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Vol. 28 No. 1 April 2010

Budget Draws Election Battle Lines party is yet to provide any coherent plans “workman at No 11 who became Brown’s
THE CONSERVATIVE Party secret election weapon.”
attacked the “empty” budget of of its own.
Trailing the Conservatives in the opin- Conservative economy spokesman
Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ion polls ahead of the expected May 6 elec- George Osborne denounced the measures
ruling Labour Party last month, tion, Treasury chief Alistair Darling stuck as little more than smoke and mirrors, al-
drawing up the battle lines for a by his promise to deliver a “workmanlike” leging that the budget in fact included a tax
budget with few big giveaways. rise by stealth for 30 million workers by
looming national election around But he did seize the moment to take freezing the income bands that determine
the weak British economy. from the rich to give to the poor – hiking the levels of tax payable.
The government’s annual spending taxes on the wealthy to pay for breaks Osborne, who has pledged to announce
plan, unveiled March 24, is even more of given to lower income earners such as another budget within 50 days if the Con-
a political football than usual this year, a headline-grabbing decision to scrap servatives win the election, said that Dar-
kicking off a high-stakes game that could house purchase duties for first-time home ling had failed to set out a credible strategy
end with Labour’s exit from power after
13 years.
The Conservatives allege that the
Those moves won plaudits from the
for cutting the nation’s record debt.
Darling hit back, accusing the Tories of
being “conspicuously silent” on their own
Classic From The Past!
budget offers no fixes to the mismanage- unions, major financial backers of the plans for taxes and spending cuts. Osborne
said his party would set out details before Remember the name of this vehicle? If you need
ment of the finances that it claims led to Labour party, and prompted headlines a helping hand turn to Car Man Phil on page 9.
the country’s current economic malaise, from the left wing media such as The the election.
while Labour counters that the opposition Guardian’s appraisal of Darling as the BUDGET DETAILS PAGE 4
BBC Cuts Radio Stations,
Market Day… Web Pages To Trim Costs
By Raphael G Satter
THE venerable BBC is overhauling its do-
The BBC relies heavily on TV license
fees paid by British consumers to subsi-
mestic coverage, shedding radio stations, dize its £3.5bn budget, and Britons often
slicing the number of its Web pages by half complain that the mandatory fee is too
and moving out of magazines. high – £142.50 per year per household for
The BBC says it wants to focus on qual- a color TV.
ity over quantity, but commentators say the Recent criticism has focused on the
move aims to placate critics who allege the hefty salaries paid to top executives and
state-sponsored media giant is suffocating leading BBC presenters as well as the
its private rivals. costly renovation of its Broadcasting
Whatever the case, the BBC’s foreign House offices in central London.
audience – from Afghan listeners of BBC “The general sense is that the BBC is
Pashto to American fans of Antiques too big ... that has been a commonplace
Roadshow – aren’t likely to see much in view for quite a while,” media consultant
the way of changes. And at a time when Steve Hewlett said.
US media organizations such as ABC The broadcaster’s plans include cutting
have promised massive layoffs in their the 6 Music station, aimed at alternative
news operations, the nearly 90-year-old music listeners, and the Asian Network,
broadcaster says it’s putting extra money geared toward Britons of south Asian
into its journalism. descent, as well as halving the number of
The broadcaster has a huge presence in Web pages it hosts.
Britain, running four main television chan- Spending on Web content will be cut
nels, a popular news Web site, 10 national by 25 percent, while physical media, such
radio stations, 40 local stations, on top of as the BBC’s stable of a dozen-plus maga-
its respected 24-hour news channel, chil- zines, may also be affected.
dren’s channel CBeebies, a parliamentary The BBC’s World Service – which gets
ROSS-ON-WYE, The Market in Broad Street (Hereford & Worcester) Photo: FrancisFrith television channel and other media. its funding from the Foreign Office and
THE STYLE of the stalls has changed

somewhat in the last 60 or so years, Westminster Abbey and call on Arch-
and nowadays there are a number a bishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
fast-food vans in evidence on market at Lambeth Palace. He will not visit
days, but otherwise the scene is still Wales, church officials said.
very much the same on market days Pope To Visit England,
in Ross-on-Wye in Wales as it was in Scotland In September Adviser: Venables Shouldn’t
this mid-1950s’ photo. Overlooking a
POPE BENEDICT XVI will visit Have Been Jailed
Continued on page 7 Scotland and England in September in A SENIOR government adviser on
a four-day visit combining preaching children’s rights says two 10-year
and diplomacy, Buckingham Palace old boys convicted of the murder of a
announced last month. two-year-old should never have been
British officials described it as an prosecuted.
unprecedented “papal visit with the Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Com-
status of a state visit,” though some missioner for England, told The Times
of the usual trappings laid on for a newspaper last month that Jon Ven-
visiting head of state will not be offered ables and Robert Thompson shouldn’t
to the pope. An earlier visit by Pope have been tried over the 1993 killing
John Paul II in 1982 was a pastoral of James Bulger.
visit only. She said no child aged under 12
should be prosecuted, as they are too
During his visit Benedict plans young to understand the consequences
to conduct a public mass in Glas- of their actions.
gow’s Bellahouston Park, where some Thompson and Venables were
300,000 people swarmed a mass cel- jailed over the murder of two-year-
ebrated by Pope John Paul II during old Bulger in Liverpool, northern
his pastoral visit in 1982. England. They were released from
In England, Benedict will preside prison in 2001.
at the beatification of Cardinal John The issue has been reignited due to
Henry Newman in Coventry; in Lon- Venables recently being sent back to
don he will give a speech to leaders prison while police investigate allega-
of civil society, join leaders of other tions he has committed new crimes
churches for an ecumenical service at since his release.

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Page 2 April 2010

in the past month . . .

Sweet, Sweet Rubarb – And memorable that she wished it had been. sion, but said “Let he or she who is without
slowly. The dog, a lurcher, was not harmed
That’s For Real
RHUBARB and custard is one of those
traditional British desserts that always
by the experience.

Sir Stanley’s Old Boots Keep

TODAY’S While being treated for extreme pneumonia,
a woman died in the bed next to her and laid
unattended there for eight hours. Stevenson
sin cast the first stone.”
Labour candidate Kathryn Smith was
equally uncritical and said, “Her profession
received mixed reviews. The tart and bitter
tasting stalks that grow continually from that
rhubarb cluster in the back garden, provided
On ‘Scoring’ At Auction
A PAIR of football boots worn by Sir Stanley BRITAIN herself alerted the nurse to the situation. Two
other people died in the same ward on the
same day and while thin curtains were drawn
does not offend me.”
A spokesman for the Liberal-Democrats
said they were enthused by the diversity and
Matthews in the 1953 FA Cup final sold for around the demised, the ward carried on as background of candidates throughout Britain,
an economical after dinner extravaganza £38,400 at Bonhams auction house in Ches- BY LARRY GARDNER
that was not always appreciated by those normal as if nothing had happened. When and praised Anna’s candidacy for the family
ter. The Wembley cup final saw Blackpool visiting time arrived and the ward filled with links she had to the local area and the convic-
who preferred a lot more sugar added to the beat Bolton Wanderers 4-3 in a match that who had been considered by insiders as a
mix. During the war, victory gardens always loved-ones and small children, the dead tion she would bring fairness and opportunity
is now referred to as the “Matthews Final.” candidate for the second wife for the prince, patients had still not been removed. to the Gravesham electorate.
boasted a large rhubarb plant stubbornly Sir Stanley gave the boots to his friend Wilf did not attend. The 36-year-old consultant
producing year after year, but with the peace, Stevenson complained to the hospital,
Coomer, and the footwear came to light with a boutique advisory company was that lying next to a dead body was her worst Animal Group ‘Hop’ To
Britons sought sweeter desserts. recently. Matthews was the first profes- reputedly in Dubai on a business trip. Miss
In Yorkshire however, the quest for a nightmare, though she admitted the nurses Protest Frog Mutilation
sional footballer to get a knighthood, when Stavely and the Prince have apparently been were completely pushed to the limit with their
sweeter rhubarb never ceased and farmers he received the honour in 1964. THE PEOPLE for the Ethical Treatment of
an item for some years, while in 2002, ru- overwhelming work-load. Animals are demonstrating outside a chip
raised a variety called “Yorkshire Forced He died aged 85 in 2000. Dan Davies mours were rampant that Andrew was about
Rhubarb,” in dark sheds which proved The Heartlands apologized to the great- shop in Pennywell, Sunderland, that sells
the sports consultant at Bonhams said the to walk her down the aisle. Other female grandmother from Small Heath, and said they
sweeter and more succulent. The Yorkshire auctioneers were only expecting around battered frog legs. Owner Katie McMullan put
guests of note, included Naomi Campbell, were sorry for the distress they had caused them on the menu after a holiday in France,
Rhubarb triangle with Wakefield as it centre, £8,000, and would have been happy with Goga Ashkenazi and Heather Kerzner.
has finally been recognized for its unique her. The woman who died nearby, needed and they have proved to be very popular
that amount. specialized equipment for her removal, but
food product and the European Union has “It’s quite a tribute to my dad that some- Cauldron Group And Local items with regulars.
designated YFR as a protected food name under usual circumstances she would have “I don’t force anyone to eat frog-legs,”
one would pay so much,” said Sir Stanley’s Church Hall Just Don’t Mix been taken from the ward within a couple of
with the same status as Parma Ham, daughter Jean Gough. RENTING OUT the local church hall has said Katie, who says she will not take them
Roquefort Cheese, Newcastle Brown Ale hours explained a spokeswoman. off the menu.
Pain In Fred’s Leg From Bullet always been a way for parishes and dioceses “It was appalling,” said Stevenson. “It Rose Glover of PETA says the slaughter
and Arbroath Smokies. They started forcing to raise extra money for local community
rhubarb in Yorkshire in the 1870s and at its He Took In World War II should never take that long.” of frogs is immensely cruel.
commitments, but clergymen are scrutinizing “Frogs may not be cute like cats and
height some 200 farmers made a good liv- ARTHRITIS PAIN in his leg got so severe some of the fringe organizations and groups Fireman’s Bell Silenced And
ing from it. Today, just a dozen enthusiasts for Fred Gough of Darlaston in the west that find such locations economical and not dogs,” said Glover.” But they still have the
toil over the indoor rhubarb, harvesting it byMidlands, that after a trip to the doctor he
Court Appearance To Follow same capacity to feel pain.”
a stretch on the finances. The rector at St AN ENTHUSIASTIC firefighter who loved to
candlelight as not to deter its delicate sweet,
was referred to the local hospital for an X-ray. Marks Church at Bexhill-on Sea, East Sussex,
fragrant flavour. sound the siren on his fire-engine, has been Belinda’s Gout Diagnosis
The 83-year-old pensioner soon discovered has curtailed the Tai Chi classes because he
At the Hopefield farm, Janet Oldroyd it was not arthritis that was causing him so reckons it inappropriate for Christian prem- charged with manslaughter in the case of a Turns Out To Pregnancy
is a fourth generation YFR grower who much grief, but an embedded bullet left over ises to host meetings of another religion. farmer who lost his life after a herd of cows DOCTORS diagnosed irritable bowel syn-
harvest 200 tonnes every year and calls it a from his service in the war with the Kings Instructor Richard Odell called it ridiculous, stampeded over him. Harold Lee, 75, of drome and gout over the last few months
super-food for weight loss. While thoughts Shropshire Light Infantry. The bullet was while another student Jean Mills, explained Burtle, Somerset, was taking his 100 cows for the pain and discomfort that afflicted
of rhubarb crumble lathered with lumpy found lodged in his hip, but the veteran in- that deep breathing and slow exercise maybe to the milking sheds, when a siren spooked 21-year-old Belinda Waite of Bampton, De-
custard permeate our school dinner memo- fantryman can barely remember the incident part of Taoism, but we all consider ourselves the animals and the farmer was trampled von. When pain erupted over her whole body
ries, the sweeter YFR variety has brought an at all. As an eighteen-year-old he joined the Christians. to death. Police investigated the case for again recently, her partner Wayne Boyles,
increased popularity for a dessert that was forces in 1944, and was on the front line The Reverend Jonathan Frais remains un- six months, before bringing charges. Julian took her to the emergency room at the local
once treated with the unrivalled suspicion. where he recalls getting a thump in the hip. convinced however, and the Tai Chi classes Lawford, 49, a firefighter with the Devon hospital in Tiverton, desperately looking for
A medic put a plaster on it and sent him back must find another location. & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service was help. The doctor in charge examined her
Walking The Dog Good – to his unit. The bullet has been there for 65 When Sandra Davis attempted to book the suspended from the job and is due in court thoroughly and noted her slightly distended
‘Driving’ The Dog, A Violation years, and until this recent bout of painful church hall at Our Lady’s Catholic Church in early this month. abdomen, before assuring her she was three
WALKING THE dog, usually means just that; arthritis he had no idea it was there. Shaw Heath, Stockport, for her Witches Ball months pregnant. Belinda was shocked.
taking the dog for a walk. “It absolutely amazed me,” said the old No Porn Party For New She was even more shocked when she
in October, she was told that her group was
Paul Railton of Annfield Plain, Co Durham, soldier. ”I was pretty shocked to say the not compatible with the church’s ethos. Parliamentary Candidate later discovered she was not three months
however, likes to walk his dog by driving his least.” Davis 61, is the head witch at the GORDON BROWN must call an election in along, but nine months pregnant.
car slowly with the leash attached through Women Galore Attend Prince 30-strong Crystal Cauldron Group and is Britain by June 6, but already a collection of Four-and-half-hours after the hospital
the open window. known as “Amethyst Selmeselene.” The obscure activists and potential candidates visit, Wayne’s mom, Sylvia took charge, and
A passing cyclist who witnessed the un- Andrew’s 50th Birthday group had planned a fancy dress gathering are lining up for office. a 8lb 14oz daughter was born.
usual dog walking process, called the police PRINCE ANDREW, the Duke of York, cel- with an ABBA tribute band and claimed it was A pornographic film director will be stand- “We hardly had time to think about it,”
and Railton was arrested on two violations ebrated his fiftieth birthday in style at St a “family thing.” ing for the Liberal-Democrats in Gravesham, said the new mother.
of the Road Traffic Act. James’ Palace recently, where a gaggle of “I thought we’d made progress,” said Kent. Anna Arrowsmith, 38, has made Belinda says she had been feeling unwell
At Consett Magistrates Court he was fined beautiful women and ex-girlfriends gathered grandmother of eleven, Sandra Davis. “That hundreds of blue films under the pseudonym for months and a couple of times she felt
£124 and had three penalty points added to honour his half-century. Daughters Prin- we could accept other people’s religious of Anna Span for “Easy on the Eye Produc- as if something was wriggling about inside
to his license. The added points put him cess Beatrice and Eugenie accompanied paths.” tions,” and has a MA in philosophy. She her, but never suspected she was pregnant.
over the limit and he received a six month by the prince’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, says she is not campaigning on behalf of Boyfriend Wayne was completely taken off
driving disqualification ban too. Defending Duchess of York, were in attendance, as Dead Patient In Hospital the porn industry, but on behalf of people in guard as she went in to labour and couldn’t
solicitor Paul Donoghue told the court his were ex-girlfriends Catrina Skepper and Ward Bed For Eight Hours the Gravesham area. believe it was happening. The pair have since
client admitted it was a silly thing to do, Caroline Habib. SARAH Stevenson’s stay at the Heartlands She hopes to beat sitting Tory MP Adam got over their very sudden surprise and are
but it was a quiet road and he was driving Andrew’s latest squeeze, Amanda Stavely, Hospital in Birmingham, was a lot more Holloway who would not criticize her profes- enjoying their new role as parents.


