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Submitted To :-
Submitted By:-
Mr. Amit Lal Sir Renika Kirti
Dept. of Mgt. M.B.A 4th sem.
Lovely Professional University RT1801B54
Executive Summary:-
Member - National Stock Exchange (NSE), The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and The
Hyderabad Stock Exchange (HSE).

The Indian brokerage industry has been consolidating steadily over the last 10 years, the
share of the top 10 brokers has risen to only around one-fourth of the total industry
revenues. In this fragmented market, leading players like ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities,
Indiabulls, Sharekhan, and 5 Paisa, apart from many small players, compete on the basis of
low brokerage fees and customer service. Buoyed by the bullish Indian stock market,
foreign banks such as Société Générale (SocGen), BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered, and
Macquarie Bank (Australia) are eyeing stakes in Indian retail brokerages.
Increasing appetite for equities among investors, the convenience of online trading and
declining brokerage fees are the major growth drivers of the Indian retail brokerage
Karvy Stock Broking Limited, one of the cornerstones of the Karvy edifice, flows freely
towards attaining diverse goals of the customer through varied services. Creating a plethora
of opportunities for the customer by opening up investment vistas backed by research-based
advisory services. Here, growth knows no limits and success recognizes no boundaries.
the customer create waves in his portfolio and empowering the investor completely is the
ultimate goal. It is an undisputed fact that the stock market is unpredictable and yet enjoys a
high success rate as a wealth management and wealth accumulation option. The difference
between unpredictability and a safety anchor in the market is provided by in-depth
knowledge of market
functioning and changing trends, planning with foresight and choosing one’s options
with care. This is what we provide in our Stock Broking services. We offer services that are
beyond just a medium for buying and selling stocks and shares. Instead we provide services
which are
multi dimensional and multi-focused in their scope. There are several advantages in
utilizing our Stock Broking services, which are the reasons why it is one of the best in the
Company’s intent
KARVY is a premier integrated financial services provider and ranked among the top five
in the country in all its business segments. It services over 16 million individual investors in
various capacities and provides investor services to over 300 corporates, comprising who is
who of Corporate India.
It is a member of all three:-
• National Stock Exchange (NSE)
• Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
• Hyderabad Stock Exchange (HSE)

Karvy utilized its experience and superlative expertise to capitalize on its strengths and
better its service, innovate and provide new ones. It diversified in the process and thus
evolved as India’s premier integrated financial service enterprise. Karvy has been a
customer centric company since its inception. It offers a single platform servicing multiple
financial instruments in its bid to offer
complete financial solutions to the varying needs of both corporate and retail investors,
where an extensive range of services are provided with great volume-management
KARVY covers the entire spectrum of financial services such as Stock broking, Depository
Participants, Distribution of financial products - mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposit,
equities, Insurance Broking, Commodities Broking, Personal Finance Advisory Services,
Merchant Banking & Corporate Finance, placement of equity, IPOs, among others. Karvy
has a professional management team and ranks among the best in technology, operations
research of various industrial segments.

Company’s vision is crystal clear and mind frame very directed. “To be pioneering financial
services company. And continue to grow at a healthy pace, year after year, decade after
decade.” Company’s foray into IT-enabled services and internet business has provided an
opportunity to explore new frontiers and business solutions. To build a corporate that sets
benchmarks for others to follow.
Karvy’s aspiration of establishing itself as an integrated financial services co. is propelled
by a vision that is shared by the entire work force. Towards this end Kary is dedicated to:-
• Having a single minded focus on investor services.
• Establish as a household name for financial services.
• Set industrial standards.

Mission Statement of ‘Karvy’

An organization exists to accomplish something or achieve something. The mission
statement indicates what an organization wants to achieve. The mission statement may be
changed periodically to take advantage of new opportunities or respond to new market
conditions. Karvy’s mission statement is “To Bring Industry, Finance and People
together.” Karvy is work as intermediary between industry and people. Karvy work as
investment advisor and helps people to invest their money same way karvy helps industry in
achieving finance from people by issuing shares, debentures, bonds, mutual funds, fixed
deposits etc. Company’s mission statement is clear and thoughtful which guide
geographically dispersed employees to work independently yet collectively towards
achieving the organization’s goals.

Quality policy:
To achieve and retain leadership, Karvy shall aim for complete customer satisfaction, by
combining its human and technological resources, to provide superior quality financial
services. In the process, Karvy will strive to exceed Customer's expectations.

