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2066084 Me rg e W ri gh t I gotta’ ‘app’ for that I was dr

I gotta’ ‘app’ for that

I was dr ivi ng to an event in Blu e Ash

at the Embassy Suites Hotelacou-

pl e weeks ago. I’d been th ere sever-

al ti mes in th e l ast 20 years bu t the last

time was i n 2004. Nor mal ly I p rint directions when I

book an e vent to be saf e. I h ad for got

th is ti me, bu t was su re I coul d f ind it.

When I arrived at t he I-275 exit for

Sharonville I d ecid ed to get off and get

di rect ion s n ot to los e any time even thoughIwas

get di rect ion s n ot to los e a ny time even thoug hIwas



ru nn in g

abou t 30 min- utes early. I s elect ed a BP st ati on th at was bu sy and th ough t surely some- one her e knows wher e




the Embassy Suites is located. It has to be within a f ive-mile radius. The attendant behind the count- er informed m e that he had just moved here from Chicago and knew how to get to work and back to hi s apartment only.

I q uizzed the three people in line behind me. Not one of them had any idea whatIwas tal kin g about and one actual-

ly told me he was h otel il li ter ate and

had never hear d of such a place.

I walk out th e d oor and a pretty young

lady was walki ng fr om her car to th e door, I p oli tel y asked h er and sh e referred me to her husband that was gass in g t heir car. He said he lived in t he

area, but had never heard of an Embassy Suites hotel. Wow….t alk abou t p eopl e not bei ng aware of th eir su rr oun di ngs .

I get back in my vehi cle and deci de to

call one of my guys who works in th e Sharonville Blue Ash area. He’d know for sure. No answer…he always answers, try again, no answer again…must be in the shower; his phone doesn’t work in the shower. Then it dawned on me, why am I wast - ing time whenIh ave th e answer r ight in my pocket…my Droid phone.Iwent to Google, looked up th e Embassy Suites in Blue Ash, the address and phone popped up, I h it directions, the phone knows my location s o the directions were brief. I was les s t han 3 m iles away. How long did it take? About 45 sec- ond s. How mu ch ti me di dIwast e inter-

viewi ng fi ve di ff eren t p eopl e? Abou t seven or eight minutes.

I am b ecomi ng app craz y with all the

different apps you can get to ans wer qu est ion s, give di rect ion s, scan all th e


card s i n m y wall et for th eir bar codes to get th e Kroger, S teinmart, CVS, Speedy, Max Perks, Max & Ermas, Subway…well you get th e p icture deal of t he day on whatIwant . Yes you can do th at. Th en th ere are map s, calcu lat or, calen - dar, email, Face Book, Weath er Bug,

News , Voice Sear ch, In ter net , Gall ery of

pi ctu res you take wit h t he 5.1 d igital

camer a, Ur ban sp oon th at tel ls you what res tau ran ts are near you bas ed on your

li kes, st uck in th e m all wait in g on your

wif e or t eens , h ey catch som e great s tuff on You Tube or watch t he Discovery


I coul d go on f or hou rs wit h all the

apps that are available and most of them are free. I f you’r eagamer you can go craz y downl oadi ng th ous and s of games . And if you’r e i nto a s pecialized field like medicine or mechanics you can down - load apps to assist you wherever you’r e at.

Her e are five apps that we could all



Tr aps ter …you r p hone alerts you as

you app roach sp eed tr aps …… 5 m illion users….cost $0

2. Tr ip-It…travel organizer…does it all

and keeps the records right in your phone for easy access….cost $0

3. ICE—in case of an emergency, p ara-

med ics wil l h ave all th e important num- bers to call, your med history, i nsurance information, medications, allergies and more…cost $2.99

4. WI FI Locat or… why pay for wif i, th e

locator will find all the free wifi spots where you are .,….cost $0

5. Area code ID… .gives th e area code

and city where the call is coming from even when i t’s b locked….cost $.99 And for all you youn g f olks looki ng for beau ty in th e opposite sex, girls looking for hunks, guys l ookin g f or hot ti es, you can get an app for th at. It ’s just a p icture, no addresses, phones, etc. I fap retty girl makes you s mile guys orahand som e hunk makes you s mile ladies t his would

be the app for you. And if you’re traveling and all of sud- den need t o make a p it stop there’s an

app for th e closest bathroom facilities. You m ight want to make that number 1

or nu mb er 2 on y our li st .

