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IN ART WM BTU) PN @ tye ii rat CURZON SUFI SERIES Series editor Ian Richard Newton Pfs of rate Seti, : chy of Lae Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination 1310 provide short introductions to varity of facets ofthe subject, which are accesible both to the {general reader and the student and scholae in the field. Fach book will be ether aaynthess of existing knowledge o a distin contri bation to, and extension of knowledge ofthe particular topic. The ‘wo major tindenying principles of the Series are sound scholar ship av readability. by BEYOND FAITH AND INFIDELITY TAR j ‘The Sufi Poctry and Teachings of Mahmud Shabistari Mehdi Amin Razavi ‘Lemar Levis AL-HALLAJ Harte W, Mason RUZBIAN BAQLI [Mysticism and the Rhetoric of Sainthood in Persian Sufism (Cat W. Est ABDULLAH ANSARI OF HERAT ‘An Karly Sult Master ‘AG Raa Farhad PERSIAN SUFI POETRY An Introduction to the Mystical Use of Classical Persian Poetry FTP de Brn ‘THE CONCEPT OF SAINTHOOOD IN EARLY ISLAMIC MSTICISM Ber Rath ara ohn Kane CURZON Fit published in 1997 ty Curzon Pres StJohn’s Studie, Church Rood, Richmond ‘Snr, 109208 (© 1997 Mes Aiea Raz Printed in Great isn by Biches Lamited, Cudord and King’s Lye Allright reserved. No part of his book may he repeated or ‘epeoiaced or wil ina form or yay econ, ‘mechanical or other mean tow hnown or hereafter liven, including phonscopying nd record any Information storage or rere gem, itu permiaion ia ‘ning from the publishers. nth Liter Ctaloging in Pablo Data ‘catalogue record for this ook avilable from the Beh Library ulna of Cons Paintin Data catalogue record fo this book has bee requested ISBN 0-7007-0451-5 (nb8) SBN 0-7007-0412-4 (pb) To Marylynn, Mitra and Arya