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Ballad of a BULLIEE, Part I


2006, 2016 by David v. GOLIATH [L0h]
from Tenants Joining Resources (aka 10JR)

01 The ground is shaking when the giant comes, 22 Hed probably pull out all of his hair
Climbing on down with his "Fee-fi-fo-fum's". Before he ever would make a repair!
02 His ego wants you up at him to look, 23 Gives a short term lease; at time to renew,
But he's no more than just a common crook. He illegally extorts more from you.
03 Unjust evictions are crimes he'll foster. 24 To motivate you to change your abode,
Bad Unscrupulous LandLord Imposter, His buildings are never quite up to code.
04 Embezzler, Extortionist, Swindler, too; 25 He jacks up the rents and he doesn't care
BULLIEE for short, though that list isn't through. If it's illegal or merely unfair.
05 His kind's lawbreakers and credit denters, 26 Following the law's not what he's about.
Using apartments for robbing renters. If you don't pay up, he'll just kick you out,
06 Bullys a good name 'cause that's how he acts, 27 Or coerce you to move to circumvent
Abusing tenants. A conscience he lacks. The city's program to control your rent.
07 He will rip off just about everyone. 28 While he sleeps in bed, and you're on the street,
Sucking enough money up can't be done He can then get more for your "ritzy suite."
08 'Cause this BULLIEE's greed encounters one glitch: 29 Even when you're gone, there seems no escape
Hes GOT to get even richer than rich! From a captive tenant's financial rape.
09 There is no amount that will be too small. 30 You've cleared out and left, but you're still not through,
Whatever you've got, he'll snatch at it all. 'Cause hes embezzled your deposit, too!
10 Imposing on you with intent to rob, 31 So you file a suit and to court you go.
He thinks stealing from tenants is his job. His big defense is "Hey, I didn't know!
11 The day he came into your life it rained. 32 It really must be some kinda mistake
He believes "Nothing stolen, nothing gained." Because undue money I'd never take.
12 He won't "Give and take" nor "Live and let live." 33 Damage penalties ought to slow him down,
His favrite motto is "Take and let give!" But you wont get that from courts in this town,
13 No matter how much he gets, this BULLIEE 34 'Cause he pulls wool over the judges' eyes,
Can't ever quite be satisfied fully. And they fall for it. There's a real surprise.
14 Having more money than he'll ever need's 35 "It's got to be somebody else's fault.
Not nearly enough to fulfill his greeds. Their money's accidently in my vault."
15 If he stacked his bucks they'd be way too high, 36 With no cost to him despite proof in court,
But he won't let up 'til they reach the sky. He just breaks even. Why would he abort?
16 Though his pile stretches from ceiling to floor, 37 Though you've accomplished your primary goal,
He'll never pass up a chance to grab more. You had to re-earn the money he stole.
17 Landlord predators mess with renters' lives 38 Now he pays you back, but still gets off free,
For hundreds, fifties, twenties, tens and fives. Then plans out who his next victim will be.
18 For a dollar hell take your parking space, 39 As he continues exploiting tenants,
Then lease it back out with another place. He seems to think he'll get off with penance.
19 Backdated papers to the day before 40 No predator living a life of sin
Don't give him the right to barge through your door. Can buy his way through the door to Heaven.
20 Since he won't hesitate to lie or cheat, 41 That doesn't mean he won't give it a try,
When you pay, make sure you get a receipt. But he can't afford things money won't buy.
21 He mistreats renters whose homes he poaches 42 When he takes Your Jack, don't just wail and squawk.
Laden with mold, ants, rodents and roaches. Grab an axe and hack down His Damned Beanstalk!!