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JungleFlasher 0.1.

support for Xecuter additional LTU2 files for DG-16D4S support
added extraction for DG-16D4S serial info from original drive at KeyCR time for
LTU2 and LTU1

JungleFlasher 0.1.95(321)
support for Xecuter LTU2 h/w and f/w

JungleFlasher 0.1.94(320)
Support for new Key verification process
Vendor command support for DG-16D5S Drives
-xecuter X360USB Pro ***f/w update required***
-xecuter X360USB Pro 2 ***f/w update required***
Extra functions to utilise RGH extracts with LTU using T-X DG-16D5S replacement
Support for LT Plus 3.0
-Hitachi 78, 79
Support for LTU 1.2, using T-X replacement PCB
-liteon DG-16D5S 1175, 1352
-liteon DG-16D4S 0225, 0401, 1071 - lost f/w replacement, replaced with a T-X D
G-16D5S replacement
-hitachi DL10N 0500, 0502 - replaced with a DG5S
Bug fix to SlimKey for bytes at 3f005, 3f006
IO port enumeration for Win 8 using old school PCI bus scan
-Using new portIO drive from schtrom with 32bit memory access

JungleFlasher 0.1.92(304)
Support for LT Plus 3.0
-Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0401, 1071

JungleFlasher 0.1.91(300)
Support for LT Plus 3.0
-Lite-on Phat 02510C
-Benq 04421C

JungleFlasher 0.1.90(293)
Support for LT Plus 2.0b

-Hitachi 79

JungleFlasher 0.1.90(292)
Support for LT Plus 2.0
-Hitachi 32,36,40,46,47,58,59,78,79
Xecuter CK3i support
---------------------------------------Extra button group with easy access and visibility for
CK3i additional functions

JungleFlasher 0.1.89(284)
Support for LT Plus 2.0
-Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0401, 1071
Dummy from KeyDB
---------------------------------------Extra step, for Phat Lite-ons if common post 13146 barcode
is detected, user has option to type in case barcode and
index key based on a pre update entry created with f/w that
contained the old barcode.
Benq and Sammy bad flash support
--------------------------------------Added a work around to auto-intro. SlimIntro was putting
Benq and Sammy in a bad state, where as phat intro has no
effect on Slim. If bad state is detected, usually by status
0xD1, slimIntro is no longer sent.

JungleFlasher 0.1.88(280)
Support for LT Plus 2.0
-Lite-on Phat 02510C
-Benq 04421C
-Sammsung MS28
Support for LT 0800 v3.0
-Benq, Lite-On Phat
JungleFlasher 0.1.87(277)
Support for LT Plus 1.92
-Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0225u, 0401 and now 1071
Slim UnLock
---------------------------------------Enhanced support for Sputnik MXIC unlock Methods.
Support for Geremia's Winbond unlock method, aka Kamikaze

improved SlimKey support for rare slim f/w's

JungleFlasher 0.1.86(267)
Support for LT Plus 1.91
-Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0225u, 0401
-Lite-on Phat 02510C
-Benq 04421C
-Hitachi 78/79
Bug fix for non USB MTK routines: Read, Write, Phatkey etc....
Support for Sputnik/Russian MXIC unlock methods.

JungleFlasher 0.1.85(257)
Support for LT Plus 1.9 Liteon(slim):
-0225u (factory updated 9504 to 0225)
Support for set Spi Lock status register on:
Support to extract and patch calibration data at 0x1FF80.
In some cases 0225 may give "Play DVD" error randomly, without this data.

JungleFlasher 0.1.84(250)
LT 1.9 Sammy & LT Plus 1.9 Benq and Liteon(phat)
--------------------------------------Export to .csv file
Import/Merge from .csv file

JungleFlasher 0.1.83(241)
New OFW and dummy parse recognition..
Sammy MS28, Benq 04421C, Liteon 02510C, Liteon Slim 0272, 0401
---------------------------------------updated for Liteon 02510C key extraction
---------------------------------------updated for Liteon Slim 0272, 0401 key extraction and 401 keysector verification
Slim Read (9504)

---------------------------------------improved for Winbond compatibility

improved to recognise already modified 3e000 sector
Slim Un Lock (9504)
---------------------------------------consolidated "modified 3e000 sector" unlock and regular unlock for improved faul
t recovery

JungleFlasher 0.1.82(234)
Minor release to tighten up error handling..
An unforseen issue with slow drives ( seemly with Winbond Spi)
SlimKey support
---------------------------------------Added: Delay added following Drive authorisation, small % of drives seem slow
and were failing on fwcrt cmd 21, others return empty data
Added: Total abort for failed fwcrt cmd 21 error
Added: Total abort on Key sector verification failure
Firmware File Parser
---------------------------------------Added: Parse abort on key sector verification failure for Slim dummy.bin
Added: Serial area fixer support for Slim.. to repair data for "others" ;)

