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Bob Schmitt
Director of After School Care

P.O. Box 79087

Houston, TX 77279
Phone: (713) 510-3102
Accounting: (713) 510-3204


Old Schools After School Care program provides children opportunities for physical,
educational, emotional, spiritual, and social growth.
Our objective is to provide a secure and nurturing environment for those enrolled.
Throughout our program, there is an atmosphere of love and understanding.
Old School Tutoring is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective
Services. We serve children of all races, nationalities, and religions from 3rd grade
through high school.


Old School Tutoring programs begin on August 24, 2015 and ends May 26, 2016.

Office Hours
Old School Hours

9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

3:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Old School Tutoring provides transportation from the following schools:
-Pin Oak Middle School
-Pershing Middle School
-Lanier Middle School
-T.H. Rogers Middle School
-Spring Branch Middle School
-Poe Elementary
-Roberts Elementary
-Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan
-Memorial Middle School
-Lamar High School
-Energy Institute
-Trafton Academy
-Briarwood School
-Horn Academy

1) Visit our website at and complete all registration

2) All required paperwork must be submitted at the time of registration. Your

child will not be allowed to attend Old School until all paperwork is received.
No exceptions!
3) Registration fees and the deposit for one month's services are not refundable.
4) All outstanding balances with Old School must be paid in order to sign-up for
5) All tuition must be paid by the 15th of each month, or a late payment fee of $20
will be assessed.
8) Note that parents are responsible for keeping proper registration
information, change of address, current phone numbers and current medical
information in their childs permanent records.
March 15, 2014: Early registration begins for currently enrolled Old School
April 14, 2014: Open registration begins on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Registration will continue from this day forward until Old School is full. Please
call our office at 713-510-3102 to verify availability. If a childs group is at
maximum capacity, children may be wait listed in the order their applications are

Old School provides a variety of activities for the children:
-Individualized Tutoring
-Supervised Homework Time
-Board Games
-Supervised Gym Sports
-Manipulative Games
- Arts and Crafts
-Desktops, Tablets, and Laptops
-Healthy Snack Choices
-Wi-Fi Provided
-30 minutes of reading time daily
-Gym Activities w/ Coach Jones

Through our activities we encourage the childrens development in several areas:

Acquiring a positive self-image

Becoming independent
Identifying and communicating feelings




Responding to new challenges

Accepting reasonable authority and limitations

Providing the children with opportunities to develop fine and

gross motor skills through the use of materials and activities
Time allotted for daily gym activities.

Encouraging cooperation in a group setting

Facilitating interaction with peers and staff

Offering a variety of activities to develop the childrens

thinking skills
Providing reading materials
Providing a place in which children can do their homework
and get assistance if needed


Providing opportunities for exploring and observing the world

around us by free choices and planned activities
Encouraging the childs self-expression, feelings and creativity
with various activities such as art projects and dramatic play

Tuition statements will be emailed.
Monthly tuition payments are due on or before the fifteenth of each month. A late charge
of $20.00 will be added when payment is received on the 16th day, or later, of the month.
If payment is not made by the last day of the month, we cannot transport your child. Your
child will not be able to attend our programs until payment has been made in full. A $30
charge will be applied to any returned checks.
Please go to our website to make payments or mail them to
Old School LLC at P.O. Box 79087 Houston, Texas 77279. If more convenient, you may
drop payments off at any of our three locations between 4:00pm and 6:30 pm.
Please note there are no refunds given when your child is absent or when Old School
Tutoring is closed due to holidays or inclement weather.

If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from our program, please notify our office
in writing two weeks before the date of withdrawal. Any outstanding balances must be

paid before withdrawing your child. Please note you are still responsible for the full
monthly tuition of partial months attended.

Administration will periodically send emails with important information so please watch
your email inbox.


Childrens cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks at all times. Please
remember that Old School Tutoring is not responsible for lost articles.

