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------------------------------------------------------------------------A fundamental approach to transformer thermal modeling-part I theory and equival

ent circuit - Pow
Advancements in partial discharge analysis to diagnose stator winding problems Electrical Insul
An introduction to the IEEE guide for current limiting fuses - Transmission and
Distribution Conf
ANSI IEEE C37.081-1981 IEEE Guide for Synthetic Fault Testing of AC High-Voltage
Circuit Breakers
ANSI IEEE Std 81-1983IEEE Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedanc
e, and Earth Surf
ANSIIEEE C57.117-1986, IEEE Guide for Reporting Failure Data for Power Transform
ers and Shunt Rea
ANSIIEEE C57.96-1989 (Revision of ANSI C57.96-1959) IEEE Guide for Loading Dry-T
ype Distribution
ANSIIEEE Std C37.106-1987, IEEE Guide for Abnormal Frequency Protection for Powe
r Generating Pl
ANSIIEEE Std C57.13.3-1983, IEEE Guide for the Grounding of Instrument Transform
er Secondary Cir
ANSIIEEE Std 1010-1987 IEEE, Guide for Control of Hydroelectric Power Plants
ANSIIEEE Std 434-1973, IEEE Guide for Functional Evaluation of Insulation System
s for Large HighANSIIEEE Std 799-1987, IEEE Guide for Handling and Disposal of Transformer Grade
Insulating Liqu
ANSIIEEE Std 930-1987, IEEE Guide for the Statistical Analysis of Electrical Ins
ulation Voltage E
ANSIIEEE Std 935-1989, IEEE Guide on Terminology for Tools and Equipment to Be U
sed in Live Line
ANSIIEEE Std C37.97-1979, IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power
System Buses
Comparison of International and Nema Standards for Salient Pole Synchronous Mach
ines - Energy Con
IEE guide for developing user organization open system environment (OSE) profile
s - Std 1003.23-1
IEEE application guide for evaluating nonceramic materials for high-voltage outd
oor applications
IEEE C37.36b-1990 IEEE Guide to Current Interruption with Horn-Gap Air Switches
IEEE C37.81-1989, IEEE Guide for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Metal-Enclose
d Power Switchgea
IEEE guide for AC motor protection - IEEE Std C37.96-2000
IEEE guide for acceptance and maintenance of insulating oil in equipment - IEEE
Std C57.106-1991
IEEE guide for application of expulsion fuses in enclosures - Supplement to IEEE
guide for applic
IEEE Guide for Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects of Class 1E E
quipment Used in
IEEE guide for design of substation rigid-bus structures - ANSIIEEE Std 605-1987
IEEE Guide for Designing Multistress Aging Tests of Electrical Insulation in a R
adiation Environm
IEEE guide for determination of maximum winding temperature rise in liquid-fille
d transformers IEEE Guide For Developing System Requirements Specifications - IEEE Std 1233, 19
98 Edition
IEEE Guide for Developing System Requirements Specifications - IEEE Std 1233-199
IEEE guide for dry-type transformer through-fault current duration - IEEE Std C5

IEEE guide for dry-type transformer through-fault current duration - IEEE Std C5
IEEE Guide for Evaluating the Effect of Solar Radiation on Outdoor Metal-Enclose
d Switchgear - AN
IEEE guide for fire hazard assessment of electrical insulating materials in elec
trical power syst
IEEE guide for insulation maintenance for rotating electrical machinery (5 hp to
less than 10 000
IEEE guide for loading dry-type distribution and power transformers - IEEE Std C
IEEE guide for maintenance methods on energized power-lines - ANSIIEEE Std 516-1
IEEE guide for making high-direct-voltage tests on power cable systems in the fi
IEEE Guide for Measurements of Electromagnetic Properties of Earth Media - IEEE
Std 356-2001 (Rev
IEEE Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Hydro-Generators - IEEE Std 492-1999
IEEE Guide
IEEE guide
IEEE guide
IEEE guide

for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations - IEEE Std 1584-2002

for protective relay applications to power transformers - IEEE Std C3
for protective relay applications to transmission lines - IEEE Std C3
for radio methods of measuring earth conductivity - IEEE Std 356-1974

