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Volume II Number 2 Anno IVix Sol in Capricorn

The Official Publication of Heru Behutet Oasis

A Duly Chartered Body Of
Ordo Templi Orientis
Volume II; Number 2
Published Sporadically Copyright © 2001
Heru Behutet Oasis, Ordo Templi Orientis,
and the original authors.

Cover, satire, and MMi images by Frater XO

Masonic Temple diagram by Fr. Supra N∴.
Pat astro image by Frater Samlah.
FTMbi, atgot, face, ast, astm, image7TP, wllmhier, agapecross, and thelemaoval
by Frater WLLM.
All other images are public domain.
Meine Hospice Cholia ending quote from Liber LXVI.

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Ordo Templi Orientis
Peace, Tolerance, Truth.
Salutation on all points of the Traingle.
Respect to the Order.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Oriental Templars (O.T.O.) is a serious Order, dedicated to the high
purpose of securing the Liberty of the Individual and his or her advancement in Light, Wisdom,
Understanding, Knowledge, and Power. This is accomplished through Beauty, Courage, and Wit on the
Foundation of Universal Brotherhood.
In its current form, the O.T.O. has existed for more than a century. Its philosophy encompasses all
branches of the Secret Wisdom of the Old Aeon as well as being the first Old Aeon Order to accept The
Book of the Law (received by E.A. Crowley in 1904ev) and reorganize in accordance with the needs of
Modern Humanity. This Document contains a message of a revolution in thought, culture, and religion,
based upon its supreme injunction, The Law of Thelema (DO WHAT THOU WILT). This is no license
for indulgence, but a command to discover one's own unique True Will and accomplish it, leaving others
to do the same.
The Order's structure is Masonic in nature, structured through ten degrees. In them, the Order
attempts to instruct the Individual, by allegory and symbol, into the Mystery, thereby assisting each to
discover their own True Will. Every Man and Woman, free, of full age, and of good report has an
indefeasible right to the first three degrees.
In Kansas City, the Order is represented by Heru Behutet Oasis, a duly chartered body of the O.T.O.
and is accepting correspondences from potential candidates for Initiation into our growing membership,
or other interested parties.

Love is the law, love under will.


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From Generation unto Generation Masonic Legacy

From the Edditor Frater Supra N∴

Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis: Prelude to a Prayer

a comparison Frater WLLM
Frater Samlah

Astrology of the Future Musings

Frater Samlah Frater Justin Plummer

Who are all these Ceremonial Magcians Veils

anyway? Frater WLLM
Frater Samlah

From the Master Everything

Synthesis Soror Greta Wilkens

My Mind Meine Hospice Cholia

Frater WLLM Frater WLLM -

Ask Mr. Lizard Ra Views

Frater WLLM Various Stars
From Generation unto Generation
Hail One and AL!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Welcome everyone to another edition of Our sporadic, biannual publication Talons. We hope
the past year has been joyous for you and yours. Being that change is the only constant, We at
Heru Behutet Oasis – Rose of Babalon Sanctuary have perpetuated this truism by appointing
new executive officers and initiating new members, not to mention several of Our Initiates continuing
the path as their wills see fit.
Our growth here in the Heartland continues to expand exponentially as does Our dedication to
the Order, Brothers and Sisters abroad, plus the local community. We provide monthly classes,
Masses, and work with those of similar beliefs when time and space are available. Along with these
projects We have proposed fund raising events, plays, rituals, and further initiations. We will keep
everyone posted on when the specifics of these events become known.
I would be remiss not to mention Our regrets to all those dead, injured or left behind in the tragedy
of 9-11. That cowardly act did and will not go unpunished. We are a strong island of hope and will
continue to be a beacon of light to the world, exemplifying the precepts put forth by those who came
before Us.

Love is the law, love under will.

The Mass of the Gnostic Catholic Church in Ordo Templi Orientis is perhaps the most concise
expression of divine mystery ever created. The claim also exists that the most central secrets of our
Order are communicated within its text and are symbolically enacted with each performance thereof.
Crowley purportedly wrote the Gnostic Mass ceremony around 1912-1915. This would have been before
he rewrote the degrees of M∴M∴M∴in 1917-1919. At that time, the Order was using an amalgam of
rituals from (among many others) the Swedenborgian Rite of Freemasonry, the Rite of Memphis and of
Mizraim, and the teachings and practices of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light as the foundation of its
initiatic teachings. Hence, a great amount of Masonic symbolism exists within the Mass that could yield
contextual information should we choose to study it.

But for us, as Soldiers of Freedom, two important questions arise. First, why concern ourselves with
anything Masonic? Second, who knows to what level Crowley was intending Masonic interpretation to
be applied to the Mass? After all, the E.G.C. is a part of O.T.O., and O.T.O. long ago severed its ties to
Masonry. The O.T.O. does not make Masons; it makes Magicians. Masonry is a trapping of the "old
aeon," and has absolutely no bearing on the great work. As it is written, the "rituals of the old time are
black." While these retorts resound with a strong sense of truth, I posit that a vast store of historical
treasure is locked away within the vaults of Masonic lore. Most of the rites from whence we sprang are
considered to be "dead," "irregular," or "clandestine" by modern Masonry. The latter two of these are
Masonic terms for "illegal." But certainly, Masons in the O.T.O. in the early 1900s, including Reuss,
would have recognized and understood most of the symbolism covered in this paper. Examining the
forgotten Masonic symbolism in the Gnostic Mass adds a new dimension to our current understanding
of it, and helps us to better appreciate our origins as an Order.

The focus of the present work has nothing to do with either Thelema or Ceremonial Magick. I center,
as much as is possible, on Masonic customs surviving in the Mass and their relevance to the ritual.
Surely, multitudes of other perspectives can be taken to analyze this ritual, and many things that may be
expected will not be addressed. To scratch that surface, I would direct you to the website, "The Invisible
Basilica of Sabazius." Also, before continuing, be aware that certain symbols recur, and that items
covered in early sections are referenced in later sections. Whether Crowley intended any relevance
presented herein is unknown. This means that, though the analysis of this ritual is from a Masonic
standpoint, there is no need to ascribe ANY particular significance to ANY of this. This is the New
Æon. Let us promulgate the Law of the strong-- our Law, and the joy of the world. With that in mind, let
the ritual be rightly performed with joy and beauty; keep all arms and legs inside until the vehicle comes
to a full and complete stop, and please, enjoy the ride!

Of The Furnishings Of The Temple
Masonic symbolism is present from the very beginning of our Mass. Its Canon begins with these
words: IN THE EAST. For us, this means in the direction of Boleskine, our Kiblah. The rites of
Masonry are considered to be solar-phallic in nature. Therefore, the East is important because it is the
direction from which the sun "rises to open and govern the day" in its diurnal motion. Echoing this
further is the High Altar, covered in a crimson cloth and bearing solar symbols.