Old School Tutoring follows the HISD Calendar.
Private school and Spring Branch students should note that HISD holidays and InServices might differ from their own.
2015-2016 ASC Closed Days:
September 1st
November 26th-28th
December 23rd-January 1st
January 19th
April 3rd-6th
May 25th
May 28th

Labor Day
Thanksgiving Holiday
Christmas Holiday
Martin Luther King Day
Easter Holiday
Memorial Day
End of School


We close our center whenever HISD closes. If HISD closes during the school day due
to bad weather, you will need to pick up your child at school. This includes when
HISD closes/cancels after school care and after school activities. Listen to local news
for school closings. If you are unsure, please call our ASC office at 713.510.3102. We
will send an email verifying our closure.


Should extreme circumstances require the evacuation of our building, an email will be
sent informing you of your child's location. Children may be picked up at these locations.
Specific instructions will be left on our voicemail at 713.5102.3102, and information will
be posted on the front door with directions to our current location.
Emergency contact information for each child is issued to the office at the beginning of
each school year. Parents must advise the office of any changes so we may contact you in
case of emergency.


We have a Shelter in Place plan in the event of a biological or chemical emergency in

our city. We will lock down the building for the safety of the children.
In the event of an actual chemical/biological emergency, the children will be moved to a
designated area of our building. Once we have accounted for each child and staff
member, this area will be locked. The area will be secured and not opened until we
receive an all-clear from the proper authorities.
Should an emergency occur, we urge all parents to follow instructions given by the local
authorities. If you arrive at your Old School location after the children are secured in the
building, there will be instructions posted giving you directions to a safe place in our
building where you may wait for your child to be released.

Please DO NOT send any medication in your childs backpack or lunch kit or other
Old School staff cannot give any medication unless you complete an Authorization for
Medicine form. Medicine must be in the original container with the childs name, the
physicians name, the duration, and directions for administering the medication clearly

1) If it is indicated ANYWHERE in your childs paperwork that your child
has ASTHMA you must bring an inhaler to the Old School Office before
your child will be allowed to attend Old School Tutoring.
2) Any child with a FOOD ALLERGY OR OTHER ALLERGY must
have an EPIPEN in the Old School Office to attend Old School
Tutoring. If you feel your childs allergy does not warrant the use of an
Epipen you must turn in a note from your childs doctor explaining why the
severity of your childs allergy does not require an Epipen.

In the case of a medical emergency the office staff will attempt to contact the parents of
the child. If the parents cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. If the
child needs emergency medical treatment and no listed contacts can be reached, the Old
School staff reserves the right to call 911.


All children are required to have authorized immunization records prior to the beginning
of Old School Tutoring. Records must be current. No child will be allowed to attend
without these records.

Each childs hearing and vision screening must be current and on file at the childs

Parents will be notified immediately in cases of serious illness or injury. Precautions are
taken at all times to safeguard the health of all children. This includes refusing to admit
sick children into Old School and isolating those who become ill while at Old School. All
minor incidents of illness or injury are recorded in our Accident/Injury Report Binder in
the Old School Office. A notification with your childs name on the front will be left by
the sign-in/out binder at the Old School location your child attends.
If a child develops a contagious disease, the Director must be contacted. We will notify
parents if a communicable disease develops at Old School. Children with a
communicable disease are not allowed to attend ASC until a medical evaluation signed
by a physician indicates that the child can return.


Parents must inform the Old School office at 713.510.3102 by

2:00 p.m. if their child will be absent that afternoon. Failure to
do so will result in a $20.00 fee for each occurrence.
The Old School vans will wait at schools a total of 10 minutes for children to arrive.
After 5 minutes, the van drivers will contact the ASC office. If the child has not been
reported absent and has not arrived, the ASC office will call parents to let them know
their child is not on the van. The vans cannot wait more than 10 minutes due to additional
school routes awaiting Old School's transportation.
Parents must come inside and check their child out each evening. Parents must sign their
initials and the pick-up time in the master binder at the Old School desk at your child's
Children will be released only to parents or to persons designated by parents.
We expect that our Old School parents pick up their children every day. However, when
someone on your designated pick-up list, other than the childs parents, is picking up
your child that day please call our Old School office or send a note in advance to notify
If someone other than the ones listed on the Authorization for Pick-Up list needs to pick
up your child, a written note MUST accompany the request and a phone call to inform us
in advance.
Picture identification/drivers license is required for any person who is picking up
your child until we are familiar with that person.