Check www.mvcc.n et for th e M ay-Jun e edi ti on of Spr ingbor o 45066 th at begi ns

air in g this weekend. I’ll haveas ched ul e

next week, or you can watch th e s how on the internet b y clicking on streaming at the bottom of t he home page, then click- ing on Springboro and follow t o Springboro 45066. Enjoy your weekend .

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“People who know that they’re also from Springboro think it’s great that you got a

14-years -old and was recen tl y worki ng in

Springboro bike shop that’s carrying a



ike shop before a change of o wner sh ip

Springboro bikes company brand. It just

mad e h im decide to try something new. Denn edy was a customer of Bord ewis ch’s and aft er som e talki ng, th e two deci ded to open up a b ike shop together. Den ned y, who has a b ackgrou nd in econom y and finance, shared h e’s h ad fu n learning more about the industry and

has a real good feel to it,” Dennedy said. The shop has been open since February and is currently expecting the next big thing for their shop: the Serotta Size Cycle. The device is a b icycle fitting tool t hat will help customize the right size a p er- son needs on their bike down to the mil-

about the customers. “Economy aside, we u nderstand that dollars are tight and that people may not have t he opportunity to spend money on a

limeter. It is big dollar i nvestment for the shop and will be only one of two in the state of Ohio. T he owners said it is proba- bly only one of possibly 25 in the United

bicycle,” he said. “But if they already own



bike - t he cost to take care of it , t o keep

“If you’re a b ike person, that’s l ike the


more of what we’re in ter est ed in ser vin g

ri di ng and to keep it rol li ng — t hat’s

ultimate,” Bordewisch said. “What you’r e doing is you’re taking the guess work out

than necessarily trying to sell youahigh


buying a b ike.”

end bike. “

The shop is located where Garage 1919,

Bikes can ran ge fr om $200 to in to th e


C hristian tee n v enu e, was fo rme rly

thousands at the shop. They also carry DK bikes, which i saname man y BMX bike

located. If you’re interested in bringing your bike in, additional parking is also

enthusiasts know. DK is a S pringboro- based b ike company. T he owners said it is common for children who know about BMX to come in and have t heir eyes light up when t hey see the DK bikes.

available in the alley b ehi nd th e b uild- ing. They can also be reached at 550-9530. “We want you comf ort abl e, we want you


keep it ,” Denn edy sai d.

di ng it and we’ll hel p you ser vice it and

Busi ng

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the idea. Busing ended i n 2008 wit h the failure of a p roperty tax levy and while

the last attempted levy i n 2009 recei ved

st ron g s upport, it still failed t o receive


The board chose not to broach the topic of a new levy du ri ng th e m eeti ng. Th e P ay to Par ti cip ate pr ogram , howev- er, will be returning next year. Student ath let es an d b and mem ber s w ill be required t o pay $475 for th e cost of pr o-

e n ecess ary votes .

gram s.

Ori gin all y, the board had hoped t o have


students. The rev ised fo re ca st co nvinc ed th e board that the current fee needs to stay in place f or th e t ime being.

d rastic reduction in the amount paid by

The board also decided to pull federal

stimulus funds out of the budget f or 2012.

Th e cut was m ade becau se st im ul us fu nd s

have n ot been sch edu led to be rei ss ued and th e s tate cannot provide money in lieu of federal funds.