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5695 Vineland Road - Orlando FL 32819

British owned & operated; all your favourites!
April 2010 Page 3
life now,” said Sharpe. “It is one of those in London, we believe that London trains, month.” But if they’re really itching to get to
structures, like the Gherkin, that are an addi- both underground and overground, will have the bottom of this problem, they’ll have to
tion to the London skyline and will come to a similar number of infestations. The bus start from scratch.
stand alongside the Houses of Parliament and we studied was within the M25, and we are LONDON TO BEIJING – BY RAIL
St Paul’s. In some ways, that is what makes already in talks with bus and Tube operators A London to Beijing rail link could be built
London so great.” about a new cleaning system which we have within the next 10 years. Plans by the Chinese
Some 36 million people (including Dr developed which heats the vehicles to kill the Academy of Engineering would see 200mph
Watson and myself) have taken the 28-min- insects and their eggs.” trains travel from Kings Cross, St Pancras
ute journey since its delayed opening on A Transport for London spokesman said: via the Channel Tunnel to Beijing and then
March 9, 2000. The Eye almost had to be “Rentokil has provided us with no evidence Singapore. The 5,070-mile trip would take
dismantled in 2005 because of a row over to support these claims and have not been two days.
rental payments. in touch with us. London Undergound’s hy- There are also plans for a line from China
PICCADILLY GOES BOTH WAYS giene specialists undertake full examination through Russia to Germany, and one to link
Election Fever Mounts A £14m revamp of Piccadilly Circus has
been given the go-ahead. It will see the junc-
tion returned to a two-way road for the first
of trains and have found no evidence of any
“Our trains are cleaned after every working
Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Malaysia.
Heard about the boy who was christened
ALL THE major political parties are concentrating on their appeal to mothers in time in half a century. day and deep cleaned after every 14 days. James O’ Bother O’Higgins? The vicar tripped
the coming election expected on May 6. The overhaul, aimed at improving traffic Likewise, London’s bus fleet is cleaned after over the font.
The Conservatives will offer equal pay with stronger anti-discrimination legislation; the flow and access for pedestrians, was given every shift and buses are deep cleaned every
Liberal Democrats promise equal pay audits compulsory for employers, and Labour’s Equality the green light by Westiminster council. It
Bill will compel employers of more than 250 workers to disclose differences between men’s comes after a diagonal “scramble” crossing
and women’s pay.
What may well be the closest-fought elec- Does this mean that every time you take
was installed at Oxford Circus, which has
helped relieve congestion.
Unions-Lawmakers Criticize Kraft
tion on the cards since 1974, strategists in a picture of someone you are invading their The decision to remove concrete balus-
all three main parties believe that courting privacy? How utterly absurd. At this rate I trades at Oxford Circus will be mirrored by the
removal of railings at Piccadilly Circus.
CEO Over Cadbury Dealings
women – especially mothers – holds the key should be a multi-millionaire, as hundreds By Jane Wardell Business Select Committee lashed out at
to No 10 Downing Street as never before. of pictures are taken of me every day at the The restoration of a two-way system A KRAFT INC executive apologized last CEO Irene Rosenfeld for failing to appear
Latest opinion polls show the Conserva- Sherlock Holmes Museum – all invading will allow drivers to cross from Shaftesbury month for raising – and then dashing – before the inquiry at Britain’s Parliament
tives and Labour as neck and neck, although my privacy! Avenue directly on to Piccadilly without the hopes that it would keep open a British last month, while the Unite union criticized
the Conservatives are still in the lead.. If this I have never understood this objection to need to navigate the one-way system down factory after its takeover of Cadbury, as the her for failing to meet directly with workers
continues, the election may well result in photographs.What harm does it do? Unless, Haymarket and up Lower Regent Street. US company’s chief executive came under at Cadbury sites across the country to reas-
a “hung” parliament in which neither party of course, you are caught in an embarrassing A spokesman for Westminster council fire from lawmakers and union leaders. sure them about the company’s plans.
wins, and the Liberal Democrats will be in situation – or in a place where you ought not said that the oppressive railings, which have Executive Vice President Marc Fire- During a long and bitter takeover battle,
a strong position to decide whether to ally to be.But if ever you come to London and penned in pedestrians since their introduction stone said he was “truly sorry” for the Kraft said it would save the Somerdale
themselves with either of the other parties to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum and you in 1963, “have made crossing the famous uncertainty caused by Kraft’s back track plant and 400 associated jobs, a decision
form a coalition government. want to take my photograph, I promise that I site a nightmare ever since.” on the factory in Somerdale, western that would have reversed earlier plans by
APOLOGY FOR KATE will not sue for damages! INSECTS TRAVEL FREE England, adding that the company did not Cadbury to close the factory and move
Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton THE EYE’S HAVE IT The average commuter train contains up to plan to shut any more British factories or production to Poland.
has won the first round in a battle with the The London Eye – originally intended to 1,000 cockroaches, while seats can contain ax further jobs for the next two years. However, shortly after Kraft completed
paparazzi after securing a public apology over stand for five years – will carry on dominat- 200 bedbugs and 200 fleas, according to “We are terribly sorry about that, and its £11.5bn takeover last month, it said the
pictures of her playing tennis on Christmas ing the capital’s skyline well into the 22nd Rentokil, a company devoted to eliminating I am personally terribly sorry,” Firestone plant would close by 2011 because it had
Day She will also receive £5,000 in damages century (I hope that I’m still around by then insects. told a cross-party committee of lawmakers become clear that it was “unrealistic to
for breach of privacy, plus legal costs, from to see it happen!) Rentokil says it also discovered that a bus who are holding a series of hearings into reverse the closure program.”
Rex Features, which distributed the pictures David Sharpe, of operator Merlin Entertain- was home to 500 cockroaches, along with the takeover. Kraft’s takeover of 195-year- Lindsay Hoyle, a member of the ruling
taken at Restormel Manor, Cornwall. In a ments, said that the success of the attraction, dozens of fleas and bedbugs. Both claims old Cadbury caused much consternation Labour Party, questioned whether the
statement on its website, the agency says: which celebrated its 10th birthday last month, are disputed by Transport for London. (Well in Britain, where it is a much-loved brand U-turn on the Somerdale site suggested
“Although at the time Rex Features did not means that there is now no reason for it not to they would, wouldn’t they?) Staff at Rentokil and the company’s future remains in the Kraft was “remote, smug and worst of all
know that an infringement of privacy had oc- go on to mark its centenary in 2100. sprayed insecticide throughout the carriages spotlight ahead of a general election to be duplicitous,” while other lawmakers ex-
curred, we now accept that this was the case The profitability of the 135-metres high of a train and a bus and then counted the bod- held by the start of June. pressed amazement that the US company
and that by distributing the photographs we wheel provides the money to replace worn ies of the insects. They warned that infesta- Members of the House of Commons was not fully aware of Cadbury’s plans.
were a party to that invasion of privacy.” out parts, ensuring that it continues to to tions on public transport were at an all-time
turn indefitinitely, he added. The 32 capsule high “The average commuter will always be
observation wheel, the highest of its kind in
the world, made a record profit “in excess of
close to cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas,”
said Savvas Othon of Rentokil. “People eat Police Investigated Over Bullying Deaths
£25m” last year, when it carried about 3.8 on the move and there is a lot of food left on POLICE ARE under investigation A police watchdog said last month
million passengers. seats. Pests are thriving. over the way they handled a bullying that 10 officers were under investiga-
“We like to think that the Eye is there for “Although we looked at a train not running campaign of that pushed a woman tion for how they dealt with the case
to kill her disabled daughter and Her family suffered more than
herself. a decade of torment by a gang of
VISITOR’S Police failed to stop years of abuse
of single mother Fiona Pilkington
and her developmentally challenged
youths who urinated on her house,
taunted her daughter and beat her
dyslexic son.
MEDICAL INSURANCE daughter, Francecca Hardwick. Both
died when Pilkington set fire to the
An investigation into their deaths
revealed that more than 30 phone
“OUR SPECIALTY” family car in central England in Oc- calls to police brought no action to end
• Temporary Medical and Hospital Protection for tober 2007. their misery.
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• Overseas Long/Short Term Medical Plans
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Page 4 April 2010

Four-Day Rail
Strike Goes Ahead Budget Details Stronger UK Recovery Boosts
UNION LEADERS in Britain announced
late last month that rail workers will take
Continued from page 1 Basic bank account guarantee for a million
extra people.
Brown’s Election Hopes
a four-day strike, threatening the worst KEY BUDGET POINTS RBS and Lloyds Bank Group to provide By Jane Wardell want to move quickly to capitalize on
national rail disruptions in 16 years. • FUEL, CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL £94bn in small business loans BRITAIN’S rise from recession was stron- what might be just a temporary upswing
Thousands of members of the Rail DUTIES Backs tax on bank transactions but on ger than previously thought, giving Prime and take advantage of a recent gain in
Maritime and Transport union and the 3p fuel duty rise to be phased in in three global basis. Minister Gordon Brown’s governing opinion polls on the leading opposition
Transport Salaried Staffs Association stages between April and January 2011. New service to adjudicate credit disputes. Labour Party a boost as it moves toward Conservative Party.
employed by Network Rail will walk off Cider duty to rise by 10 percent above • JOBS AND TRAINING a national election. Viewed early in the global economic
their jobs from April 6 to April 9. Although inflation. Six month work or training guarantee for Last month’s revision of growth in the crisis as a decisive leader on the world
Easter holiday travelers will be spared, the Wine, beer and spirit duties to rise by two under 24s extended to 2012. final quarter of 2009 to 0.3 percent from stage and at home, many analysts believe
walkout by signal workers – scheduled to percent and further two percent rise planned Amount of time over-65s must work to an initial estimate of 0.1 percent assuaged he squandered an opportunity to call an
include the weekdays’ morning rush hour for two years from 2013. receive work credits reduced. fears that the country hadn’t exited from early election in the summer of 2008.
– is expected to disrupt the commutes of Tobacco duty up one percent from midnight • OTHER TAXES AND ALLOWANCES its recession, but economists warned the His stock has fallen since then, along
scores of people. on Sunday and by two percent in real terms Tax allowances for those on over £100,000 improvement remains shaky. with the British economy’s prospects,
RMT general secretary Bob Crow said each year until 2014. gradually removed. No changes to allowances Third quarter gross domestic product allowing the Conservative Party to pull
the unions are protesting cost-cutting for everyone else. was revised downward to a 0.3 percent ahead in the polls.
• HOUSING Annual limits on Individual Savings Acounts fall from a 0.2 percent decline, and mea- But the latest Ipsos Mori poll for the
measures proposed by Network Rail that Stamp Duty scrapped for homes selling
he insisted would undermine safety across (ISAs) will rise from £7,200 to £10,200. sures that had boosted the final quarter’s Telegraph newspaper, puts the Conserva-
for up to £250,000 for first-time buyers, but No changes to VAT or income tax figure, such as a break on sales tax and a tives at 37 percent, just five percentage
Britain’s railways and threaten rail workers’ only for two years.
job security. planned. car scrappage program, ended at the start points ahead of Labour – a drastic pullback
Stamp duty on residential property sales Inheritance tax threshold frozen for four of this year. from the 19 point lead recorded around this
SLASH over £1m to increase to five percent from
“Network Rail, in a drive to slash 21 years. Some experts suggested Brown will time last year.
April 2011. Clampdown on tax avoidance to raise
percent from their budget, want to ax 1,500 The most expensive properties in each
maintenance posts, lump maintenance func-
tions on to overworked signalers, rip up
area will be excluded from Housing Benefit
New tax agreements with Belize, Grenada Opposition Leader’s Wife Is Pregnant
agreements and impose changes that will and Dominica. THE WIFE of David Cameron, who hopes to become the next prime minister of Britain,
quite clearly undermine safety across our • HELP FOR BUSINESS • ENVIRONMENT is expecting a baby, the Conservative Party announced
railways,” he said. £2.5bn package for small business to boost £2bn investment bank to back low-carbon Cameron, 43, is leading in the polls. A national election is expected to take place
Network Rail countered that changes skills and innovation. industries such as offshore wind. Government May 6. It must be held by June 3. His party said last month that Samantha Cameron is
were necessary to provide a better service. One year business rate cut from October to provide £1bn through asset sales expected to give birth in September, by which time she and her husband could be living
“Negotiations, not strikes, are the way to help 500,000 companies. • EDUCATION in 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s official residence.
forward,” said Robin Gisby, the company’s Investment allowance for small firms Funding for 20,000 new university places in “The baby is due in September and David and Samantha are completely thrilled,”
director of operations and customer ser- doubled to £100,000. science and maths but institutions must make a spokeswoman for Cameron said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with
vices. “This proposed strike is not about Doubling relief on capital gains tax for en- savings elsewhere. party policy.
safety ... The issue of safety is a smoke trepreneurs but no change to capital gains tax. £35m enterprise fund to help university- Samantha Cameron, 38, is expected to play a leading role in the campaign. She is
screen from a union leadership stuck in the Rates £385m to maintain road network. launched businesses. creative director at luxury stationery company Smythson, and will make a number of
steam age.” Canals body British Waterways to become • PENSIONS AND BENEFITS appearances across Britain once the campaign formally begins.
Gisby added that although his company charitable trust not sold off. Winter fuel allowance rates extended for The couple’s eldest child, Ivan, suffered from cerebral palsy and a rare and severe
aims to keep as many trains running as • BANK LENDING further year. epilepsy condition and died in 2009 at age 6.
possible, a national rail strike will have a One-off bank bonus tax has raised £2bn, £4 rise in child tax credit for parents with The couple also have a son and a daughter.
“severe impact” on services. double the amount forecast. young children from 2012.
UK Gives GM Loan Guarantee For Vauxhall
Government Retreats On Mandatory Dog Insurance Plan BRITAIN will give a £270m loan guar-
antee to General Motors Co to help
keep its Vauxhall operations going in
Mandelson said that talks were ongoing
with GM Europe and other European
governments to finalize the funding
IT SEEMS the British government’s The plan would have made millions aggressive dogs to intimidate others, but
critics said the idea was unfair. the country, a government official said terms and the implementation of a
bark is worse than its bite. of dog owners buy insurance against the business plan.
Authorities say they will not require risk of their pet attacking someone. Plus Environment Secretary Hilary Benn last month.
said last month he had ruled out compul- That is well short of the euro2bn Mandelson said the two Vauxhall
all dog owners to take out insurance – owners would be asked to microchip factories in Britain are “excellent plants
just days after proposing the measure their pets. sory insurance because he didn’t want to ($2.8bn) GM is seeking from Euro-
penalize responsible dog owners. pean governments to help restructure employing a first rate work force.”
in a bid to clamp down on dangerous The government said it wanted to “We need Vauxhall to thrive as part
canines. stop people who use pit bulls and other The opposition Conservatives accused Vauxhall and its other European unit,
ministers of turning the issue into a German-based Opel. of Britain’s automotive manufacturing
“political dog’s dinner.” British Business Secretary Peter base and following our negotiations with
GM Europe I am confident it will do
Northern Rock Back In Profit • FINE CHINA • TEAS
so,” he added.
NATIONALIZED mortgage lender North- expected to remain high during 2010, rela- • DEVON CREAM
ern Rock, Britain’s first casualty of the tive to historic norms, but below the level • ACCESSORIES • MEAT PIES
global credit crisis, said last month that recorded in 2009,” the company said. • CHOCOLATES • BANGERS
it returned to profit in the second half of The next key test for Northern Rock • BISCUITS • FROZEN GOODIES

All Things
2009 as interest income rose and losses comes on May 24 when the government
on loans fell. withdraws its unlimited guarantee for
Northern Rock said it posted a profit of savings deposits. After that date, deposits

Bright & British

£466.7m in the second half, following a up to £50,000 will be guaranteed by the
loss of £724.2m in the first half of 2009. Financial Services Compensation Scheme,
“We have turned the corner,” said Chief the same as for other UK banks.
Executive Gary Hoffman, who expressed The government has not set a target for
confidence that Northern Rock eventually returning the bank to private ownership, ~ CHECK OUT OUR GIFT SHOP ~
could emerge as an independent, privately Hoffman told journalists in a conference T-SHIRTS • FLAGS • CHINA + MUCH MORE
owned bank. call, adding that he was unsure whether
However, for the full year, Northern there would be any movement on that SPECIAL ORDERS & MAIL DELIVERY AVAILABLE
Rock reported a pretax loss of £257.5m, issue this year. CUSTOM GIFT BASKETS & GIFT CERTIFICATES
down from a loss of £1.355bn in the Northern Rock, once the country’s fifth (San Diego Area)
previous year. biggest lender, suffered the first run on a 8401 La Mesa Blvd.
Loan loss impairments rose to £1.05bn British bank since 1866 after the Bank of La Mesa, CA 91941 Mon-Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
from £894m in 2008. England announced in September 2007 (619) 464-2298 Sun 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
“Loan loss impairment charges are that it had provided emergency funding.


