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ACI Sketch

Z or U is zoom
Green button above word: rotate
Pointer to select
Delete deletes as were made
Wall tool, interior lines for detail
BAY Windows
5 R 45 (Angle)
2 Down 2 Right (Angle)
+ sign arc
A closes
Tab or arrow (change to points)
Move Manuallly (drag curser)
Cntrl (precision (point feet))
Area (Box shaped shape)(click and grab box)
(Brick) symbols
Common Responses
Adding: Databases, common responeses
Datafields, data avail in field
Add to create new responses
Adding Appraisers:
ACI track database, databases, appraisers, add
Appraiser to database
Adding Clients
Databases, clients....add to add client info

Uploading to Appraisal port

Send REI appraisal port icon on toolbar
File)Send webs ervices)ARID appraisalport
Send>Upload to appraisalport
Order for joblist, ok....X on titlebar
Associating Templates

Updating an appraisal license information:

ACI track, license info, Saving Opening report
Edit ACI database. Open ACI track, databases, appraisers
ACI track, appraiser in list, edit, edit license or cert. details,
Use ACI track, select appraiser in list, select list
Does not remove info from reports....confirm deletion
Reports previously linked to deletion

Arranging comps in report

Comps>arrangr>highlight comps in list to arrange> switch
Arranging comp pages
Move comps 6, 7, 8 and 9
Options, report, + and select addit. Comp sales, after comps 1,2,3 and click ok,
save and close file
Reopen report to view updated page order
Associating Templates
Use associated feature when a template already exists
Associate feature>default template ass.>file>template>ass.>select>template>ok>re
port pack> name of ass. template and ok
Auto Replace
Equals a space or equals a ent.=ave>T a h instead of tag>Opt,envir. & auto repl
ace....Create user defied keys> create option> environment>auto replace>replacem
ent text>with field>add>mispelling in
Back up ACI date
Backing up business data
ACI installed to default position...ACI32..Win 7 or vista may look different
If your office has
Configuration, databases, PDFs, Picklist, Reports and signatures
To protect data and productivty, backup data regularly
Bing maps Hybrid Option
Switch from trad. view, eservices, options, mapping, mappoint/feedmaps, dropdown
, hybrid view and click ok
Bing maps
Bing neighborhood boundaries 800
Adding nhood boundaries to location maps
Generate loc map
To place prev save loc to map, click flyout button, click saved area, click ok,
click in area to open dialoge box, click yes to remove boundary or no to cancel.
Clcik add nhood boundary and click add name to
Area style and area color and opacity
Click on map to declare first loc point
Preferances : mayb be adjusted, select point to remove.
Delete coordinate, right click coordinate, click ok
Click inside, make changes and click ok
Select map to save
Changing fonts:
Options, report, select data fonts
font, addendum,
Font, style, size and effects
Adjust each font as needed

Reports used in this report will use preferences

Font icon on toolbar
Make changes and click ok
All tct in field is updated
Highlight words and click font, make changes
Changing form colors,
Changing form colors
Opts, envir, change colors
Item drop, item, color, color scheme
Alert field...bright colors recommend
Field back, form backg(white by default) lines in text, overflow field, more tex
t than field allows, selected field....
Predifined colored fields avail. Defaul to restore ACI color theme
Clearing comp data:
Comps clear
Keyboard short to clear comp grd
Cntrl Z
File, new (or new report on toolar)
New file name, click clone, report pack, picklist, filename to clone from
Components to clone
Select needed components
1004 select sections to clone, ok to clone data, data populated to
File, NEw or new on toolbar
Filename and clone
Report pack and picklist, ok
File name to clone from and ok
Select components to clone, deselect all to deselect and select singles
Select sections to clone and click ok
New report clones and clones selected components
Compsside by side~
Viewing comps side by side
ACI report allows to click comps side by side(under comps) (sales, rental, listi
ng or land)
Page width to view size
ESC on keyboard to close active view
Cost appr.
Cost appr worksheet
ACI report, phys depr./funct depr./extern depr.
After entering prop char and valuyes
Click worksheet icon click
Total cost new and depr $, DEpr. value...Age/life method..age basics..calc funct
. after calc phys
Calc extern
Eneter $ %
Curser passes over less field
Different kinds of deprectiation