In a Masonic lodge, which is always a rectangle laid out East and West, the three principal officers are
the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden, and the Junior Warden. The Worshipful Master presides
over meetings and initiations from a triple throne on a dais of three steps in the East. The Senior Warden
is stationed in the West, the Junior Warden in the South. Upon entering a lodge from the outer door, one
notices immense pillars in both of the western corners of the room. These correspond to the "outer
pillars" on Tree of Life, as do the offices of Worshipful Master (Wisdom, hmkx) and Senior Warden
(Strength, hrwbg). Some rites reverse these attributions. The office of Junior Warden represents the
middle pillar (Beauty, tr)pt), which is usually illustrated in Masonic paintings as being broken. This
is carried further in a certain Masonic degree, during which beauty is destroyed through a reckless
pursuit of knowledge. Note that on the Tree of Life that the continuity up the middle pillar is broken by
the Abyss, represented by DA'aTh (t(d), or knowledge. Interesting to note: more than ninety percent of
Masons today would not be aware of any of these qabalistic traits so prevalent in their own rite.

In the center of the lodge rests the altar, upon which lay a Bible, a Square, and Compasses. The use of
a Bible represents a "volume of sacred law," and is interchangeable with the Torah or Quran depending
upon the majority "faith" of a Masonic Lodge's membership. The altar rests on what is known as the
"mosaic pavement," consisting of black and white squares, and "represents this world, which, though
checkered over with good and evil, yet brethren may walk together thereon, and not stumble."

Here, then, is the comparative geography and geometry of the two temples. Though both are based on
the layout of the Tree of Life, the arrangement is more far obscured in the Masonic temple. One last
item of note: in tracing a line through the positions of the five principal officers (starting from the east
position of the Worshipful Master, then to the southwest position of the Junior Deacon, the northeast
position of the Senior Deacon, the south position of the Junior Warden, the west position of the Senior
Warden, completing it back to the East), we find a misshapen pentagram.

Of the Officers of the Mass

The Priest bears the Sacred Lance. The lance is viewed in Masonry as a thrusting weapon, as
evidenced in the final portion of Section IV, the Ceremony of the Opening of the Veil. In a lodge, the
Deacons and Stewards bear Lances, also called "rods."

The Priest begins the ceremony in a plain white robe, emblematic of purity and innocence.

The Priestess is clothed primarily in blue, the color most commonly associated with Masonry, which
starts with the "blue" degrees. It is also symbolic of the celestial canopy, and therefore represents Our
Lady, Nuit. She bears the Sword, a symbol of justice, linking conceptually with both Libra and the Atu
of Adjustment. The Sword hangs from a red girdle. The girdle symbolizes chastity, purity, and
innocence, and is analogous to the white robe of the Priest, or the white apron of a Mason. Being red, it
implies a possible connection to the aprons used in Masonry's Royal Arch Degree, and the secrets
associated with it.

The Deacon's primary color is yellow. This color was chosen by the ancients to signify the brilliance
of the Sun. Because of this, the yellow metal, gold, became the most precious of metals, and bore the
same symbolism. The Deacon also bears the Book of the Law, which as we have seen before, is
construed Masonically as any book that contains a divine revelation of will.
The Children, who bear the elements themselves, are clothed in white and black. The combination of
these two colors represents innocence and purity tempered with silence and secrecy.

Of the Ceremony of the Introit
The Deacon opens the door, admits the congregation, and goes to his station, prepared to start the
Mass. A doorkeeper attends to the admission. At all Masonic functions, there is an officer called the
Tyler, who guards the door with a drawn sword. He keeps out all who are not eligible to take part in the
proceedings. The sword held by the Tyler is emblematic of the Flaming Sword guarding the Tree of

The Deacon advances and bows before the high altar. The Book of the Law is kissed three times.
Three is considered to be one of the "most holy" numbers. Among its many significances are the First
Three Degrees, the triads on the Tree, and the points of the Delta, ∆. The Delta represents deity,
especially when it consists of three Iods (y) in a triangular position. This form was eventually
abbreviated to that little mysterious "triple-period" so prevalent in the literature of ceremonial magick:

The Deacon then turns West and addresses the congregation. The Law is proclaimed, and the
congregation performs an act signifying unity of purpose: the step and sign of a Man and a Brother. In a
Masonic Lodge, when the end of any degree-opening (or closing) ceremony approaches, all members
present give the signs of the degree being worked, signifying a union of thought, act, and purpose.

Though the inclusion of a Creed in the Canon of our Church is a consideration stemming from ancient
Christian tradition, elements of Masonry are scattered throughout it as well. The 49º and 50º of the Rite
of Mizraim are respectively called Discreet Chaos and Wise Chaos. The Sun is a symbol of absolute
authority. Baphomet is the deity worshipped by the Templars, according the charges made against them.
An interesting point about Baphomet is that the Greek translation of this name breaks down into the
words βαφε (BAPhE--baptism) and µετισ (METIS--wisdom): Baptism of Wisdom. What we confess to
be how we "accomplish the miracle of incarnation" is revealed as yet another aspect of the "Serpent and
the Lion." We conclude the Creed by reaffirming ourselves as stars that were and are and are to come.
This echoes the third verse of the Book of the Law, "Every man and every woman is a star." In addition,
the Swedenborgian Rite refers to its members as "Stars of the Temple."

The Priestess now enters with the Children and they deploy into line. The Deacon leads all in giving
the Hailing Sign of a Magician. The word "hail" is used in several Masonic terms, referring to signs,
tokens, and words. The word as used in their oaths of obligation descends from the Saxon root word
"HELAN," meaning to conceal or hide. A Hailing Sign then, in this sense, refers to certain secrets or
concepts that we are sworn to protect, preserve, and practice.

The Priestess and the Children, in delta formation, circle the Temple 3½ times. She then pulls down
the veil of the Tomb with her Sword and calls forth the Priest. The Priest issues forth, holding the Lance
with hands positioned right over left. Masonic Deacons and Stewards, when holding their rods with both
hands, always hold them with hands right over left. The Priest then takes the first three regular steps. In
each degree of Masonry, the candidate is taught a "step," representing the manner by which the he
approaches the "East," or seat of wisdom. The Priest gives the three penal signs, which in this sense can
be interpreted as commitment with mouth (throat), heart, and body to the Mysteries. It also represents
the three acts of making sacrificial offerings: of the head, breast, and "lower part" of the burnt sacrifice.
This further alludes to the three principal Lodge officers and further still to the Pillars of the Tree of
Life, for the head symbolizes Wisdom, the breast -- Strength (and Love), and the legs -- Beauty. He
kneels and confesses.

