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Why is Writing Important?

Im going to have to be quite direct and say Because I think it is

liberating. This is something that I refer to often, I know. But, I do so because it is
what I deeply think. From my own personal experience with writing, I always
found it to be liberating. I mean in terms of Thinking. The Mind is free to navigate
its own Reality. There is nothing stopping it from being this or that. It goes
where it chooses. Such liberation is also Transcendental. This should explain
why I called the body of techniques that I use in Writing Transcendental Writing.
Its because in its core, this is exactly what it is: Transcendental.
My mind wonders freely when Im writing. No constraintno boundaries
its Free! The Mind can paint Reality however it wishes. It can also modify it to get
a glimpse of its inner working. This is because Understanding the Mind can,
somehow, amount to understanding Reality. In other words, Mind equals Reality.
The ability to express oneself in such complicated fashion, some might see
as a gift. I thin I do too, to a certain degree. Why should I not? It seems to me that
Language---that is the ability to communicate ---is a gift from the Divine
(whatever you want to call that Divine).
Dont get me wrong, I am not going to entertain a Religious exploration
with you hereat least, not now. Understand that what I intend to do (for you and
for me) is to break the everyday pattern. This patternthe pattern of limitation
is a mental prison. Thus, this processthat which we refer to as Writing
(specifically Transcendental Writing) is a method of Liberation.
You see? Now, were back full circle.
I have, myself, asked a few friends to share their point of view regarding
Writing. I asked them to, in few words, tell me what Writing meant to them. I
wanted to see how their thoughts deviated from mine. Surprisingly, theirs were not
that different from mine. Indeed, there may have been some differences of styles
and wording, but at the end, it was basically the same Idea.
Let me share their answers with you:
The first one with whom I have communicated answered me thus:

Ah writing, it gives wings to the words never told, and the keys to secrets doomed
to mutiny. The more we write, the more we are capable of Healing our wounds,
and hearing the echoes of our Voices the most Pure. It is a good way through
which we can rejoice our loneliness, is it not?
That right there was gold to me. I could even hear it being spoken out loudso
smoothly and stimulating. These words have the power to put the mind willing to
hear them into a state of pure Awe. And, by reading themlistening to my own
voice speaking them out loud as smoothly as it is, I can only delight in the feelings
that it evokes.
This dear friend also pointed me at a simple notion that would explain her use of
the term healing regarding writing: Catharsis. This, of course, has to do with when
Catharsis refers to the process of purgation or purification of emotion---especially
pity and fear (as some document might point out)---through art. (I shall get back to
this again).