Quality Objectives

As per the Quality Policy, Karvy will:

• Build in-house processes that will ensure transparent and harmonious

relationships with its clients and investors to provide high quality of
• Establish a partner relationship with its investor service agents and
vendors that will help in keeping up its commitments to the customers.
• Provide high quality of work life for all its employees and equip them
with adequate knowledge & skills so as to respond to customer's needs .
• Continue to uphold the values of honesty & integrity and strive to
establish unparalleled standards in business ethics.
• Use state-of-the art information technology in developing new and
innovative financial products and services to meet the changing needs of
investors and clients.
• Strive to be a reliable source of value-added financial products and
services and constantly guide the individuals and institutions in making a
judicious choice of same.
• Strive to keep all stake-holders (shareholders, clients, investors,
employees, suppliers and regulatory authorities) proud and satisfied.


The Karvy group was formed in 1983 at Hyderabad, India. Karvy ranks among the top
player in almost all the fields it operates. Karvy Computershare Limited is India’s largest
Registrar and Transfer Agent with a client base of nearly 500 blue chip corporate, managing
over 2 crore accounts. Karvy Stock Brokers Limited, member of National Stock Exchange
of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange, ranks among the top 5 stock brokers in India.
With over 6,00,000
active accounts, it ranks among the top 5 Depositary Participant in India, registered with
NSDL and CDSL. Karvy Comtrade, Member of NCDEX and MCX ranks among the top 3
commodity brokers in the country. Karvy Insurance Brokers is registered as a Broker with
IRDA and ranks among the top 5 insurance agent in the country. Registered with AMFI as a
corporate Agent,
Karvy is also among the top Mutual Fund mobilizer with over Rs. 5,000 crores under
management. Karvy Realty Services, which started in 2006, has quickly established itself as
a broker who adds value, in the realty sector. Karvy Global offers niche off shoring services
to clients in the US. Karvy has 575 offices over 375 locations across India and overseas at
Dubai and New York. Over 9,000 highly qualified people staff Karvy.


Financing a company through the sale of stock in a company is known as equity financing.
Alternatively, debt financing (for example issuing bonds) can be done to avoid giving up
shares of ownership of the company. Unofficial financing known as trade financing usually
provides the major part of a company's working capital (day-to-day operational needs).
Trade financing is
provided by vendors and suppliers who sell their products to the company at short-term,
unsecured credit terms, usually 30 days. Equity and debt financing are usually used for
longer-term investment projects such as investments in a new factory or a new foreign
market. Customer provided financing exists when a customer pays for services before they
are delivered, e.g. subscriptions and insurance


• Security
• Bond
• Stock

¨ Common stocks
¨ Preferred stocks

• Share
• Mutual funds
• Par value v s. Market value
• Bullish v s. Bearish


Because they can make big money on it. Compared to investments in fixed deposits in
banks it makes more profits, but the bad news is that are also expected to bear the losses, if

1) Possibility of high returns

2) Easy liquidity
3) Unbeatable tax benefits
4) Income from dividends


There are basically two ways in which you can invest in shares:
• Purchase shares from the primary market (i.e. IPO's)
• Trade in the Secondary Market, i.e. Stock exchanges


They are selected by the Index committee. Some of the criteria they follow include:
1) Market capitalization.
2) Liquidity.
3) Continuity.
4) Industry representation.
5) Listed history

• Karvy Consultants Limited
• Karvy Securities Limited
• Karvy Investor Services Limited
• Karvy Stock broking Limited
• Karvy Computer Shares Pvt. Ltd.

Board of Directors

Karvy Consultants Limited

Parthasarathy C
Yugandhar M
Ramakrishna M S
Prasad V Potluri
Robert Gibson
Sanjay Kumar Dhir
R Shyamsunder

Karvy Investor Services Limited

Parthasarathy C
Yugandhar M
Ramakrishna M S
Karvy Securities Limited

Parthasarathy C
Yugandhar M
Ramakrishna M S
Ajay Kumar K
William Samuel
Nicholas Tully

Karvy Stock Broking Limited

Parthasarathy C
Yugandhar M
Ramakrishna M S
Ajay Kumar K
Kutumba Rao V
William Samuel
Nicholas Tully





(Marketing) (Finance) (HRM)

Zonal Manager


Regional Manager


Branch Mgr. Branch Mgr. Branch Mgr.

