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1.what the life cycle of the page loading in sqlserver

2.what is deadlock
3.what are he core activities u are doing?
4.netwrok load balance?
5.what is dead lock?how to to identify the dead lock
6.what are the high avilabilities in sql server?
7.what is isql an osql?
8.what is iis?
9.how to trouble shoot -if job was failed in your server?
10.what is index?
11.is it possible more then one clusterindex per table?
12.what is highaviliablity operations ?
13.what is join -how to differenciate the joins?
14.if job failed -how you fix that issues?
15.what are actions you will take to fix that issue?
16.which is your interest -sqldevelopment,dba ,productiondba,ssrs,BI
17.which level of DBA you are - like service vice....
18.which DBA you are ?develop DBA?prodcution DBA?core DBA?....etc?
19.what is the life cycle of the web sites ....
20.what is the flow of iis operations.
21.how you monitor your servers?
22.what is profiler-this is expencive?this is affect the production server
23.what is excution plan?
24.what is trace file?
25.how you role and how many members in your team?

26.why you are looking for change?


first tech round

1.tell me about your daily activities

2.what is the maine tables in master database
3.sys databases?
4.suppose hang the server (not able to restart)what we can do?-rebuild the master
5.how to restart the cluster server
6.what clus admin?
7.how to do the performance tunning -how you are doing?
8.difference between index seek and indexscan?
9.what are the methods you are using for taking backup?
10.suppose we have differencial backup -how to restore the backup?
11.how to create the mirroring?
12.advandages of mirroring?
13.what is logshipping ?
14.server level roles?
15.difference between indexrebulid and index reorganize?
16.tempdb was full what you will do?

second round

1.tell about your self

2.what is index and type of indexes?
3.why only one cluster allowed per table?
4.types of clustering?
5.how to failover the clustering?
6.how many production servers you have ?
7.what the maximum size your server's database?
8.how to check your perfomance couters -what are the counter you will check?
9.did configuered clustering in your system?
10.have you worked with logshipping?
11.what is the difference between maintenance plan and sqlagent job creation?
12.how to redused the log size?
13.tempdb full-what you will do derive the steps?
14.did you installed sql server ?in production env?what the steps ?
15.what is prerequest for sql server installations?
16.what are the issues you have faced with users-regarding securityproblem?
17.how you find the failed jobs details and fixing methods?
18.backup statergy in your systems?
19.suppose we have differential backup with our backup stetergy but crash the
server after taking the backup-1 hour gap -- so how to resolve that 1 hour data
loss?--->tailed backup
20.performance tunning with server?-how to do the server performance tune?
21.how you are doing the performance tunning?-only query related tuning ?
22.when we change the recovery mode from full to simple - what will happen in sql
server background ?


1.self introduction
2.daily activities
3.types of backups
4.what kind of backups you are using
5.update statistics ?
6.system databases?
7.what index and types of indexes?
8.mirroring usage-how you are implement and what are the types ?
9.logshipping -how we can use this!
10.how monitor the servers from single server-how getting the inputs from
11.what the uses of systemdatabases?
12. did you create DTS?purpose of dts creation and how you design?
13.what is progiler - where we are using then what columns are you will use
14.security - database roles?
15.if i need only read permission in that database how you provide the permission
for that users
16.how you will do the changes in databases (already created database).
17.how to restore the backup at point in time in your system?
18.how you are working in that compatabilty 80 to 90 migration work?
19.example of that 80 to 90 issues?
20.how you will do the performance tuning -what are the steps you will handle?
21.dbcc commands?


1. current daily work opertions and informations

2. why we should not truncate the table
3. what is the name of table with out index tables
4. If temptable full means what we need to do?
5. how to change the ssrs isses
6. Replication types - what is the use of replication
7. what are the errors you have faced in mirroring failover- how you solved the
8. Step to resolve the mirroring failover and step by step process the issues.
9. types of mirroring
10. what type of issues faced in clustering in your concern
11. what is indexscan /indexseek and difference.
12. what is the use of update statistics?
13. reporting services configaration and administrations!
14. rgm in indexes?
15. what are the system databases?
16. what are the sqlservre components?
17. what are the interifier used for your automation processes?
18. Replication basics?
19. sql server port number.
20. local variable and global variable?

1.how to rebuild master database ?
2.what is clustering failover-how to do?
3.update staistics use?
4.how to increase the query performance?

5.mirroring concepts?
6.how to identify the cluestering server name from virtual machine using sql script?

1. how to get a point in time recovery and what is point in time recovery
2. how to know the blocking information
3.how to shirink the database -after did the dbcc shirnk
4.difference between sprocs and dbcc?
5.how to get backup stratergy in your company
6.what is bulklogged recovery model..
7.different recovery model ?
8.difference between lock and blocking
9.how to implement the ssrs -reports
10.have you experience in ssis?
11.what is mirroring ?types of mirroring--12.which is best type in mirroring for banking sector?
13.have you hands of experience in clustering maintenance?
14.how to failover the clustering node?
15.what is logshipping?
16.how to reload the master database?


1.mirroring tables
2.how you monitoring your servers
3.how to identify long running scripts
4.excution plan use
5.profiler use
6.how to failover the clustering
7.what is use of buffercacheratio?
8.how perform the blocking locks
9.what is the column is important in sp_who2 and sp_who(difference)
10.difference between mirroring and logshipping
11.what is deadlock?
12.how to rectify the deadlocks?
13.what is the use of with nolock option
14.if you are not able to rectify the issues how to face with your higher officers
15.mirroring types and modes?-which is best and why?
16.how to increase the performance of servers or stored proc or your queries in sql
17.logshipping using table names?
18.dirty read ?
19.If blocking the proccess is continued -what will happen ...
20.what is emergency mode for database?