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Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT)

PEAT is a spiritual development system which allows a person to experience th

e state of non-duality. It does not lead to a cognitive understanding of non-dua
lity, but an actual experience, a complete gnosis and recognition of the union o
f the deepest set of polarities for each individual, those which we call Primes.
Zivorad Slavinski, Author and Creator of PEAT
the points are stimulated with just a TOUCH - not taps, massage etc
Basic PEAT
-working on one specific issue at a time
-use undex+middle fingers for touching a point
-use both hads to stimulate both hemisperes
-chets point = setup statement point (like in EFT)
-deep breathing at each point is essential
Advanced PEAT
-working on the whole 'pattern' of the problem at once
Four Elements of Perception
-Body sensation
Q:why take a STATIC snapsht of a charged event?
coz brain works like a hologram, any snapshot contains all information
Deep PEAT (DP)
At the moment, Deep PEAT (DP) is the most powerful system of spiritual technolog
ies created by Zivorad Slavinski. It is used in the work with difficult, chronic
emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. During the process of DP, the fac
ilitator guides a client through the layers of subconscious content, which lies
at the basis of the initial problem. As result of this process, client returns t
o the point of the initial split of consciousness, separation from the state of
wholeness and Unity. This primary split can always be described and is experienc
ed by the client as a pair of polarities, such as freedom and limitation , contracti
on and expansion , I and the other . At the moment when the client re-experiences thi
s initial split, the charge between polarities is neutralized and the problem di
sappears. One DP session can last from 20 mintues to 2 hours. For a complete pro
blem resolution, it is usually enough to have 1-4 sessions of Deep PEAT.
Dmitry Tarasov 2 years ago
No problem. BTW, in most cases it works that way, but sometimes client reports t
hat inversed application works better for him. So don't hesitate to try and find
what works best for you. You can't go wrong with GP-4.
Dmitry Tarasov 2 years ago in reply to robbo1831
Hi, Robert. The clue to "here and now" and "snapshot in time" is very simple. Im
agine time axis, how time passes from left to right along it. The very same way,
of two moments in time you're working with put the preceeding moment on your le
ft #1 point and succeeding moment to your right #1 point. For instance if you're

working on your future- put that moment on the right side. If you're "dischargi
ng" the episode from your past- put it on your left side. That rule proved to be
very efficient.
robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Okay great. I am reacquainting myself with "Transcendence", that I thought was l
ost to a hard drive crash some time ago. My main focus is to install beneficial
"identities" that will fit well with helping me achieve my desired business and
personal outcomes and get pass challenges. However, I now see there are other pr
ocesses in the book that will help me be deeply connected to the energy of Earth
for grounding and also to the energy of the universe so it will flow through me
more powerfully.
robbo1831 2 years ago
Hello Dmitry,
I hope you speak English. I am Robert and I live in Philadelphia. I took DP4 a f
ew years ago and over time I let the process get away from me. I wonder if you c
an tell me which of the accu points are needed to do a DP4 process? As I recall,
only two are required. You brief video is the only one I have seen that demonstr
ates the PEAT accu points at all.
If you prefer to answer my question through a PM, okay. Thank you for your time
Dmitry. :-)
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robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Fantastic explanation that makes things much clearer for me Dmitry.
Dmitry Tarasov 2 years ago in reply to robbo1831
reporting in DP4 sence is not analysis neither explanation. You should only note
or accept the elements as they are. Regarding the image- do not explain its con
tent, only note its quality- is it still sharp as it was on first turn or starte
d to gray white out or to desintegrate other way.
Generally speaking- if you encounter difficulties managing DP4, claim just one s
ession with experienced practicioner and you'll learn this powerfull technique f
or your life.
robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Hi Dimitry,
Thanks to you directing me to the accu points image, I know the location of the
#1 and # 2 points I need to do a DP4 process.
I would like to ask which side of the face is the one to use for "Myself, here a
nd now" and which side for a "snapshot" in time, etc.?
Thank you again so much for your help Dmitry.
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robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Dimitry, please disregard my previous post. Of course, right after writing you,
the instructions I needed leaped off of the pages at me. Don't know how I manage
d not to observe them prior to writing you. Sorry if I have been an inconvenienc
Dmitry Tarasov 2 years ago in reply to robbo1831
Robert, in this video I'm showing all PEAT facial points, because I refer to thi
s video from other tutorials. For GP4 process you need only first point on left

side and first one on the right. See this image (zivorad.com/images/18.png) with
points numbered.
Take care,
robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
After an injury that has prevented me from working at my normal job for years, I
am re-inventing myself. One of the tasks I will use DP4, is to install "identit
ies" of successful models in the executive coaching field. I believe this will h
elp greatly to accelerate my progress internally beyond the intellectual trainin
g, etc.
P.S. I just went to the site and got the points illustrated model. :-)
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robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Thank you so much Dimitry. :-)
Signed up for your newsletter from your main site.
robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Hello Dmitry,
Well, I got it mostly correct. :-)
The good news is no harm was done and I can do it again.
Regarding claiming one session with an experienced practitioner, yes I have cons
idered it when my funds permits.
Do you conduct session via Skype video? If so, please PM your requirements and f
ee. Thanks so much.
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robbo1831 2 years ago in reply to Dmitry Tarasov
Hello Dmitry,
Question please:
Can you give an example of reporting the Four Elements when self processing a DP
4 technique? I admit o not being certain about this part. I do know what the Fo
ur Elements are however.
As always, thanks so much for your input.