IEEE guide for self-commutated converters - ANSIIEEE Std 936-1987

IEEE guide for software verification and validation plans - IEEE Std 1059-1993
IEEE guide for sound level abatement and etermination for liquid-immersed power
transformers and
IEEE guide for specifying and selecting power, control, and special-purpose cabl
e for petroleum a
IEEE guide for synthetic capacitive current switching tests of AC high-voltage c
ircuit breakers IEEE Guide For Terrestrial Photovoltaic Power System Safety - IEEE Std 1374-1998
IEEE Guide For Test Procedures
Solid-cast And Re
IEEE guide for testing faulted
IEEE guide for the application
hase underground
IEEE guide for the application
ernating current
IEEE Guide For The Application
puter-based Monit
IEEE Guide for the application
IEEE guide for the
or less than 100
IEEE guide for the
IEEE guide for the
ants - IEEE Std 1
IEEE guide for the
erating stations
IEEE guide for the
IIEEE Std 525-198
IEEE guide for the
ure components IEEE guide for the

For Thermal Evaluation Of Insulation Systems For

circuit indicators - ANSIIEEE Std 495-1986
of faulted circuit indicators for 200 A, single-p
of gapped silicon-carbide surge arresters for alt
Of Human Factors Engineering In The Design Of Com
of insulation coordination - IEEE Std 1313.2-1999

application of surge protectors used in low-voltage (equal to

application of thyristor surge protective devices - IEEE Std
commissioning of electrical systems in hydroelectric power pl
definition of reliability program plans for nuclear power gen
design and installation of cable systems in substations - ANS
design and testing of transmission modular restoration struct
design, construction, and operation of safe and reliable subs

tations for envir

IEEE guide for the
EE Std 1240-2000
IEEE Guide for the
urrent-Limiting F
IEEE Guide for the
evision of C37.10
IEEE Guide For The

evaluation of the reliability of HDVC converter stations - IE

Operation, Classification, Application, and Coordination of C
Protection of Network Transformers - IEEE Std C37.108-2002 (R
Protection Of Stationary Battery Systems - IEEE Std 1375-1998

IEEE Standard Application of the Single-Failure Criterion to Nuclear Power Gener

ating Station Saf
IEEE Std C37.95-1989 (Revision of IEEE C37.95-1973) IEEE Guide for Protective Re
laying of Util
IEEE Std C57.12.58-1991, IEEE Guide for Conducting a Transient Voltage Analysis
of a Dry-Type Tr
IEEE Std C62.92-1989, IEEE Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in Ele
ctrical Utility
IEEE Std Std 643-1980, IEEE Guide for Power-Line Carrier Applications
IEEE Std 1020-1988, IEEE Guide for Control of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants
IEEE Std 1025-1993, IEEE Guide to the Assembly and Erection of Concrete Pole Str
IEEE Std 1031-1991 IEEE Guide for a Detailed Functional Specification and Applic
ation of Static V
IEEE Std 1031-2000, Revision of IEEE Std 1031-1991, IEEE Guide for the Functiona
l Specification o
IEEE Std 1036-1992, IEEE Guide for Application of Shunt Power Capacitors
IEEE Std 1048-1990, IEEE Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines
IEEE Std 1050-1996, IEEE Guide for Instrumentation Control Equipment Grounding i
n Generating Stat
IEEE Std 1067-1996, IEEE Guide for In-Service Use, Care, Maintenance, and Testin
g of ConductiveCl
IEEE Std 1070-1995, IEEE Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modula
r RestorationStru
IEEE Std 1082-1997, IEEE Guide for Incorporating Human Action Reliability Analys
is for Nuclear Po
IEEE Std 1110-1991, IEEE Guide for Synchronous Generator Modeling Practices in S
tability Analyses
IEEE Std 1120-1990, IEEE Guide to the Factors to Be Considered in the Planning,
Design, and Insta
IEEE Std 1125-1993, IEEE Guide for Moisture Measurement and Control in SF6 Gas-I
nsulated Equipmen
IEEE Std 1137-1991 IEEE Guide for the Implementation of Inductive Coordination M
itigation Techniq
IEEE Std 1142-1995, IEEE Guide for the Design, Testing, and Application of Moist
ure-Impervious, S
IEEE Std 1143-1994, IEEE Guide on Shielding Practice for Low Voltage Cables
IEEE Std 1147-1991, IEEE Guide for the Rehabilitation of Hydroelectric Power Pla
IEEE Std 1184-1994, IEEE Guide for the Selection and Sizing of Batteries for Uni
nterruptible Powe
IEEE Std 1189-1996, IEEE Guide for Selection of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid - VRLA
- Batteries for
IEEE Std 1193-1994, IEEE Guide for Measurement of Environmental Sensitivities of
Standard Frequen
IEEE Std 1204-1997, IEEE Guide for Planning DC Links Terminating at AC Locations
Having Low Short
IEEE Std 1243-1997, IEEE Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Transm
ission Lines
IEEE Std 1246-1997, IEEE Guide for Temporary Protective Grounding Systems Used i