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April 2010 Page 5
UK Launches Own
Version Of NASA RAF Jets Scrambled After
BRITAIN has opened its first space agency
to coordinate all UK space activities and
help raise the country’s profile in the global
Disruption On AA Flight
space economy. TWO ROYAL Air Force fighter jets were dispatched after reports a pas-
Ministers say the UK Space Agency will senger was trying to get into the cockpit of an American Airlines jet bound
allow all aspects of civilian space policy to for Heathrow Airport, airline and military officials said last month.
Want a Green Card? Make a Plan be handled efficiently under one roof, rather
than by various government departments and
The Ministry of Defense said the Typhoon fighters were scrambled from the
RAF Coningsby base in central England on Tuesday morning. They were re-
I CAN’T tell you how many calls and emails exceptions is if the “over stayer” becomes called to the base after the incident was found not to be terrorism-related.
I get from good people who want a green the spouse of a US citizen. research councils. It also aims to make the
most of the areas Britain excels in, such as Police say the Boeing 767 jet – AA Flight 78 from Dallas/Fort Worth –
card and who could have easily qualified for It is much better to be more thoughtful carrying 161 passengers and 12 crew members landed safely and a woman
one but who self sabotaged their chances about an immigration strategy. After all, satellites, telecommunications and robotics.
The UK space industry currently supports was arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft.
by neglect. Brits actually have it easy. They being legal to live, work, come and go in American Airlines said the woman “became distressed during the flight
are from a country that is a party to the Visa one’s new country of choice seems worthy 68,000 jobs.
The agency was started Last month with a and reportedly attempted to gain access to the flight deck.”
Waiver Program which allows them to enter of this endeavor. It is reasonable to assume “She was calmed by flight attendants but, as a precaution, a priority ap-
the US on holiday for up to 90 days. A Brit that after a couple of months or so of a modest budget of about £230m – compared
with NASA’s yearly budget of $19bn. The proach to London was requested and police were asked to meet the aircraft,”
need not apply for a visitor visa at a US holiday in the US, that one would have the the airline said in a statement.
Consulate like the majority of other aspiring inkling that they might want to immigrate US recently has been scaling back its space
visitors must do. So, the typical scenario is permanently. Not always but many times. ambitions.
that the Brit packs her bags for a US visit Even if THE decision has not been made,
of one length or another and somewhere when one’s immigration status in a foreign
during the course of that visit, she decides
to remain in the US. The assumption, I sup-
pose, is that if the visitor visa application
requirement was waived, maybe the green
country is set to soon expire, ..and here is
some free legal advice: “DON’T BECOME
not until competent legal advice is sought and
Shakespeare Pub & Grille
card application process, to some extent
will be waived as well. After all, we all speak
obtained. For example, the implications might
not be particularly serious or fatal if engaged
San Diego’s Original British Pub
the same language, enjoy a reasonably cold to a US citizen. It would be quite serious in
beer, like sports and not too long ago, we virtually all other scenarios.
were all the same country anyway. In 25 So, the moral of the story is to do the re-
years of practice, I have heard from Brits who sponsible thing and the thing that will increase
entered the US as a visitor and haven’t left or the odds of achieving the objective, ie; seek
done anything towards achieving green card competent counsel sooner rather than later,
status for over 20 years! A 10 year delay is while there are more options available. The
common and a five year delay is a routine decision to immigrate to another country has
scenario. to be among the most important decisions in
Here is some free legal advice: “DON’T DO one’s lifetime. It should be treated as such.
THIS!” Why, once a foreign national is out One so inclined should gather information,
of lawful immigration status in the US, most make a plan and execute. Procrastinators
options immediately go out the window. Once are frequently disappointed when leaving an
one is unlawfully present in the US for more immigration lawyer’s office.
than 180 days, he or she is subject to a three Mitch Wexler is a partner is the global
year bar which means he or she must depart immigration law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey,
the US and reside out of the US for three years Bernsen & Loewy, LLP. He is resident in
before they will be considered to be eligible the firm’s Irvine, CA office and has been
for a temporary visa or a green card. If the practicing immigration law for 25 years. He
unlawful status in a year or more, the bar encourages queries to mwexler@fragomen.
is 10 years! Harsh but true. One of the few com or (949) 660-3531.
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* Free equipment available Afternoon Tea email: wish, lets raise
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Page 6 April 2010
his ex, Trina. The wedding then goes off Yes, cats can be jealous, my friend.
Tyrone’s mum Jackie Dobbs returns this
Prince Philip In
without a hitch and the happy couple goes
off on their honeymoon, while his Mum and month. Yes, the pink-haired gob on a stick is
back, ready to wage war on her adulterous
Strip Club Gaffe
Libby wonder why Owen isn’t returning their
phones calls and only Sugar, the dog, seems daughter-in-law who’s caused her son such IN ANOTHER of his now infamous
to know where he is; continually running pain. But when Jackie Dobbs starts emoting gaffes, last month. Prince Philip put his
away and lying on the spot where he’s bur- to her son, she’s clearly on the make: “I feel foot in it during a visit to a barracks when
ied... Meanwhile Ronnie returns from her trip GAIL PLATT’S home is no stranger to the cops, yer pain, lad.” Tyrone does his best to cope he asked a young Navy sea cadet instructor
THE residents of Albert Square are getting giddy that she’s pregnant from a one-night they’ve been to her house more often than not with having his mum back and Jackie fights if she worked in a strip club.
wound up tighter and tighter, and summink’s stand with Owen. and they’re there again this month with suspi- with Molly when she sees her in the Street: The Duke of Edinburgh’s question
gotta give. Stacey is still in the loony bin... Jane is still cious minds and notepads. They’ve found “You’re a plate-faced slapper with elevator provoked howls of laughter from Elizabeth
Archie finally convinces Sam to jump bail MIA, and while she’s away, Ian has installed a Joe’s dead body floating in Lake Windermere knickers!” she yells at Molly. Well, it takes Rendle, 24, and her friends, reported the
and leave the country, leaving the Mitchell’s in hot tub in the back garden (and the look of his and have a few questions, as you’d expect. one to know one. Jackie’s intuition tells Daily Mail.
the lurch for all the bail money, with no liquidity pasty flesh in the tub makes us wonder why Joe’s daughter Tina and Gail have to identify her that Molly’s got a new man although Rendle, a barmaid, said Philip had asked
and no bank willing to extend any more credit it took Jane so long to leave)... But with Phil the body and there’s hysterics and tears. Mind she denies it of course and Tyrone tells his her what she did for a living: “I told him I
they stand to lose the Vic. Phil tides them over in desperate trouble with the sharks, already you, you’d think Gail would be used to this mum to back off but Jackie won’t let it drop worked in a club. He then asked if it was
with cash from a loan shark, but now that’s beaten up once, at the repeated urging of Son by now, she’s had to identify dead husbands and wrongly confronts shopkeeper Dev in a strip club,” she said.
past due and tough Phil is sneaking around the Ben, he turns to the only other person in the twice before. If only she was as good in iden- the pub: “What’s going on Dev, is it prices The 88-year-old royal then appeared to
Square hiding from the enforcers. Square with enough dosh to tide him over: tifying a decent man before they died, ah well. up, knickers down?” Apart from molesting think better of the suggestion in the current
Christian and Sayed continue their rela- Ian. Shocking innit? You just know this won’t She tells the cops the truth about Joe’s plan Molly and taking Tyrone for all she can get: weather and joked that such an occupation
tionship on the downlow, behind the backs end well. But they’re both doing it for Ben to disappear, for the life insurance scam. And “Give us twenty quid and I’ll buy some saucy would be “too cold”.
of his fiancé, and the night they finally declare (or so they say). But Ian asks for the Vic as now it looks like it’s all gone wrong and Gail prawn balls”, she wastes no time in warming The Duke was with the Queen at
their love for each other, Papa Masood is in collateral on the short term loan, and as soon becomes murder suspect number one. up the duvet with a nasty bit of rough. The Wyvern Barracks in Exeter during a tour
a car accident and now Sayed thinks it’s his as the loan contract is signed, both Janine Eileen Grimshaw’s upset this month as next morning, Tyrone comes downstairs for of Devon.
fault – for being a bad Muslim... Another bad and Archie start working to pry it loose from a boyfriend Jesse wins a small fortune on the breakfast but tells Jackie he’s lost his appetite Rendle later said that, far from being
boy, Max, is revealed to have been selling his drunken Ian... Like candy from a baby. horses. It’s when he books a holiday for him- when he sees the state of the place. Finding offended by the question, she felt Prince
clients phony insurance and it’s all about to It’s not too late to get your hands on a self and his parents without taking Eileen, she your mother’s bra being used as the tea-cosy Philip had been “putting people at their
hit the proverbial fan. copy of the E20 Chronicles Magazine (to nags him and throws him out of the house: can really put you off your Earl Gray. ease”.
Just in time for Denise and Lucas’ wed- benefit EastEnders on PBS). To get the 411 “Take yer parrot and go!” And finally this month, the Irish charmer She said: “He was just going round
ding, Owen gets out of jail again and returns on this terrific EastEnders collectible, as well Home alone with just a bottle of cheap Ciaran McCarthy, wastes no time and gets a chatting with people, asking them what
to the Square to warn Denise that she doesn’t as which PBS stations are offering the E20 plonk for company, bored Audrey rings Lewis new job working behind the bar of the Rovers they did for a living.
know the real Lucas. So Lucas gets him alone Chronicles as a pledge gift, please check out the escort. When he turns up, she’s in full Return. Liz is more than happy with her new
and while spouting Bible verses, strangles the blog: battle dress and war paint, pretending that an handsome barman and the cocktail he mixes
him and buries him in the gardens in the Your Faithful Reporter, event she was going to has been cancelled specially for her – The Queen Elizabeth (it’s a Two-Century-Old English
Square, under the tree meant to memorialize Deborah Gilbert, AKA Ishcabibble and she’s at a loose end. Lewis takes her to cheeky little number that can turn a bit sour) Cheese Chase Cancelled
the Rovers Return where he hits upon a plan. and she offers him a drink and a debrief in
He sends Audrey in there first, all done up like the back room of the pub. They get as far as A 200-YEAR-OLD English race in which
Paisley To Quit Parliament After 40 Years a dog’s dinner and she chats to Deirdre and the drink together before Steve returns with competitors chase round cheeses rolling
IAN PAISLEY, the hard-line Northern Paisley first was forced to step down as Liz at the bar. Then Lewis comes in, pretends Becky and interrupts his mother’s cosy scene down a hillside was been canceled this
Ireland evangelist who led Protestants into leader of the Free Presbyterian Church of he doesn’t know Audrey and flirts across before any debriefing takes place. The women year because of overcrowding concerns.
power-sharing with Catholics, announced Ulster, the anti-Catholic church he founded the bar with her. Deirdre and Liz, especially of the nation rolled their eyes and tutted. Organizers say the event in Glouces-
last month he will retire from the British in 1951. Then he retired as leader of the Liz, are hoping Lewis’ lingering looks are for Glenda Young tershire in southwestern England had
Parliament after a 40-year career. Democratic Unionists, an antiestablish- them, but they’re not. He walks around the bar become so popular that anticipated
The 83-year-old Paisley spent decades ment party he founded in 1971 and built and chats up Audrey, making her giggle and Blogging away merrily at Flaming Nora crowds have far outgrown the capacity
opposing compromise with minority Catho- into Northern Ireland’s dominant party making Deirdre and Liz as jealous as cats. and the Coronation Street Blog of the location.
lics, particularly the Irish Republican Army today. Finally he stepped aside as first The event has been held at Cooper’s
supporters of Sinn Fein. He did a stunning minister of Northern Ireland’s power- Court Blocks Boxing At Royal Albert Hall Hill since at least 1826.
Organizer Jean Jefferies said last
U-turn in 2007 by forging a Northern sharing coalition. BRITAIN’S High Court has quashed the City Council about variations in the license
Ireland administration alongside Sinn Fein Paisley confirmed he will vacate his month that more than 15,000 people
approval of licenses for boxing and wres- to use the hall. tried to attend last year, and some 19
deputy leader Martin McGuinness. final political post, as the parliamentary tling matches at Royal Albert Hall. The council sent letters using a com-
But within a year of that breathtaking member for rural North Antrim, following spectators were injured while watching
Residents near the world famous venue puter program, but some residents near competitors run after – and tumble down
moment, Paisley suffered a rapid political the British general election. objected to the licenses. They complained the venerable venue often used for ballet,
decline amid grumblings from his Protes- He has held the seat without serious – the steep hill in pursuit of a Double
to Westminster City Council that the opera and concerts weren’t told. Gloucester cheese.
tant grass roots that he had gone too far – challenge since 1970 – but his departure events would attract anti-social elements The court ruled that the notification of
and seemed, in particular, to be enjoying could set the scene for the next challenge Dozens of people were treated for
and prompt more noise and that they also the residents had been done so poorly that bruises and sprains at the event each
working with McGuinness too much. to Northern Ireland’s peace process. were not properly notified by Westminster the license approval must be revoked. year.

mv Discovery

Life’s About Discovery

13 nights departing August 17, 2010
Includes a 2-night pre-cruise hotel stay in London



For information and reservations contact your travel professional or

Voyages of Discovery 1-866-623-2689 I Email:
Certain restrictions apply. $3,924 per couple savings based on cat J brochure fare and cat M discounted fare. Ship’s registry: Bermuda ©Voyages of Discovery 2010 All rights reserved.
April 2010 Page 7

May Election Looks Too Close To Call New Rules Published

IT’S GETTING pretty close now. By the end
of March, Alastair Darling will have delivered
Hamilton, and Jona-
than Aitken. A variety
shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, is the
son of a baronet, expensively educated and For Assisted Suicide
his final Budget, a doubtless pretty piece of misdemeanours another member of the Bullingdon Club. This By Gregory Katz prosecutor. “But I think we need a new law
of window-dressing ahead of the election. like perjury and cash group is open only to the sons of aristocratic NEW GUIDELINES published last month because interpretation and tweaking of the
Very little will be enacted as a result of his for questions con- families and their wealthy friends and is “in- offer people in England and Wales broad 1961 suicide act will never be enough.”
announcements since time will have run veyed the impres- famous for riotous behaviour.” hints about how to help a gravely ill loved LEGALLY
out. In any case, the next Chancellor of the sion of a ruling class The other element which distinguishes the one end their life with minimal fear of She said tribunals should be established
Exchequer (whatever his party) is already making fools of the coming election from all others is that all the prosecution. to study individual cases before a person
hard at work sorting out how to steer Britain electorate. party leaders have agreed to live televised de- Assisted suicide remains illegal, but Di- commits suicide so family members and
through the current financial mess. There was genu- bates. There will be three of these, 90-minutes rector of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer close friends can know where they stand
It seems all but certain that the General ine enthusiasm for long and giving equal time to Brown, Cameron said six factors would make it less likely legally before they take any action to assist
Election will take place on May 6, almost the fresh-faced ide- and Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader. that prosecutors would bring criminal in the suicide.
exactly thirteen years after Tony Blair was alistic Tony Blair and the voters turned out in REFUSED charges in individual cases. This is the view of Terry Pratchett, a
swept into power after 18 years of Conserva- considerable force on May 1, 1997 to give Clegg has refused to say what his party Starmer said prosecutors will still evalu- well-loved British author suffering from
tive Government. him the biggest-ever parliamentary majority: will do in the event of a hung parliament. But ate each case for possible prosecution. One early onset Alzheimer’s disease.
The biggest difference is that in 1997, the Labour had 418 seats, the Conservatives 155, the debates will give him an unparalleled key indicator: Whether the suspect was “I would like to see death as a medi-
country’s finances were very healthy. The and not a single MP in Scotland or Wales. opportunity to present his party as fit for acting wholly out of compassion, or had a cal procedure – in very carefully chosen
recession of the early 90s had been weath- FIDDLING government. My feeling is that the Conserva- darker motive. cases,” said Pratchett, 61, who believes
ered though the Tories’ ability to manage the Today, for sleaze read corruption. Three tives stand to lose far more from any Liberal “The policy is now more focused on he should be able to legally end his life
economy had received a crushing blow in Labour MPs and a Tory peer went on trial in Democrat popularity and that the debates are the motivation of the suspect rather than before the ravages of the disease leaves
1992 when Britain had been forced out of the mid-March for fiddling their expenses. As the more likely to harm than benefit them. the characteristics of the victim,” he said. him helpless.
European Exchange Rate Mechanism. ruling party, Labour has come in for the lion’s After two long years with an overwhelm- “The policy does not change the law on Starmer stressed that he was not de-
GROWTH share of criticism but there is a widespread ing lead in the opinion polls, the odds have assisted suicide. It does not open the door criminalizing assisted suicide or modifying
Despite this humiliation, the last few years belief that almost all MPs from all parties have seemed very much on David Cameron waking for euthanasia.” the law on mercy killings, which have been
of Tory government laid the ground for genu- been systematically living the life of Riley at up on May 7 as Prime Minister. Now that gap He said prosecutors will examine each the focus of intense media attention with
ine growth and stability in the economy. One the taxpayers’ expense. One direct outcome has narrowed significantly to the point where case on its merits. the claim last month by a BBC television
of the promises that Tony Blair made in the of the expenses row is that whoever is elected Brown might conceivably hang on. EVIDENCE personality that he had killed his partner,
run-up to that election was that there would in the next parliament, more than half the MPs One recent and telling development came “In cases where there is enough evi- who was gravely ill with AIDS.
be no changes to the Conservative spending will be first-timers. in March when the Tories’ big bankroller, dence to justify a prosecution, we have to But he said prosecution would be less
plans for the first two years of a New Labour Gordon Brown has suffered a prolonged Lord Ashcroft, revealed under pressure that decide whether it is in the public interest likely in cases where the suspect was act-
Government. period of unpopularity since he dodged an he was a “non-dom” – one who does not pay to prosecute,” he said. “That involves an ing out of compassion.
This reassured voters that Labour would early election after he took over in July 2007. tax on his overseas earnings. Since it was exercise of discretion.” Starmer stressed that prosecution is pos-
not indulge in an irresponsible spending He has faced any number of internal and very understood that he would give up this tax Starmer was forced to clarify the as- sible even if all of these factors apply.
spree. In fact, the new Chancellor, Gordon public rebellions. In recent months, he has status when he was ennobled back in 2000 sisted suicide guidelines by the House of He also listed 16 factors that would make
Brown, was able to preside over a lengthy been accused of running a bullying office at and since he has spent millions helping Tory Lords, acting on behalf of multiple sclero- criminal action more probable, including
period of sustained growth, which led him to Number 10. Yet, widely disliked and generally candidates in marginal seats, this came as sis sufferer Debbie Purdy, who wants her cases where the victim was under 18, did not
declare ten years later that he had defeated mocked, he is still there. quite a blow to the Tories. His opponents are husband to be able to help her end her life have the capacity to make an informed deci-
the old boom and bust cycles. Over and over His opposite number, David Cameron, is a saying that this effectively means that money at a time of her choosing without facing sion to end their life or had been pressured
again, the Labour government repeated its much more attractive character. He is a speaker owed to the British taxpayer has been used potential prosecution. by the suspect to commit suicide.
determination to banish for ever vicious eco- of real quality, enjoying a lead in the opinion to help the Conservatives. “He has been able to differentiate Prosecution would also be more likely
nomic cycles. Finally in 2008, Gordon Brown polls which has made it seem as though he will Yes, it’s getting close all right. clearly between malicious intent and com- in cases where the suspect had been guilty
declared that this had been achieved. At this inevitably be the next Prime Minister. passionate support,” she said of the chief of violence or abuse toward the victim or
point one is allowed a hollow laugh! DOUBTS when the victim did not seek the help of

