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Date: 25/11/11
Period: 2
previous lesson and topic revision lesson

Lesson sequence: End of

Aim: To bring together recent lessons on aggression, and ensure students

can answer essay questions on these.
Learning outcomes:
Recap the topic of warfare covered last lesson, and evaluate this.
Revise the topics of aggression, ensuring you include relevant
material for exam questions.

Class: 13E
Boys 7

Girls 12

Ioana Onu

G&T 1:

Differentiation (Explicit level of outcome and method of differentiation):

All: Evaluate warfare and discuss the different aggression topics.
Most: Apply the topics of previous lessons to different exam questions.
Some: Re-assess own knowledge of these topics, to improve and develop their essay answers.
Resources: Power Point, Post-it activity, exam question sheets, scrap paper for plenary.
Lesson Content
Recap on prior learning / introduction /
starter activity:
Introduce learning objectives. Students to
discuss questions set on Power Point in
pairs, before discussing as a class (5 mins).

Proposed Learning
Students will learn and understand the aims of the
Students will demonstrate their prior knowledge of
the topic and discuss this with others.

Main Activity
Evaluate warfare after recap, students
will spend time on their own thinking of
evaluative points, before discussing in pairs
and as a class. These will be written up on
the board (10 mins).

Students will demonstrate their prior knowledge of

warfare as covered last lesson, and will use the
prompts given to critically evaluate this topic,
using key terminology.

Post-it note activity students will be split

into 6 groups (two lots of 3 groups) to
discuss an exam question, and apply
description, evidence and evaluation, and
synopticity to this. The questions will move
around for students to see each question (5
mins per round -15 mins).

Students will apply their knowledge of the

aggression topics covered in previous lessons to an
exam question, and revise what they have already
learnt. They will look at each of the 3 questions
needed for the exam, and the different areas
description, evidence and evaluation, and
synopticity. This will help them to ensure that they
can correctly answer and structure a question, and
include relevant material.

After 3 rounds, and the chance to see each

question, the students will present the
information they have all contributed for
the different questions (15 mins)

Students will discuss the material that has been

collaboratively generated so that this can be
presented to the rest of the class. This will help to
consolidate their understanding, while also serving

as a chance for others to take notes on anything

new to benefit their knowledge and understanding
of the topic.
Plenary activity (assessment check on
learning) /summary / dismissal:

Students will self-assess their own learning of the

different topics, by going through them and
Students will generate their own questions
selecting a question and an answer that they
(and answers to these) in a quiz to recap
consider to be challenging. These will then serve
their understanding of all the topics of
to peer assess each others learning as they will
aggression (15 mins).
form the basis of a test of their knowledge and
Construct an essay plan for use in a timed essay on Monday of evolutionary
explanations of group displays (must be no more than 1 side of A4).
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