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Guatemala, 21 de April de 2014

My dear brethren and sister:

It is great privilege for me to greet you in the name of ours dear Lord Jesus Christ.
Many rears and things have passed in our lives since we had our last contact. Yes many;
but want to share with you only some of them; for example; the one so painful for the
CSC ministry, and me that on the 1982 my dear wife Angelita past away to be with our
dear lord. It was a very hard experience for me and for the CSC ministry; on the 2002 I
suffered a heart stroke and got a open heart surgery in U.S.A.; Praise God, it was a great
success, for what I am very well. Whosoever, Bro. Patrick and myself, considering mi age
(78) and the heart problem that it was wish to look for my retirement; so, I resigned to
my position as international director of the CSC ministry in Latin America and we
nominated to our dear bro. Fredy Betancourt, one very consecrated and active young
man. Our bro. Patrick nominated me as advises promoter for the CSC ministry for Latin
America. So, that is what I am doing now; about what I will tell you a little later. At this
time I will tell you that on the 2003. God have me a wife Santos Vasquez and through her
he gave me a little boy, whose name is Jorge Alberto Isaac. I am including in this letter a
picture of the whole family

Well, now it will tell you some things about the CSC. Ministry; when I left it, for my
retirement, the CSC ministry was in seven countries in Central America; now on the 2014
year, under the strong and faithful leadership of our new president, bro Patrick Calhoun,
it has been expanded to South America, Asia, Africa, Indonesia and some other
countries; I am including a copy of the last report of the CSC ministry in order that you
may have a more complete information of what CSC ministry is doing in reaching soul for
Christ in the world.
Now let me tell you something about the purpose of this letter; I as a former director of
the CSC ministry in America, know that you, who are reading this letter, are one of the
many good brethren, sister and churches who in the past time were faithful supporters of
the CSC ministry, but for one or another reason quitted of doing it, but my dear brethren
at this time, when the coming of our dear Lord Jesus is becoming more and more closes
and the condition of the world is growing worse and worse, I fell that we, as Gods people,
need to awake for the Lord, for the former reasons; I as promoter for Latin America are
coming to you to see if were possible for you renew you financial support on behalf of
Latin America, because this area of the world, starting on the year 2015 will be without
financial support from the U.S.A. CSC ministry; because that ministry has grown and is
growing in the other world; so, if you were soon kind, to support the area of Latin
America, we will appreciate it very much and I am sure god will bless you richly for doing

it. Any contribution should be send to: CSC ministry Patrick Calhoun P.O.B.X 508 louse,
La. U.S.A.