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Goal Statement: To develop skills, experience, and knowledge as a maternity professional nurses.

Prior the maternity nurse, I would like to acquire

acute care experience in the hospital settings, and complete by education by obtaining baccalaureate degree of nursing at UH Hilo.


Clinical Practice


Objective(s): Describe what

you want to accomplish in
your first two years in

I would like to obtain

employment as a new grad of
the RN program. I would like to
have a RN position in the
medical-surgical field to improve
my critical thinking and nursing
skills to provide comprehensive
care to the patients at the acute
care settings.

I want to be a nurse manager at

my current workplace, I will start
working as Minimum Data Set
Coordinator (MDS coordinator) at
my current workplace to obtain
leadership skills.

Im planning to complete
baccalaureate degree of nursing
program at UH Hilo within 5 years.

Plans/Strategies: Describe
the actions that you will take
to achieve your objective.

Im planning to apply to multiple

hospitals while working at my
current job as MDS coordinator
to improve my skills of
comprehensive assessment of
each residents functional
capabilities and individualize
their care.

I plan to take initiative, selfdevelopment, and be

responsible. I will continuously
work to improve my nursing
knowledge and assessment skills
to become a reliable and
dependable professional nurse
while working as a MDS
coordinator and build
management skills.

Im planning to take one prerequisite

courses each semester to manage
my job, study, and housework at the
same time. I will take prerequisite
courses at LCC campus or online.

Im a caring and kind person. I

learned how to prioritize and
individualize patient care while
considering possible
complications. I have passion in
acquiring new skills and
knowledge, Im not afraid of
asking questions.
Im bilingual in Japanese and

I can be assertive and delegate

I have experience in assisting my
supervisors with their managerial
responsibilities and I have
experience in counseling CNAs
to solve conflicts and work
related issues.
I train new hired LPN/RNs and
act as a role model at my current
working place.

Im good at time management and

prioritizing my study and personal
life. I have a supportive family, my
husband shares the housework and
child care, and his parents also help
us with child care.

I have about seven years LPN

experience as a charge nurse at
a care home.
I developed my time

I have leadership experience as a

charge nurse and as an assistant
to the nurse manager at my
current work setting. I serve as

I will obtain working experience as

an RN to improve my assessment
and critical thinking skills before
getting into a baccalaureate nursing

Strengths: Describe the

strong points about yourself
that make you such a great

Skills/competencies: Describe
the skills and competencies
you bring to the role.

Professional Development

Areas targeted for growth:

From your own self
assessment, describe what
areas in yourself that you
would like to strengthen.

management and prioritizing

skills while working at 50-bed
care home as a charge nurse.
I promptly deal with emergency
situations during my LPN

intermediary between the nurse

manager and CNAs.


I would like to have more

experience in acute care
settings. I will apply to multiple
hospitals to become a medicalsurgical nurse and acquire acute
care setting experience.

I would like to improve my

presentation skills and public
speaking skills.

I would like to improve my

presentation and writing skills. To
improve the skills, I will take speech
and writing intensive classes.