Bit O'Britain
CHALLENGED Yet doubts persist. For all his youth, glamour the suspect in the suicide.
When challenged about this assertion by and charisma, he hasn’t quite caught the na-
Allison Pearson of the Mail in October 2008,
Brown claimed that what he actually said was
that he had promised an end to “Tory boom
tion’s mood in the way Blair did. It’s hard to
put a finger on this failure to connect with the
ordinary voter. The most likely explanation is his
Market Day…
Continued from page 1
and bust.” There were repeated examples of background. He is a toff through and through.
his using ‘boom and bust’ but never insert- Son of a stockbroker and a baronet’s daughter, bridging point on the River Wye, the
ing the adjective “Tory”! No wonder no-one
trusts politicians.
Perhaps the biggest influence on the voting
Cameron went to Eton and Oxford where he
worked hard enough to get a first-class honours
in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and
British Foods, Goods town was an important meeting place
from early days and at one time it was
said that most of its trade was done in
intentions of the nation back then was sleaze.
This word has more or less dropped out of
circulation. It was applied unremittingly to
played hard enough to become a member of
the Bullingdon Club (see below).
He is surrounded by people of a similar ilk.
& Gift Shop the 17 inns that were once here. In his
book Welsh Border Country in 1972,
Maxwell Fraser said that Ross was “one
Tory politicians, such as Jeffrey Archer, Neil It is hard to be enthusiastic about them. His of those perfect English towns which
Visit our Shop & Experience are unsurpassable in their friendly
atmosphere and old-world charm”. A

NEAREST BRITSHOP a “Wee Bit” of the famous resident in the past was John
Kyrle, known as the ‘‘Man of Ross’’,
for MIAMI BRITS who was given this nickname on account
New Alice in Wonderland movie fine china. Flavor of the UK. of his generosity to the town – amongst
Mother’s Day specials in our tearoom. other things, he introduced a decent
water supply, donated a library and
– New UK goodies arrive daily. Featuring a wide variety of: restored the church spire. When he
died in 1724, the entire population of • Candies • Sweets • Biscuits • Collectables & the town attended his funeral – he was
Let’s Have Tea Member
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described as “a genuine Herefordshire
man with a spade on his shoulder and
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We will get straight back to you. 10-09 Close, Leicester LE3 1JE, England. 2-12 has contributed this memory to
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Life Church, Orlando. 10am Sundays at the YORKSHIRE PASSPORTS. Aye, it’s reet good lad! PREVENT HANGOVERS / Save Your Liver
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Page 8 April 2010
the inheritance that David de Karen’s California Events Calendar
Rothschild has, it’s commend- April Calendar. 17-18: Vacaville Medieval Fantasy Festival
able that he founded Adventure For upcoming British events in the Los Ange-
Ecology to bring attention to les area, check out 17: LA Galaxy celebrity soccer match fol-
one of the biggest causes of thru 11: The Hollow a murder mystery by lowed by the professional game with the LA
pollution that will be around for Agatha Christie at Long Beach Playhouse www. Galaxy vs Utah at The Home Depot 4-10pm
1,000 years. Plastic! (562) 494-1616. (310) 312-1962.
Plastic is not exactly en- 23: The Kings Head in Santa Monica invites 17-18 Las Vegas Highland Games www.
vironmentally friendly. David you to join them Easter Sunday for their tra-
has spent the last four years ditional Roast dinner. Easter eggs in the Olde 17: English Beat at the Canyon Club in Ago-
building a 60 foot catamaran Shoppe. And celebrate St George’s Day (310) ura Hills (818) 879-5016.
made out of plastic bottles, thru 17: “Da” by Hugh Leonard, directed by
22: Gala Dinner with VIP Reception honoring
FOR 100 years America has recognized which set sail March 20 on its Sir Richard Branson at The Beverly Wilshire
bill Mesnick at Hotel to benefit Save the Children and Virgin
health care for its citizens needed reform. 11,000 mile exploratory voyage (626) 355-4318.
Since Senator Ted Kennedy devoted most of to Sydney, Australia. Already Unite (310) 312-1962.
The Olde Ship in Fullerton and Santa Ana
his political career to affect change due to the quite an adventurer, Rothschild celebrates Easter in style so make reservations If you’re out in the Channel Islands Harbor
Lovely lasses Betty, Trisha, Alexandra, and early. Check out for bands stop by the Lookout for a pint and a pasty (new
fact the US ranks 37 in Industrial Nations with spent over 100 days crossing flaky crust) or a meat pie (new recipe) (805)
its health care. And yes, this country does the Arctic becoming one of only Florence at The Hare & Hounds in Thousand Oaks. (714) 871-7447 (714) 550-6700.
3: Mayflower club of N Hollywood has 985-9300.
have the best health care money can buy, as 42 people, and the youngest this really worthwhile and needed cause that 22: 53rd San Francisco International Film
long as you have money to pay for it. Brit, to reach both geographical poles. makes such a difference. All sorts of people their Easter Afternoon Tea and Easter Bonnet
Parade; 10: is Pub Night; May 2: is Brunch and Festival, the longest running, best in international
Or as (D) Congresswoman Debbie This boat was built with 12,500 reclaimed help from scientists, lawyers, to FBI agents. silent auction. cinema, including British films
Wasserman Schultz of Florida found out plastic bottles, and SRPet, a The executive director The British Connection in Torrance has a full 22-29: Newport Beach Film Festival www.
you can be turned down for a pre-existing fully recyclable material to Catherine Meek is from stock of Easter goodies for your selection as well
condition, like breast cancer, as she was. draw attention to the health of Glasgow and Regional as your favorite food items. Call Mike and he will 23: British Films and TV Summit at the
That’s exactly why she ran for congress. To our oceans, in particular the Coordinator Blue McDon- ship your order (310) 214-1790. Beverly Hilton Hotel (310) 312-1962.
make changes. colossal amounts of plastic nell is from County Claire, 7: English Afternoon Tea in Ojai at Plaza 23: Queen’s Birthday Ball celebrating Her
Insurance for Karen and myself, at our age debris which end up in the Ireland. So if you’d like to Pantry 1:30pm (805) 646-6325. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Intercontinental
and in good health, was $1,225 a month four oceans worldwide, affecting be of service check out You Say Tomato in San Francisco has all your Hotel 888 Howard Street, San Francisco. Easter goodies to choose to from. Call David to 24-25 May 1-2: Escondido Renaissance
years ago. I’m sure it’s gone up since then. I and causing great harm to ship your order to your kids who can’t do without Faire at Felicita Park (805) 496-6036.
just got my UK pension of $12.93 a week. At marine life and the environ- (213) 905-2777. Easter eggs (415) 921-2828. 24: British Fashion Show and British De-
that rate we’ll still be working until age 106. ment. To follow this exciting I stopped in at the 8: BritWalk at South Coast Plaza, Orange signer Awards presented by GenLux Magazine
One thing we find mind boggling is how adventure and learn more Continental Shop 1619 County. (310) 312-1962.
can 100 percent of Republicans vote against www. Wilshire Blue in Santa 10: Kern County Scottish Society Gathering 25: St George’s Day celebration. Royal Soci-
Plastiki leaving San Francisco Monica (310) 453-8566
this? Not one yes vote. How is that possible? and Games in Bakersfield ety of St George – Solemn Evensong & Recep-
We think five or ten years from now when Our favorite, Brits Be- for the South Pacific courtesy to get a British DVD RAF Cameron’s Inn Half Moon Bay for lunch on tion. British Connection: (310) 214-1790.
people look back, they’ll say, “Why didn’t ing of Service we recently Fighter Command (still the patio with a pint ,or plan your next party there. 24-25: Tulare County Renaissance Festival
of Luca Babini. the best selection on the Their burgers are to die for!! (650) 726-5705. in Plaza Park in Visalia
we do this 100 years ago.” met Sinean Chilton (Man- 10: Tartan Day Scottish Faire at Ardenwood 25: Rock Legends Emerson and Lake at the
Now if you’ve got some extra money like chester) grew up in Yorkshire, and resides West Coast) and check out how Suzanne Historic Farm, Fremont, Ca (510) 818-4218. Orpheum Theatre.
now in Ventura with and Mike Clewer are doing after losing Brian 10-May 23: Renaissance Pleasure Faire of 25-26: Sacramento Valley Scottish Games
her daughter Kathleen Clewer last year. southern California at Santa Fe Dam, Irwindale, Ca and Gathering at Yolo county Fairgrounds,
(born in US). Sinead I’m pleased to say very well, although to (at 605 and 210 Freeways) Woodland, Ca
works with a non profit be expected, they miss Brian. Hey! So do we We want to thank Let’s Buy British for all their 27: BABCSF will hold a very special business
organization School on all. Particularly his radio show Cynics Choice hard efforts in getting our Easter favorites to us networking event to celebrate St George’s Day.
Wheels helping some of with all that British comedy every Sunday on time!! They have to jump through hoops with 27-May 16: The 39 Steps www.centerthe-
the more than 290,000 morning. The most important thing is the the regulations and I’m sure Nathan and staff get
many early gray hairs. We salute you!! 28: British Architecture and Design Events
homeless children in shop is still open, alive and well, still stocked 16-17: Mark Knopfler appearing at the Pan- at Pacific Design Center featuring leading British
California, 1.3 million with all things British: The Oldest Established tages Theatre Interior Designers, presented by Luxe Magazine
nationwide. Staggering British Shoppe in LA. 16-18: British Acts at Coachella Festival (310) 312-1962.
government figures! Couldn’t be in Santa Monica without stop- 28: San Francisco will hold an invitation only
Schools on Wheels ping for a lunchtime pint at Ye Olde King’s While on Spring Break take the family out to VIP Reception in aid of the American Red Cross
provides educational Head and were they busy! Wall to wall in front the Channel Islands and celebrate the whales. Bay Area Chapter.
assistance to young- of the TV for a live soccer match from the UK. You can camp out, take nature hikes, or just lay 29: John Mayal, Canyon Club, Agoura Hills.
sters K-12 grade and Stopped by the Shoppe to say hello to Ann on the cliff enjoying the sun and the view. The 29: Reception at Christopher Guy in Beverly
they’re always looking Channel Islands have no insects. Island Packers Hills, presented by Angelino Magazine (310)
for more volunteers who Continued on next page (805) 642-1393. 312-1962.
Lindsey, Cortney, Brittney, Claire, and Taylor 17: Jeff Beck at the Nokia Theatre www. May 1-2: Shasta Renaissance Faire at An-
catering to their new boss, Jannette Rawlings, at can commit an hour or Contact Leo and Karen or Car Man Phil at PO Box 5691 derson River Park
The Lookout in Oxnard Harbor. more a week to help with Oxnard, CA 93031 or
April 2010 Page 9

Leo & Karen’s California View... marque’s producing similar cars which cre-
ated competition internally.
Continued from page 8 Study Proposes Disclaimer BMC was formed by the merger of Austin
Motor company and the Nuffield organization
and Margo, only it turned into a wave over the
boxes from their Let’s Buy British delivery.
Took the 101 west and stopped to say hello
For Airbrushed Models which was the parent company of Morris,
Wolseley, Riley and MG. The Parent com-
to Tricia at The Hounds and Hare in Thousand A BRITISH government-commissioned was needed before deciding to start slap- pany of Austin Healey and Vanden Plas was
Oaks (805) 495-4042 to a very welcome cup study has proposed putting disclaimers ping disclaimers on photos, adding that Austin, all this made the BMC corporation
of tea (in business 26 years). A lot of warmth, on digitally altered images of models, the issue was “incredibly complex.” responsible for a total of seven marques, all
hospitality, as well as a shop full of all that’s warning consumers that the too-perfect EVALUATE of which competed for sales against each
British. It’s always a pleasure to see you Trish. woman staring at them from inside The report, authored by psycholo- other. To stem this competition BMC badge
MOST PEOPLE regard the Mini as Sir Alex engineered some of their cars, which meant
Must be that ever present Scottish charm. a fashion magazine is, in fact, too gist and media personality Linda Pa- Issigonis’s finest contribution to the mo-
Celebrating birthdays in March is Dame perfect. padopoulos, said that “when girls using different badges for the same car. They
But Britain’s ad watchdog is cool to evaluate themselves against unrealistic tor industry but many believe it to be his had done it before with the Mini, which was
Vera Lynn at 93; Andrew Lloyd Webber 62; earlier design, the Morris Minor as his finest
Dougie Thomson 59; and Roger Hodgson the proposal, and the publishing industry airbrushed images it cultivates a feel- available badged as Austin or Morris, and
said more time was needed to unravel ing of falling short, of not being ‘good achievement. I myself would rate Sir Alex’s prior to that with Wolseley and Riley.
60. Both formerly of SuperTramp. The group Mini over his Morris Minor because of the
went their separate ways some 20 plus years the matter. enough.”‘ Now, with the 1100 they added four more
“We still receive very, very few She recommended that ratings should technical innovation of stuffing so much in to the Austin and Morris so with the excep-
ago. We’re meeting up with Roger and will such a small package with the end result
give him a “little bit of your love” to him. A complaints on the airbrushing issue,” be affixed to such images to make clear tion of Austin Healey the 1100 was available
Advertising Standards Agency spokes- if and how models had been altered. looking decent, stylish even. badged in all of BMC’s Marques. Pricewise
full report next month. Not that the Minor didn’t have style, it did
We lost Phil Lynch of the Corinthian man Matt Wilson said, adding that his Nevertheless, a steady stream of pho- the Austin and Morris were similar, then in
organization already had the power to toshopped advertisements – including but in a more conventional way. The mini’s ascending order came the MG, Wolseley, Ri-
Cricket Club and Christopher Carroll from style was a radical change from convention ley and Vanden Plas, these later four having a
Santa Barbara, past president of the Holly- act when airbrushed ads were offensive an allegedly touched-up political poster and it worked especially in Britain where it
wood Cricket Club, both well known locally. or misleading. featuring a particularly smooth-faced more powerful twin carburetor version of the
He noted that the agency had acted opposition British Conservative Party became an icon. There was another Issigonis A series engine. Interior and dashboard layout
And last but not least, it’s Leo’s birthday last year when an ad for Olay eye cream chief David Cameron – have kept the car though which I think was his best, it is was different on all six models ranging from
in April. We’re celebrating Saturday the 10th featuring supermodel Twiggy had the issue in the public eye. largely forgotten now but in its prime was adequate simplicity on the Austin and Morris
at The Lookout in the Channel Islands of wrinkles around the 60-year-old’s eyes London-area fashion photographer voted by Wheels magazine as the best car to top of the line walnut-veneer dashboard,
Oxnard Harbor 2800 S Harbor Blvd (805) removed electronically. Paul Cable said he wouldn’t be opposed of the year. The year was 1964 and the car door cappings, picnic tables on the back of
985-9300. Come out for the day. Maybe The Periodical Publishers Asso- to putting a disclaimer on doctored was the 1100 and like the Mini was available the front seats, Connolly Leather hide uphol-
enjoy a day sail, go whale watching with ciation, which represents Britain’s £6bn photos. badged as either Morris or Austin, and in stery, Wilton carpets and West of England
Island Packers (805) 642-1393 and join us magazine and business media industry, The government said it was studying the 1960’s it was consistently Britain’s best cloth headlining on the Vanden Plas.
in the evening for a a rockin’ Blues party with said in a statement that more evidence the report’s advice. selling car. The body lines of all six marques were
Jannette and crew. The 1100 started off as the ADO16 which identical as they used the same panels but
We’re really proud of Jannette so were get- was a code name for “Austin Drawing Office the faces were different and I think Alex Is-
ting together as many people as we can, old
friends and new. Jannette was manager at the London Jewish Museum project number 16”. Following his success
with the Mini, Issigonis set out to design
sigonis or Pininfarina (I’m not sure who was
responsible) did a great job as they tried to
Reopens After Major Facelift
Fox and Hounds in Studio City for numerous a larger and more sophisticated car which retain some tradition and they did just that. All
years. So this is as much for her and her new incorporated even more advanced features cars have faces, the bonnet is the nose, the
venture to help fellow Brits. It’ll be a blast. and innovations. In common with the Mini, headlights the eyes and most important, the
You’re all more than welcome to come. THEY ARE icons of Britain: a Victorian- They’re also Jewish – evidence of the the ADO16 was designed around the BMC Radiator grille is the mouth, this being the sig-
Don’t forget BritWeek starts April 22 with era statesman, a World War I soldier-poet, 1,000-year history of Jews in Britain, A-Series engine, mounted transversely and nature of the car, for it’s here where the badge
lots of fun things planned fish and chips. whose story is told in a museum reopening driving the front wheels. As well as single is proudly displayed. The six 1100 marques,
this week after a £10m expansion. piston swinging caliper disc brakes at the each had there own facial characteristics, and
kingshead I wouldn’t presume to judge which looked the
“Fish and chips, which everyone thinks
www.y .com of as very English, is in fact Sephardic
Jewish,” said celebrity chef Nigella Law-
the most handsome. The size of the grille on
the Austin and Morris were similar thus sharing
Restaurant a common bonnet but the grille pattern was
Shoppe son, who helped relaunch the London
Jewish Museum last month after a two- different. The Morris badge was mounted on a
116 Santa Monica Blvd, 132 Santa Monica Blvd, year closure. Many believe that Britain’s chrome stripped bonnet as it was on the Morris
Santa Monica, CA 90401 Santa Monica CA 90401 national dish has its origins in fried fish Minor, the Austin badge was mounted on the
(310) 451 1402 (310) 394 8765 introduced to the country by Spanish and traditional Austin wavy bar grille. The radiator
Portuguese Jews. grille on the MG was narrower, sportier looking
Restaurant now Food and the nature of Britishness both The Riley 1100 which necessitated a different bonnet, as too
open at 9am Open Fri-Sat play a significant part in the museum, which front, which were not common on mass were the Wolseley and Riley with their nar-
Mon-Fri. has expanded from a Victorian house in produced cars in the early 1960s. The sus- rower grille styles – This achieved a different
Open for breakfast 10am-10pm London’s Camden Town to a former piano pension system used was the Hydrolastic style of sophistication. The Vanden Plas had
Sun-Thur factory next door, tripling its floorspace. interconnected fluid system designed by Alex an almost Rolls Royce “stuck-up” arrogance
weekends at 8am British Pub, Restaurant
but looked well because of it.
and Gift Shoppe Among the interactive displays is a chance Moulton which produced good ride comfort
10am-8pm to smell chicken soup cooking in a recreated and body leveling and which kept the road The fact was that each marque retained
Happy Hour East End immigrant’s kitchen. wheels under good control and the tyres in some heritage and individuality, and the ex-
Mon - Fri 4-7pm England’s entire Jewish population contact with the road). pression of each was different. This great little
Pininfarina, the Italian styling studio which BMC 1100 was unique in that it was shared
Sh Gift

