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Double Block & Bleed Expanding Plug Valve (DEPV)

The VE dual expanding plug valve is developed to give a 100% positive sealing in both directions (double block)
independent from each other, and thus isolating pipe segments completely. Any trapped medium in the body cavity
can easily be drained (bled) to avoid any contamination. An automatic thermal relief system will relieve possible overpressure of the trapped medium to the pressurised side.
On abrasive liquids the VE dual expanding plug valve is a much better solution than traditional gate and ball valves.
The sealing is usually provided by a rubber seal that is vulcanised onto two independent operating slips that are mechanically fixed to a tapered plug by dove tails.
The body is completely Electro-Nickel Plated (ENP) to avoid corrosion.
The valve comes with standard bore- commonly used for tank storage - or a full-bore option (on request).

Applications typically include systems for

Crude or refined oil storage

Methanol / Ethanol Storage

Chemical bulk storage

Bio fuel storage

Liquefied gases including LNG

Pump skids

Hydrant loops

Pipeline receiver manifolds

Leak detection systems

Gas pipelines

Re-fueling installations


Petrochemical refining

Oil/gas production facilities

Tank terminals

Loading/offloading jetty

Chemical plants

Normally when double block and bleed function is required, at least three separate valves and a spool piece are needed.
VE dual expanding plug valves have all this combined in one compact body
giving the following benefits

Saving on individual component costs

Less space required
Reduced maintenance
Easy testing

Integral trunnion
In our unique VE design the the bottom trunnion is fully integrated on the the lower
plate, preventing particles accumulating under the trim. In older designs dirt can collect and make the valve hard to turn as well as interfering with the correct operation of
the valve.
Also the service space needed underneath the VE valve is minimised compared to
other traditional designs.

Complete actuation and testing options

As plants are increasingly controlled remotely, the ability to fit actuation options to valves becomes more important.
ERIKS VE dual expanding plug valves can be fitted with a wide range of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Stem extensions and other modifications can be carried out to meet all your needs, including adding communication ports if requested.
The complete valve including automation options is built in our Valve Automation centre, and 100% tested by certified and trained engineers, giving the customer a single point of responsibility for the valve and actuated solution.

In-line repair
The valve has a back seat device so the stem packing can be replaced while the line is under pressure. Provided
the valve is installed with sufficient space under, the slips can also be easily and quickly changed without removing
the bonnet and actuator.
On the VE valve the upper port of the relief is on the valve body which enables it to remain in place when the
upper trunnion is removed.

Moulded seals
The VE Dual Expanding Plug Valve has valves seals that are fully bonded (vulcanised)
to the slips, providing durability, strength and a long life.

Non-abrasive sealing
Most standard valves, like gate, butterfly, ball and plug valves, have their seal based on
shear or friction force. The VE dual expanding plug valve has twin slip seals which are
retracted fully before the valve starts to open. The slips are therefore not subjected to abrasion during operation,
which means a much longer valve life and less maintenance.

Standard main component materials (other materials available on request)
Body and Plug

: ASTM A216 WCB Electro Nickel Plated

Lower plate, upper plate, yoke



: ASTM A 536 80-55-06

Seals (vulcanised)

: Viton Viton , HI P
Viton , fibre reinforced
Viton , low temperature GF
Viton , HI P , low temperature GF
Nitrile, HI P
Nitrile, low temperature
Nitrile, modified
FFKM (Perfluoro elastomers e.g. Kalrez)

ERIKS VE valves have multiple certifications for a wide range of standards and applications. Certificates can be
viewed online at www.eriks-ve.com

Metal to Metal sealing

The VE dual expanding plug valve is designed to keep the seals safe from abrasion. Even if the valve is provided
with resilient seals, those are designed to be compressed and reach a 100% leak tight metal to metal sealing.

1. Valve is open:
When the valve is fully open, both seals are protected from the flow path.

2. Valve is rotating:
Valve plug and slips rotate to place seals in closing position, during rotation
there is no contact between the body and seals.