(Junagadh) (Jamnagar) (Bhavnagar)

Accountant Sr. Executives



Branch Manager
Sr. Executive Executives Executive
(Investment) (SB - 4) (IT)

Marketing Clerk



(Demat) Accountant

Peon Peon

Achievements of Karvy:
• Largest mobilizer of funds as per PRIME DATABASE
• First ISO - 9002 Certified Registrar in India
• A Category- I Merchant banker
• A Category- I Registrar to Public Issues
• Ranked as "The Most Admired Registrar” by MARG
• Handled the largest- ever Public Issue - IDBI
• Strategic tie-up with Jardine Fleming India Securities Ltd
• Handled over 500 Public issues as Registrars
• Handling the Reliance Account which accounts for nearly 10 million account
• First Depository Participant from Andhra Pradesh

What Customers matter for KARVY?

The underlying picture forming answer for above question is given below.

Market Brand Customer

Power Preference Value


Every year with this picture keeping in mind ‘Karvy accelerate with Recovery, Revival and

Karvy has started 2004 on a strong note with the realization to signal some of the challenges
it faced previous year. In a competitive market and a branded business, Karvy need to
carefully manage itself to avoid down trading or brand shifts by consumers.

For Karvy, it is truly exhilarating because of:

• Successful implementation of a carefully crafted strategy.

• Excellence in execution.
• Immense learning enabling to set up a launch pad for revitalizing itself.
Some competitive advantages are long lasting. These are intangible, difficult to replicate
and thus more sustainable. Karvy has focused on some of these to gain competitive
advantages. There are:

• Winning culture and a desire to excel in everything Karvy do.

• Strong meaningful relationships with Customers along with Strategic
Partners in which Karvy operate and above all, its own staff.

Karvy value and carefully nurture relationships with customers. Karvy truly believe that
more than technological prowess and business process innovations, it is the ‘focus on
relationships’ which has been the corner stone of satisfying and successful presence in India
over many years.

This has been possible with deep insight of consumer behavior as well as market demand
drivers, understanding of the arena where to operate and quality execution – all thanks to a
‘greater team’ that makes this happen.

Karvy’s customers consider themselves part of Karvy family and share their experiences
and dreams with other customers and thus Karvy becomes successful not only in relating
customers but also gains new customers from satisfied prevailing customers.

Karvy want to create a strong emotional bond with new customers promoted by prevailing

Karvy Values:

Karvy has adequate internal control systems and procedures commensurate with the size
nature of its business. These system and procedures provide reasonable assurance of
maintenance of proper accounting records, reliability of financial information, protection of
resources and safeguarding of assets against unauthorized use.


1. Stock broking
2. Demat services
3. Investment product distribution
4. Investment advisory services
5. Corporate finance & Merchant banking
6. Insurance
7. Mutual fund services
8. IT enabled services
9. Registrars & Transfer agents
10. Loans

1. Stock Broking:

KARVY is working as Capital Market Intermediaries. Stockbrokers are regulated by SEBI

[Stock-brokers and Sub-brokers] Regulations, 1992. The stockbroker is a member of the
stock exchange. Stockbrokers are the intermediaries who are allowed to trade in securities
on the exchange of which they are members. They buy and sell on their own behalf as well
as on behalf of their clients.

Stockbrokers expand their business by engaging sub-broker. Sub-brokers mean “any

person not being a member of a stock exchange who acts on behalf of a stock broker as an
agent or otherwise for assisting the investors in buying, selling or dealing in securities
through such stock-brokers.”

2. Demat Services:

Karvy is a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)
for trading and settlement of dematerialized shares.

Depository Participants (DPs) are described as an agent of the depository. They are
intermediaries between the depository and the investors. The relationship between the DPs
and the depository is governed by an agreement made between the two under Depositories
A DP can offer depository-related services only after obtaining a certificate of registration
from SEBI.

Since Karvy is also in the broking business, investors who use Karvy’s depository services
get a dual benefit. They can use Karvy’s brokerage services to execute transactions and
Karvy’s depository services to settle them.

3. Investment Products Distribution:

Company is also concern with the distribution of investment products like

(a). Fixed Deposit

(b). Bonds
(c). IPO

(a). Fixed Deposit:

KARVY is dealer of 34 fixed deposits of various types which includes fixed deposits of
Public Sector, Non Banking Finance Companies, Housing Finance Companies and
Manufacturing Companies.