$2.50 pints (food specials) was expelled by King Edward I in 1290


had worked with BMC before on the Austin six different marques whose heritage all dated

after years of anti-Semitic violence, and

Afternoon Tea Sat 2-5 Jews were only readmitted in 1656 under A40 Farina, were asked to do the styling. It back to the earliest motor cars. Together they
Oliver Cromwell, who had overthrown was a masterpiece of packaging, this four- showed how important the radiator grille, the
Patio Dining the monarchy. door sedan having comparable interior space mouth, the signature of the car really was, a
One gallery is devoted to the Holocaust, to the much larger Ford Cortina. In terms of fact that has been overlooked by most car
Trivia Night Every focusing on the experience of one British sales it was an instant success for BMC (Brit- stylists today.
survivor of Auschwitz, while another holds ish Motor Corporation) and profits from the Yes, I think this it was Sir Alex’s finest, no
W d @ 8pm
ed. 8p a large display of Jewish ceremonial art. 1100 were also better than the Mini. Overall matter what face it wore the BMC 1100 was
ay though the BMC company wasn’t doing too a little beauty.
April: Join us on Easter Sund
The venue calls itself the only museum
in London dedicated to a minority group. well, it had grown too large with too many Happy Motoring.
for a Traditional Roast dinner.
available in our Cigarettes And Booze Are Cited As ‘Secrets’ By Centenarian
EASTER EGGS shop next door Brit Week begins
April 17th -
LORNA GOBEY believes that her long “People try and tell you it’s bad for you Gobey, who has 27 grandchildren, 55
great grandchildren and 12 great-great
Celebrate but my family wouldn’t dare ask me to
s Day
life is due to cigarettes and drink
rge', April
St. GeoFriday 23rd – DJ
lots of great events The 100-year-old, of Cheltenham,
smokes 20 cigarettes a day and regularly
stop. If they did, I’d put them across my lap
and give them a slapped bum. I’ve always
grandchildren, toasted her birthday at her lo-
cal Labour Club with her favourite tipple.
enjoys a glass of Guinness with a whisky tried to enjoy life. I think it’s important to
chaser. do the things you want to do and not to let
Guinness•Murphy’s•Young’s Oatmeal•Abbott Ale•Belhaven Twisted Thistle•

Stella Artois•Fullers ESB•Smithwicks•Fullers London Pride•Murphy’s Red

She smoked her first cigarette in 1940 things get you down. I like my smokes, a
– and reckons she’s gone through over drop of whiskey and Guinness and I still
half-a-million since then, reported the love to play skittles. Perhaps it’s part of
Daily Telegraph. the reason I have lived for so long. I never
Gobey said: “I’ve been smoking since I thought I’d make it to 100, but I have. I’m
was 30 and have had no problems at all. quite amazed really.”

Voted Best
Neighborhood Pub
Jolly Good
– O.C. Weekly
Catering Available MEAT PRODUCTS
Thursday April 22nd –
Friday April 23rd –
Kofi Baker’s Tribute to Cream 8pm
St. George's Day - Beer Special - Ray Bush & The BBC Jazz Band
Pork Pies
Saturday April 24th –
Sunday April 25th –
Cheap Date 8:30pm
3rd Annual Vintage British Car Show noon - to 4pm. Call Lynne Sausage Rolls
714/550-6700 if you're interested in displaying your car.
Tuesday April 27th – British Quiz Night 7:30pm


Thursday April 29th – British American Business Council - Curry Bar - your choice only
$20 includes 2 visits to the curry bar, a glass of wine, well

Saturday, May 1st –

cocktail, or pint.
60's Night with special guests Abbey Road Beatles Tribute Band. LOCAL BRITISH SHOP AND PUB
“Our Name Says It All!”
Come in your favourite 60's costume. Prizes, raffles.
709 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton CA 92832
714. 871.7447
visit us on the web at
(323) 290-2265
Premier League Soccer shown (Santa Ana Location only) - call for schedule. FAX: (323) 294-3943
Coming soon....O.C. World Cup Headquarters

•Harp•Old Speckled Hen•London Porter•Belhaven Scottish Ale• Los Angeles, CA 90043

Page 10 April 2010

~ This paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US ~
is holding a super British horsey afternoon Q SARASOTA: Welsh Club (941) 349-
out at Gulfstream Racetrack, Hallandale. 6069 ask for Amy or (941) 955-5569
Ladies are required to dress up accordingly, Jackie.
with hats for its popular annual event. Round
up your British friends for a champagne ATTENTION FLORIDA PUB-OWNERS
lunch at Ten Palms restaurant in the BACC’s WORLD CUP AND UK FOOTBALL SEASON IS
private box. Tickets $50-$60. Sunday April LOOMING! Our expat readers are YOUR market.
18, at noon. Must pre-book – call President Bring fans into YOUR pub with our special
Roy Yates (954) 942-7330. World Cup advertising deal. FOR RATES: Email
Pub name and (required) owner’s daytime
NOT THE ENGLAND WE KNEW CORNER. Justine Assal for complete details (407) I am honoured to say the Florida Associa- Q HOLLYWOOD The Royal Society of phone (we don’t work nights like you!) to Florida
One of the primary reasons UK Brits cite 908-4187. tion of British Business (FABB), which I run office at top of this page. On subject line put:
when contacting my office about trans- and co-founded in 1997, was chosen as a Saint George, The Premier Patriotic Society UJ adrates World Cup.
planting to Florida is “we’re overrun with
Q UK-USA Cultural Corner: The veteran
Best in Country Winner as the best Business of England, Patron Her Majesty the Queen
immigrants.” They appear to be right. We’re British band the Moody Blues performed Club in the United States. The Telegraph noti- hosts its St George’s Day Celebration din- ATTENTION FLORIDA’S BRITISH-
not talking about Bradford or Southall, but in Miami last month. Lead singer Justin fied me in March. Pleasing to know my two ner. I will be a guest, so hope to see some OWNED BUSINESSES, SHOPS and PUBS: If
beautiful Berkshire. Here’s an excerpt from Hayward, 63, told the Miami Herald: “The decades of work for Florida’s British com- of my brilliant British readers there. This is you wish to get bulk copies of the Union Jack,
The Telegraph published February 17, 2010 American audience is a lot more demonstra- munity got a nod, because it hasn’t made the South Florida branch, which I helped (50 papers a month minimum), to offer your
which stunned me. “READING … TOWN tive and they express themselves better. In me rich, ha ha. Seriously, the satisfaction get going in October 2002. Location: The customers, phone our circulation department 1
OF 150 TONGUES. The schoolchildren of the UK the fans are a bit quieter. Brits love derived from helping fellow expats succeed Hollywood Beach Golf and Country Club. (800) 262-7305. The paper is free, but a small
Reading have been found to speak as many the music just the same, but Americans in Florida is immeasurable of course. The Sunday, April 25 at 6pm. Buffet Dinner. $28. delivery charge applies. Or go to: www.ujnews.
as 150 different languages. So rich is the know how to go to a concert.” contest has just closed and there were a total Non-members welcome. Must pre-book – com). Over 800 distributors nationwide.
ethnic mix that in some schools, not many Q FT LAUDERDALE: Riverdance, the of 100 Best in Country winners, with Best call Margaret (954) 928-0952. Note: Roy
more than half the pupils have English as Yates, a super Scouser, has been appointed The opinions in this column are Patri-
thunderous celebration of Irish Music, in World winners to be announced at the as the new President of the RSSG – a dy- cia Kawaja’s and not necessarily shared
their mother tongue ... recent refugees have song and stepdance that has thrilled mil- Best of British Awards Ceremony in London by Union Jack Publishing.
flooded in from the world’s trouble spots this month. (Congrats also to Sarasota’s namic choice methinks.
lions of people around the globe. At the
notably Rwanda, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Broward Center April 30. Ticket info (954) 4 and 20 Pasty Company – see ad in this
In the chaotic melting pot that is Reading’s paper, for winning a Best of British Shops
Oxford Road, you will hear Punjabi, Yoruba,
award. Bravo owner Richard Posner. Now Attention Florida's British businesses,
Guarani, Temne, Uzbek, Polish, Rumanian, order some of his yummy pasties to see
Hindi or Urdu, as much as English. Battle News of why he won). entrepreneurs and professionals
Primary school in that area has 442 children
from 42 different countries. And only 30 the Booze Q YUM-YUM BRITISH SHOPS and
TEAROOMS SPOTLIGHT, for your fix of the
ALSO: Be listed in Florida's
percent of the children have English as their British Business Directory.
first language.” There’s much more in the English goodies you crave.
Gainesville Brits finally 1) Mount Dora: Windsor Rose English Email for info.
article, but you get the drift. The nostalgic now have a British pub. The Queen’s Arms
Brideshead England of yesteryear, of cricket Tearoom (352) 735-2551. Want to attract more customers?
(352) 378-0721 shows UK football and has English owner Sue Goodale.
teas and thatched cottages still exists in an English manager called Jenny. Pop in and
pockets but it gets more elusive by the day. check it out.
2) Fort Walton Beach: The British Ped- Of course, you bloody do. Here's how.
Of course the irony is that the Florida we Q TAMPA AREA: British Motor Classic
lar Shop (850) 863-3969. English owner You target fellow Brits by advertising in this newspaper. FACT: Our British
fled to is immigrant-laden too, including Heather Pohlman. readers prefer doing business with fellow expats.
Show, including the MG Club at the Peter O. 3) Sarasota: Scots Corner Shop (941)
us Brits. But we all have more space here Knight Airport as part of the Davis Islands
to spread out! Plus a smattering of British 953-6707. FOR ADRATES [Florida only], email to:
Festival. April 24. Enter your British car, be
accents amongst the orange groves adds a spectator, vendor or sponsor. Call Rick Q MIAMI: As the most glamorous spot
Come to the BRITISH NETWORK…A roomful of Brits is never dull.
class, methinks. (352) 650-5135. www.britishmotorclub. in Florida, is always full of companies
Q ORLANDO: British-American Cham- net. filming and doing photo-shoots. They have Make British contacts, business or social – useful,
enjoyable networking with British professionals.
ber of Commerce annual Dreamflight St Q As you may know, the Weekly Tele- to pull permits first from the City, which
Hosted by the British Bureau at The News Lounge, 5580
George’s Day Golf Tournament on April, graph, circulated to the expatriate com- are published in the city newspaper. One NE 4th Court, Miami FL 33137, one mile north of Miami.
23. Shotgun start at 8am. Prizes, breakfast munity in 47 countries around the world, of them filming last month was THE BOL- Free to attend – buy own drinks/food. Tuesdays April 20,
and lunch, silent auction and chance to has been running a Best of British Awards LOCKS PRODUCTIONS from Asheville May 18 from 6.30 to 9.30pm.
win British Airways tickets. Round up your contest via the newspaper and website. North Carolina. What makes you think it’s
fellow expat golfers and enter this popular Categories were Best British Shop / British a British-owned business? THE BRITISH BUREAU of FLORIDA British-American PR/Marketing since 1991.
event. All levels of players welcome from Restaurant / British Bar, British Business Q ASCOT DAY IN SOUTH FLORIDA ... Reaching the British market for our clients
experts to people who think Tiger Woods is Club / Association, British Social Club and Minus Her Majesty. The Broward British [305] 371-9340 office in Miami. Clients in all parts of Florida and the UK.
a park in India. Call BACC Orlando President British Sporting Club. American Chamber of Commerce (BACC)
April 2010 Page 11
Labour Icon Michael Foot Dies As deputy leader of Callaghan’s gov-
ernment Foot was in charge of the first Winston Churchill, WWII Leader’s Grandson, Dies
FORMER Labour Party leader Michael the public advocated higher personal devolution proposals for Wales. WINSTON Spencer Churchill, a former He was elected as a Conservative to
Foot died last month at age 96. taxation, more government interven- Plaid Cymru’s leader Ieuan Wyn member of Parliament and grandson of represent Stretford in Lancashire in 1970,
Foot was elected Labour leader in tion in industry and unilateral nuclear Jones said: “Michael Foot was a man Britain’s wartime leader, died last month. serving that district until 1983.
1980, succeeding Cardiff MP Jim Cal- disarmament. of principle and a great Parliamentar- He was 69. Churchill subsequently represented
laghan, but he stood down as leader Foot had earlier had to deal with splits ian who commanded respect across the Churchill had been suffering from can- Manchester Davyhulme from 1983 until
after losing the 1983 election to Margaret in his party, as the so-called ‘Gang of political divide. cer and died at his London home. 1997.
Thatcher. Four’ left to form the Social Democratic “It was my privilege and pleasure to Churchill was a member of the House Churchill is survived by two daughters
Foot, who succeeded Nye Bevan in Party (SDP). have known him and to have served in of Commons from 1970 to 1997. Earlier and two sons from his marriage to Mary
1960 in the Ebbw Vale constituency, died He first stood for the leadership when Westminster at the same time as him where he had been a foreign correspondent for Caroline d’Erlanger, which ended in
at his home in Hampstead, London. Harold Wilson resigned in 1976, losing I learnt much from his wealth of knowledge The Times, The Daily Telegraph and divorce in 1997; and by his second wife,
Foot was first elected to Parliament in to James Callaghan. and commitment to social justice. other papers. Luce Danielson.
1945 and was an MP for 47 years. He was