Throughout the first sections, until she has been enthroned upon the high altar, the Priestess is referred
to as the "Virgin." According to the writings of Peter Davidson, the Virgin is the ripe, perfect soul that
aids in the operation of the Regeneration of Man. She becomes no longer material, but of divine
substance, and through this process of Regeneration, man becomes simultaneously material and divine.
This can therefore be seen as an aspect of the Priestess' role in the ceremony. She purifies the Priest with
the feminine elements and consecrates him with the masculine elements. He is robed and crowned with
scarlet and gold. Scarlet represents zeal and ardor for the fraternity, but also is emblematic of fire,
purification, and regeneration.
The Priestess consecrates the lance with eleven gentle strokes. The number eleven, in masonic terms,
generally refers to the number of faithful apostles after the betrayal in the Christian legends. This is
further alluded to in the Commanderies of Knights Templar, which must have eleven officers to open.
However, it is a general practice among Thelemites to deliver a battery of eleven as being broken down
into the familiar 333-55555-333 pattern: a five surrounded by threes. Five is the rejection of unity, 1, by
conjoining the first even number, 2, with the first odd number, 3, exemplifying the marriage of Order
with Chaos, the sole vice-regent of the Sun upon the Earth. In this case, it is heralded both before and
after by a proclamation of holiness from the triple-batteries. All then give the Hailing Sign again, further
affirming the work at hand and serving as a reminder of the Mysteries.

(Frater Supra N∴’s article will be continued in future TALONS)

Appendix: Masonic Lodge Diagram
Golden Dawn
Ordo Templi Orientis:
A comparison
Frater Samlah

Since I have been a member of both the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O., I was asked to write a comparison
between the two.

The first difference that is noticeable about the two comes when you try to contact them. The Hermetic Order of
the Golden Dawn can only be contacted by writing to Chic Cisero at Llewelyn Books. He then, will refer you to a
local temple if there is one in your area. Sometimes a local temple will invite someone who is known to them to join
their order. Once you are a member, you still are not allowed to know where the other GD Temples are located
unless you meet someone who has been a member of another Temple. This was very frustrating when I graduated
and was making decisions about what state to move to. Knowing where the other Temples were might have
affected my decision. Now that I do live near a GD temple, I don't know how to contact them directly and would
have to go through others. The Ordo Templi Orientis,on the other hand, is very open about where its bodies are.
Many OTO bodies have mailing addresses listed on the order's web site. Prospective members are encouraged to
contact their local body about membership. When I got my first Magickal Link, the order's newsletter, I found within
it the mailing address of every OTO body in the world.

The next noticeable difference is in style. The GD has a very colorful style to its temple furnishings and ritual
regalia. All of the flashing colors are used at the same time (black/white, red/green, blue/orange, yellow/violet). The
OTO, on the other hand, has much plainer, but no less elegant style. The Gnostic Mass is a good example of this,
with its simple red/white, yellow/white, and blue/white/gold for the Mass officers. Perhaps the OTO is more tasteful
in its simplicity.

Another difference is in cost. The GD costs nothing to join and once you are a member, your study materials
(except the GD book) are provided out of the pocket of the Cancellarius and the local Temple leader. The OTO, on
the other hand, is quite costly to be a member of. I think that it is well worth the price. But prospective new members
may sometimes be turned off because they can't afford it. We may never know. There are enough people like me
who do think it's worth it to keep the Order steadily growing.

Another difference is in the amount of trust they have in their members. When I, a 4=7 Philosophus, moved to a
state where there was no Temple, I was told that only Adepts (5=6 degree) were allowed to start Temples. In the
OTO, any I* member can start their own Camp. (But I wouldn't recommend it unless you are very far away from the
nearest Body.)

The meaning and symbolism of the degrees are totally different too. The GD's degrees are based on ascending
the Tree of Life. Each degree represents a sephirah and its corresponding element, starting with Malkuth at 1=10
degree of Zelator and working your way upward. In the OTO, the Man of Earth degrees are based on the cycle of
life and death. Minerval is conception. (From the baby's point of view, not the parents'.) I* represents Birth. II*
represents Life. And III* represents death. IV* and P.I.* represent the soul's subsequent exaltation and annihilation.
I found that the GD degrees unbalanced people. When I left the Earth degree, I felt like a great weight had been
lifted off of me. People said I looked physically different afterward. In the Water degree, my cat followed me
everywhere and got in my lap every time I sat down. The Fire degree was famous for breaking up friendships,
especially if both parties in conflict were in fire. The OTO Man of Earth degrees, though no less powerful, did not
seem to unbalance me as much.

The two orders have a very different political structure. Each GD temple is ruled by an Imperator (King), a
Cancellarius (administrator), a Praemenstrator (teacher) and a Heirophant (middle manager who runs rituals). This
structure is repeated in the larger order so that there are only 3 Chiefs of the Order. The other adepts have no voice
in the running of the GD. Because of this, many adepts retire from the order or break away and start their own
order. The OTO is much more democratic. Many decisions concerning the Man of Earth degrees (0-IV*) are made
by the Electoral College, a council of V* members. When there are problems with this process, there is the
Supreme Grand Council, that can be appealed to, and the King X* of each country, who appoints by the Electoral
College, and can overrule them, in turn. Above the Kings X* is the Outer Head of the Order XII*, a single person
who has ultimate responsibility and authority.

Finally, while both orders are polytheistic and favor Egyptian deities, the GD emphasizes Osiris, King and God of
the dead and resurrection. The OTO, on the other hand, favors Babalon, an aspect of Nuit, Goddess of the Night
sky. Horus is also very important in the OTO.

I thought about withdrawing this article. It's impossible for me to do a Real in-depth analysis of the degrees in
both systems without breaking oaths. I thought about inquiring as to whether or not there was a Lovers triad
publication I could submit to and speak freely in. But, then, if I broke my G.D. oaths in order to write this article,
wouldn't I be regarded as an untrustworthy oath breaker?
Prelude to a Prayer
My writing is an expression of suffering and hope, mine.
It is the caress of my Lover taking my earthly hand.
She leads me along the dark, well-traveled road of my soul.
In my sorrow of division she cradles me in loving arms.
She brings about the revelation of thoughts and feelings
I have pushed away in my arrogance.
She is always with me when Her reflection is Not,
bringing about the understanding
of Our separateness,
my absence.

LL I 61. come unto me!

LL II 7. “Come unto me” is a foolish word: for it is I that go.
She raises me up in my darkest hour
To understand the nature of Our division
The means of Return
My footstep

Astrology of the future
By Samlah

Sooner or later (we hope) the human race will start building colonies on other worlds. Once
established, people will start being born on places other than Earth. The astrologers amongst
us will have to start figuring out how to cast natal (birth) charts for these people. For
astrologers, this will be like being Copernicus or Gallileo. We will have to re-invent astrology.
For those of you who are not familiar with astrology, here is a very basic run down: Astrology
is a system of divination based on the movements of the planets. Astrologers use the word
Planets in its' original meaning, wanderer. A Planet is any light in the sky that "wanders"
relative to the stars, which have no apparent motion between them. By this definition, the
Moon and Sun are Planets just like the more familiar planets like Mars and Venus. The Earth's
influence on your astrological chart is represented by the Houses. The sky around the Earth is
divided into 12 equal parts called Houses. The position of these Houses is always fixed. For
example, the First House extends from the Eastern horizon to a point 30 degrees above the
horizon. As the Earth rotates, the stars and Planets travel through all 12 Houses once per day.

