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Q- If the contractor get the strength of concrete more than the

specified, with lesser cement factor than the required will you
pay him? Why?


No, because durability of concrete was affected,

Q- If you are to select any one of the following for control, which
one you will select?
General Specification
Special Specification
Bill of Quantities (B.O.Q.)

From starting of the project, control shall goes this way;

First Drawing
Second Special Specification
Third Bill of Quantities
Fourth General specification


Q- Based on your experience, what is your opinion about the works

in the climate in Saudi Arabia?


As I experienced during pouring operation at daytime on hot

weather condition, setting time of concrete accelerate rapidly,
thereby producing cracks and difficult to finished. So, it is more
typical if concreting will be done at night time when
temperature Lower to specified limits. During cold weather, it is
better if it is done at daytime to minimize in using heating
system for mixing concrete and to prevent the manpower of
having colds caused by too much exposure.

Q- What will be the number of trucks with a capacity of 30 tons are

required in an asphalt plant producing 180 tons/hour, if the
truck takes 2 hours in going and coming from the paver?

12 trucks. Hence, for 2 hours asphalt plant produces 360 tons of

mix. 6 trucks will load 180 tons while the remaining trucks will
load another 180 tons while 6 trucks (early batch) are coming

Ferdinand C Bacus

back from the paver for continues operation of the plant.


Q- If in cut section the 20 cm. material are okey but below it the
soil has natural compaction of 90% and the contractor are
asking for a payment, are you going to pay?


Q- How will you prepare monthly report?



If potable water is not available, salty water could be used for

non-reinforced slab. To reinforced structure, concrete must be
dense and proper and strict supervision to be adopted. For prestressing, salty water cannot be used.

Q- What Back Slopes you would adopt in the rocky area and
sandy area?


Distribute the request to field man and instruct them to finish

first the previous request by doing overtime work if necessary,
so that new request will be acted immediately the following

Q- If the contractor request to use salty water for concreting, is it

possible to used such for concrete?


By summarizing the daily activities of the contractor.

Q- Supposing there are many activities going on that day, and same
day request for next day activities was submitted by the
contractor, what will be the flow of those request and such
request be acted?



Q- Steps taken in the preparation of a monthly certificate, what

deduction are usually applied?

Monthly payment for contractor

Monthly payment for Consultant
Monthly Resident Engineers report
Monthly Materials report
Following report which consist of;

Ferdinand C Bacus

Beginning of project
End of project
Cost of project
Percentage of progress
percentage of progress
Equipment list of contractor & his staff
List of consultant
Approval certificate for materials like steel and
Deduction are Insurance which is 2%

Q- What is C.P.M.?

C.P.M or Critical Path Method for making program for a

construction project. It consist of a series of Line interconnected each indicate an activity. The project is divided into a
number of such activities and time duration is determined.
Keeping in mind the number of manpower and equipment.

12. Q- What is the difference between bar chart and CPM?


Bar chart is a graphical representative of activities drawn

horizontally representing the sequence, order and time
duration? It may not necessarily be based upon list and average
production of equipment, Whereas the CPM is basically based
upon average production of equipment and availability of

13. Q- What is the difference between Planning and Scheduling?


Planning Refers to various activities that

Constitutes the project.
Scheduling Refers to various events that
Constitute an activity.

14. Q- What are the procedure for payment in Common Excavation,

rock Excavation, Borrow Excavation & Unclassified Exc.?

In (B.O.Q.) Common Excavation, Bock Excavation and Borrow

Excavation :
1. Common Excavation = Highway Exc. Unsuitable

Ferdinand C Bacus

Materials. in fill Bock Exc.

2. Borrow Excavation = Separate Fill Highway Exc.
+ Unsuitable in cut
3. Bock Excavation = Separate from x- section sheets.
* In (B.O.Q.) Unclassified Excavation, Borrow Excavation :
Unclassified Excavation = Highway Excavation
Unsuitable Exc. in fill
2. Borrow Excavation = same as above
** In (B.O.Q.) Unclassified Excavation :
Unclassified Exc. = highway fill Unsuitable in
cut and fill.
15. Q- Why you start X-sec. at the first item?

To know the quantity and inform M.O.C.

To stabilize the work correctly by knowing the stick
slope for embankment.
To construct industrial work such as culverts, bridges,
and all types of protection.

16. Q- How many critical paths for one project?


Only one.

17. Q- If the contractor submit his schedule or program for work. How
will you deal with it?

As per special specification we check his staff and people

and all equipments.
Check the program as per actual activities.
Correct the program and send to the contractor for.
Revise it for approval.

Ferdinand C Bacus