Live & Work In The USA

born in Plymouth but became a giant of



Welsh politics.
One of the great political orators,
he nevertheless led Labour to its worst
defeat in 50 years at the 1983 election.
But his rebellious spirit, his passion and
Do you dream of moving from Britain to a new
life in Texas, Arizona or maybe even Alaska. reloca
loyalty endeared him to many in Wales.
The left-wing manifesto he put to We have been successfully relocating t
Brits to America since 1992. advice &
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Page 12 April 2010
played before all welcome! $160. Info: Bryan. 6:30-8:30pm (330) 963-6370. 2, 9, 16, 23: West Side Irish American Club, three of my Brit friends all declared, “terrific,
The American Friends of the Georgian Irish-style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd, Olmsted perfect just as it should be”. So I hope you
Group Township, 6-9pm (216) 251-4075. enjoy my version. You will need to keep it
7: Lecture and Reception, Reflected Glory? 9, 23: British American Club, Open pub, in the fridge but not more than three weeks,
From Sun King to Sideboard: the Taste for Silver darts and trivia, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) or you can process it in jars. It really isn’t
and Gilded Furniture in Europe 1660–17,5 Tessa Twinsburg 6-8pm (330) 963-6370. hard to make and tastes so much better
NEW YORK Murdoch. Abigail Adams Smith Auditorium, 417 10: Red Hackle Pipe Band, Annual Dance, than the commercial products.
April East 61st Street, 6pm. Entry $30. Register at UAW Hall. Chevrolet Blvd. Parma, 7pm (440)
St George’s Society of New York, or call Robert Dennis at 734-3731. Lemon Curd
23: The English Ball: London in New York. The (212) 480-2889, ext 201. Space is limited; 11: Scottish American Society, Monthly meet- 2 Lemons
New York Public Library, Stephen A Schwarzman register early. ing, Akron Public Library, Downtown Akron, 3pm, “Spring is sprung, the grass is ris, I 2 large egg yolks
Building, Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street, 7-12pm. 12: Lecture and Reception, Behind Closed (330) 882-0342. wonder where the birdies is.....the birdies 1/2 cup sugar
Our largest annual fundraiser is the English Ball. Doors: At Home in Georgian England, Amanda 13, 27 SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meetings, is upon the wing, but that’s absurd because 3 Tbsp butter(must be butter,
This year we will be honoring Mark C Pigott OBE, Vickery. The Collectors Club, 22 East 35th Street, Community Presbyterian Church, 5132 Mayfield the wing is on the bird!” in small pieces)
Chairman and CEO, PACCAR Inc. marisa.mace@ 6pm. $45 per person. The lecture will be followed Rd, Lyndhurst, 7:30pm, (330) 463-5559. 2 tsp cornstarch or (212) 662-6110. by a reception. Please make your reservation 14 Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting, RIDICULOUS to be able to remember 1/4 cup sour cream
26: Arts Initiative. The National Arts Club, by April 5. Denny’s Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman, 1pm, that silly thing from school days, but not 2 Tbsp cold water
15 Gramercy Park South, 6-8pm. $20 entry fee 3-10: Tartan Week in New York. Many events, (330) 758-4202. remember anything of great importance!
(payment now required in advance) cover charge various venues, from Central Park to Ellis Island; 17: Lochaber pipe Band, Annual Dinner & Anyway, I hope we are all able to start Grate peel finely, and squeeze out 1/3
at the door includes hors d’oeuvres and cash from Stone St to the East River. See site for info: Ball, German’s Villa, Vermillion, 6pm, (440) thinking that it is spring and better weather cup of the juice, keep separate. Combine
bar. Info: or 245-8935. coming. We all sure need it, even here is sugar and cornstarch in a large sauce-pan
(212) 662-6110. August 14: Central New York Scottish Games 17: Cleveland Manx Society, Luncheon Meet- Florida at time of writing we are still wear- with a wire whisk.
Big Apple Brits & Celtic Festival at Long Branch Park, Liverpool ing, River City Grill, Marriott Inn, Harvard & I-271, ing jackets etc. However, despite our bad Using whisk stir in the water and lemon
7: Big Apple Brits 1st birthday party. Slat- (near Syracuse). Events 9am-9pm. (315) 784- 1pm, (216) 481-2476. freezes in February, the citrus does not juice until smooth, then whisk in the egg
terys, 36th Street (between 5th & Madison) 5348, 18: Jaguar Club of Ohio, Wine Tasting & Pot seem to have been as affected as feared, yolks. Heat to medium, whisking con-
NYC, 7pm. Come celebrate with extended drinks To add your NY club/organisation calendar Luck, The Stult’s Homestead, Canton, 2pm, and right now the lemons are super. stantly until the mixture comes to a boil,
specials, free shot, birthday cake & balloons and insertion contact: anna.titley@stgeorges- (330) 837-5755. I don’t know where the origin of curd as reduce heat and simmer for one minute,
of course a raffle! RSVP and info: www.bigap- 22: Daughters of the BE, Westminster a name came from, as that usually refers or until thickened, stirring constantly CALIFORNIA San Francisco Chapter, meeting, Lyndhurst, 7:30pm (440) to milk products. However Lemon curd is with whisk. Strain mixture in small sieve
16: 3rd Fridays. Stone Creek Lounge, 27th April 3: SanDiego Tartan Day Festival. Open 461-2533. a firm favourite, great as it is on bread, for over a bowl. Stir the butter and lemon
(between 3rd & Lex) NYC, 6pm. Come meet House, Sunday April 4; Int’l Observance, April 6. 30: British-American C of C, Link Club cakes, or tarts, and luverly on warm gin- peel into the strained mixture until the
members for happy hour, banter & live uk djs Both the City and County of San Diego have de- Luncheon, Mavis Winkle’s Pub, Independence, gerbread. I finally worked out a recipe that Yield 1 cup
from 7:30 onwards RSVP and info: www.bigap- clared April 6, 2010 as Tartan Day – and the area’s 11:30am (216) 621-0222. major Scottish organizations will celebrate their
24: St Georges Day & Tribeca film fest party. culture – and tartans – on the previous weekend
Trattoria cinque, 363 Greenwich St (@Franklin as part of San Diego’s seventh annual celebration Broody Hen Adopts Puppies At Farm
St) NYC, 8pm. Wear red & white and enjoy a of Tartan Day. warm. Nettle is now left out in the cold –
night out in Tribeca for our own film fest night May 8: Bulldogs, Bentleys and Bangers – Club pining for her puppies in the yard – as they
showcasing short clips at the party. Auto Sport, will host a nest with their adopted mother.
British War Veterans celebration of all things British entitled, Bulldogs, Tate, 43, added: “We were amazed
3: Social dance. American Legion Hall, 51 Bentleys and Bangers. In the evening: dinner and when we first it happen – my 13-year-old
Roosevelt Ave, Valley Stream, 7-11pm. Prize for dance featuring a British theme and Beatles tribute daughter first saw it happen and called us
the best Easter bonnet. Dancing to a live band. band. Cost for the dinner/dance will be $50 per to come and have a look. And when we
Cost $15 per person. person. Individual participation in the car show saw Mabel here roosting on the pups – we
16: Members meeting. American Legion Hall, and open house is free and the daytime show just laughed. Nettle was a bit startled to say
8:30pm. New members always welcome. will run from 9am-4pm. The day is in conjunc- OWNERS of a broody hen are astonished the least – but she didn’t mind too much
Play Rugby USA tion with the San Francisco Brit Week Celebration to see the bird has adopted a litter of eventually. She’s happy to have a helping
10, 25: NYC’s First Ever Middle School Flag and Julian Evans, British Consul General will be puppies. pair of wings.
Rugby League. 8:30am-1:30pm. Competitive in attendance. The hen has astonished Edward and
league for 24 middle schools from around the five NORTHEAST OHIO Ros Tate, of Shrewsbury, who own a lo-
boroughs Volunteers needed to help run the events.
Check for sign up details
By Joe Nicholls. Joe and Kevin McGinty can
be heard on “Sounds of Britain and Ireland”
cal farm – by taking the puppies under its
wing. Mabel took a shine to the pups and English Pork Pie Company LLC
or email Sundays 4-5pm on Cleveland’s WCPN 90.3FM now keeps them warm by roosting on top “Finest Pork Pies Made in America”
7: Wednesdays through June 2 (10 weeks). and of them in their dog basket.
Manhattan Raiders Flag rugby team. Pier 40 April Edward Tate said she waited until the Welcome to the English,Pork Pie Company
Roof deck field, 4pm to 5.30pm. 6 to 13 years, 2, 16: British-American Club, Fish & chips din- puppies’ mother, Nettle, left them before
beginners new to the game or children that have ners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg, hopping into the basket to keep them providing America with the only truly authentic pork
pie. We bake fresh to order everyday , following an
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April 2010 Page 13
On the actual day of publication, me there on holiday, Maggie said. “I
Maggie went from bookshop to remember the wonderful farmhouse
bookshop to sign copies of her novel. food and the little girl next door in the
After she finished at Waterstone’s cottage where the foreman’s family
on Oxford Street, they sent her to lived. She was about my age.” Mag-
Hatchard’s in Piccadilly, which has gie has since received an email from
been around since 1797. her childhood friend, Mary.
Hatchard’s told Maggie they had What’s next for Maggie? She
THIS MONTH, I thought it might be four copies for her to sign. “This girl continues to work in the publishing
interesting to follow up with a new came trundling into the with a small industry as a typesetter and book
author whose first novel I reviewed pine table,” Maggie said. When she designer while her agent shops
a year or so ago. In June 2009, protested that she didn’t need the around for a publisher for Maggie’s
Maggie Dana traveled to London for table, the girl replied, “Oscar Wilde second novel.
the release and launch of her novel, signed his books at this table.” She When I asked how her book is
Beachcombing, which McMillan then took a photo of Maggie signing doing, Maggie had this to say: “It’s
published only in the UK. Maggie her book at that same pine table, perking along and I find out how I’m
described the trip as wonderful and sitting where Oscar Wilde had sat doing every six months when the
said she gained a new appreciation more than a century ago. royalty check arrives.” Further, she
for the British rail system. Maggie then went to Cornwall for said, “People who go into this experi-
While her trip was filled with speak- more book signings and an interview ence with starry-eyed expectations
ing and signing engagements, some with radio Cornwall. “The host spent will be disappointed. I had modest
moments were unforgettable and 15 minutes interviewing me about expectations and am enjoying the hell
impossibly special. “A school friend the story – and he had actually read out of the whole experience.”
from my very first school showed up my book!” Maggie said. During the
at a signing. You just never know. It course of the interview, Maggie was Until next month…
was a great, great trip – I had the best asked what her connection was with You may contact me at
time,” Maggie said. Cornwall. “My parents used to take

Finalists Announced For ‘Lost Booker Prize’

SIX WRITERS have a second shot at literary The Booker was originally awarded for books
glory, 40 years after they missed out on Britain’s published the previous year. But in 1971, it became
top book prize. a prize for the best novel published that year –
Finalists were announced last month for the omitting novels from 1970.
“lost” Booker Prize. They are Patrick White’s The The Lost Man Booker Prize is an attempt to
Vivisector, JG Farrell’s Troubles, Mary Renault’s remedy the oversight. Of the finalists, only Haz-
Fire From Heaven, Nina Bawden’s The Birds on zard and Bawden are still alive, but all the books
the Trees, Shirley Hazzard’s The Bay of Noon and are still in print. The winner will be announced
Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat. May 19.

Giant Pumpkin To Serve As Sailing Vessel

A VEGETABLE gardener in Anglesey is to sail to the Williams, who has won the President’s Award for
Isle of Man in a giant pumpkin he has grown. his vegetables at the Chelsea Flower Show, London,
Medwyn Williams, 67, of Llanfairpwll, is growing will set off from his home on Anglesey. He said: “I am
a 725kg gourd to be his craft in a stunt to raise money totally confident this can be done – we shall call her
for the Help for Heroes campaign. The walls of his HMV Cinderella... Her Majesty’s Vegetable. I have
pumpkin vessel with be 15cm thick and it will be fitted done tests with smaller pumpkins and they float well.
with a seat and outboard motor, reports Metro. I might just make it to the Isle of Man.”



One Year





619-670-PINT (7468) 619-713-6900
Page 14 April 2010
LITHUANIAN LOSS 69 on the last round, gave her a two-stroke the card. America skipper Landon Donovan Real Madrid are out. They lost by the
SOURS BRITISH TENNIS advantage over her nearest rivals. Two weeks scored his first goal for Everton, March 7, as only goal in Lyon, and could only draw 1-1
Britain’s Davis Cup Squad later, Davies earned herself a second place the toffees beat Hull City 5-1. Everton were at the Bernabeu.
has not won for three years, finish in the Australian Women’s Open in unsucessful at extending Donovan’s loan LIVERPOOL & FULHAM MOVE
and at Vilnius against Lithuania, Melbourne, after a nine under 283, put her period as the LA Galaxy needed him back AHEAD
March 5-7, the disappointment three strokes behind winner Yani Tseng. for the MLS new season kick-off. The second legs of the last 32 in the Eu-
continued. James Ward got Brit- Another Davies (no relation) 24-year-old FA CUP ropa League, late February, saw the British
ain off to a good start with a three Rhys Davies from Bridgend, enjoying his first The sixth round of the FA Cup, March contingent fall to two. Liverpool and Fulham
set win over Laurynas Grigelis, professional year on the circuit challenged 6-7, saw Shane Long put Reading two in advance, but Everton crash out. Liverpool 4,
then Dan Evans lost a five setter for the Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur, but front in their home match with Aston Villa, Unirea Urzicena 1, Fulham 3, Shaktar Donetsk
Compiled by Larry Gardner to Ricardas Berankis. Ken Skupski and Colin finished two strokes (12 under-par) shy of but John Carew netted a hat-trick that saw 1, Everton 2, Sporting Lisbon 4.
Fleming won the doubles against Dovydas teenage winner Noh Seung-yul. A week later the midlanders win 4-2. Frank Lampard and The last sixteen went into the first legs,
ATHLETIC GOLD FOR BRITAIN Sakinis and Grigelis that gave them a 2-1 however, his form continued at the Hassan John Terry were instrumental in carving out March 11, where Liverpool who appeared
THE WORLD Indoor Athletic Championships lead going in to the final day. Berankis beat II Trophy in Rabat, Morocco, where a final a 2-0 victory at Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea to be holding Lille away from home, were
at Doha, UAR, March 12-14, saw world James Ward in three sets, leaving the match round of 66 gave him a 25 under 267 and his beat Stoke City 2-0. Portsmouth put their stunned by a Eden Hazard goal five minutes
heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis, claim to hinge on Dan Evans against Grigelis. The first win on the European tour. He was two administration worries aside at Fratton Park, from the whistle that gave the French side
the pentathlon gold for Britain, when she game went to five sets with Evans, who has clear of Louis Oosthuizen and collected the as Frederic Piquionne grabbed two in three a 1-0 win.
beat the three medallists in the last world yet to win a Davis Cup encounter, continuing winner’s purse of £207,666. minutes to down Birmingham City 2-0. At At Anfield in the second leg, a Steven
championships. his hapless record. Lithuania 3, Britain 2. Justin Rose lay down the pace at the Craven Cottage, London neighbours Fulham Gerard penalty put Liverpool level after just
The troubled career of Dwain Chambers Britain has dropped to the third tier of Davis Honda Classic in Palm Beach, Florida, where and Tottenham Hotspur fought out a goalless nine minutes, while Fernando Torres (49th
was put aside in the 60m, where the Briton Cup competition, playing in the Europe/Africa he equaled the course record on the fourth draw with Spurs winning the replay 3-1 on & 90th) added two more for a 3-1 aggregate
took the gold and admitted his victory was a Group Two Zone, but they were expected to round with a six under 64, that gave him March 24. Spurs now face Portsmouth in victory.
culmination of a total turn-round in attitude win in Vilnius. Britain will next play Turkey, in a third place finish behind winner, Camilo the semi-finals. Fulham found it tough going in Italy, where
against the drug allegations that have cast a a relegation zone match, while skipper John Villegas. WAYNE ROONEY CLAIMS THE Juventus scored three goals in the first half
shadow over his running. Jenny Meadows Lloyd resigned some days later. Andy Mur- FIELD HOCKEY CARLING CUP FOR UNITED to give them a 3-1 victory. Dickson Etuhy
was beaten on the run-in during the 800m, rray had earlier withdrawn from the squad England made a great start to the men’s Sir Alex Ferguson added a 32nd career scored for the Cottagers in the 36th minute.
but held on for silver after Mariya Savinova citing his tight schedule and suggesting that field hockey World Cup in Delhi, India, Febru- trophy to his long and spectacular years as The second leg in London saw forceful Ful-
just pipped her to the tape. The men’s 4 the opportunity should be given to other ary 28-March 13, winning four of their five Britain’s most successful soccer manager, ham turn it on for a 4-1 win after the Italians
x400m relay squad took bronze to give Britain Britons to get Davis Cup experience. round-robin matches in group B. They beat when Manchester United beat Aston Villa had scored in the second minute. Bobby
a total of four medals. MURRAY & BALTACHA IN Australia 3-2,South Africa 6-4, Pakistan 2-1 to win the Carling English League Cup Zamora found the net in the ninth minute
CRICKET: ENGLAND IN CALIFORNIA 5-2, India 3-2, before losing 2-0 to Spain. at Wembley, February 28. A monster crowd then Zoltan Gera grabbed two, and American
BANGLADESH Andy Murray reached the quarter-finals It was enough to get them in the semi-finals of 88,596 watched both teams record their international Clint Dempsey hit the fourth,
England began their tour of Bangladesh, of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, against reigning champions Germany who eighth appearance in a league cup final, Villa eight minutes before the whistle. Juventus
February 28-March 24. They won the first California, March 11-21, losing 1-6, 6-7 to proved too robust however and won 4-1. previous winning five and United three. finished the game with nine men, as the ref
two 50 over games against the Bangladesh Sweden’s Robin Soderling. He had earlier The Netherlands denied England the bronze United and Villa had previously met in hastened to halt some rough tactics.
Cricket Board XI at Mirpur. Paul Collingwood sent Andreas Seppi (Italy), Michael Russel medal winning 3-1. Australia are the new field the final back in 1994, when the midlanders SCOTTISH SOCCER
(109) and Craig Kieswetter (143) utilized (US) and Nicolas Almagro of Spain on their hockey world champions beating Germany had won 3-1. A Nemanjic Vidic foul in the The old firm clash at Ibrox Stadium, Febru-
the batting opportunities to give England an way. British women’s number one Elena 2-1 in the final. box, allowed Villa to go in front in the fifth ary 28, produced the usual physical game,
112 run and a seven wickets victory. At a Baltcha was at Indian Wells too, where RUGBY UNION minute, where penalty taker James Milner which tipped the game in Rangers’ direction
three day match at Chittagong, against the she beat Alexa Glatch of the US, and then France won the six nations rugby union put it away. Michael Owen hit an equalizer after Celtic skipper Scott Brown was sent
Bangladesh A’ side honours proved equal. knocked out the number seven seed Li Na of championship, March 20, with a 12-10 win seven minutes later and the game was up off in the 66th minute after a clash with Lyle
Bangladesh A’ 202 and 362 (Rogibul Hasan China in a thrilling 7-6 (10-8) 2-6, 7-6 (9-7) over England in Paris, as the final games were for grabs. Wayne Rooney got the winner in Lafferty. Celtic’s Robbie Keane went close a
107)-5 dec. win. The Briton lost her flair and composure in played. France won the Grand Slam winning the 74th minute. couple of times, but a Kenny Miller handball
England 281 (Jonathon Trott retired out the third round however, where Alicia Molik five games from five matches. Other results UNITED & ARSENAL MAKE THE in injury time decided the encounter, and a
101)-7 dec and 185-5 at close. of Austria won 6-0, 6-2. saw Wales beat Italy 33-10 at home, and SEMI-FINALS Maurice Edu’s penalty kick gave the hosts a
England won the three match ODIs series A DAVIES MONTH Scotland beat Ireland 23-20 in Dublin. The European Champions league moved 1-0 win. The game brought in to conversation
3-0. First game by six wickets; Bangladesh Laura Davies has been the face of British Northampton won the Anglo-Welsh tougher and tenser as the last eight battled majority shareholder Sir David Murray, who
228. England 229-4 at 46 overs. Second women’s’ golf on the international circuit knockout Cup at Sixways Stadium, Worces- for semi-final places. Old Trafford gave David stepped down from the chairmanship recently
game by two wickets; Bangladesh 260-6 for over twenty years now, where she is ter, March 21, beating Gloucester 30-24. Beckham an appreciative roar as came on as and owns 90 per-cent of Rangers shares. He
at 50 overs.England 261-8 at close. In the renowned for her long drives and fervent WORLD CUP WARM-UPS substitute for AC Milan in the 64th minute, but is reputedly ready to sell the club, which is
third game England won by 45 runs. England consistency. February 28, the 46-year-old March 3, saw a number of major friendly by then United had done the damage and led thought to be £31m in debt.
284 (Craig Kieswetter 107)-5 at 50 overs. Coventry born professional notched up her internationals as South Africa 2010 looms 3-0. A Wayne Rooney double (13th & 46th The quarter-finals of the Active Nation
Bangladesh 239-9 at close. England won the 73rd tournament success winning the New large. 80,000 plus filled Wembley Stadium, minutes, and a Ji Sung Park goal in the 59th Scottish Cup, March 13-14, saw Celtic
first Test at Chittagong by 181 runs. England Zealand Open at Christchurch, with a nine where a goal by Mohamed Zidan in the 23rd minute had a 74,000 plus crowd baying ec- held at Kilmarnock during the first half, but
599 (Alistair Cook 173, Paul Collingwood under 279 total. Regarded as the most ac- minute saw newly crowned African Cup win- statically. The Italians got one back in the 64th Robbie Keane produced three goals in the
145-6 dec and 209-7 dec. complished British female golfer of modern ners Egypt go in to the lead against England. minute, but a netting by Darren Fletcher three second half for a 3-0 win for the Hoops. At the
Bangladesh 296 and 331(Junaid Siddique times, she has won seven major champion- But Fabio Cappello’s men went from strength minutes from time gave the Reds a 4-0 win, Ibrox, Dundee Utd refused to succumb and
106) at close. ships since turning pro in 1985. A four under to strength as they moved forward with a and a 7-2 aggregate in to the last four. came away with a 3-3 tie. Andis Shala put
brace by Peter Crouch and a single by Shaun Fighting a 2-1 deficit from the first leg in Utd ahead in the 24th minute, then Kris Boyd
Wright-Phillips to win 3-1. At Hampden, Portugal, Arsenal unleashed a goal barrage grabbed two before the half time whistle.