The first place on which we are likely to colonize is the Moon. The Moon will no longer be a
Planet in people's charts. Instead, the Moon's influence will be felt in the 12 portions of the sky
called houses. This will present us with the challenge of discovering what the meanings of the
lunar Houses are. They will probably be similar to the Houses on Earth but more intuitive and
emotional. Because the Moon rotates only once per month, the stars and planets will move
through the Houses more slowly than on Earth. And the Earth will be a fixed object that never
moves from the House it is in. Which House depends on where on the Moon you are located.
And the meaning of the Earth in Astrological charts will have to be discovered. It will
probably be something that combines the meanings of all the Earthly Houses and finds their
commonality. On a ritual level, we'll celebrate Full and New Gaia rites instead of the Lunar

Once we go beyond the Moon, the Earth and its' Moon will be a single Planet with a
combined Earth/Moon meaning. The next place beyond the Moon is likely to be Mars. On
Mars, the Sabbaths will occur less often because the year is twice as long as Earth's. But with
two Moons, we will have lots of lunar holidays. Once again, We will have to figure out what
the Martian Houses mean. And we will have to figure out what influence the two Moons have
on Martian charts. But neither of them is likely to have as much influence on the Martians as
our Moon does on us.

Beyond Mars, there are the Moons of Jupiter. On them, the Sun and Earth become less
important to your chart. But Jupiter will be a very important influence on your chart. And
there will be all those other Moons to figure out the meanings of. And there will be more
Houses again whose meaning must be divined. Solar Holidays will occur less than once per
Earth Year. But with 28+ Moons, there will be plenty of Lunar holidays. The other Outer
Planets are likely to present situations similar to Jupiter and its Moons. I can easily see elderly
Plutonian tourists traveling to Earth because they have only lived long enough to celebrate a
few of the Sabbats and they have always wanted to attend a Beltaine.

Mercury and Venus are unlikely to be colonized anytime soon. They are just too hot.

Beyond our solar system awaits the Stars! Will we ever make it there? It may not even be
possible. But if we do, then Astrology will have to be created again from scratch.
"The struggle to unite the dichotomies of meaningful existence."
Do What Thy Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law.

If only to release what we most desire, that which is beyond our self.

To lust and withdraw to find balance in illumination and alchemy.

If God were only to die and not force our hand, where is Free Will
when the struggle to deny God makes us afraid to be alone.

If liberation of the soul is personal incarnation, personal immortality,

individualized existence beyond death will the flesh need to be libated
or scourged into submission ?

Can one exist without the other, can this earth process be denied so our
eyes can look beyond and keep their stare ?

Does fear lead to submission to another's Will and if so does that make
us Thelemites or carrions to desire.

The fear to be alone led us together, now the fear of submission pushes
me away.

Flesh, earth bound ghoul! Go hence from which you came.

Oh loathsome spirit your War is done, my Mind has won.

If an enemy I make so be it, there is NO-THING yet the struggle to

create out of destruction.

If only to release what we most desire, that which is beyond our self.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

- Frater Justin Plummer

Who are all these Ceremonial Magicians anyway?
Frater Samlah

Ten years ago, I was the most vehement opponent of Ceremonial Magick there was. I didn't understand why all that
Qabalah was in Wicca. It all seemed so Judeo-Christian to me. Now I'm one of those Ceremonial Magicians. So I
think I can explain what Ceremonial Magick is and where it came from and how it is connected to Wicca.


When Christianity started replacing the Old Religions throughout Europe and the Near East, many of the ancient
mystery cults went underground. According to some legends, in Europe some of the mysteries survived among the
cathedral builders, the laborers and architects who build the great cathedrals. The mysteries also survived amongst
the Muslims in the Middle East. Until recently, Islam was very tolerant of the infidels in their land. The Mannanites in
Iraq, heirs to the religion of ancient Babylon, are a good example of this; as are the Sephardic Jews. During the
crusades, 7 French knights banded together and took a vow to protect pilgrims to "the Holy Land" They called
themselves the Knights of the Temple of Solomon or Knights Templar. As they grew in number, they accepted other
classes into their order. The order grew to be very wealthy and attracted the jealousy of the King of France.
Because of their contacts in the Middle East, the Templars obtained mystic knowledge from the survivals of the
mystery cults of the ancient world. (Most Masons are Xian and rationalize this by claiming that this knowledge
originally came from Noah and was spread throughout the world's religions after the tower of Babel. They are just
reclaiming lost knowledge) (1)

Finally, the King of France and the Pope moved against the Templars. On Friday the 13th, October 1307, all Knights
Templar in the world were to be arrested. (That's how Friday the 13th got to be bad luck.) Their wealth was
confiscated, their members were handed over to the inquisition and tortured, and the Templars' Grand Master,
Jacque De Moley was burned at the stake. Before he died, he predicted that the King and Pope would also die
within a year. His prediction came true. Amongst the many things the Templars were accused of was: worshiping a
god called Baphomet, who was half man and half goat. (sound familiar?) Some rulers didn't obey the Pope's edict
and helped the Templars go into hiding. This was especially true in Germany, England, and Scotland where the
Templars found sanctuary amongst the Masons.

All of the preceding is a mixture of historical fact and Masonic legend. The first historical record of the Free Masonic
Fraternity was in the early 1700's. By then it had take its modern form, consisting of 3 degrees that are highly
symbolic and filled with veiled symbolism. The symbols are not explained, but rather the initiate is expected
discover for himself their meaning. It is the modern Male Mysteries. Many of the founding fathers of our country
were Freemasons. The most prominent of whom were Franklin and Washington. When Freemasonry first became
public, there were many different variations. Some died out. Some remain separate and distinct. And some have
banded together to form modern American Freemasonry. The Blue Lodge is the building that exists in almost every
town throughout the nation. It consists of 3 degrees and functions as the support network for the Mason and his
family. For example, one Mason told me the story of how he had moved and not bothered to contact his local Blue
Lodge. When his house burned down, the men from his local lodge showed up to help him rebuild, even though he
had never met any of them before. In addition, most Blue Lodges share their facilities with other Masonic
organizations. The only religious requirement for Masons is that they must believe in a God. My Blue lodge has had
many Jewish members and in me, they have a Pagan member.
The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic organization for Women. Men are also welcome, but its purpose is to
serve the Wives not the Masons. Eastern Star's symbol is the downward pointing pentagram. (2) Rainbow Girls is
for young girls and De Moley is the Masonic club for boys.

York Rite is the Xian branch of Freemasonry. It consists of 13 degrees. The 13th degree is called the Knight
Templar degree and represents the Templars at the time they were founded. (Xian Knights who fought for God)
Since most Masons are Xian, many Masonic Lodges have a York Rite chapter.

Scottish Rite is the mystical teaching branch of "the Craft". It consists of 32 degrees. One these degrees
commemorates the Templars shortly after they got busted and went into hiding. These Templars were fighting
against corrupt and unjust Kings and Popes. Some of the degrees are Rosicrusion in nature. Scottish Rite teaches
tolerance for all religions and is conducted in such a way that Xian, Jewish, and Pagan Masons all feel comfortable
being a part of it. Scottish Rite Chapters are less common than Blue Lodges. The state where I joined only has
three, and each had its own temple building.