Company is dealer of following Fixed Deposits

Sl. No. Company Name
2 Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd.
3 Tamilnadu Power Finance Corporation Ltd.


Sl. No. Company Name
1 Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd.
2 Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd.
3 Birla Home Finance Ltd.
4 Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd.
5 Escorts Finance Ltd.
6 First Leasing Company of India Ltd.
7 IDBI Suvidha
8 Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd.


Sl. No. Company Name
1 Can Fin Homes Ltd.
2 Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.
3 Gruh Finance Ltd.
4 HDFC Ltd.
5 PNB Housing Finance Ltd.
6 Sundaram Home Finance Ltd.

Sl. No. Company Name
1 A P Paper Mills Ltd.
2 Amtek India Ltd.
3 Atul Ltd.
4 Ballarpur Industries Ltd.
5 Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
6 Escort Ltd.
7 Greaves Ltd.
8 Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.
9 Indian Express
10 Ind-Swift Ltd.
11 JK Industries Ltd.
12 Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
Market Positioning:

Market positioning statements of Karvy are “At Karvy we give you single window service”
and “We also ensure your comfort”.

So, Karvy focus on the consumers who prefer almost all investment activities at same place
by providing number of various financial services. At Karvy a person can purchase or
sell shares, debentures etc. and at the same place also demat it. Karvy also provides
other investment option to the same person at same place like Mutual Fund, Insurance,
Fixed Deposit, and Bonds etc. and help the person in designing his portfolio. By this
way Karvy provides comfort to its customers. Karvy is also positioned according to
Ries and Trout. Karvy is promoted as a no. 1 investment product distributor and R & T
agent of India.

Target Market:

Karvy uses demographic segmentation strategy and segment people based on their
occupation. Karvy uses selective specialization strategy for market targeting. Target person
for the Karvy Stock Broking and Karvy Investment Service are persons who can work as
sub-broker for the companies. Companies focus on Advisors of Insurance and post office,
Tax consultants and CAs for making sub-broker.

Marketing channel System:

Karvy uses one level marketing channel for investment product distribution. Sub-brokers
work as intermediary between consumer and company. Company has both forward and
backward flow of activity through channel. Company distributes stationery, brokerage, and
information forward to its sub-broker. The sub-brokers send filled forms, queries, amount
of investment etc. back to the company.

Training Channel Members:

Karvy provides training to the sub-brokers because they will be viewed as the company by
the investors. The executives of Karvy explain various new schemes of investment to the
sub-brokers with its objective, risk factors and expected return. Company also periodically
arrange seminar to guide sub-brokers.

Advertising and Promotion:

The objective of advertising of Karvy is to create awareness about services of Karvy among
investors and sub-brokers and increase sub-brokers of Karvy.

Company doesn’t give advertisement in media like TV, Newspapers, and Magazines etc.
Karvy’s advertisement is made indirectly by the companies associate with it. Karvy is R &
T agent of around 700 companies. They publish name, address and logo of Karvy on their
annual report.

Karvy also publish its weekly Stock Market Newsletter ‘Karvy Bazaar Baatein’ and
monthly magazine ‘The Finapolis’ to guide investors and sub-brokers about market.



• Employees are highly empowered.

• Strong Communication Network.
• Good co-operation between employees.
• Number 1 Registrar and Transfer agent in India.
• Number 1 dealer of Investment Products in India.


• High Employee Turnover.


• Growth rate of mutual fund industry is 40 to 50% during last year and it expected
that this rate will be maintained in future also.
• Marketing at rural and semi-urban areas.


• Increasing number of local players.

• Past image of Mutual Fund.
Porters Five Forces Analysis

Buyer Power

• Lack of Expertise Curtails Bargaining Power

• Retail investors often lack the knowledge and expertise in the financial sector that
calls them to approach the broking houses.
• Low Product Differentiation Proves Beneficial
• The broking services provided by the company is homogeneous with very low
product differentiation. This allows customers to enjoy a greater bargaining power.

Supplier Power

• Increased Dependence on IPOs

• There is a growing dependence of corporates on broking houses with the rising
number of IPO’s coming to the market.