IEEE Std 1250-1995, Corrected EditionSecond Printing IEEE Guide for Service to E
quipment Sensitiv
IEEE Std 1260-1996, IEEE Guide on the Prediction, Measurement, and Analysis of A
M BroadcastReradi
IEEE Std 1264-1993, IEEE Guide for Animal Deterrents for Electric Power Supply S
IEEE Std 1290-1996, IEEE Guide for Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Motor Application,
Protection, Cont
IEEE Std 1291-1993, IEEE Guide for Partial Discharge Measurement in Power Switch
IEEE Std 1300-1996, IEEE Guide for Cable Connections For Gas-Insulated Substatio
IEEE Std 1303-1994, IEEE Guide for Static var Compensator Field Tests
IEEE Std 1378-1997, IEEE Guide for Commissioning High-Voltage Direct-Current (HV
DC) Converter Sta
IEEE Std 1410-1997, IEEE Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Electr
ic Power Overhead
IEEE Std 1490-1998 (Adoption of PMI Guide to PMBOK) IEEE Guide, Adoption of PMI
standard, A Guid
IEEE Std 1772-1990, IEEE Guide for the Measurement of DC Electric-Field Strength
and Ion Related
IEEE Std 421.2-1990, IEEE Guide for Identification, Testing, and Evaluation of t
he Dynamic Perfor
IEEE Std 421.4-1990, IEEE Guide for the Preparation of Excitation System Specifi
IEEE Std 432-1992 (Revision of IEEE Std 432-1976) IEEE Guide for Insulation Main
tenance for Rotat
IEEE Std 442-1981 (reaffirmed 1998) IEEE Guide for Soil Thermal Resistivity Meas
IEEE Std 502-1985, IEEE Guide for Protection, Interlocking, and Control of Fossi
l-Fueled Unit-Con
IEEE Std 516-1995, IEEE Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power Lines
IEEE Std 518-1982, Revision of ANSIIEEE Std 518-1977, IEEE Guide for the Install
ation of Electric
IEEE Std 522-1992 (Revision of IEEE Std 522-1077) IEEE Guide for Testing Turn-to
-Turn Insulation
IEEE Std 524a-1993, IEEE Guide to Grounding During the Installation of Overhead
Transmission Line
IEEE Std 532-1993 (Revision of IEEE Std 532-1982) IEEE Guide for Selecting and T
esting Jackets fo
IEEE Std 56-1997 (Revision of IEEE Std 56-1958) IEEE Guide for Insulation Mainte
nance of Large
IEEE Std 605-1998, IEEE Guide for Design of substation Rigid-Bus Structures
IEEE Std 620-1906 (Revision of IEEE Std 620-1987) IEEE Guide for the Presentatio
n of Thermal Limi
IEEE Std 635-1989 (Revision of IEEE Std 635-1980_ reaffirmed 1994) IEEE Guide fo
r Selection and D
IEEE Std 637-1985, IEEE Guide for the Reclamation of Insulating Oil and Criteria
for Its Use
IEEE Std 664-1993, IEEE Guide for Laboratory Measurement of the Power Dissipatio
n Characteristics
IEEE Std 665-1995 (Revision of IEEE Std 665-1987) IEEE Guide for Generaating Sta
tion Grounding
IEEE Std 67-1990 Revision of IEEE Std 67-1972 IEEE Guide for Operation and Maint
enance of Turbine
IEEE Std 771-1998 IEEE Guide to the Use of the ATLAS Specification
IEEE Std 957-1995 (Revision of IEEE Std 957-1987) IEEE Guide for Cleaning Insula
IEEE Std 977-1991, IEEE Guide to Installation of Foundations for Transmission Li
ne Structures

