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Shri Kakshi

Minerals Pvt Ltd

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Vendor Base
Based in Hyderabad
(Telangana), Shri
Kakshi Minerals Pvt
Ltd. was founded by
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Gupta (Owner) in
the year 2003. His
experience and
k now l e d g e h a v e
helped us to create a
large client base.
Some of our major
clients are Heera
Ferro and Prakash

We have associated with reliable vendors

in the market. Due to which, we are able
to give you products of unmatched
quality. Before sourcing the products, we
personally visit the vendors premises
and see that whether everything is done
as per our expectations.

Our Team
We have a team of professionals who
work in coordination with each other and
come up with good quality products. Our
team includes the following
professionals :

Sales and marketing executives

Quality controllers

Warehousing personnel

Packing professionals

What Makes Us Better

than the Rest?
Some of the factors, which give us an
edge over our competitors are :
We follow stringent quality checks.
We use good quality packaging material
keeping the products safe during the

We make prompt delivery.

We follow fair pricing policy.

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Broken Basmati Rice, which we bring afore from
credible vendors, is the freshest and 100% pure.
The Rice conforms to all the applicable standards.
It consists of minimal moisture content and
negligible content of impurities. We are reckoned
among the most active Exporters and Suppliers of
Broken Basmati Rice from Telangana, India. We
emphasize on the quality of the rice; and thats
why, we conduct stringent quality tests on it
before doling it out.

Highlights :

Superb taste
Finely cleaned and sorted
Optimum quality
No musty, moldy smell


Buy the best quality Non-Basmati Rice at nominal
prices from us! We are emerging as the
promising Exporter and Supplier of Non-Basmati
Rice from Telangana, India. We strive for
providing quality-proven solutions to our global
clients and try to surpass their expectations time
and time again. And owing to a wide-spread
network all over the globe, we succeed in
satisfying the demand well before time.

Long, fine and white grains
Contains minimal broken pieces

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We deal in 100% pure Raw Rice, which we
procure from reliable cultivators. We are hailing
as the eminent Exporter and Supplier of Raw Rice
from Telangana, India. The Rice is delectable,
aromatic and visually appealing. It is of the best
quality, which we assure at our end by passing it
through various quality checks. It is processed
and packaged in compliance with the standards.

Parboiled Rice, we bring forth, is characterized by
long, white grains. The grains are parboiled in an
impeccable manner. We are an acknowledged
Exporter and Supplier of Parboiled Rice from
Telangana, India. We take care to imbue the Rice
that we offer with high quality. Moreover, we are
backed by years of experience in serving the
global clients and that too in the best way
possible. Count on us!

The Bauxite Lumps, we offer, match the desired
physical and chemical characteristics. These
Lumps are claylike and earthy. They are doled out
in the white or red color. Their quality is
ascertained to be the best by conducting
stringent checks on them. We are amongst the
preeminent Exporters and Suppliers of Bauxite
Lumps from Telangana, India. We package the
Lumps in quality bags, which retain their
effectiveness and properties for a longer period.

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We deal in a huge assortment of
premium Steel Products, which
we make available at modest
prices. We are reputed to be
among the preeminent
Exporters and Suppliers of Steel
Products from Telangana, India.
The Products, we offer, are
characterized by fine finish,
d u r a b i l i t y, c o n s i s t e n c y,
lightweight, and strength. They
are offered quality tested and certified. And their cost is too basic so as to

We have stocked up the finest
Manganese Ore. We are one of the
foremost Exporters, Importers, and
Suppliers of Manganese Ore from
Telangana, India. We are leveraging on
our tie-ups with the ore extractors and a
global network, both of which add
much to our operational efficiency.
Besides, when it comes to gauging the
quality of Ore, we execute it in the best
way possible by conducting stringent
quality tests with the aid of a team of
hawk-eyed quality controllers.

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We bring forth the best quality Coal
Lumps, consisting of precise carbon
content, for the global market. We are
associated with the #1 Exporters,
Importers, and Suppliers of Coal Lumps
from Telangana, India. We are a qualityendorsed organization, which is known for
offering only quality-tested products. We
procure quality Lumps from named vendors and make them available,
wherever demanded, in a time-efficient manner.


Having various industrial applications, the
Ferro Manganese Alloy that we offer is
meeting the demand like the way it is
deemed to. We are standing amid the
preeminent Exporters and Suppliers of
Ferro Manganese Alloy from Telangana,
India. The Alloy is a precise combination of
manganese and iron constituents. Its
quality is tested and certified by us. And,
when it comes to making it available on
time, we tackle it in an impeccable manner.

Specifications :
Mn- 60-80%, P- 0.15% max, Si- 1.5% max., S- 0.05% max
Carbon- For high carbon up to 8% max and for low carbon up to 0.03%

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We subdue the demand for Ferro Silicon
Alloy with the best grade alloy that we
offer. We are often called as the #1
Exporter and Supplier of Ferro Silicon
Alloy from Telangana, India. The Alloy,
which contains iron and silicon
c onst i t ue nt s, i s e ndowe d wi t h
appropriate properties. It is doled out
enclosed in quality packages that retain
the products characteristics. And when
it comes to its price, it is the minimal.

Specification :
Si- 70-80%, C- as low as 0.03% max., P- 0.03% max, Al- as low as
0.05% max


We are counted among the top
Exporters and Suppliers of Silicon
Manganese Alloy from
Telangana, India. We are
supported by a wide distribution
network, which enables us to
meet the demand for the Alloy
from anywhere across the
country and abroad within the
stipulated timeframe. And when
it comes to the cost, we offer the
Alloy at the lowest. Buy topquality Silicon Manganese Alloy
from us!

w w w.s hr ik ak s himine rals .in

Contact US

Shri Kakshi Minerals Pvt Ltd

Mr. Pravesh Dubey
D.No.- 8 - 32 / A / 1, First Floor,
New Hema Nagar Colony, Road No. 1,
Boduppal, Rangareddy,
Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500039
Phone : +91-40-40267316
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