Spr ingboro Sun,

Thursday, Apr il 29, 2010 3

Br ig ht St ar of Dayto n r ec ei ve s sm al l bus in es s awa rd

By PAUL COLLINS Staff Writer pdcollins@tcnewsnet.com

For Pat Lu ers , caregi v- in g isam ore th an a j ob; it ’s a pass ion . His company, BrightStar of Dayton , 10554 Su ccess Lane , h elp s c lients live well at every st age of li fe and in every set ti ng. On Mon day, Apr. 19, th e hard work paid off when Br igh tS ta r o f D ayt on re cei ved th e “ Best of Bus in ess ” award fr om th e Small Business Commerce Association. The Small Business Commerc e A sso ci ati on conf ers th e award on com- panie s t hat fal l i nto the top five percent of small business es thro ugho ut Amer ica. Th e association b ases it s de cisio n o n s tatistica l rese arc h a nd co nsumer feedback. For Lu ers , t he award was a p lea sant surprise that shows h ow sm all bu si - nesses l ike BrightStar of Dayton are a vital part of the American econom y. “We were very excit ed,” sai d L uer. “It helps us to recognize how quality care can b e help fu l t o the com- munity. Bein g one of the qu alit y caregivers to th e comm un it y can be award - ing.” Bri ght St ar of Dayton has been in th e Dayton area for onl y n ine months, but it be long s t o a franchise organ iz ati on th at has been oper ati ng na tio nal ly fo r seven years with over 130 locations nationwide. With south Da yto n’s g row ing eld erl y p osi ti on, th e r ecog- nition of Luer s’ Da yto n branch coul d n ot come at a better t ime. “Th er e a re 79 millio n bo ome rs in the Unite d Stat es, and the maj orit y are hi tt in g 6 5 y ears of age,” sai d L ue r. “Th e AARP has rep ort ed th at 90 percent of agi ng par ent s don’t want to leave th eir hom e. We all ow th ose peo- ple to stay sa fe an d healthy without having to move i nto an assisted l iv- ing facility. I f you th in k of all th e n eeds and rol es caregi vers pr ovid e, we provide all of those.” Br igh tS ta r o f D ayt on also focuses on assi stin g veter ans . T hose who have se rve d c om prise a l ar ge po rtion of the pe op le requiring care and, as a Gul f War veter an, Lu er is


Must present coupon upon technician arrival. Not Valid with any other coupons or discount.

EXPIRES 5/15/10

pa ssiona te ab ou t f illing

pla ce,” sa id Lue r. “Our

the need.

standards allow u s t o give

“We have an understand-


h igh lev el of patie nt

ing of what veter ans have gone th rou gh,” sai d L uer. “We s eek to su pp ort th em in any way we can. It ’s per- sonal t o me.” Luers’ co mpany pro-

care.” Accor di ng to Lue r, the award ref lect s BrightStar of Dayt on ’s foc us on patient care. For t he busi- nes s o wn er, t he po siti ve

vid es a f ull service health- care st af f f or do cto r

re co gnit io n p ro ve s t ha t the company has lived u p

off ic es , h os pita ls, ho s-


its guiding philosophy

pices, clinics, schools, and as siste d l iv ing fa ci liti es.


placing the patient first. “You have t o b e d edi cat-

Ad dre ssing sta ff sho rt- ages, however, i s only part

ed to pat ien t care,” sai d Luer. “That’s what’s m ost

of the job; as a m edi cal


por tan t. Everyt hi ng els e

st aff in g agency, BrightStar of Dayton seeks to pl ace exper ien ced pr ofes si onal s

follows after t hat.” Luer encourages poten- tial clie nts to ac quaint

in areas of need.

themselves with his compa-

“There’savery ri gorou s


by visiting its website at

pro ce ss we ha ve put in


TH E SPRINGBORO SUN www.spri ngboros un.c om


Reg. $129.


Must present coupon upon technician arrival. Not Valid with any other coupons or discount.

EXPIRES 5/15/10


Must present coupon upon technician arrival. Not Valid with any other coupons or discount.

EXPIRES 5/15/10


upon technician arrival. Not Valid with any other coupons or discount. EXPIRES 5/15/10 www.farquharheating.com 2067922


upon technician arrival. Not Valid with any other coupons or discount. EXPIRES 5/15/10 www.farquharheating.com 2067922

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