Immigration & Visas Craig Levein’s debut as Scotland’s new

coach saw a Scott Brown goal in the 62nd
minute against the Czech Republic earn a 1-0
victory. A small crowd gathered in Swansea
at the Emirates, where Porto crashed 5-0 to
an exuberant Gunner’s side full of fire and
pep. Nicklas Bendtner got a hat-trick, while
Samir Nasri and Emmanuel Eboue found
Nacho Novo made it three for the hosts
just after the break, then Steven Whittacker
found his own net, and Mihael Kovacevic
made it three for Dundee ten minutes from
Immigrant Visas Solution to other where Wales took on Sweden, but John the net too. time. Replay, March 24. Two goals in the
Labor Certification Immigration or Visa Toshack’s strategies disappointed. A Johan At San Siro in the first leg, Chelsea fell to first ten minutes by Stephen Simmons and
Working or Investor Problems Elmander netting just before the break, saw a third minute goal by Diego Milito as the Laurie Ellis, put Raith Rovers in their first
Visas Free Initial Consultation the Swedes win 1-0. Northern Ireland’s 84,000 plus crowd, witnessed Inter Milan Scottish Cup semi-final since 1963, after a
depleted squad was in Tirana, where a 26th coach Jose Mourinho seeking payback 2-1 win at Dundee. Ross County came from
minute goal by Ervin Skela gave Albania a against the London side he once managed. behind twice at Hibernian for a 2-2 result.

Attorney-at-Law and Former U.S. Vice Consul & Visa Officer
close 1-0 victory.
Other results saw European champions
Spain beat France 2-0 in Paris, and Argentina
overcame Germany 1-0, in Munich, with a
Salomon Kalou made it even-steven for
the blues in the 51st minute, but Esteban
Cambiasso scored four minutes later to give
Inter a 2-1 win. At Stamford Bridge, Mourinho
Dundee won the replay 1-0 with a goal from
The Co-op Insurance Scottish League
Cup final at Hampden Park, March 20, was
goal by Gonzalo Hizuain on the break. Italy completed his reckoning against a club that marred by two Rangers players sent off,
25251 Paseo de Alicia, #200 111 N. Sepulveda Blvd. # 250 struggled in a home fixture with Cameroon had fired him, when Samuel Eto scored with but a Kenny Miller header six minute from
Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 ending up with a goalless draw. The USA twelve minutes left to play for the only goal of time gave the Gers a 1-0 win over St Mir-
(949) 770-5750 (310) 937-1506 were beaten 2-1 by the Netherlands in Am- the game and the blues were out. Frustration ren, and the League Cup for the 26th time.
(949) 699-3405 FAX (310) 798-9443 FAX sterdam, where Carlos Bocanegra’s header emerged near the end when Didier Drogba The ref ejected Kevin Thomson in the 52nd
two minutes from time put the Americans on got his marching orders in the 86th minute. minute, and Danny Wilson followed in the
70th minute. A crowd of 44,530 witnessed
the frustration as St Mirren failed to find the
net against nine men.
England won the second and final Test
match against Bangladesh at Mirpur, by nine
wickets and the short series 2-0. Bangladesh
419 and 285. England 496 (Ian Bell 138) and
209 (Alistair Cook 109 not out ) at close.
Australia won their First Test against New
Zealand at Wellington by 10 wickets. Austra-
lia 459 (Michael Clarke 168, Marcus North
112 not out)-5 dec and 106-0 at close.
New Zealand 157 and 407 (Brendon
McCullum 104)
Rangers were dumped out of the Scottish
Cup in a replay at Dundee Utd, where David
Robertson scored the only goal of the game
with seconds left to play. Same evening, St
Mirren scored their first SPL victory ever
over Celtic with a 4-0 home victory that
left the Glasgow side reeling. Two by Andy
Dorman and two by Steven Thomas sealed
the Hoops fate.

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April 2010 Page 15
Portsmouth – Keeper David
premiership James’ whiff of a rolling ball
allowed Didier Drogba to tap
in an easy goal that triggered a LEAGUE
First Legs
Lyon 3, Bordeaux 1; Bayern Munich 2, Man United 1;
roundupBy Ridge Mahoney Drogba’s goals, and Lampard added a fifth
5-0 Chelsea rout at Fratton Park. Manager
Avram Grant held Aruna Dindane out of the
match; another appearance would require
Portsmouth to pay £4m to his former club
April 1 28
Arsenal 2, Barcelona 2; Inter Milan 1, CSKA 0
in stoppage time as Chelsea racked up the Lens. Pompey went into administration and
(Second Legs April 6/7) Arsenal – A Samir Nasri goal in goals in a quest to fatten goal differential, in have been deducted nine points. Pompey
the 80th minute gave the Gunners BARCLAYS PREMIER
(First Legs April 20/21, Second Legs April 27/28) case the tiebreaker is needed to decide the rallied in the final minutes to stun Hull City,
Bayern Munich/Man United v Lyon/Bordeaux a 1-0 lead at Birmingham, but in Premiership. 3-2. Jamie O’Hara equalized in the 88th minute Man Utd
Inter Milan/CSKA v Arsenal/Barcelona stoppage time Bacary Sagna’s Everton – Manager David and and Nwanko Kanu struck the winner Chelsea 32 22 5 5 82 29 71 +53
EUROPA LEAGUE attempt to clear was redirected past keeper Moyes and Manchester City a minute later to earn the victory. Tommy
Quarter-Finals Manuel Almunia to forge a 1-1 tie. Nicklas counterpart Roberto Mancini Smith’s own equalizer had tied the match Man City 31 15 11 5 58 39 56 +19
(First Legs April 1, Second Legs April 8)
Fulham 2, Wolfsburg 1; Hamburg 2, Standard Liege 1;
Bendtner pounded home the rebound of a were banished to the stands in the first half.
Aston Villa
Valencia 2, Atletico Madrid 2; Benfica 2, Liverpool 1 Denilson shot in stoppage time for a 2-1 win after they tangled in the final seconds of a Stoke City – A mazy dribble by Everton 32 13 10 9 50 42 49 +8
at Hull City. Andrei Arshavin’s goal in the 14th Birmingham 32 12 9 11 33 37 45 -4
2-0 Everton win at the City of Manchester substitute Ricardo Fuller produced Blackburn 32 11 8 13 35 50 41 -15
(First Legs April 22, Second Legs April 29) minute had given the Gunners an early lead. Stadium. Tim Cahill’s goal in the first half a spectacular goal by which Stoke Stoke 31 9 12 10 30 35 39 -5
Hamburg/Standard Liege v Fulham/Wolfsburg Fulham 31 10 8 13 33 36 38 -3
Valencia/Atletico Madrid v Benfica/Liverpool Goals by Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, and opened the scoring and Mikel Arteta added a prevailed, 1-0, at West Ham to rise Sunderland 32 8 11 13 41 50 35 -9
Arshavin buried Burnley, 3-1. clincher with five minutes left; the managers up to 10th place. Stoke also took a 1-0 lead Wolves 32 8 8 16 28 50 32 -22
FA CUP DRAW Aston Villa – John Carew’s Bolton 32 8 8 16 36 60 32 -24
Quarter-Final Replay argued after Moyes picked up a ball rolling out at Burnley with a Tuncay Sanli goal midway Wigan 32 8 7 17 29 62 31 -33
Wednesday, March 24 equalizer in the 29th minute from an of bounds so he could make a substitution, through the first half, but squandered the West Ham 32 6 9 17 38 55 27 -17
Hull 31 6 9 16 31 64 27 -33
Tottenham 3, Fulham 1 Ashley Young cross vanished in a and Mancini contended he was wasting time. advantage and settled for a 1-1 draw. Burnley 32 6 6 20 31 65 24 -34
Saturday, April 10
Chelsea onslaught that handed Villa American Landon Donovan bid farewell to Sunderland – Frazier Camp- Portsmouth 32 6 4 22 28 60 13 -32
Aston Villa v Chelsea an embarrassing 7-1 defeat. A Carew goal on Goodison Park by scoring on the final home bell’s goal midway through the COCA-COLA FOOTBALL
Sunday, April 11 the half hour – interesting timing – leveled the game of his loan, a 5-1 pummeling of Hull first half was enough to earn LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP
Tottenham v Portsmouth
score against Sunderland at 1-1, but despite City in which Arteta tallied twice. the Black Cats a 1-1 draw at P W D L F A Pts GD
CARLING CUP FINAL a series of dangerous crosses by Young Villa Fulham – The Cottagers outshot Aston Villa. Kieran Richardson’s pass beat Newcastle 39 24 11 4 74 28 83 +46
West Brom 40 23 10 7 78 43 79 +35
Wembley Stadium, February 28 could not manage to find a winner. Hull City, 15-10, on the road, but the Villa offside trap to send Campbell clear Nottm Forest 40 20 10 10 55 34 70 +21
Aston Villa 1, Man United 2
Birmingham – Kevin Phillips’ with many regulars being rested for to score his third goal in the last four games. Cardiff 40 19 8 13 67 49 65 +18
Swansea 40 15 17 8 33 31 62 +2
ACTIVE NATION SCOTTISH CUP block of an attempted clearance a midweek Europa League match After Campbell stunned Bolton with a goal in Leicester 40 16 13 11 48 40 61 +8
Quarter-Final Replays caromed into the Arsenal net to against Wolfsburg, they were beaten, 2-0. the first minute, Darren Bent laid on a hat trick Blackpool 40 15 12 13 62 50 57 +12
Doncaster 40 14 13 13 51 47 55 +4
Tuesday, March 23
Ross County 2, Hibernian 1 earn the Blues a 1-1 draw. The Zoltan Gera nearly scored in the 27th minute as Sunderland romped, 4-0, with owner Ellis Middlesbro 40 14 12 14 53 44 54 +9
Wednesday, March 24 result extended Birmingham’s home but his shot that beat the goalkeeper was Short on hand to observe his investment. Sheff Utd
Dundee United 1, Rangers 0 unbeaten streak to 21 matches. Cameron cleared off the goal line. Danny Murphy’s pen- Tottenham – Former Pompey Coventry 40 13 13 14 45 53 52 -8
To be played April 10-11
Jerome struck twice in the first half from alty kick with 15 minutes remaining brought players Peter Crouch and Niko
Bristol C
Celtic v Ross County clever feeds by Cristian Benitez and those Fulham within 2-1 of Manchester City, and Kranjcar scored against their old Preston 40 12 13 15 51 61 49 -10
Dundee Utd v Raith goals were enough for the Blues to win, 2-1 a miss by Stefano Okaka Chuka in the final team in a 2-0 defeat of Portsmouth.
SCOTTISH COOPERATIVE CUP at Portsmouth. minutes deprived them of a possible point. Crouch rose to a remarkable cross QPR 39 11 14 14 53 58 47 -5
FINAL Blackburn – David Dunn Hull City – Iain Dowie’s first from Gareth Bale to squeeze a
Sheff Wed
Hampden Park, March 21
St Mirren 0, Rangers 1
converted a penalty kick awarded home match as manager pro- header off the goalkeeper’s hand inside the Watford 39 11 10 18 50 61 43 -11
when Martin Olsson went down duced a 2-0 defeat of Fulham near post, and Kranjcar followed up a blocked
C Palace
in the penalty area under the that ended a run of five straight Luka Modric shot for his 11th goal of the sea- Peterborough 40 7 9 24 39 65 30 -26
BARCLAYS PREMIER goalkeeper’s challenge, and Rovers’ keeper losses. Jimmy Bullard converted a penalty son. Roman Pavlyuchenko scored twice in COCA-COLA FOOTBALL
FIXTURES FOR THE MONTH Jason Brown escaped sanction when he may kick against his former club to put the Tigers the second half as Spurs downed Blackburn, LEAGUE ONE
have handled outside the penalty area in a in front and Craig Fagan headed home the 3-1. Jermain Defoe opened the scoring at the P W D L F A Pts GD
–– Saturday, April 3 –
Arsenal v Wolves
1-0 win at Burnley. Dunn scored in the fifth second goal. Caleb Folan’s second goal of end of the first half; Pavlyuchenko increased Norwich 38 25 7 6 78 38 82 +40
Leeds 38 20 11 7 62 33 71 +29
Bolton v Aston Villa minute and again midway through the second the game provided a 2-1 lead at Portsmouth the lead 10 minutes into the second half and Millwall 38 20 11 7 63 35 71 +28
Burnley v Man City half as Rovers downed Birmingham, 2-1, the in Dowie’s debut, but the Tigers conceded netted again with his eight goal in the last six Swindon 38 19 13 6 58 45 70 +13
Charlton 38 18 14 6 64 45 68 +19
Man Utd v Chelsea club where Dunn played for more than three goals a minute apart to lose, 3-2. matches five minutes from the end. Colchester 38 18 11 9 56 41 65 +15
Portsmouth v Blackburn
Stoke City v Hull City seasons before joining Blackburn in 2007. Liverpool – Fernando Torres West Ham – A 1-0 home Huddersfield 38 17 11 10 64 46 62 +18
Bristol R 38 18 4 16 53 53 58 0
Sunderland v Tottenham El-Hadji Diouf’s goal with 20 minutes to play broke open the game with a goal defeat to Stoke City ran the Ham- MK Dons 38 17 6 15 55 56 57 -1
– Sunday, April 4 – erased a 1-0 Chelsea lead and Rovers held in the third minute, and scored mers losing streak to six con- Southampton 37 17 12 8 67 38 53 +29
Birmingham v Liverpool Brentford 37 12 14 11 44 44 50 0
Everton v West Ham
on to the 1-1 draw. again on the hour in a 3-0 ham- secutive matches and left them Carlisle 38 12 12 14 51 54 48 -3
Fulham v Wigan Athletic Bolton – Johan Elmander mering of Sunderland. The goals above the relegation zone only on goal dif- Brighton
– Saturday, April 10 – opened the scoring and Kevin upped his totals to seven in the last four ference. Mido missed a great chance to give Yeovil 38 11 11 16 46 52 44 -6
Hull City v Burnley
West Ham v Sunderland
Davies, Fabrice Muamba and sub- games, and 18 in just 21 Premier League his team the lead and Ricardo Fuller skated
Leyton Orient
– Sunday, April 11 – stitute Matt Taylor all tallied in the matches. Glen Johnson netted the other goal past three players to score the winner in the Exeter 38 9 13 16 40 53 40 -13
Blackburn v Man Utd second half of a 4-0 triumph over with a deflected shot as Liverpool posted their 69th minute. Scott Parker’s equalizer on the
Liverpool v Fulham
Man City v Birmingham
Wigan that marked Bolton’s third victory in eighth straight home league win. half hour merely antagonized Chelsea, which Tranmere 37 10 8 19 31 59 38 -28
Wolves v Stoke City four Premier League matches. Davies and scored three straight goals to win, 4-1.
– Tuesday, April 13 – Jack Wilshere scored a pair of goals in the Manchester City – Carlos Stockport 38 5 9 24 31 73 24 -42
Tevez opened the scoring in a Wigan Athletic – A red card
Chelsea v Bolton
first 16 minutes and the Trotters held out for to Gary Caldwell for a challenge COCA-COLA FOOTBALL
– Wednesday, April 14 –
the last 20 minutes down to 10 men to win match that had been goalless
Aston Villa v Everton
for more than an hour by hit- on Carlos Tevez 10 minutes into LEAGUE TWO
Fulham v Stoke City 2-1 at West Ham. Davies scored with a strong the second half of a scoreless
Tottenham v Arsenal header, and set up Wilshere for the winner ting a hat trick in 12 minutes as P W D L F A Pts GD
Wigan Athletic v Portsmouth City thrashed Wigan, 3-0. A foul on Tevez match left the Latics a man down, and they Rochdale 37 24 6 7 79 34 78 +45
– Saturday, April 17 – by stripping James Tomkins of the ball and then conceded three late goals in a 3-0 defeat. Notts Co 36 19 11 6 70 27 68 +43
playing it to Wilshere. produced a red card in the 55th minute that Bournemouth 38 20 7 11 48 39 67 +9
Birmingham v Hull City
left Wigan down to 10 men. A goal in stop- Victor Moses got to the edge of the penalty Rotherham 38 19 8 11 52 42 65 +10
Blackburn v Everton Burnley – The Clarets fell area well into stoppage time to chip a cross Chesterfield 38 19 4 15 51 49 61 +2
Fulham v Wolves
at home to Blackburn, 1-0, page time by Adam Johnson, who declined Bury 38 17 10 11 44 43 61 +1
Man City v Man Utd
a move to Sunderland in January to sign that Hugo Rodallega headed into the net for Aldershot 38 17 9 12 58 48 60 +10
Stoke City v Bolton on a penalty kick given after a dramatic 1-0 defeat of Burnley.
Northampton 38 16 11 11 57 46 59 +11
Sunderland v Burnley goalkeeper Brian Jensen was with City instead, snagged a 1-1 draw at the Dag & Red 38 15 11 12 53 48 56 +5
Tottenham v Chelsea Stadium of Light. Wolverhampton – Goals Morecambe 38 14 13 11 58 52 55 +6
– Sunday, April 18 – ruled to have tripped Martin by Kevin Doyle, Ronald Zubar,
Portsmouth v Aston Villa Olsson, although replays indicated there had Manchester United – Dimitar and Matthew Jarvis propelled Port Vale 38 13 14 11 49 39 53 +10
Wigan Athletic v Arsenal been only slight contact. The loss preserved Berbatov scored the middle pair Wolves past West Ham, 3-1,
– Monday, April 19 –
Liverpool v West Ham a 31-year run during which Burnley has not of goals nine minutes apart in a away. Noble scored in the first half and after Bradford 38 12 12 14 49 56 48 -7
– Wednesday, April 21 – beaten their northern neighbors. 4-0 rout of Bolton on the Wan- halftime Zubar and Jarvis struck twice within
Hull City v Aston Villa Chelsea – Four goals by Frank derers’ ground. Jlloyd Samuel neatly put the three minutes. Jody Craddock’s goal midway Barnet 37 10 12 15 39 48 42 -9
– Saturday, April 24 –
Arsenal v Man City
Lampard brought Chelsea’s sea- ball past his own keeper for the first goal, through the first half and an own goal brought
Bolton v Portsmouth son goal total to 82 as they marking the 11th own goal credited to United Wolves a 2-2 tie at Aston Villa. Cheltenham 37 7 14 16 41 57 35 -16
Grimsby 38 5 16 17 34 59 31 -25
Burnley v Liverpool destroyed Aston Villa, 7-1. He this season. Berbatov put away a rebound Darlington 36 5 4 27 25 71 19 -46
Everton v Fulham
Hull City v Sunderland
passed Roy Bentley and Peter Osgood on and cashed in a feed for his 12th from Nani,
Man Utd v Tottenham the team’s all-time scoring list to rank third who also produced the ball for Darron Gibson BOXING CLYDESDALE BANK SCOTTISH PREMIER
West Ham v Wigan Athletic with 151 goals. Florent Malouda scored twice to score number four. Wayne Rooney put P W D L F A Pts GD
Wolves v Blackburn
and substitute Salomon Kalou also netted as away the rebound of his own saved penalty Khan’s Title Fight With Rangers
– Sunday, April 25 –
Aston Villa v Birmingham Didier Drogba was rested after hitting a pair of kick for the equalizer and Ji-Sung Park scored Malignaggi Set For May Dundee Utd 31 15 10 6 50 39 55 +11
Hibernian 31 14 8 9 46 38 50 +8
Chelsea v Stoke City goals in a 5-0 rout of Portsmouth. Malouda the winning goal on the hour in a dramatic Motherwell 31 12 12 7 38 35 48 +3
– Saturday, May 1 –
Birmingham v Burnley
scored two goals in 10 minutes between 2-1 home defeat of Liverpool. AMIR KHAN is ready to make a splash in Hearts
St Johnstone
the United States.
No Goal-Line Technology
Blackburn v Arsenal Aberdeen 30 8 10 12 29 38 34 -9
Fulham v West Ham Hamilton 31 8 9 14 25 41 33 -16
Liverpool v Chelsea
The exciting British silver medalist St Mirren 31 6 9 16 30 42 27 -12
from the 2004 Olympics will defend his Kilmarnock 31 6 8 17 24 43 26 -19
Man City v Aston Villa Falkirk 31 4 10 17 27 53 22 -26