3. Expand slips:
Once valve has rotated the slips 90, they start approaching perpendicular to
body seats.

4. Valve is closed:
Valve is seated. Chambered Resilient seals have been compressed so they
cant be damaged by actuator over-torque. Double block and bleed function can
be tested by opening the bleed valve.

The VE standard bore valves are commonly used for tank storage. Full bore valves are available on request.

VE Pressure relief system options

There are several options for the bleed system on the VE dual expanding plug valve several types of bleed
systems in order to meet customer applications.

1. MBBV: Manual Body Bleed Valve

Hand operated bleed valve. The dual expanding plug
valve must always be bled in closed position. Bleed
outlet should be plumbed for drainage to a reservoir.This bleed valve must be closed before the main
valve is opened again.

2. DTR: Safety Bleed to Body

For liquid service this system includes a thermal relief valve in order to release the
overpressure which might occur in the body cavity by thermal expansion due to e.g.
changing ambient temperatures. This happens automatically when the pressure in
the body cavity goes 25psi above pipeline pressure the small isolation valve in the
pipework must be open.

3. MBTR: Manual Bleed and Thermal Relief

This system is a combination of an MBBV and a DTR. This way we can have an
automatic bleed of the body and also check the integrity of the VE Dual Expanding
Plug Valve.

4. ABB: Automatic Body Bleed

This system works when the valve is closing. The valve is opened mechanically
before the valve is fully closed, so the spurting liquid should stop, showing positive
verification of double sealing when the valve is fully closed. Theres also an isolating
valve in the system with a lock open device to avoid any human error.
Bleed outlet should be plumbed for drainage to a reservoir

5. Variable pressure option:

In case the pressurised side of the valve is variable, the new VE automatic expansion selector always automatically selects the high pressure side.
This can either be the inlet or the outlet wherever the pressure is higher.
All these systems can be customized on customers demand if additional equipment like gauges etc are required.

Product range
There are two different series of the VE dual expanding plug valve
available depending on their bore size. The Standard Bore Series and
the Full Bore Series:
Standard Bore Series
These are standard bore valves with a plug port area of a 70% of the
Full Bore valves. The port shape has been stream lined to achieve
maximum flow and low pressure drop ( see cv values graph).
ANSI Class 150: 2 to 36
ANSI Class 300: 2 to 24
ANSI Class 600: 2 to 20

Full Bore Series API 6D

When full port size is required valve is designed to keep the minimum port area as per API 6D, Maintenance operations like pigging are then easier possible.
ANSI Class 150: 2 to 24.
ANSI Class 300: 2 to 20.
ANSI Class 600: 2 to 16.

All valves are also available flanged in accordance with DIN PN16, PN25 and PN40 standards.

Dimensional data
As standard, all dual expanding plug valves meet the following dimensional aspects:

Port area: standard bore 70% of pipeline area

Face to face as per ANSI B 16.10

Flanged ends as per ANSI B 16.5

Wall thickness as per API 599

Couplings for gears and electric actuators as per ISO 5210

All bleed and drain connections 1/2 NPT

Full dimensions for each valve with or without manual or automatic operator are available on the ERIKS VE website. See www.eriks-ve.com

ERIKS Valves Entreprise comprise an innovative design, manufacture, marketing and services of high integrity double block & bleed expanding plug valves. VE is a well recognized brand and fully accepted by
most of the leading industrial companies in the field of tank storage, refinery, bulk loading, naval and aviation re-fuelling systems and metering systems.
With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of DBB Valves providing customers with an
excellent service and innovative solutions.
ERIKS VE is part of ERIKS, a leading, innovative supplier to the process industry and original equipment
Econosto UK has been supplying valves into industry since 1984. With three UK warehouses and access
to stock held across the group global locations the company is well placed to provide the widest range of
products on lead times unrivalled by other suppliers.

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