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Pathway 1

Diploma of Aviation
Instrument Flight Operations AVI50408

Start your aviation career training with our qualified instructors in

the air and in the classroom
>> The Diploma of Aviation course pathway 1 is designed to take you to a Private
Pilot Licence(PPL)*, then on to a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and finally to the
Multi Engine Instrument Rating required for the award (AVI50408) Diploma of
Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations).

$110,500 Total

>> All Flying will be conducted through Sydney Flight College (SFC) based at
Bankstown Airport.

12 month course

>> Theory Training will be conducted at Sydney TAFE Ultimo College ( RTO# 90003)


Course Breakdown

You may be eligible

for VET FEE HELP for
the Diploma

Flying time

241 hrs

Sim time

30 hrs

Flight briefing time

35 hrs

Theory time

356 hrs

Total course

662 hrs


02 9709 8488
60 Birch St, Bankstown Airport

$14,500 (PPL) +
$96,000 (Diploma)

Pathway 1

Diploma of Aviation
(Instrument Flight Operations) AVI50408

Key Benefits of this course are

>> Professional training in modern facilities with highly qualified instructors.
>> Indicated flying hours are realistic to student outcomes and not just prescribed minimum times.
>> The course is run in central Sydney locations

Course price includes:

>> Flight training (dual and solo), simulator training, aircraft hire, fuel, pre and post flight briefings, theory courses
and briefing notes.
>> All Training will be conducted in a 4 seater Aircraft at Sydney Flight College
>> The training fleet offers you experience in aircraft that have the latest glass panels as well as aircraft with the
traditional panel. You will also complete 25 hours flying the twin engine BE76 Duchess aircraft. For the simulator
training you will fly the state-of-the-art Redbird FMX full motion flight simulator. (While the theory lectures at
Sydney TAFE and SFC have set times, your flying training can be done flexibly)
>> Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) AVI50408. Successful completion of the Diploma will
achieve 100 hours in Command time and an Instrument Rating.
Interested in Enrolling? Contact Sydney Flight College by phone (02) 9709-8488 or email enrol@sfcaero.com.au

Before enrolling


>> Contact Sydney Flying School to arrange an interview with

Sydney Flight College
>> Obtain an ARN number then complete a class one medical

*$14,500 is for the delivery of the Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)

and Private Pilots Licence (PPL). This is paid to SFC before course
The price does not include CASA testing fees, ASL theory examination
fees or CASA licence fees.

>> Apply for and Australian Securities Identification Card (ASIC)

Hours quoted are realistic minimum requirements achievable by most

trainees. If you do not meet the required standard at the completion of
the course, additional training will be required, at your expense.

>> Complete the SFC Flight Experience Package or have a

minimum of 5 hours Aviation Flying experience

Fuel has been costed at the average NSW bowser price. Should the price
of fuel exceed the Bankstown bowser rate of $2.25 per ltr including GST,
then the student will need to cover the shortfall.


02 9709 8488
60 Birch St, Bankstown Airport