Intensity of Competition

• Move towards consolidation

• Lot of brokerage companies are moving towards consolidation with the smaller ones
becoming either franchisees for the larger brokers or closing operations.
• Increased Focus of Banks in Retail Broking
• Various foreign banks like ABN Amro and others are planning to enter the Indian
brokerage industry.
• Online Trading Competes with Traditional Brokerage
There is an increasing demand for online trading due to consumer’s growing
preference for internet as compared to approaching the brokers.
Threat of New Entrants

• Entry of Foreign Players

• New forms of trading including T+2 settlement system, dematerialization etc are
strengthening the retail brokerage market and attracting foreign companies to enter
the Indian industry.

Threat of Substitutes

• Alternative Investment Options

• Various alternative forms of investment including fixed deposits with banks and
post offices etc act as substitutes to retail broking products and services.

Recent Articles
Bharti Airtel underperformer, target Rs 289: Karvy
Published on November 3rd, 2009

Karvy Stock Broking has recommended an underperformer rating on Bharti Airtel, with
price target of Rs 289, in its report dated October 30, 2009. The stock closed at Rs 292.15
on October 30, 2009.

“On account of the significant headwinds being faced by the Indian telecom sector in
general and by Bharti Airtel in particular, there is little scope for any stock out-
performance, at least in the medium-term. At the CMP, the stock is trading at a P/E of 13.4x
FY11E EPS and an EV/EBITDA of 6.4x FY11E EBITDA. These valuations have
significantly come off due to the hammering the stock has taken over the past month,
having been beaten down by over 30%. We believe a lot of the downside has been captured
in the stock price. Nonetheless, given the bleak possibility of any stock price re-rating
owing to the various competitive headwinds in the sector, we do not expect an out-
performance from the stock. Thus, we put an ‘Under performer’ rating on Bharti Airtel and
arrive at a target price of Rs 289, including Rs 240 as the value of the core business and Rs
49 as the value of the towerco (Rs 34 as the value of its 42% stake in Indus Towers and Rs
15 as the value of Bharti Infratel standalone), based on our DCF calculations,” says Karvy
Stock Broking report.

Buy RIL With Stop Loss Of Rs 2140: Karvy

Submitted by Malini Ranade on Tue, 11/17/2009

Karvy Stock Broking Limited has maintained 'Buy' rating on Reliance India Ltd (RIL) stock
to achieve an intraday target of Rs 2200. According to Karvy, interested traders can buy the
stock above Rs 2160 with a strict stop loss of Rs 2140. The shares of the bank on Monday,
(Nov 16), closed at Rs 2147.75 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The share price has
seen a 52-week high of Rs 2490 and a low of Rs 1021 on BSE. Current EPS and P/E of the
stock stood at 90.71 & 23.38 respectively.

Stock Markets To Trade In A Range bound Manner On Friday - Brokers Outlook

Submitted by Shalini Kakkad on Thu, 08/02/2007

Bharat Thakur, assistant manager, Karvy Stock Broking stated that today market closed
after making a profit of 50 points, though it opened its eyes very positive only to discard the
majority of its gains. It traded in a range for the whole day. Today banking region was
good, particularly SBI and Kotak Bank. Reliance Industries also increased 2% that provided
back up to the market.

Sell ICICI Bank: Karvy

Submitted by Malini Ranade on Tue, 12/08/2009

Karvy Stock Broking Limited has suggested investors to 'sell' ICICI Bank stock as there are
full chances of a downward trend in this stock. According to Karvy, investors can sell the
stock below Rs 850 with a strict stop loss of Rs 860 to achieve an intraday target between
Rs 835-830. Today, the shares of the bank opened at Rs 857 on the Bombay Stock
Exchange (BSE). The share price has seen a 52-week high of Rs 983.70 and a low of Rs
252.75 on BSE. Current EPS and P/E of the stock stood at 35.33 & 24.56 respectively.
Karvy also suggested that if the stock fell below Rs 826, it may see more weakness.
Buy Triveni Engg For 1-2 Days: Karvy

Submitted by Malini Ranade on Tue, 12/15/2009

Karvy Stock Broking Limited has maintained 'Buy' rating on Triveni Engineering Ltd stock
to achieve a target of Rs 115 in 1-2 trading sessions. According to Karvy, interested traders
can buy the stock between Rs 108-109 with a strict stop loss of Rs 104. The shares of the
company on Monday, (Dec 14), closed at Rs 109.50 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
The share price has seen a 52-week high of Rs 125.30 and a low of Rs 32.10 on BSE.
Current EPS and P/E of the stock stood at 7.06 & 15.61 respectively.


