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Jhonatam Castro

Lorena Velez
COMPARISON WITH AS AS. Using the words do the sentences
Examples: An ant isnt as big as a butterfly
A lion is just as dangerous as a wild tiger
Please: come as soon as possible
*Honey is as sweet as sugar
*Good health as (important) as money
*Adults as (patients) as children
*Reading a novel as (relaxing) as listening to music
*a leaf as (heavy) as sheet of paper
*Carlos sing as (beautiful) as Robert
Compare using er and than
Examples: A plane is faster than a car
An university is more bigger than a school
An old shoe less cleaner than a new one
A manager more stronger than a secretary
*Carolina lees younger than Milena
*My father is more older than my mother
*A calculator is more biggerthan a cell phone
Nota: si un adjetivo de una sola silaba termina en consonante precedida de vocal
se duplica la consonante antes de agregar er.
*One syllable adjective examples to write sentences comparing you can use (er)

*Two syllables adjectives examples, write sentences. You can use (er)
-busy - busier
-pretty - prettier
-clever - cleverer
-gentle - gentler
*Adjectives with three or more syllables (more)
Examples: reading is more important than watching T.V.
Write sentences with this adjectives
*Fascinating the morning today is more fascinating than yesterday
*Carefully - Andres dances more carefully than Juan
*Slowly Carol speak more slowly than Cristina
*Interesting the French class is less interesting than English class
*Difficult the English is more difficult than Portuguese
*Comfortable my bed is more comfortable than my girlfriend
Superlatives with est when the adjectives are one or two syllable
Examples: Miguel Angel was one of the cleverest men
A president is the busiest person of the country
Write more sentences with this list of words.
*Hard the Monday is the day hardest of the week
*Fast the plain is fastest for travel in the world
*Busy my father is busiest of the family
*Clean my house is cleanest of all
*Dark the hair Maria is darkest of the girls

*Easy the English class easiest of the university

Use most if the adjective is three syllables or more

Examples: in these days raining is the most desirable thing.
Write the sentences with:
*Beautiful the rose is most beautiful than clavel
*Believable the news of radio is most believable
*Accessible the plastic money is most accessible than cash money
*Dangerous jump the airplane is most dangerous
*Attractive dicaprio is most attractive than messi
Comparative less than (menosque)
-A pen is less expensive than a book
-A pen is not as expensive as a book
Complete the sentences:
*My nephew is less ambitious than my niece
*A bee is less big than a bird
*My brother is less interested in planning the future than I am.