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Light up your mood

Draw in sunshine

Enjoy the show

Pamper yourself

Guard against envy

Touch the Future

Imagine if you will, with a mere touch magically
transforming your home.
Perhaps the mood you want is warm and a little
romantic. Touch the IQ Pad and voila! Your
wish comes true. The lights dim in your living
room. The curtains part gently to let in the
starlit evening. The wine is chilled right. And
strains of mellow music suffuse your home.
That's the magic of BPL IQ Smart Home.

Or perhaps, you're throwing a party. Again,

with a touch turn your home into a rocking
club scene. We leave it your imagination
what you can do with BPL IQ.

It takes a single touch to control everything at

home, wherever you are, whether at home or
out. No more hassles of switching things on
and off or remembering to do so. BPL IQ is like
an intelligent and helpful companion who can
be programmed to do all the chores and more.
And it is delightfully simple to use. Your fingers
will itch to play.
There's much more to BPL IQ Smart Home
than indulging yourself. And impressing your
family and friends.

Turn the joy of owning a home into sheer delight

With BPL IQ, home owners can experience the future of home automation, right now.
It makes controlling everything at home touch-easy. It helps keep the home ready
and welcoming to return to after a tiring day. It makes homes safe and secure. It
adds a new dimension to comfort and convenience. It takes the anxiety out of looking
after old parents or the sick at home. And then of course, there is the priceless
delight of seeing wonderstruck guests when the mood magic is turned on.

With BPL IQ Smart Home you can turn on the magic that will delight your customers.
And earn their gratitude for taking them to the future.
Indias only fully
wireless system
Robust Technology
Scalable Architecture
Easily Customizable

A little magic can add a lot of

value to what
you build.
BPL IQ brings complete home automation system
to transform what you build into future dream
homes. It will add a new lifestyle dimension that
will be greatly valued by your customers.
Best of all BPL IQ Smart Home doesnt cost the

A little magic can add life to the homes you design

BPL IQ with its unique wireless technology and scalable platform opens up
great design possibilities. It is up to your imagination to create future homes
that are intelligent and with a wee bit of soul as well.
BPL IQ Smart Home is here to turn your dream designs into reality.

Fully Wireless
Easy to Install
No Special

By a mere touch,
manage every
aspect of your life
The BPL IQ is a complete home
automation system, in fact, the
future of it.
It lets you with just a touch, control
your digital home, and your life.
It is designed to be intelligent,
simple and delightful to use.
It will be your helpful companion,
always connected wherever you go.
It is designed to make you enjoy life.

Automated Entertainment
Enjoy life by tapping your finger
BPL IQ lets you manage your
system. You can pipe music
throughout your home. Switch on
your media server to watch your
favourite movie. Or just sit back
and watch a game.
Automated Energy
Save energy, save the planet

Automated Security
Protect your home and loved
ones. 24x7
BPL IQ safeguards your home
against unwanted intrusion and
keeps a watchful eye, even when
you're away. Plus, it protects
your home from accidental fire,
gas leak or even floodwaters. It
will even send you an alarm by

Automated Lighting
Set your own mood with a touch
BPL IQ lets you control all lights
at home. You can switch them off
or on, or dim them as you want,
when you want. You can do
more - create pre-programmed
mood lighting themes of your

BPL IQ helps you to keep energy

wastage under check. Automated
timer control ensures powerhungry appliances are used only
when required. Sensor controlled
lights and fans can be turned off
when not
in use.

Automated Health
Keep an eye on the health of
patients at home
BPL IQ can help you keep a tab
on chronic or old patients. By
monitoring vital health indicators
and informing it to caretakers or
family members wirelessly. It
can even send an SMS in case
of emergency.
Automated Operation
Control your home from out of
BPL IQ lets you manage your
home from the outside with a
variety of interfaces such as
computers using the internet, or
through a smart phone using
wireless telecommunication.


These are standard features of the BPL IQ Smart Home system.


These are standard features of the BPL IQ Smart Home system.

LPG leak detector with automatic SMS alert and gas valve shut-off system
Fire and smoke detector with automatic SMS alert system
Flood water detector with automatic SMS alert system
Door phone with camera connected to IP network
Door and window contact sensors and glass-break detector to set alarm on
intrusion and send automatic SMS alert
Motion sensor to activate alarm in case of intrusion and send SMS alert
Emergency panic button to automatically send SMS alarm
The system is designed not only to sound audible alarm but also text
(SMS) to designated mobile phones and central monitoring stations


These are optional features of the BPL IQ Smart Home system.

BPLs health monitoring wristwatch can be connected to the system; it is

with GPS and GSM mobile connection
It can help monitor vital health parameters such as heart rate, blood
pressure, blood
oxygen and ECG of an in-home patient and transmit the data wirelessly to
or family members
The GPS tracker checks the geo-location and sends wireless alarm in case
monitored patient strays out of bounds
It can send SMS emergency alarm to mobile phones
It can make a hotline connection with specified mobile phones at the touch
of a button
It can remind a patient or caretaker to take scheduled medicine

Lighting control allows users to switch lights on/off or dim them throughout the
home or set them to user-programmed mood themes
Control the entire home entertainment system including piping music,
controlling TV, DVD players, web connection, media server and DTH receiver
using IP streaming technology
Switch on/off home devices and equipment from out-of-home location using
mobile phone SMS or a web browser interface
Set and control electric devices such as ACs and fans and even motorised
curtains for perfectly comfortable home ambience
Along with the system comes elegant touch control wall switches and
regulators that enhance home ambience


These are optional features of the BPL IQ Smart Home system.

