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My name petrina ginting romana , I am often called upon

petrin , I was born on 9 March 1999 , I possessed two brothers ,

my first brother named yosef tamado ginting , now he is in the
6th grade elementary school , my second sister named Vanessa
olivia ginting , now he was in the 5th grade elementary school ,
and my father was a professor , and my mother was a midwife .

small as approximately 1 to 18 months, my mother said

that I would not be able to sleep if not in the swing , and I will
cry constantly if not in the swing , and it makes my mother
bother . once upon a time my parents and I went to the village ,
when the journey I kept crying because there was no swing in
the car , and so I do not end up crying, my mother was making
a swing at the car by tying a rope between the poles to the pole
so that his swing was completed, when I heard my mother's
stories about my childhood , I felt I really do that? hahaahah

when I moved 4 years I started entering kindergarten in

Asissi kindergarten , where I became friends with a fellow ,
once upon a time I did not realize that I was peeing my pants at
school plainly too soon to replace school uniforms and assisted
by my teacher.

then I entered primary school at the age of 5 years in assisi

elementary school , during elementary school I started to move
independently and when I was grade 4th grade elementry
school I can use uniform with myself
during my junior high school, I had a good friend and teacher
exciting and faithfully guiding his students to graduate from

high school, until in the end I can pass the national exam with
fairly satisfactory results.
Then I began to enter high school in saint thomas 1 high
schoolI started to follow the orientation of students who run for
4 days, after which I entered in the class xh and I became
acquainted with my peers in the class, in the class I attended
extracurricular Choir in x class, which makes me interested to
follow because I think the alloy sound is a blend between
multiple melodious voice that can be enjoyed with relaxed, and
for every person who listened to relaxing sounds and feel the
beauty of sound which blends into one,
after I entered extracurricular choir, the choir turned out very
nice and compact members mutually combining the voice
This was my biography, and thank you so


: Petrina Romana Ginting

: X-H / 31

nama saya petrina romana ginting, saya sering dipanggil petrin, saya lahir pada
9 maret 1999, saya mempunya 2 adik, adik pertama saya bernama yosef
tamado ginting, sekarang dia berada di kelas 6 sekolah dasar, adik kedua saya
bernama vanessa olivia ginting, sekarang dia berada di kelas 5 sekolah dasar,
dan ayah saya adalah seorang dosen, dan ibu saya adalah seorang bidan.

sewaktu kecil kira kira berumur 1 sampai 18 bulan ibu saya berkata kalau saya
tidak akan bisa tidur jika tidak di ayun, dan saya akan menangis terus menerus
jika tidak di ayun, dan itu membuat ibu saya repot. pernah suatu ketika orang
tua saya dan saya pergi ke kampung, ketika diperjalanan saya terus menangis
karena tidak ada ayunan di mobil tersebut, dan akhirnya agar saya tidak
menangis terus ibu saya pun membuat ayunan di mobil dengan cara mengikat
tali antara tiang ke tiang sehingga ayunannya pun selesai dibuat, sewaktu saya
mendengar cerita ibu saya mengenai masa kecil saya, saya merasa apakah betul
saya begitu? hahaahah

ketika saya beranjak 4 tahun saya mulai memasuki taman kanak kanak di taman
kanak kanak assisi , disana saya mulai berteman dengan sesama, pernah suatu
ketika saya tidak sadar kalau saya kencing celana disekolah lalau saya pun
segera mengganti seragam sekolah dan dibantu oleh guru saya sewaktu itu.

kemudian saya memasuki sekolah dasar pada umur 5 tahun di sekolah dasar
assisi, selama disekolah dasar saya mulai beranjak mandiri dan ketika saya kelas
4 sekolah dasar saya mulai bisa memakai seragam sekolah sendiri tanpa di
bantu orang tua saya