Revenue Sharing Structure:

Eligibility Criteria to enter into a Relationship as a Business


1. An individual/ company/ partnership firm with good track record & reputation in
financial services/other business/social circles with a good client base.
2. Sub-broker registration in SEBI/Exchanges through KSBL is compulsory without which
the remittance of accrued brokerage to franchisee will be kept on hold till registration is
3. Capacity to invest in setting up & maintaining the infrastructure & manpower required
for carrying on the business as specified below at their own expense.
a. Own or leased premises with requisite power supply and support facilities including LAN
duly approved by KSBL in writing;
b. Interior work, furniture and Name Board conforming to the design, colours and standards
approved by KSBL
c. Connectivity and communication facilities including leased line, ISDN line,
telephone line etc duly approved by KSBL.
d. In case the connectivity is through VSAT, the full cost of the VSAT including setting up
e. Legally licensed operating system, database and other software including back office
software required for the operations at franchisee’s premises;
f. Any other equipment or installations necessary for carrying on the business without
4. The sub-broker/ employees of corporate/firm should hold valid NCFM certificates for
Cash, F&O and ensure that NCFM certificate holder in person has to sit on trading
terminals in whose name the terminal ID has been generated.

Franchisee Package Offered by KARVY

• Product Support: Broking through BSE (Cash & F&O), NSE (Cash & F&O)
,DP services through NSDL, CDSL.
• Sales Support: A Relationship Manager will be assigned to you for regular
Research advice & Market Updates through Chat/Phone/Emails/Personal meetings.
• Business Development: Product research, marketing & business development
support on a regular basis to encourage knowledge based selling.
• Back Office Support: Centralized Web based back office support through a
dedicated Customer Service Executive assigned to you for routine queries through
Chat-Phone- Emails. All stationary items bills, letter heads will be provided by
KSBL and digital contract notes will be delivered to the franchisee’s id as per
charges applicable.
• Setup Support: Initial Glow sign flex material & Initial Visiting Cards will be
provided by KSBL as per charges applicable.


Karvy has achieved a lot in the field of finance. Not much can be
suggested in regard to the policies and principles it has. The good
success rate is a clear reflection about the company’s strong rules,
coupled with dedicated work put in by its employees.

The following could help the company to become a pioneer in its field.

1) Karvy offered IPO’s but found it not quite profitable. The present
year has seen a boom in equities and a large number of IPO’s are
being issued by a umber of companies. This could be a good
segment to tap with. Entry into the IPO allotment procedure could
be quite helpful and profitable.
2) Competitors like share khan, Geojit, etc. are known better than
karvy. The company lacks publicity. A good portion of the general
public is not quite aware of the existence of such an investment
firm like karvy, which caters to most of the available investing
instruments. The company could undertake promotional activities
with the general public as the target group. They could make
aware of the services they render to the public. This could attract
new customers which can be transformed into a long lasting
relationship. This could be put into action by having print
advertisements in papers like The Economic Times, Business Line,
Financial Express etc. Advertisement in CNBC-India could give a
very good brand image to the company.
3) The company acts as a mediatory for most of the investment
options. It gives people access to a wide variety of mutual funds,
Insurance schemes etc for third party companies. The company
can start its own mutual fund and start investing in stocks, debts
and government securities. It has a special and dedicated
Research Desk who are into constant monitoring of the share
markets. It can take advantage of this and start a separate mutual
fund. People will have good confidence in this and the business can
also be profitable.

Investment in India has become more of a security necessity than a
business lifestyle. As the interest rates all over are dropping, people are
switching to other avenues which fetch better results. The risk band that
initially existed as been eased out and people are on the lookout for new
and better stuff. In olden days, one could invest only in a few companies,
but the present day has given people to try a wide range of companies.
The decision in regard to investments is based on the sector
performance as well as the strong fundamentals of the company. The act
of speculation has considerably been reduced due to the statistical data
and its analysis that companies like karvy do and people have become
intelligent investors rather than mere speculators. It offered exposure to
the wide range of investment options available. The risk factors involved
could be understood easily. It give a learning experience but also gave
idea on how we could incorporate the various investment options,
discovered by the
economists, into a good planning package.

• www.karvy.com
• www.indiacorporateadvisor.com
• www.dewb-vc.com
• www.amfiindia.com
• www.themanagementor.com
• www.nsdl.co.in
• www.wikipedia.com
• www.sharekhan.com
• www.religare.com
• www.indiabulls.com
• Indiainfoline.com