JungleFlasher 0.1.81(226S)
PhatKey support
---------------------------------------faster responce reading key with x360USB ***f/w update required***
Slim f/w support
---------------------------------------9504 stock/LT+ parseing, LT auto-load and key/serial spoofing...
cross spoofing not supported
SlimKey support
---------------------------------------Slim 9504 and 0225 key and serial info extraction - x360USB ***f/w update requir
***Note*** 0225 support is limited to x360USB and other compatible chipsets
***Note*** via and Nforce not supported
slim/Phat selection
---------------------------------------MTK tab has selection for Slim/Phat MTK commands
Selection is automatic based in inquiry info etc.
Slim MTK commands added to support 9504 read/erase/write funtions

JungleFlasher 0.1.79(208S)

PhatKey support
---------------------------------------Support for Lite-On key extraction, Using Pg Mo Thin DIY probe or Xecuter Probe III
Thanks to Maximus & Co for the un-released original Concept.
Guide: http://bit.ly/hdtHsa
Hitachi Support
---------------------------------------Gui changes in Hitachi::Drive area.
[Refresh] in Winapi no longer scans for new hardware
[Scan] added to scan for new hardware separately
[Remove] removed, but added to context menu for convienence
JF will accept system message about new drives added, JF will auto refresh list
for new ODD.
x360USB Support
---------------------------------------Initial support for x360USB added - More to follow at release
LibUSB is required, if you dont have LibUSB installed, LibUSB0.dll is required t
o run JF. Correct
file is included and should be copied to JF folder if needed.
PortIO and other DLL's
---------------------------------------We followed schtroms lead and embbed the Portio .sys files to load from temp fol
der. Other required
DLL's have been embedded also. For those using Test signed drivers in x64, PortI
O load function
checks JF folder for existing files and uses those if present.

JungleFlasher 0.1.77(179S)
Lite-On LT + v1.1 support
Benq LT + v1.1 support
JungleFlasher 0.1.76(166S)
Lite-On LT + support
Benq LT + support
JungleFlasher 0.1.75(152S)
Sammy LT 1.0 support
Benq LT 1.2 support
JungleFlasher 0.1.74(138S)
Key Verification - thanks to C4eva
---------------------------------------Routines will validate a key against the attached drive 100%

Routine added to:

- DVDkey32 Extract, also as key ver is 100%, 6 dumps no longer necessary
- LO83info Extract, also as key ver is 100%, 2 dumps no longer necessary
- Source and Target context menus
IO port refresh
---------------------------------------Extra checks to determine drive hardware type, as opposed the Inquiry info.
Key is easily queryied from Samsung and Hitachi pre 78, can grab key, verify an
d lookup KeyDB.
Lite-On Barcode uniquely identifies drive, look-Up Barcode in KeyDB and verify
Fancy icon on the Drive Properites group box and tooltip to display Key and Key
DB info.
Context menu on Drive Properties to peform KeyDb functions ( load files etc )
--------------------------------------Now index by Lite-on barcode, barcode will be added at next refresh for rapid D
rive ID.
Added an new field call LastFile, this will point to file last used to update K
Useful if you want to refresh KeyDb with all your Lite-On files.
This is used on Drive Properties Context Menu, to load an OFW.
Dummy from KeyDB **New**
-------------------------------------There are 3 parts to this
- for and identified Lite-On this will use the verified key and grab all other
dummy data and build it
- for un-identified Lite-On, will test ALL keys in KeyDB and return on a succes
sful hit, build dummy as above
- for non lite-on, will test ALL keys in KeyDB and return on a successful hit.
USB Com Port Enumeration
--------------------------------------Will properly report device types in Vista and Win 7 - FTD2XX.dll dependancy re

JungleFlasher 0.1.73(103S)
LT v1.1 Support, both Benq and Lite-On
General Support
---------------------------------------Hyperlinks in IRC tab now launch in Preferred Browser
better support for windows 7 120dpi mode

JungleFlasher 0.1.72(101S)
Benq LT Support.