IEEE Std 979-1994 (Revision of IEEE Std 979-1984) IEEE Guide for Substation Fire
IEEE Std 980-1994 (R2001, Revision of IEEE Std 980-1987) IEEE Guide for Containm
ent and Control o
IEEE Std 998-1996, IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substatio
IEEE Std C37.101-1993 (Revision of IEEE Std C37.101-1985) IEEE Guide for Generat
or Ground Protect
IEEE Std C37.10-1995, IEEE Guide for Diagnostics and Failure Investigation of Po
wer Circuit Break
IEEE Std C37.102-1995 (Revision of IEEE Std C37.102-1987) IEEE Guide for AC Gene
rator Protection
IEEE Std C37.122.1-1993 (Revision of IEEE Std C37.122-1983) IEEE Guide for Gas-I
nsulated Substati
IEEE Std C37.35-1995 (Revision of IEEE Std C37.35-1976) IEEE Guide for the Appli
cation, Installat
IEEE Std C57.104-1991 (Revision of IEEE C57.104-1978) IEEE Guide for the Interpr
etation of Gases
IEEE Std C57.121-1998 (Revision of IEEE Std C57.121-1988) IEEE Guide for Accepta
nce and Maintenan
IEEE Std C57.125-1991, IEEE Guide for Failure Investigation, Documentation, and
Analysis for Pow
IEEE Std C57.19.100-1995, IEEE Guide for Application of Power Apparatus Bushings
IEEE Std C57.91-1995 (Revision of IEEE Stds C57.91-1981, C57.92-1981, and C57.11
5-1991) IEEE Guid
IEEE Std C57.93-1995 (Revision of ASA C57.93-1958) IEEE Guide for Installation o
f Liquid-Immersed
IEEE Std C57.98-=1993 (Revision of IEEE Std C57.98-1986) IEEE Guide for Transfor
mer Impulse Tests
IEEE Std C57-113-1991 (Revision and redesignation of IEEE Std C57-113) IEEE Guid
e for Partial Dis
IEEE Std C62.22-1997 (Revision of IEEE Std C62.22-1991) IEEE Guide for the Appli
cation of Metal-O
IEEE Std C62.45-1992 (Revision of IEEE Std C62.45-1987) IEEE Guide on Surge Test
ing for Equipment
IEEE Std C62.48-1995 IEEE Guide on Interactions Between Power System Disturbance
s and Surge-Prote
IEEE Std C62.92.1-2000 (Revision of C62.92.1-1987) IEEE Guide for the Applicatio
n of Neutral Gro
IEEE Std C62.92.3-1993, IEEE Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in E
lectrical Utility
IEEE Std C62.92.4-1991, IEEE Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in E
lectrical Utility
IEEE Std1333-1994, IEEE Guide for Installation of Cable Using the Guided Boring
IEEE trial-use guide for development of specification for turnkey substation pro
jects - IEEE Std
IEEE Trial-use guide for the detection of acoustic emissions from partial discha
rges in oil-immer
Lightning performances of distribution lines sensitivity to computational method
s and to data - P
Power quality a review - IEEE Computer Applications in Power
Progress in Step and Touch Voltage Equations of ANSIIEEE Std 80 - Histoical Pers
pective - Power D
Some lessons learned from commissioning substation and medium voltage switchgear
equipment - Petr