A late pick-up fee of $5.00 per minute per child will be charged
after 6:35 p.m. Please call if you will be late. The late fee will be collected by the
desk attendant at time of pick-up. Only cash will be accepted.

The children MUST observe all bus rules and regulations. This is to insure the safety of
all the children in our care. With the first and second bus/van infraction, we will ask a
parent to discuss the guidelines and proper behavior with the child. With the third
infraction, we will deny all transportation for a minimum of three days. Please go over
the transportation guidelines with your child carefully.
All students are expected to follow transportation guidelines for safety concerns:
1. Be at bus stop departure area on time. It is unfair to the other children on the
bus and at the other stops to wait more than 10 minutes for a latecomer.
2. Remain well out of the roadway while waiting for the bus, and wait for the bus
to come to a complete stop before you approach.
3. Get on and off the bus in an orderly manner (i.e. keeping all body parts to
yourself, walking at all times, etc.).
4. Do not open doors or windows unless instructed by the driver.
5. Obey the bus driver at all times.
6. Talk quietly. No yelling out the window or inside the bus. A sudden scream is
especially dangerous.
7. Use only respectful language toward the driver and others. No fighting or
swearing allowed.
8. Upon entering the van sit down, face forward, keep all items out of the isle, and
keep seatbelts fastened until the van has come to a complete stop.
9. Do not throw anything out the window or inside the bus.
10. Keep all body parts away from the windows and inside the bus at all times.
11. Do not deface the vehicle in any way. This means no writing on, scratching,
tearing, or breaking any part inside or outside the bus.


The philosophy held by Old School is one of assisting each child to respect both the
rights of others and the care of the facilities.
When interventions are necessary they will be:
1. Individualized and consistent for each child
2. Appropriate to the childs level of understanding
3. Directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control
Our caregivers will only use positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage
self esteem, self control, and self direction. These techniques include:
1. Using praise and encouragement of good behavior instead of focusing only on
unacceptable behavior
2. Reminding the child of behavior expectations daily by using clear, positive

3. Redirecting behavior using positive statements

4. Using brief supervised separation or time out from the group, when appropriate
for the childs age and development, when it is limited to no more than one
minute per year of the childs age.
There will be no harsh, cruel, or unusual treatment of any child. The following types of
discipline are prohibited:
1. Corporal punishment or threats of corporal punishment
2. Pinching, shaking, or biting a child
3. Hitting a child with a hand or instrument
4. Putting anything in or on a childs mouth
5. Humiliating, ridiculing, rejecting or yelling at a child
6. Subjecting a child to harsh, abusive, or profane language
7. Placing a child in a locked or dark room, bathroom, or closet with the door closed
8. Requiring a child to remain silent or inactive for inappropriately long periods of
time for the childs age
The staff at Old School will make every effort to help your child have good experiences.
However, this requires support from home and we appreciate everyones cooperation.

When behavior problems occur and other discipline methods are not effective, a staff
member must fill out a conduct report explaining why the child was disciplined. The
report is kept in the discipline reports binder.
If the discipline problem persists, a site director will contact the parents to discuss the
problem in order to come up with possible solutions for the problem together.
1st Offense warnings and procedures discussed with alternatives sought.
2nd Offense parents/guardians will be contacted and the situation discussed.
3rd Offense parents/guardians are required to immediately pickup their child for the
remainder of the day.
4th Offense parents/guardians are asked to pickup their child and may not return the
following day. If the child is brought to the site director again he will be dismissed from
Old School for the remainder of the school year. No refunds will be issued for a
disciplinary dismissal.