All branches of Masonry have some form of charity associated with it. But the Shrine raises more money than any
other Masonic organization and supports a chain of hospitals all over this country. Until recently, Shriners were
required to be either 13th degree in York Rite or 32nd degree in Scottish Rite before they join the Shrine. The
Shriners socialize a lot and have a lot of fun while raising money. Many people become Masons just so that they
can be Shriners and never visit their Blue Lodge or Scottish Rite again after their initial initiations. Shrine Chapters
also have their own building and draw members from many Blue Lodges.

Ceremonial Magick

As I mentioned earlier, there used to be a wide variety of Masonic organizations. When they went above ground
and started communicating, some merged with each other, some disbanded, and some have continued to thrive. In
the mid-19th century, a group of Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Spiritualists banded together in England to form the
Theosophical Society of England. Twenty years later, a group of Freemasons, Qabalists, Rosicrucians, and
Theosophists banded together to form the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It was intended to be a
metaphysical school. And a list of the Adepts (or graduates) of the Golden Dawn reads like a Who's Who of
Ceremonial Magick from the first half of the 20th century. Amongst them were: S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Dr. W. Wyn
Westcott, Dion Fortune, A.E. Waite (Rider-Waite Tarot deck), Paul Foster Case, William Butler Yeates, Israel
Regardie, and Aleister Crowley. The Golden Dawn wove together Astrology, Alchemy, Qabalah, Tarot, Geomancy,
and Enochian Magick into a coherent system where you could see how all these diverse subjects were related. The
Golden Dawn honored a variety of Hebrew, Xian and Egyptian deities. But the most important were Osiris and Isis.

While this was going on in England, a similar process was taking place in Germany as a group of people from
various Masonic and Rosicrucian organizations merged to form the Order of Oriental Templars or Ordo Templi
Orientis (O.T.O.). Amongst the organizations involved were: the Illuminati (who have inspired many a conspiracy
theory), Scottish Rite, Swedenborgian Rite, the Rites of Mizraim (a system with 90 separate degrees), and l'Eglise
Catholique Gnostique. (A French Gnostic Church)

Then, in 1904, Rose Crowley, who was honeymooning in Cairo, Egypt with her new husband, Aleister Crowley
started channeling messages from a god who was angry with him for not listening. He took her to the Cairo
museum and asked her to point to the god who was speaking to her. Rose pointed to a stele' with pictures of Nuit,
Hadit, and Ra-Hour-Khuit on it. The exhibit number startled Crowley: 666! After performing some Magick to get
better attuned to the gods, he channeled a body of work that became known as The Book of the Law. (4) Like most
channeled works, its meaning is obscure and open to individual interpretation. (5) This marked a turning point in the
life of her husband, Freemason and Golden Dawn Adept, Aleister Crowley. He began developing a philosophy
known as Thelema which can be summed up by the phrase "Do what Thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law!
Love is the Law, Love under Will." But usually only the first half of that phrase is quoted. It changes its meaning
completely. Just as the Xian Golden Rule changes its meaning if you shorten it to "Do unto others."

Then the head of the O.T.O., Theodor Reuss contacted Crowley to complain that he had published the O.T.O.'s IX*
secret. Crowley didn't know what Reuss was talking about so Reuss pointed out chapter 36 of Crowley's, the Book
of Lies. (6) Crowley became intrigued and asked to join the O.T.O. He quickly rose through the ranks to become
Reuss' successor. Once Crowley became the head of the O.T.O., he re-wrote the initiation rituals to conform to his
Thelemic philosophy. Then he re-wrote and revived the Gnostic Mass and made it the primary religious ritual of the
O.T.O. The Gnostic Mass is very interesting from a Pagan perspective. Especially when you consider that it was
written before World War I. The most important deities honored by Thelemites are Pan, Horus, and Babalon. (7)

Crowley also started another Magickal order known as the A:. A:. It was more like an apprenticeship program. If you
are a member of the A:.A:., the only other members you know are the person who initiated you and the people you
brought in.

Since then, other Thelemic orders have come into being including: The Temple Of Thelema, the Abbey of Thelema,
and the QBLH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Aren't Ceremonial Magicians really just a bunch of Satanists?

A: No. They are not. It amazes me how many Pagans believe the negative press about Ceremonial Magicians, but
don't believe it about themselves. Unlike Pagans, Ceremonial Magicians are not afraid of being mistaken for
Satanists. They are not trying to gain acceptance by the masses as a legitimate religion. And Thelemites (Thelemic
Ceremonial Magicians) often make jokes about it. This often causes misunderstandings when overheard by non-
Thelemites, who don't recognize a joke when they hear one.

Q: Are all Ceremonial Magicians Thelemic?

A: No. There are lots of people still working the Golden Dawn system. And there are a few people working pre-19th
century systems like Enochian or new systems like Chaos Magick.

Q: Isn't the ultimate Ceremonial Magick book, The lesser Key of Solomon, just a catalog of demons?
A: Part of the answer lies in its title, the lesser Key of Solomon. The Greater Key of Solomon is more concerned
with planetary spirits. Both books are medieval and Magick has progressed quite a bit since then. They are mostly
interesting from a historical perspective.

Q: Don't Ceremonial Magicians summon demons and make them "do stuff"?
A: Evoking demons, spirits or angels and forcing them to do your bidding is frowned upon. Most Ceremonial
Magicians instead seek to transform themselves into a wiser and more powerful being, to become a Magus or
Buddha. Demons are actually the dark side of the Magician's own personality given form. Evocation is done in order
to gain control over these dark aspects of your personality, instead of being controlled by them. And thereby
achieve balance.

Q: Wasn't Crowley the Anti-Christ?

A: In order to believe that he is "the Anti-Christ," you have to believe that there is such a thing as an Anti-Christ.
Long before Witchcraft was legal in England, before there was even a Bill of Rights, delvers into forbidden
knowledge used various tricks to conceal their knowledge from the unworthy and the forces of repression. Some
people wrote backwards. Some people hid their knowledge in veiled symbolism. Some people added deliberate
errors in their writings. Crowley had a publicity stunt like no other. He repeatedly proclaimed himself "the Beast-
666," especially when reporters were around. He wanted people who read his writings to be intelligent enough to
read them in spite of the bad things they had heard about him. This tradition continues today. There are some
Thelemites today who adopt similarly scary tactics to scare the foolish. Don't let them scare you. Most Thelemites,
like most Wiccans, look and act normal and down to earth. But in any group there are a few oddballs. Thelema is no

The Origin of Wicca

It's hard to get a straight answer to questions about the origins of Modern Wicca. Everyone has an agenda. I've
been told by Wiccans that their tradition goes back in an unbroken line all the way back to Atlantis. And I've been
told by Thelemites that there are no modern Pagan survivals and that Crowley wrote Gardner's Book of Shadows
for him. But to say that there are no Pagan survivals is to say that before Gardner, no one ever danced around a
Maypole or burned a Yule log. There must be some middle ground wherein lies the truth.

