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As far as I understand it each school hs its own form of energy channel.

I quote from Zhuan Falun(main book of Falun Dafa cultivation school) about the e
nergy channels:
Heavenly Circuit
The Tao School teaches the great and small Heavenly Circuits, and we are going t
o explain what a Heavenly Circuit is. The Heavenly Circuit that we generally ref
er to is connecting the two energy channels of Renmai and Dumai. Such a Heavenly
Circuit is a superficial Heavenly Circuit which does not account for anything b
ut healing disease and keeping fit. This is called the Small Heavenly Circuit. A
nother Heavenly Circuit which is neither called the Small Heavenly Circuit nor t
he Great Heavenly Circuit is a form of Heavenly Circuit practised while sitting
in meditation. It travels down in a circle inside one's body from the Niwan Poin
t to Dantian (the Elixir Field), and moves up in a circle there as an interior c
ircuit, which is the genuine Heavenly Circuit in the cultivation while sitting i
n meditation. After the formation of such a Heavenly Circuit, it will become a v
ery powerful energy current, bringing all the channels to motion with one energy
channel and opening up all other energy channels. The Tao School teaches the He
avenly Circuit while Buddhism does not. What does Buddhism teach then? When Saky
amuni taught his system of Dharma, he did not teach the practice of the exercise
; he did not do that. However, his cultivation system also has its own form of c
ultivation evolution. How does the energy channels in Buddhism move? It starts t
o break through from the Baihui Point, and then it develops from the top of one'
s head down to the body in a spiral. In the end, it will bring all the channels
to motion in this way.
The central channels in Tantrism is also aimed at this goal. Some people have sa
id that there is not a central channel. How then can Tantrism manage to cultivat
e the central channel? In fact, when all the channels of a human body are put to
gether, they amount to no less than ten thousand in number just like blood vesse
ls crisscrossing, but more than blood vessels in number. The space between the i
nterior organs does not have blood vessels, but there are channels. They are con
nected from the top of one's head to every part of the body crisscrossing. They
may not be straight initially, and will be opened up upon connecting with each o
ther. Then, they will gradually be expanded, and slowly form a straight channel.
This channel will be used as an axis that does self rotations to bring to motio
n several wheels of one's intention in level rotations, which also is aimed at o
pening up all the energy channels of the body.
The cultivation of our Falun Dafa avoids using this method of one channel bringi
ng all the channels to motion. We require that all the channels should be opened
up in motion simultaneously from the very beginning. All at once, we cultivate
on the very high level, avoiding the low-level stuff. If you wish to open up all
the channels with one channel, your whole lifetime may not be enough to make it
. Some people will have to cultivate for decades, and it is very difficult. A lo
t of cultivation systems believe that one lifetime will not be enough to make th
e cultivation. There are many people who cultivate the profound Great Laws and c
an extend their life span. Don't they believe in cultivating life as well? They
can extend their life span to do the cultivation, and it will take quite a long
period of time for them to do so.
The Small Heavenly Circuit is basically aimed at healing disease and keeping fit
while the Great Heavenly Circuit is the practice of the exercises, which means
the real cultivation. The Great Heavenly Circuit the Tao School refers to does n
ot come as violently as ours which opens up all the energy channels at once. The

operation of the Great Heavenly Circuit in the Tao School is that of several ch
annels which travel from the three Yin and three Yang of one's hands down to the
feet, and to both legs, and all the way to the hair. They go all over the body
once. This is considered to be the Great Heavenly Circuit in circulation. When t
he Great Heavenly Circuit is in motion, genuine cultivation will be brought into
play. Therefore, some qigong masters do not teach the Great Heavenly Circuit, a
nd what they teach is healing disease and keeping fit. Some people have also tal
ked about the Great Heavenly Circuit, but they have not planted anything into yo
ur bodies. You can not open them up on your own. Not having been planted anythin
g into your body, you will not be able to open them up with your intention. That
is not as easy as talk! How could you open them up just like doing gymnastic ex
ercises? Cultivation is one's own business, while the evolution of cultivation e
nergy is done by one's master. Only when it is all planted into your body, can t
he interior "mechanism" play such a role.