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AVEVA Everything3D

Plant Design for Lean Construction

The plant industries face many new challenges in an increasingly
competitive global market demanding ever bigger and more complex
projects. Just as Lean Manufacturing transformed the volume
manufacturing industries, so the capital industries aspire to Lean
Construction in order to meet these challenges. Until now, the key
enabling technologies have been absent. AVEVA Everything3D
(AVEVA E3D) provides these, opening the door to a new future of
plant design.
AVEVA E3D is the core design application within AVEVA Plant, the most
comprehensive, powerful and tightly integrated plant engineering and design
solution available. Not only does AVEVA E3D provide a considerable increase
in design productivity, it also enables increased quality and speed of execution
throughout the entire project.
AVEVA E3D achieves this dramatic increase in performance by combining
improved performance in design tasks with new technologies enabling novel
and more efficient project execution processes. Together, these save time
and cost, and eliminate many of the most common causes of costly rework in
AVEVA E3D has speed, quality, efficiency and standards-compliance built in. It
is a design solution for the next generation of plant projects and an enabler of
new, Lean Construction business processes.

Business Benefits
Rapid Project Start-up
z Set up in days not months
z Rapid global deployment
z Reduce time to deliverables
Design Efficiency
z Experience new levels of
design capability
z Achieve project savings of
up to 20%
z Maintain control throughout
the design chain
z Adhere to regulations
z Conform to corporate
Removing Rework in
z Avoid costly construction
z Save money, increase returns
z Reduce and manage project
risks and exposure to

Iterative comparison of the evolving design against as-constructed laser data eliminates costly
rework on-site

Key Features
Multi-discipline 3D plant design model

Easy to use GUI

z The 3D plant design model is created and modified using

discipline-specific applications, each optimised for the most
efficient modelling in the relevant discipline.

z The Microsoft Fluent-based user interface makes functions

easy to find and obvious to use. New users become
proficient more quickly and experienced users more

Laser scanning integrated in modelling

z Integrating 3D design models with high-definition laser
surveys of fabrications, sub-assemblies and on-site
construction enables designers to create right-first-time
design and to ensure compatibility between new design and
existing construction.
Advanced 3D graphics, optimised for plant design modelling
z The 3D model rendering conveys a heightened sense
of spatial awareness to the designer through the use of
optimised lighting, shadows and edge highlighting. This
makes it easier and quicker to position objects in the model
and to intuitively avoid many clashes or placement errors.

2D and 3D geometry interfaces

z AVEVA E3D provides extensive 2D and 3D geometry
interfaces for effective collaboration with project partners
such as equipment vendors or subcontractors.
Drafting integrated with the model
z Drafting functions directly integrated with the 3D model
enable efficient first-time drafting and rapid drawing
regeneration for subsequent design changes.
Design Checking
z A standard design checking capability can be further
extended and configured by customisable design checking

AVEVA E3D graphics engine is optimised for design to enable the designer to recognise the depth of the 3D space more immediately

High performance in large networks

z AVEVA E3D performance is optimised
for use across networks with
datacentres or high latency.
Multi-discipline and multi-user
z Built-in capabilities are provided to
seamlessly manage project data
with many concurrent users in many
different disciplines.
Built-in data management
z Access Control and Status functions
ensure that each designer has the
correct access to project information.
Integration of 3D data with
engineering and schematic data
z Direct access to engineering
information and P&IDs allows
designers to use engineering and
schematic information when building
the 3D model. Designers can at any
time compare the 3D design with its
related engineering and schematic
data to ensure consistent design as
the project evolves.

Component rotation constrained to straddle bolt holes, as defined in the catalogue, to reduce fabrication

Local customisation
z Users can create automated
functions and customise the
behaviour of the product to suit
their preferred working methods
or to increase productivity and
competitive advantage.
Parallel running with AVEVA PDMS,
Engineering and Diagrams
z AVEVA E3D can be run in parallel with
the latest versions of AVEVA PDMS,
AVEVA Engineering and AVEVA
Diagrams on the same project data.
This assures security of valuable data
assets and eliminates many of the
risks associated with upgrading any
design solution.

User-customisable contextual display of properties on pop-up tooltips gives immediate feedback to designers

Design Checker captures knowledge and standards to provide automatic validation of compliance

Simple creation of projection and sectional views from a base view

AVEVA Everything3D is one of AVEVAs

Design products, which create 3D models for
detailed design and produce all associated

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