center and many
Mr. Mohammad is a seasoned businessman trained in civil engineering yet with interests in
multiple enterprises. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Syrian Business Council, Al
Yarmouk University, Samaya Hotels & Resorts and a number of other business ventures
throughout the Middle East.
He is also an active philanthropist with charitable activity in a number of countries including the
UAE, Syria, and others.


Tiger International.(TIGCC) has reached a well-known and nice reputation in the market .Its
providing the clients a project with proper budget, time and Quality. It has done many projects
spreading all over the Emirates.


Tiger Contracting Co.(T.C.C) Is established in 1976. It has completed and successfully handed over
more than 250 various projects, composed of towers, buildings and other projects owned by
private and public sectors, used for commercial and residential purposes. It is widely spread all
over UAE Emirates. As a result of its highly technical experienced manpower sources, the
company is professionally able to fulfil projects within prescribed time with excellent quality of
work at a reasonable budgeted cost.

Marina Pinnacle Tower, 28thFloor
Dubai Marina, UAE
T: +971 4 4281444; 800 84437
F: +971 4 4281441