People have been publishing books since the 1700's that claim that Witchcraft is the pre-Christian religion of
Europe. (8)(9) One book that made an impression on a lot of people was Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches
published by Leland in 1899. (10) Whether there really were Witches or not, there were certainly people who
wanted there to be a Nature religion. During World War I, Aleister Crowley had this to say:

"The ritual enclosed by you is very fine...{wrote Crowley to Achad in Vancouver} I hope you will arrange to repeat this all the time, say
every new or full moon so as to build up a regular force. You should also have a solar ritual to balance it, to be done each time the Sun
enters a new sign, with special festivity at the Equinoxes and Solstices. In this way you can establish a regular cult; and if you do them in a
truly magical manner, you create a vortex of force which will suck in all the people you want. The time is just ripe for a natural religion.
People like rites and ceremonies, and are tired of hypothetical gods. Insist on the real benefits of the Sun, the Mother-Force, the Father-
Force and so on; and show that by celebrating these benefits worthily the worshippers unite themselves more fully with the current of life.
Let the religion be Joy, with but a worthy and dignified sorrow in death itself; and treat death as an ordeal, an initiation. DO not gloss over
facts, but transmute them in the Athanor of your ecstasy. In short, be the founder of a new and greater Pagan cult in the beautiful land
which you have made your home. As you go on you can add new festivals of corn and wine, and all things useful and noble and inspiing."

But Crowley was not the only one thinking along these lines. A few years later, in 1921, Margaret Murray published
The Witch-Cult in Western Europe. (12) This, and her other two books are viewed by most today as highly flawed
works. (13)(14) But they were widely read and made an impression on many people. More than a few people must
have thought the idea of Witchcraft as a Nature religion sounded appealing.

In the late 1930's Gerald Gardner was part of a theater group called The Rosicrucian Theater. He claims that in
1939, Dorothy Clutterbuck, a member of this same theater group initiated him into a Coven of Witches. Then in
1949, he began publishing books on Witchcraft that led to the emergence of the modern Pagan movement. In 1953,
Doreen Valiente joined Gardner's Coven and she wrote many poems that became classics of Wiccan ritual. The
published Gardnerian Material shows many influences. There are genuine Pagan survivals like Yule logs and
Maypoles. From Freemasonry came "the Craft" as another name for Wicca, "So Mote it Be" as an ending for
prayers, and "cowans" became non-Witches instead of non-Masons. From the Golden Dawn came a whole series
of ideas including the directional correspondences for the elements, the 4 Magickal tools, and the Qabalistic Cross.
(15) Gardner also borrowed from Crowley, including quoting passages from the Gnostic Mass. Gardner turned "Do
what Thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law! Love is the Law, Love under Will." To "An it harm none, Do what Ye

But his connection to Crowley was not one of a stranger who had read his books. Gardner had a personal
connection to Crowley. I have found a Web site where there is posted a charter granting Gardner the P.I. degree
(an unnumbered degree that falls between 4th and 5th degree) in the O.T.O. and permission to establish a Camp.
(16)(17) It's dated 1947. Both Gardner, and Crowley's successor, Karl Germer acknowledged Gardner's title as
Head of the European O.T.O. in the early 1950's. The European O.T.O. was not very big at this time. In America,
Jack Parsons, Master of the Los Angeles Lodge of the OTO, was busy founding the Jet Propulsion Lab (that runs
interplanetary probes like Voyager). L. Ron Hubbard, another ceremonial Magician and associate of Parsons', was
writing science fiction books and founding his own religion. (18)

So what happened? Is the modern Neo-Pagan movement a renegade Camp of the O.T.O.? I think that Gardner
really did find and join a group of people who wanted to be Witches. They were inspired by the writings of Leland
and Murray. But since there were no Wiccan books yet, they would have had to turn to Ceremonial Magick books
for instruction. In fact, the Rosicrucian Theater where Gardner met them was associated with a Ceremonial Magick
organization known as the Fellowship of Crotona.

I think Gardner wove together the various elements that made Gardnerian Wicca into a cohesive system during the
same time he was going through the degrees of the O.T.O. But his Coven and status as the first self-avowed Witch
prevented him from ever having the time to organize an O.T.O. Camp. He put his O.T.O. charter on the wall of his
museum and never did anything with it.
According to the Farrars, there are 3 different versions of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows. (15) But a fourth one
has been discovered. It was in the Ripley Museum along with the rest of Gardner's Magickal tools. (16) This book
was not a completed Book of Shadows. Instead, it was a workbook wherein can be seen the process of creating the
Gardnerian Tradition. This book is without a doubt the most historically important Wiccan document in the world!

Unfortunately, the Ripley Museum sold it to a Canadian Wiccan who has kept it out of circulation. I urge the owner
of this book to publish it so that scholars and Pagans who appreciate its historical importance can examine it.

Building Bridges

I've been on the outside, referring to Ceremonial Magicians as "those Xians who look like Satanists." Now I get to
hear my Thelemic friends refer to Pagans as "those fluffy bunny, white light, New Agers." To which I say: "wait a
minute. That's me you are talking about!" Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get along and be nice to each other? We
have more similarities than differences.

Let's look at what we have in common. Both Ceremonial Magicians and Pagans have been known to use Astrology,
Tarot, Magickal alphabets, Geomancy, and Qabalah. Both groups tend to be polytheistic, conceiving deity as
having many forms. Both groups tend to be environmentalist. (Thelemites tend to be environmentalist be cause
they are intelligent, not because they believe the earth is sacred) Both groups believe in imanent divinity. In the
Church of All Worlds they say: "Thou art God/dess." Thelemites say: "every man and every woman is a Star." Both
groups tend to be anarchist, lovers of Freedom. ("An it harm none, Do what Ye Will." "Do what Thou Wilt shall be
the Whole of the Law! Love is the Law, Love under Will.")

There are also ways in which we differ. Pagans are much more prone to experimentation and like the fun of
spontaneity. They say "don't stifle my creativity." Ceremonial magicians, on the other hand prefer time honored
methods. They say "why should I re-invent the wheel when those who went before have already done it for me. If I
build on their work, I may be able to reach even greater heights."

So how do we bridge this gap. The answer is to interact with each other. We need to attend each others' public
events. If we get to know each other, then the bonds of friendship will grow between the various Occult groups
making us stronger than we are separately. This happened in Atlanta, where I am from. There was quite a bit of
cross over between the Pagan community, the Golden Dawn Temple, the O.T.O. Lodge, and the QBLH Lodge.
There were too many of us for everyone to know everyone else. But everybody had friends who were into more
than one metaphysical system. So how do we find these other groups?

If you are interested in the O.T.O., There is a local Oasis, of which I am a member. Occasionally they hold open to
the public events like: the Gnostic Mass or discussion groups. Like the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn, You
have to ask for a Minerval application if you want to join. If you don't live in the KC area, they can be contacted via
their Web site. (19)

If you are a Ceremonial Magician and are reading this, you should consider visiting some of your local Pagan
groups that have open to the public meetings. You just might meet a few new friends. After all, I came from the
Pagan community.