Every afternoon snack is provided for the children. We offer a variety of snacks with
healthy options. The provided snack is posted on the Old School bulletin board. The
children are required to wash their hands before all snacks.

Parents may visit our program at any time to observe their child, the centers operation,
or activities. Once at the center we ask parents to immediately sign in at the desk and sign
out when they leave. If a parent wants to interact with their child, they need to sign the
child out. Under no circumstances may a parent leave the center with their child without
signing out their child.

Additional programs are available in June, July, and early August. Please check tyhe
website and your email for more information.

1. Parents must advise the office of any change of address or phone number.
2. Please do not send personal toys, games or movies with your child to the
3. Please label all your childs belongings with his/her name and school.
4. The equipment and furnishings are here for your childs enjoyment.
However, we will bring to the attention of the parent any deliberate misuse or
destruction of property with a request for replacement.
5. Please inform our staff of any special circumstances that may contribute to a
childs behavior.
6. Under the Texas Penal Code, any area within 1,000 feet of a child care center
is a gang free zone, where criminal offenses related to organized criminal
activity are subject to harsher penalty.
7. Old School works hard to insure that all products used in our program are
safe. If parents are interested in reviewing a list of unsafe childrens products,
they may go to


The law requires any person who believes that a child or person 65 years or older or an
adult with disabilities is being abused, neglected, or exploited to report the circumstances
to the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Abuse Hotline. A person
making a report is immune from civil or criminal liability provided they make the report
in good faith. The name of the person making the report is kept confidential. Any person
suspecting abuse and not reporting it can be held liable for a misdemeanor or state jail
felony. Time frames for investigating reports are based on the severity of allegations.


Reporting suspected child abuse makes it possible to protect the child and for a family to
get help.
Additional reporting requirements apply to teachers and other professionals. A
professional must report suspected abuse or neglect of a child within 48 hours of
suspecting the child has been or may be abused or neglected. A professional cannot
delegate this duty to another person to make the report.

How to Report
For life threating or emergency situations, call your local law
enforcement agency or 911 immediately, and
then make a report to DFPS.
There are two options for reporting abuse, neglect and exploitation to the Texas
Department of Family and Protective Services.
By Phone: Call the Abuse Hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll-free
1.800.252.5400 from anywhere in the US to report abuse or neglect that
occurred in Texas.
By Secure Internet Website: From you internet browser, go to When you get to the website, there
will be directions to the links to report abuse or neglect against
children or to report abuse against elderly or disabled adults. Recent
improvements to the site include a registration page, ability for the user to
print the report, left side navigation, and spell check. If you have trouble
or questions about making a report on the website, call 512.929.6784 or
1.800.252.5400. (You must include the s in https:// to access the site.)
Types of Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation
What is Abuse?
Abuse is mental, emotional, physical, or sexual injury to a child or person 65
years or older or an adult with disabilities, or failure to prevent such injury.
What is Neglect?
Neglect of a child includes (1) failure to provide a child with food, clothing,
shelter and/or medical care; and/or (2) leaving a child in a situation where the
child is at risk or harm.
Neglect of a person over 65 or older or an adult with disabilities results in
starvation, dehydration, over- or under-medication, unsanitary living conditions,
and lack of heat, running water, electricity, medical care, and personal hygiene.
What is Exploitation?
Exploitation is misusing the resources of a person 65 years or older or an adult
with disabilities for personal or monetary benefit. This includes taking Social


Security or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) checks, abusing a joint checking

account, and taking property and other resources.


A copy of the Minimum Standard Rules for licensed child care centers is available in the
Old School office and may be reviewed upon request. A parent may contact our local
licensing representative at 713.940.3058 or the Texas Department of Family and
Protective Services child abuse hotline at 1.800.252.5400. Furthermore, a parent may
visit the Protective and Regulatory Services website at