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The functional role of Happiness:

1. Satisfaction
2. Personal Gratification

Happiness enables us:

1. To accept the positive energies of the known

2. To appreciate the beauty of life
3. To regress negative emotions
4. To sustain the value of relationships
5. To understand that all of life·s choices will not
affect your position in existence
munhappy-nessµ Demystified

The word is the description of an imaginary


Sorrow, Grief, Disappointment,

and the likes are emotional
responses to situational
conditions. But the choice to
attain happiness, is a decision.
Rn entrepreneur by routine

Perceiving Happiness (Biochemical terms)

The Body and the Brain, share a fantastic chemistry, in the discovery of

Cortisol: Cortisol is a stress hormone of which high levels

are linked to conditions such as type II diabetes and
hypertension. The happier you are, the lower your cortisol
levels during the day.
Fibrinogen: Happy individuals have lower levels of a blood
protein called fibrinogen after a stressful task. This
molecule makes blood "sticky" and is vital in the clotting
process, but high concentrations can signal future coronary
heart disease problems.
Serotonin & Dopamine: Serotonin helps maintain a "happy feeling,"
and seems to help keep our moods under control by helping with
sleep, calming anxiety, and relieving depression. The brain also
makes Dopamine, which makes people more talkative and
excitable. It affects brain processes that control movement,
emotional response, and ability to experience pleasure and pain.
The Pursuit of Happiness


1. Satisfaction enables us to venture beyond identified

limits, making us explorers of opportunity. (Human tendencies)
2. Satisfaction is attained when we saturate happiness
through a given avenue.
3. Satisfaction gives us a sense of achievement.
4. Satisfaction is a motivation by itself.
5. People don·t mind repeating msatisfactionµ without any
complaints !
6. When you·re satisfied, it means you·ve had enough.
7. Satisfaction is directly proportional to fulfillment.
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The Happy Entrepreneur

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