1) This is in American. In India, most Masons are Hindu.

2) There are some branches of the Craft for women only. But they are less common and I don't know
the names of them.
3) Regardie, Israel. The Golden Dawn. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn 1937.
5) For another example of a channeled work, read the book of Revelation or the words of the Greek
6) Crowley, Aleister. The Book of Lies. York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, 1990.
7) Babalon literally means, "gate of God." She is a kinkier version of Aphrodite or Nuit.
8) The first Edition of Drawing Down the Moon cites two references from the 18th and 19th centuries that
say that Witchcraft is the pre-Christian Religion of Europe.
9) But I can't find them in the current edition. Perhaps the author found out they were Bogus?
10) Leland, Charles Godfrey, Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches. London: David Nutt, 1899.
11) Symonds, John, The Great Beast,
12) Murray, Margaret A., The Witch-Cult in Western Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1921
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14) Murray, Margaret A., The Divine King in England. London: Faber & Faber Ltd., 1954.
15) The Qabalistic Cross is the opening part of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a ritual
performed quite often by Ceremonial Magicians. It also shows up in The Witches Way by Janet and
Stewart Farrar. New York: Magickal Childe Publishing, 1981.
16) http://www.mindspring.com/~hellfire/wicca/
17) P.I. stands for: Perfect Initiate or Prince of Jerusalem. Bodies with the O.T.O. are called Camp,
Oasis, or Lodge depending on how well established they are.
18) I've heard a rumor that Scientology started as a bet between L. Ron Hubard and Robert Heinlein as
to which of them could start a religion first.
19) http://otohq.org/oto/
These are all veils and distractions
of one thought that is a life,
one certainty that is hidden
by the process of refraction.
Like mist upon a mourning lake,
drawn slowly, yet inevitably,
to some gaseous end.
Even earth flakes off
lingering in the breeze
or devoured microscopically
by subcutaneous fleas.
"Look about you, walking on air,
spindling invisibly Our silken snare.
We of eight legs outnumber
and frighten you Monkey Man,
melancholy and subservient
to some exalted plan."
I bless you Brother Arachnid,
weaving a translucent path
for us to follow,
but remember Scarlet's fate
or in my hand I will thee swallow.
"Know, leave her for me
Oh Flightless Friend.
With that one morsel
to my brood I will tend."
Insects, birds, bad iambic pentameter?
Next will it be Prince Charming
come to rape me and then away?
Tear from me that innocence
that is silence?
Will seven dwarves answer to my maidish morality,
chanting IO as their work gets them off?
I see white words and I want them painted black!
Remember the witch song in the desert,
celebrating chivalric cohesion
in a war torn land,
Monkey porn initiating
On the Baptist's feast?
We are one.
Reversing Samaya I chased after you in the marketplace.
Come to me death, let me die in morte juni.
Sting me with immortal juice
and release my heart from Cleopatra's wiccedness.
Spirit me way on the wings of Pentecostal dove.
Let my mother, grandmother, and all
speak against me.
To what end?
Tuat end in deed.
In Promethean youth the vision
was seen as destroying the other seven,
ripping their veil from the stars.
Be proud they cried,
but was that not the method of my demise?
I have flown the heights over Baal's throne
I have delved the depths of earth's own prison
to see that spark allude me as the position
of singing lark,
but wisdom has set itself upon my brow
and I reject my Mithraic crown.
Being thus enlightened
Ramblings and ravings
designed with artistic flare,
to inflame myself,
to inflame myself with prayer.

From the Master


When I think of the many women I have loved from

time to time,
White breasts and living bosoms where a kiss might
creep of climb,
As on a mountain summit in the thunder and the
I look to the shimmering valley and weep: I loved
you so!
You were many indeed, but your love for me was
Then I perceived the stars to reflect a single sun.
Not burning suns themselves, in furious regular race,
But mirrors of midnight, lit to remind us of His Face.
Then I beheld the truth: ye are stars that give me
but I read you aright and learn I am walking in the
I saw the breaking of the light, and the clouds fled far away:
It was the resurrection of the Golden Star of Day.
And now I live in Him: my heart may trace the years
In drops of virginal blood and springs of virginal tears.
I love you now again with an undivided song.
I saw in your dying embraces the birth of a new
In the tears of your pitiful faces, another Holier Face.
Unknowing it, undesiring, your lips have led me
you have taught me purer songs beyond your souls'
You have taught me midnight vigils, when you smiled
in amorous sleep:
you have even taught me a woman's way to weep.
So, even as you helped me, blindly without your will,
So shall the Angel faces watch for your own souls
A little pain and pleasure, a little touch of time,
And you shall blindly reach to the glorious and
You shall gather up your girdles to make ready for
the way,
And by the Cross of Suffering climb seeing to the
Then we shall meet again in the Presence of the
Not knowing; yet in Him! – Oh Thou! knowing as we
are known.

- Aleister Crowley
You are not your name,
You are not your actions,
You are not your triumphs,
You are not your defeats,
You are not your family,
You are not your choices,
You are not your art,
You are not your body,
You are not your brain,
You are not your soul,
You are not what I tell
You are not.
But what do I know?
I am nothing.

- Soror Greta Wilkens

My Mind

Above flies me the hawk, spiraling wilstfully upon currents of air,

Pater Sol blinding my errant stare.
My mind's eye remembers nights spent cradled atop blasted hillsides,
held aloft as a leaf in the gale.
Oh Brother bird, lend me your sight once more,
let me see the encompassing beauty of the hoorizon
from your unblinking eye.

My mind's voice speaks of encoded memories,

instinct now atrophied or extinct from hylic's constitution.
We once ran as spirits clothed in fur, imitating the beast.
Naked and sinless We roamed paradise, tainted not by sterile priests.
Oh Brother beast, lend me your cunning of spirit that I might divine
rites to revel and remember, electric skin replacing bestial fleece.

My mind is overcome by foreign longing,

a yearning whisper through underground streams.
Pulsing, throbbing, beating,

On the Mountains of the Planes We stood,

in the starlit deserts We gathered,
deep within the earth We labored.
Then came the dissolutive silence of dissention and dispersion
spilled with crimson tears,
the Word lost in vein.
Oh Brother brain and Sister heart, join again within this fallen star,
fuse together Our estranged parts. IO & I go to tear down My bar!

The vision explodes, heat, sweat, the body shrouded in bluish gauze.
The mind whirls as lightning flashes behind open eyes, enflamed,
engulfed in sparks of light, chimes.
The Big Brain explodes into glittering galaxies.
There is no space to cross, no time.
Bewildered and numb, the body fails and sinks, stunned.

A shrill cry awakens me to sense.

As if rousing from dream or resurrected from death, rejuvenated,
I take in my surroundings.
Sol’s rays are hidden behind maatter, adrift on brazen wings,
reflected as Luna smiles red.
Overlooking star strewn waters I awake alone among the sleeping dead.
Unintelligible carbon scratches mar once barren pages, now fallen to the earth.
What wonderful wanderings work within, all from drinking in the Sun!