– ‘Door Closed’
Portsmouth v Wolves WBA 140-pound title against former
Stoke City v Everton
Sunderland v Man Utd
champion Paulie Malignaggi on May 15 at IRN-BRU SCOTTISH DIVISION ONE
Tottenham v Bolton Madison Square Garden, Richard Schaefer P W D L F A Pts GD
Inverness CT 30 15 10 5 53 28 55 +25
Wigan Athletic v Hull City EVEN with constant controversy over experiments into the use of technology of Golden Boy Promotions told The As- Dundee 30 13 12 5 40 30 51 +10
‘goal – or – not – a – goal’ situations on goal – lines and we would like to sociated Press. Dunfermline 31 14 7 10 46 38 49 +8
ATHLETICS Ross County 27 12 8 7 36 32 44 +4
in football, The International Football have seen it. Golden Boy president Oscar De La Queen of Sth 27 12 7 8 41 30 43 +11
Britain Targets 10 Medals Association Board has ruled out the “But some of the arguments were Hoya was in England last month for a Partick
12 5 13 40 35 41 +5
8 7 11 26 33 31 -7
At Euro Championships use of goal-line technology and video very powerful and persuasive and we news conference to introduce the fight, Morton 29 10 1 18 30 50 31 -20
replays. have to accept them.” Ayr 28 6 10 12 25 39 28 -14
with another news conference planned Airdrie Utd 28 4 7 17 28 50 19 -22
BRITISH athletes have been given a goal “The door is closed. The decision FIFA has been under increasing later in New York.
of winning at least 10 medals at the Euro- was not to use technology at all,” said pressure to use some form of technol- “I think this is the perfect setup for IRN-BRU SCOTTISH DIVISION TWO
pean Championships to keep the country FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke. ogy to eliminate mistakes which are P W D L F A Pts GD
on track for fourth place at the London Amir,” Schaefer said. “When he signed Alloa 30 16 8 6 40 27 56 +13
The decision was reached after watching highlighted by TV replays. with Golden Boy, he wanted a big fight. Cowdenbeath 29 14 8 7 47 30 50 +17
2012 Olympics. presentations of two systems, Cairos – a The most high – profile case was Stirling 27 13 8 6 45 34 47 +11
Funding body UK Sport wants Britain Paulie Malignaggi is a big-name fighter.” Brechin 28 13 7 8 39 26 46 +13
chip inserted in a ball, and Hawk-Eye a handball by France striker Thierry Peterhead 30 12 5 13 38 43 41 -5
to finish fourth in the medal table for a – used in tennis and cricket. Henry in the build – up to the equalising Khan 23, from Lancashire, has been Dumbarton 29 11 5 13 39 46 38 -7
hoping to raise his profile by fighting in East Fife 31 9 9 13 42 48 36 -6
second straight Summer Games and says The Football Association and Scottish goal against the Republic of Ireland in Stenh’semuir 30 8 11 11 34 33 35 +1
athletes could win as many as 15 at the July Football Association had both voted in Paris which earned his country World the US, splitting with veteran British pro- Arbroath 30 8 7 15 30 46 31 -16
moter Frank Warren and signing with Los Clyde 28 5 6 17 23 44 21 -21
26-August, 1 European Championships in favour of further experiments. FA chief Cup qualification in November.
Barcelona. executive Ian Watmore was outvoted IFAB, though, left open the possibil- Angeles-based Golden Boy. He also began IRN-BRU SCOTTISH DIVISION THREE
UK Sport chief executive John Steele after the Irish FA and Welsh FA voted ity of using an extra official behind each working with Freddie Roach, who trains P W D L F A Pts GD
acknowledges the goal is “challenging” but pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. Livingston 28 20 4 4 51 19 64 +32
in line with FIFA. goal – a system which has been trialled East Stirling 31 16 3 12 41 41 51 0
that reaching the halfway point between “In the end it came down to a dif- this season in the Europa League. “Khan has the perfect platform to raise Forfar 30 14 8 8 49 39 50 +10
the 2008 Beijing Games and London 2012 Queen’s Park 30 13 4 13 37 39 43 -2
ference of opinion about whether you A special IFAB meeting will be held his profile in the large media market of Berwick 29 12 5 12 40 42 41 -2
will “sharpen the mind even more.” believe the future of football involves on May 17-18 to decide whether this New York, but he’ll also have to deal with Albion 27 10 10 7 26 23 40 +3
UK Sport expects British swimmers Annan 29 8 9 12 33 34 33 -1
technology or not,” said Watmore. “We system is used worldwide from next a potentially hostile crowd. Malignaggi is Stranraer 26 9 6 11 36 41 33 -5
to win 35 medals at the Commonwealth had supported the idea of investigating season. from Brooklyn and has generated a mas- Montrose 29 5 8 16 27 45 23 -18
Elgin City 29 5 7 17 33 50 22 -17
Games in New Delhi in October. sive following on the East Coast.
Page 16 April 2010
Hull, which is still in the relegation zone, Steven Pienaar Pleads Guilty him to the English champions until June Capello Plans For World Cup
have hired Ian Dowie as their new manager. To Drunk Driving 2011. Without Injured Beckham
The contract extension keeps the Dutch
SOCCER Donovan Ready For Top Level SOUTH AFRICA international Steven Pienaar
has been banned from driving for 12 months
goalkeeper at Old Trafford beyond his 40th
ENGLAND coach Fabio Capello expressed
sadness last month that David Beckham’s
LANDON DONOVAN says his 10-week loan birthday in October. ruptured Achilles’ tendon will prevent him
and fined £1,000 after pleading guilty to
shorts from Major League Soccer to English Premier
League club Everton has shown he can play
at the highest level.
drunk driving.
Last month the Everton star controversially
United Freezes Ticket Prices
For Next Season
from playing at the World Cup.
Beckham underwent surgery on his left
Achilles’ tendon and Capello remains hopeful
told a South African publication: “I’m not a
Donovan has returned to the Los Angeles fan of the England team. I think teams can MAN UNITED has frozen ticket prices for next that the 34-yera-old midfielder will be fit for
Galaxy after starting 11 matches for Everton, get a result against England.” season amid mounting protests against the England’s European Championship qualifica-
Robinson Struggles For World Cup happy to have won over fans of the team in owning Glazer family. tion campaign, which begins in September.
BLACKBURN goalkeeper Paul Robinson’s northwest England. Bridge Snubs Terry Over Affair The Glazers have been criticized for the Beckham was injured during the final
hopes of making England’s World Cup squad Donovan scored two goals in 13 matches WAYNE BRIDGE’S rift with John Terry has size of price rises since their leveraged minutes of AC Milan’s 1-0 Italian league win
have been hit by a calf injury that will sideline for Everton, helping the club beat Chelsea manifested itself in public after he refused to takeover in 2005, which has left the club with over Chievo Verona.
him for up to a month. and Manchester United, and draw against shake hands with the Chelsea captain before debt of $1.1bn. “I am very sad for David that he has suf-
Arsenal. Manchester City’s match at Stamford Bridge The announcement means admission to fered this injury,” Capello said. “David is a
Portsmouth – Legal Action Dropped The match at Chelsea, which City won Old Trafford on matchdays will continue to great professional and has worked very hard
City To Redevelop Around Stadium 4-2, was the first time the rival defenders had cost £27-49, with season tickets ranging to be ready for the World Cup, so missing it
PORTSMOUTH’S survival hopes have been
helped by Britain’s tax authority dropping a MANCHESTER City has unveiled plans come face to face since allegations emerged from £513-931. will be a big blow.”
legal challenge against the club entering a to redevelop the area around its stadium that Terry had an affair with the mother of
form of bankruptcy protection. after signing an agreement with the local Bridge’s son.
London’s High Court last month suspend- council.
Premier League Launching TV Service
Six Nations Championship 2010: Week 4
ed a winding-up order against the debt-ridden The project will turn Eastlands – created Ireland 27 Wales 12 Phillips, prop Gethin Jenkins and captain
Premier League club that was being pursued for the 2002 Commonwealth Games – into A LEAGUE executive with direct knowledge
of the situation says English Premier League WALES were the only Six Nations side Ryan Jones all available. Their season has
by the revenue and customs service. what City described as a “world class sports unbeaten at Croke Park before this match been badly affected as much by injuries to
and leisure complex.” channels are set to start broadcasting across
the world next season when a new 24-hour – and duly key men as by attracting yellow cards at
Hull City Fires Brown Hires Dowie That could include building a new training surrendered crucial moments.
ground and extending the stadium from its service is launched.
HULL LOST patience with Phil Brown last The league will provide a continuous in- that record in Scotland 15 England 15
month with the club in danger of relegation current 48,000 capacity. the face of a Draws are rare things in rugby. There
It would be the latest step in Sheikh Man- ternational feed of programing for broadcast
from the Premier League, firing the manager rights holders outside Britain to form their powerful Irish hasn’t been a draw in the Calcutta Cup since
who memorably berated his players on the sour’s transformation of City since the mem- team that took 1989 when Scotland’s coach Andy Robinson
ber of Abu Dhabi’s royal family bought the own Premier League channels.
pitch at halftime in a match. its chances, was scrumming down for England.
Brown was fired less than two years after Premier League club in September 2008. Van Der Sar Signs To June 2011 in response to However, every point was achieved
guiding Hull into the top division for the first Mansour has invested around £400m in EDWIN van der Sar, the Manchester United which Wales By John Polley through a penalty or drop-kick and England’s
time in its 104-year history. City, mostly on signing new players. goalkeeper, has signed a new deal that ties were restricted main hope of winning went when Jonny
to four Stephen Jones penalties. Wilkinson tottered off holding his head. His
There was a curiously muted atmosphere replacement Toby Flood put over a couple of
for the game, largely because the fast open easy shots but missed two match-winning
rugby was played by the Welsh but the efforts late in the match.
dynamic Irish pack, led by the inspirational If that sounds exciting, your correspondent
Paul O’Donnell, never let the Welsh build apologises. This game was huff and puff
a secure platform. Man of the match was rugby, with neither side contriving a break.
Tomas O’Leary at scrum-half, scoring one The referee’s insistence on getting the scrum
and making another. right meant that much of the game was
Ireland were always going to have trouble spent watching scrums getting ready – and
defending their Grand Slam status this sea- collapsing.
son. Ultimately their real test came in Paris An injury to Steve Borthwick left him
and they left badly beaten. But they are with- unlikely to feature in the final game against
out doubt the leading Home Nations side and France.
can look forward to next year’s World Cup France 46 Italy 20
with some optimism. For Wales, it turned into This was probably the most predictable
another disappointing season: in each match result of the championship. The French tore
they started too slowly, lost men to the sin their opponents apart, running in six tries.
bin at critical moments and then leaked tries The Azurri came back late in the game with
when they were a man down. a couple of their own but by that time France
For the final match against Italy, Wales had lost interest. They were looking ahead to
awarded a cap to their youngest-ever player, the home game against England and a first
Tom Prydie, who celebrated his 18th birthday Grand Slam since 2004. The Italians were
less than a month ago. Wales’ previous anticipating with no little dread a meeting with
youngest player was Cardiff’s Norman Briggs a wounded Wales at the Millennium Stadium
back in 1888. Wales were hoping to field and the wooden spoon.
their strongest side with scrumhalf Martin

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