Automated power supply system can ensure power hungry equipment such
as water heaters and ACs are used only when required
Timer control for lights, water heaters and other equipment can cut out energy
Motion controlled system can switch off or dim lights where and when not
An energy monitoring device can be included to ensure optimum power is
used at home

BPL IQ: System Configuration

BPL IQ Smart Home integrates various modes of
wireless technology to automate and control home
equipment with real-time visibility on the IQ Pad.

BPL IQ system can be centrally

controlled by the elegantly designed IQ
Pad. It is the master controller of the
entire system.
The IQ Pad is designed for intuitive and
touch-easy control using app icons. In a
matter of minutes you can learn to use it
and then programme it the way you want,
including giving your own names and
descriptions to the icons.

We have seen to it that every time

you want to control the AC or the
lights, or for that matter any
equipment from a room you dont
have to fetch the IQ Pad. We
have provided IQ Remote for
individual rooms.
There is also an IQ Key Fob
provided to control the security
system from the outside of your
home. This means you can lock
and unlock your home easily. Or
turn on the porch light.

BPL IQ: The Future of Home Automation Technology

Easy to Use BPL IQ provides touch-easy management of a host of electrical devices at home. You can
navigate intuitively using the friendly graphic interface provided on the IQ Pad. You will also find operating
the system is delightfully easy and can be learnt in minutes.
Easy to Install BPL IQ is designed for fully wireless operation; it is India's only full-wireless home
automation system. The fast and reliable wireless system can be set up quickly and easily, saving time and
money. It requires no special cabling, complex programming or a highly skilled installation team.

Easy to Customize BPL IQ is highly flexible in design and can be tailored to customer needs. You can add
on or retrofit modules or devices to the system as and when required with minor modifications. Kits for
various system configurations are available for quick installation and integration.
Easily Affordable BPL IQ is designed to offer comprehensive and intelligent home automation at an easily
afforded investment. Being a wireless system it does not require any costly structural modification or special
cabling. Nor does it need complex and expensive installation.

Easily Scalable BPL IQ is designed to be a flexible and scalable technology platform. The system can be
easily upgraded at any time without costly modifications. What devices you add to the system is up to your
imagination. Also, unlike some high-end systems, the BPL IQ does not suffer from the legacy burden of
creating backward integration technologies.
Easy Support BPL IQ is supported by a dedicated team for installation and maintenance. The team will
work with architect and builders for system configuration and installation. The maintenance team will
provide regular system checks and upgrades, under an AMC. The support network will cover key urban
agglomerates for easy access and prompt response.

BPL: Pioneering technology, always

The BPL Group of Companies in the past five decades have played a pioneering
role in ushering in new and relevant technology be it in medical electronics,
entertainment electronics, home appliances or telecommunication. BPL today is
focussed on applying the latest in technology and its rich expertise to deliver an
array of solutions that make life happier, healthier and more secure for people;
thus, our credo is: Happier Living Everyday. For more information on BPL
please visit: www.bpl.in
With increasing affluence, urban homes in India are changing. Homes are
becoming expressions of our lifestyle, leisure and recreation, and bastions of
security for our loved ones. To equip future homes, our R&D team has integrated
diverse modern technologies to create the unique IQ Technology a flexible
and scalable platform for BPL IQ Smart Home systems.
To set a benchmark, BPL IQ has been designed to provide much more than what
other home automation systems presently offer. With our expertise in healthcare
electronics we have integrated Health Management into BPL IQ. Then again, we
have included Energy Management into the system, concerned as we are with
energy security issues that loom ahead. With BPL IQ, we intend to continuously
leverage ever-evolving technological innovations to create an ecosphere where
people will feel happy and secure, every day.

BPL IQ Technology
The indigenously developed IQ Technology provides a
comprehensive and modular platform that is scalable and future-ready
for porting other application technologies.
It incorporates mesh
networked self-ranking wireless network and industry standard IP
technology. BPL IQ uses:
Zigbee Pro Home Automation Profile for sensor networking
Video Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) compliant with SIP standard for
voice and video communication
Interface with GSM & GPRS for remote management and notification
using mobile telephony
WiFi technology for communication between Controller and IR
IP broadband for accessing system features via browser-based app
GPS for location based services
Android 2.2 OS and iOS for tablet based control operation
The Central Controller is hosted on Linux OS
LUA scripting engine for dynamically managing the system

For more details on BPL IQ Smart Home contact:

Deputy General Manager: Mr Venkatram Bharadwaj M: +91 98866 45618 E: venkatram.bharadwaj@bpl.in
Head Installation
& Customer Care: Mr Suman Kumar M: +91 99162 51515 E: suman.kumar@bpl.in
Corporate Office:
BPL Techno Vision Pvt Limited
11th km, Arakere, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 076, India
T: +91-80-2648 4314/4348/4350/4388/0209
E: btvl.customercare@bpl.in
Factory & Registered Office:
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