Select value to display on field

Ok when finished
Phys, funct and formal
Create common repsonses
Creatig common repsonses
5 its, type it, type common responses into field
Highlight common repsonse txt, f6 it, confirm identifier and edit descript if ne
Save it and close it
Use it
Type it, highlith, f6, save and clsoe
Delete common repsonses
Deleting common responses
Click in report field containing common response,select common respnse, link fie
lds, confirm deletion, click close to close the window
Edit common repsonses
Click on report field containing common response
Click Shift f6
Edit common repsonse, save, close to close the window
Creating custom report paks
Report pak utilities, clone
Report pak closest
Pak reporter window, forms pool, pak contents, form and left arrow
Forms in forms pool
Click build and create pak name
Done and exxit report pak window, custom report pak
Report contais only forms that you need
Creating new report
File, new, or new report icon in toolbar
New name and click name, select report pak
Report names are report pak names commonly used
Report name, report picklist (contains common responses), click ok
Creating reports, click file and click new or new file report icon on toolbar
Report pak select, view report pak icon
Loc maps, Flood, Sketch
Icons=Create report, new report or file
CNTRL keys....cnrtl N
New report window
Enter file name....todays date+Letter
Cloing is...Report pak. Files in folder. Report pak.
Assortment of report paks. Look for rprt pak of choosing.
1004 SF UAD. View pak forms list button. Split scrn. Forms in 1004UAD.
Rprt temp. Create temp. Picklist, common responses.
Components list, scroll down or up. Down portion. Thumbnail page.
Subj photo pg.
Tab. Reps sect. Sales brings to sales comp. 1 more.

SIGN tab brings to sign section. Subj tab.

Tab key moves to next tab.
JUMP feature guide
Cursor over image, brings to page.
Add or remove forms in ACI report
File. Add/Remove forms. Disregard forms. Pak creator?
Add form to current report 1007 rent survey. Sends 1007 to current report.
1007 at bottom of report. Up & down arrow key. 1007
Save report. Components list under 1007.....
Inserting images into report. Thumbnails sketch. U, gallery, Open gallery from r
eport, Open gallery from canister(Can?)
Open gallery from folder. Open gallery from memory card. Open gallery from twain
Drag and releae, drop
Edit images in report. Use subj street scene. Image edit mode. Pause print. Labe
l means label(name). Change tone
File, close. Go to report. UAD compliance window.
Sales tab (pg 2 header). Data set, location, semicolon....left click on green ar
row sign.
Location setting (rating/Location type/If other)
HIGHLIGHT DATE(dropdown) Addit. common response, edit, common responsed, add...i
Rid data, dropdown, common response
Review master, tools, review master, cntrl shift r, AUD validation
Appraiser, sig is blank
Sign report, tools, CNTRL SHIFT S....Enter PASS, Appraiser & SIGN, done, apprais
er JOE sig, run review master process.
UAD validation. Review master, can continue one SPLIT SCREEN
Sign report, send report to client......
Email provider, file, send, report
Send to client. Select, landsafe EXAMPLE///
Send to other
What type of profile to send....PDF
Attach report to. Print components list. Print(send entire list to client)
Deselect all is optional. Click on ok to click any components checked. PDF aroba
t file. Send to client.
Not using outlook? Fine attach to any email provider.
Cancel. Close out of report.
New. Name. Clone to take from previous report. Report pack to choose, entirely u
p to us.
Report pak....ok. Report to clone from. Click duh duh duh.
Order to invoice. In sync. Other components inbetween up to you to clone. Can ch
erry pick. Ok ok.
Clone/Copy to new report.
Create temp in ACI report. Create report.
Nw report. Template. Name. New. Report tab. 1004UAD, New temp/none/None/OK...
Report open. Add data to report. Refi, no sales contrat exists. Save report to t
Template, save template, description, refi.
Utilize temp, file. New report, report, todays date2015EGR(EXP).
Report pack, temp, ok
Refi, no sales contract exists