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Routine test

1. AC high voltage test on the main circuit and accessories

2. PD test
3. Tests on auxiliary and control circuits.
4. Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit.
5. Tightness test.
6. Design and visual checks.
7. Pressure tests of enclosures.
8. Functional tests of all components
9. Tests on auxiliary circuits, equipment and interlocks in the control mechanism.
10. Pressure test on partitions
11. LCC Complete functional & interlock test as per approved drawings with
LCC duly connected to respective Bay GIS module in all respect.
- IR test
- HV test
After installation and before being put into service, the GIS shall be tested in
order to check the correct operation and dielectric integrity of the equipment as
laid down in IEC 62271-203. The successful bidder shall furnish a
commissioning test plan and a statement method for the tests on site.
Tests shall include the following:
1. Dielectric tests on the main circuits.
2. Dielectric tests on auxiliary circuits.
3. Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit.
4. Gas tightness tests.
5. Checks and verifications.

6. Gas quality verifications.

7. On site power frequency voltage withstand test with PD test.
8. Tests as per IEEE C37.122.1 clause 4.10.5
9. Functional & interlock tests for all items
10. Demonstration of operational compatibility with SCADA
11. Visual inspection, checks & verifications.
12. Mechanical operation tests of circuit breakers, Disconnectors and
earthing switches and high-speed earthing switches
13. Insulation resistance measurement
14. Tests on CTs and PTs
15. Tests on Surge Arresters
Test rquipment
1-sf6 detection
2-SF6 analysis (air, moisture, acidic impurity)
3-CB analysis
4-C.B contact resistance (static and dynamic) with timing
5-PD measurement
6- 5000v DC insulator
7-tong tester 1000A
8- multimeter
9-IR temperature
10-transformer winding resistance
11- Voltage ratio
12-dielectric test of oil
14- phase sequence & vector group and magnetizing current

15-tan and capacitance of bushing and winding insulation

16- magnetic balance
17-SFRA test
18-accessory circuits (coolers, buchloz relay,WTI,OTI,tap changer, PRV,
bushings,CT,oil circuit)
19-CT testing(ratio,knee voltage,magnetizing, polarity,phase error)
20-silica gel color inspection
21-alarms check
22-insulation test for accessories
23-24 volt energizing with no load
24-put gradually into load and measure temperature rise
25-DGA repeated after 24 h operation
26-shunt reactors oil leakage, tightness test
27-capacitance and tan of bushing and winding
28- color of silica and breather
29- protection devices
31-capactance voltage transformer
32-wave trap
33- Surge arrestor
34- protection relay secondary injection
35- earthing and lightning protection
(earth continuity test- over all earth resistance of subsystems and all system)
36- testing of oil purification and drying unit
37- test of fire detection
38-low voltage switch gear testing
39-DC system test

40-illumination system test

41-(megger test, lux level for each area, continuity of earhing,power out
,emergency light AC & DC)
42- CCTV
43- SCADA (remote /loc,UPS, synchronizing, monitoring, communication, software,
data logger,alarms,trending)
43- hv cable testing
44- Communication test