JungleFlasher 0.1.71(98S)
No Lite-On LT spoofing
--------------------------------------No longer says copied ID strings when target is LT
No longer Shows false spoof when LT is "spoofed" with older JF ver
- previous versions are not forward compatible with LT
- they may put spoof in place but LT will ignore it.
Hitachi Support
---------------------------------------Bug fix - master checksum now set when auto-spoofing Stock Hitachi
Master Checksum now set when spoofing stock Hitachi in firmtools.
Bug fix - JF no longer crashes when saving encrypted Hitachi.
General Support
---------------------------------------IRC tab that calls a Java IRC client in embedded browser window
requires 2 dll's... included

JungleFlasher 0.1.70(86)
Foreign Language support
--------------------------------------German, French, Greek and Portuguese added.
Spanish, Italian and Russian to follow.
Bug fix - Calib data not being flashed

JungleFlasher 0.1.70(85S)
Lite On Support
--------------------------------------Auto-Load Lite-Touch firmwares
Calibration data
- spoof copies calibration data if present in source
- dummy from traget will place calibration data in dummy v2 at same location
Secret Inquiry
- performed before LO83info to identify 83 v2 and abort sequence
- performed for DVDKey, Lo83info and Dummy from iXtreme and added to dummy v2
to differientiate 83v1 & 83v2
Legacy cross spoofing
- bug fixed, now working, sorry ;(
New key locations
- long suspected 74 f/w's with 0x1a000 and 0x1b000 key sectors,
- both found recently, support added.

Gerneral Support
--------------------------------------Explorer contexts fixed for start in JF.
Explorer contexts fixed for Win 7.
Thanks go to Team Xecuter for their generous support to this project.

JungleFlasher 0.1.69(74S)
Firmtool Engine
--------------------------------------Finally re-coded firmtool engine correctly
- full support for encrypted lite-on, source and target
- easier support for cross spoofing
Port IO
--------------------------------------Using Schtrom's driver portIO driver, which includes 64bit support.
iXtreme 1.61 for lite-on
--------------------------------------Will autoload iX 1.61 for Liteon
Hitachi Support
--------------------------------------Added new spoofing method for Hitachi. "Auto Spoof", will spoof inquiry and key
on the fly directly from source buffer. Will use existing file or request for
load if empty.
KeyDB Viewer
-------------------------------------New keyDB, right click source tab.
JungleFlasher 0.1.66(46)
Lite-On 83850c support
--------------------------------------- added full LO83info extract, OpenKey to Dummy.bin
- checks added to LO83info.bin.key load, blank data aborts
- 140F0F1011B5223D79587717FFD9EC3A from bad LO83info extract will be rejected
**** WARNING ****
this uses Seacrest source, many thank....
BUT beware...
use a spare drive to check the key
Lite-On support General
--------------------------------------Dump Dummy.bin from lite-On iXtreme file (in target context menu)
Identify Barcode reversal

- to detect and fix and use bad inquiry Barcode info

- extra step to Manual spoofing to avoid bad barcode data
Hitachi Support Updated
--------------------------------------Stabilty success message is bypassed in Moddermode.
General items Updated
--------------------------------------Foreign Language Support
- German
- Portugueuse
- Italian
- French
- Greek
- Spanish (WIP)

JungleFlasher 0.1.65(27)
General items Updated
--------------------------------------KeyDB and Log to Notepad fixed for windows 7 and foreign languages
--------------------------------------- Extra check added, Drive Serial is compared to Target f/w
- a mismatch will cause a warning... Just in case user were
- to hook up a new lite-on and forget to do DVDkey32
--------------------------------------- Disable related windows drive letters on Intro
- Windows interfers with read-back verify as it thinks drive is
- still present after into. This occured primarily with benq
- running ix > 1.41. The half tray unlock also give windows
- drive letter. On intro, drive list is refreshed, scanned for
- the drive on the current port and disabled if found..
Lite-On 83850c support
--------------------------------------- ix 1.6 83850 support added ( cross spoofing of ix revs NOT supported )
- conversion of [barcode].bin.key to dummy.bin
- Autoload dummy, auto-load ix, spoof ix
- extract of [barcode].bin added, for repair

JungleFlasher 0.1.64(16)
General items Updated
--------------------------------------Ctrl + F4 to open iXtreme from firmware folder to Target
Added context menus to Source and target tabs

