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Systems and Anaconda Mining unveil pioneering program for

diversity and inclusion

Outstanding results presented at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion in Minneapolis

March 31, 2016. Minneapolis/Toronto. The Donohue Mentoring System and

Anaconda Mining today presented the results of their joint year-long program
targeting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The results, showing that the
Donohue Mentoring System (DMS) increased productivity by 11% and decreased
churn by 50%, were shared at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion in Minneapolis.
Donohue Systems has pioneered research into the causes of isolation in the
workplace, the behaviors of employees and leaders that contribute to it, and the
strategies needed to combat it. A key strategy includes mentoring, which is
radically different from other leadership approaches and training because it is
structured around a communication system that is based on the nine essential
conversations every business needs to have, stated Dr. Mary Donohue, CEO of
Donohue Systems and the DMS.
According to Donohue, when employees feel isolated at work, they quit. Or quit
trying. As employees feel increasingly isolated, the lower the engagement and the
higher the churn. Leaders now generally understand the need for engaging
employees, but most companies dont have the tools and processes in place to
mitigate the incidence of isolation that is causing employees to leave. Research
bears this out.

One of the DMSs clients, Anaconda Mining, began beta testing the program in
January 2015, and today it is an essential part of Anacondas onboarding and
leadership development. Structured, measured and standardized mentoring is an
essential tool for corporations like ours to shift the behavior of their employees, and
to provide a successful roadmap to an inclusive workplace, said Dustin Angelo,
President and CEO Anaconda Mining.
The Forum convenes in Minneapolis each year to engage people, advance ideas and
ignite change around the topics of diversity, inclusion and equity. Celebrating its 28th
year in 2016, the three-day conference is designed to be an experience that set itself
apart by focusing on big ideas, interactive discussions and lasting connections.
About Anaconda
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Anaconda Mining is a growth-oriented, gold
mining and exploration company with a producing project called the Point Rousse
Project and an exploration/development project called the Viking Project in

Newfoundland. The Point Rousse Project is approximately 6,300 hectares of

property on the Ming's Bight Peninsula located in the Baie Verte Mining District in
Newfoundland, Canada. Since 2012, Anaconda has increased its property control by
ten-fold on the peninsula. It is currently exploring three primary, prospective gold
trends, which have approximately 20 km of cumulative strike length and include
five deposits and numerous prospects and showings, all within 8 km of the Pine
Cove mill. Anaconda also controls the Viking Project, which has approximately 6,225
hectares of property in White Bay, Newfoundland, approximately 100 km by water
(180 km via road) from the Pine Cove mill. The project contains the Thor Deposit
and other gold prospects and showings. The company's plan is to discover and
develop more resources within these project areas and double annual production at
the Pine Cove mill from its current rate of nearly 16,000 ounces to 30,000 ounces.
About the DMS
The Donohue Mentoring System is a turnkey system that offers a proprietary
mentoring curriculum for participants. Through a time commitment of only 45
minutes per week, over 13 weeks, pairs of senior and mid-level associates of an
organization meet with each other to explore challenges, develop solutions and
generate dialogue. Detailed pre and post assessments provide data of associates
levels of engagement, trust and value. Participation consistently sees an increase in
each of these, leading to an 11% increase in productivity, 50% reduction in churn.
Interestingly, the system also decreases stress by 34%.
The Donohue Mentoring System is one of three learning systems developed by Dr.
Mary Donohue. The others include family communication and generational
profiling. A bestselling author and former mentee of Paul Newman, Dr. Donohue
also serves as Adjunct Professor of Business at Dalhousie University.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Mohammad Mahasneh
Communications Manager - DMS