- open f/w from working folder

- clear source
- update to key data base
- open f/w from working folder
- open f/w from .\firmware folder
- clear target
Removed - not allowing blank serial in for Lite-on Dummy.bin
previously if serial was blank the iX file serial was left as is
Warning changed for dummy.bin w/o serial, to mention is possibly ok.
Added spoof support for new lite-on 83850C
JF wil recognise a 83850C dummy.bin and spoof 74850C iX accordingly
Manual spoof support for 83850C support added
(still no confirmation of key extract via DVDkey32 method)
Key Database in Registry
--------------------------------------Database will be populated automatically from a dump.
Ctrl + F10 to add/update key database from Source tab info
Ctrl + F12 to launch notepad with key database
Ctrl + F11 to create .csv from key database
Added extra item to explorer context to load as source and add key to db
iX will not autoload to target for this task
can select mutliple f/w files, these will load in turn
Hitachi Support Updated
--------------------------------------Fixed bug in Rev 36 Ram Upload Dump Code
All dumps are rev checked immediately, a failure to identify will abort sequence
dumps from other drives and locked 79's (coming back empty) would proceed to k
check and fail
--------------------------------------Added warning message Yes/No to Flash Erase Button (default is No!)
Added Esc to abort to flash read within auto reads in moddermode
Bypassed Sammy-Un-Lock warning in ModderMode

JungleFlasher 0.1.62
Release for iX 1.6 0800 for Samsung, Benq and Lite-On...
Hitachi Support Updated
--------------------------------------Windows drive enum changed
successful Classic dump will detect and set correct drive type for pre 78 drives
. Inquiry of spoofed
drives would select incorrect version.
DVDKey32 Support Updated
--------------------------------------better support for Maximus USB Xtractor - using FTDI api FTD2XX.dll
General items Updated

--------------------------------------Improved launch times

JungleFlasher 0.1.60
Release for iX 1.6 for Samsung, Benq and Lite-On... Jf will now target 1.6 files
by default
Hitachi Support Updated
--------------------------------------Right Click windows drive list for context to open/close drive tray
DVDKey32 Support Updated
--------------------------------------Added Support for USB Extractor Switch in Vista, for remote launch of DVDkey32 f
rom probe

JungleFlasher 0.1.59 - cleanup to 0.1.55

DVDKey32 Support Updated
--------------------------------------Added Support for USB Extractor Switch, for remote launch of DVDkey32 from probe
Added optional delay on dvdkey32... allow time for probe.... delay32 in reg, def
ault is 0, max 20 sec

Hitachi Support Updated

--------------------------------------Added Stop-Disk to Hitachi commands, People were still putting in a disk, a habi
t from FWTB days, commands would fail and the drive would crash.
Improvements to Ram upload dump, should dump in 1 - 1.5 sec... added timer for t
he fun of it...
Introducing USmodeB with JungleUSB drivers, for Hitachi
1. JungleUSB drivers allow Hitachi on USB to be seen in Mode-A, mode-B comma
nd can be issued
2. at power up, you may need to open/close the drive to allow windows to PnP
3. Send USmodeB - JF will enumerate all windows drive letters and find any H
itachi, JF will send mode-b

General items Updated

--------------------------------------Added, test for port IO....
JF will scan device tree for PortIO, 4 outcomes are possible

i. port io running aok

ii. port removed
iii. port not installed
iv. port io has an error
Fixed, Ctrl f7 for Drive pororties on PortIO, drives were not being detected
Added donate icon, users complained they conuldn't see.... ;-)

JungleFlasher 0.1.55 - cleanup to 1.51

We have probably added or changed alot more but this is what we could remember.
Hitachi Support Updated
--------------------------------------- Portio will only be enabled with "Via Only" ticked, as it was only added t
o support Via w/o drivers
- Via card must also report status (Code 39)... no drivers loaded
- Mode Select method removed from Port IO. Mode Select is for USB support, p
ort IO does not support USB.
Modder Mode
--------------------------------------- Now stops on bad device ID.
Splash Screen
--------------------------------------- Context enable/disable removed from splash ( added as a ctrl key)
Advanced Ctrl F Keys
--------------------------------------- Ctrl + F5 key, set modder mode backup directory, clear folder to disable i
- Ctrl + F6 key, hitachi read block size 100 --> 2000 ( 78 and 79 FK models
will fail on this )
- Ctrl + F7 key, set working folder in modder mode... clear all tabs and sav
e log
- Ctrl + F8 key, enable "Free Flash" and "Ram Poke" in Hiatachi
- Ctrl + F1 key, enable context menus
- Ctrl + F2 key, disable context menus
Lite-On Dummy.bin Serial Fixer
--------------------------------------- Bug, fixer added drive barcode byte swapped to Identify string, fixed.
Sammy flash
--------------------------------------- was failing for at least one user.. typo in last cleanup. fixed.

Port Inquiry
--------------------------------------- Timeout in port Inquiry for drive properties extended from 200ms to 1s
--------------------------------------- Dead time after l-o-erase extended from 2s to 3s
- dots and timer added for better appearance.