Meine Hospice Cholia
What is life but a fleeting feeling,
imprinted forever on heart & brain.
Her bonds conditional & boundless,
crushing my will with unmerciful strain.
Why must you tear, why must you rend?
In silence & alone, left myself to mend.
On an Indian altar I lie,
between this world and the opened sky.
Oh Brother Hamlet, your melancholy melds & infests my soul
with self aggrandized folly, causing this illusion of unrelenting toil.
In truth that is a lie, the master of my misery is me - I al one.
Oh Lover come, rape me away unto the abodes on high!
Again, take! - I confirm my troth with Thee!
Manifest as WiLL which is truly thine,
humbly that is mine as placebic pill.
Lying here bruised, broken, and bleeding,
all I can do is laugh!
Telling me what to do is half,
slit me now as sacrificial cow!
No! My time will not end. Know!
With a mission and a message I have lived as a man,
shrouded and hiding afraid of Your plan.
Love and life I have restricted in my pursuit of this knowledge,
only to realize it as I lay again on death's edge.
These delusions of this illusion spill forth
as the drugs drip into my veins,
once I awake life will no longer be lived in vain.
"My own Will is ended,
For Will hath attained."

Ask Mr. Lizard
(The answers and opinions put forth in this section are not to be seen as official and/or written in stone. I have tried
to keep my responses limited to one paragraph so as not to ramble profusely and cloud the explanation. Please
also keep in mind the tongue-in-cheek nature of some of my responses, nothing is sacred. Questions, comments,
and curses for future installments can be forwarded to WLLM___@excite.com)

Is 666 an evil number?

Now how can a number be evil? The often-misquoted biblical reference has been
shown to be a qabalistic cipher time and time again, thus showing an esoteric
meaning. It (Revelation 13:18) has been extrapolated as the sum of the Roman
numerals, Nero, sex, Gesv Cristo, WLLM and a myriad of other proofs and puns as
sketchy as hearing satanic verses played on a record backwards! In short it can be
seen as a personification of the Sun (see William Stirling's The Canon).

Is the Gnostic Mass a religious or magickal ceremony?

Good question, the answer depends on whom you ask. From my understanding it
is a magickal rite, with the religious aspect creeping in with the individual need. In
ancient times no distinction was made between what would be called magical and
religious observance. The main difference, again from my understanding, is that a
magical act is willed intent whereas the religionist has faith in another's use of
magical technique. Even the Pope performs a magical operation, if what he does can
be called a performance (he can barely stand). Anyway, the Mass is a magical
operation symbolic of the creative act. If the individual needs a religious veil to
appreciate the Mass, then of course there is no harm in seeing it that way.

Would the sacrifice of an animal be considered black magic?

It depends on the intent of the sacrifice, and whom you ask. Most consider
anything that does not deal with the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy
Guardian Angel black magic, but I see it from a more protestant (practical)
viewpoint. One concern is what to sacrifice. Usually folks think of a goat, but notice
in times past a lamb was used as a burnt offering and the scapegoat was released
into the desert to Azazel - hedging their bets and probably feeding the priests later.
In the festivals for Kali Ma a goat's head was whacked off, reminiscent of slaying the
bull of Mithraism and Crete. As previously mentioned, when most folks want to
sacrifice something (with less than pure intents as ours) they think of a lamb or goat,
not realizing the correlation between sacrifices and the Procession of the Equinoxes.
Say what?! A bull was used when Taurus began the year, a ram/lamb for Aries, etc.
(yes, christianity got it wrong). Does this mean we put another body on the cross,
consuming the flesh and blood? Symbolically yes, realistically no. The nature of the
ritual will still dictate what animal to use, but common sense (and reading between
the lines) will be a better guide than precedence.

Why use correspondences?

The scientist, magician, and mystic all prepare their working environment
surrounded by the appropriate tools. You would not want a neurosurgeon using a
spatula in a sewer would you? Correspondences can show what is needed to induce
the desired effect of the experiment. These keys are sensory mnemonic devices to
trigger bioelectrical chemical responses. If you see and/or use red, something
martial is in mind. Even restaurants use this magic of color scheming to induce food
consumption. There is a danger in extrapolating correspondences ad nauseum. Just
because something says "death for the dogs" does not mean a canine genocide. In
another case, just because you can create a big bang in a particle excelerator does
not mean you should. In short, correspondences help set the mood so the operator
can concentrate on the point in hand.

Are Thelemites, yourself in particular, Satanists?

I cannot speak for all Thelemites, but their answer (besides from maniacal laughter
followed by a vehement APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS!) would probably be no.
Many Thelemites feel a mixture of humor, disgust, and sometimes pride in being
labeled this way, not to mention the endless hours of enjoyment stemming from the
inside joke of Pan. As for myself, no I'm not Catholic (but I have been anointed). Most
sheep see people like myself as satanists due to the roughly 2000 years of ignorance
and bad press libeled against us. In short a satanist is anyone seen as an
enemy/adversary to those believing themselves in power.

Is Thelema the Third Covenant?

We may be Neo Gnostic Christians (see Theodor Reuss' work), but We are not
Christians in the RC (Roman Catholic) sense. From St. Clement's Miscellanies VI,
Chapter 5: "For what belonged to the Greeks and the Jews is old. But we, who
worship him in a new way, in the third form, are Christians." Many people (all with
good intentions) have tried to pigeonhole Thelema into a religious category, but
personally I see this as counter productive to what Thelema is (again, IMHOAL). As
the Sufis say of their system, We are not a religion but rather are religion. By this
definition I mean Thelema is a way of life, not necessarily for everyone and not the
only one. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love
under will.

Unorthodox Polls:
Should we end women's suffrage?
4/5 women - yes
2/5 men - no
- On a larger general scale (120 people asked yes/no), 71% said yes.
Did the Jews build the pyramids? (70 polled yes/no)
42 no, 13 yes, 14 unsure, 1 said leave him alone.
Ra Views

Everything Is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults And Cover-Ups

By Robert Anton Wilson with Miriam Joan Hill

All of your favorite conspiracies under one cover. Longtime conspiracy buff (and occasional
creator) Robert Anton Wilson has, as expected, gone Internet. The result is a book that reads
like an encyclopedia of nearly every popular and unpopular conspiracy theory known (up to
1998) from A-Albionic to ZOG, from nutcase to not-far-from-reality. If you never questioned the
machinations of government and society before you may after reading this book. As the
opening quote says Nothing is impossible just because it's improbable.
Within RAW does cover some of his pet conspiracies that he has mentioned in some of his
other books; the P2 Conspiracy, The Mothman Prophecies, The Illuminati (of course), "F for
Fake" and his friends Kerry Thornley, Timothy Leary and Phillip Dick and the bizarre
happenings surrounding them as well as his own "23 Enigma" conspiracy.
Also are entries on most of the conspiratorial secret societies including the O.T.O.,
Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar and Golden Dawn. Even Satanists and Wiccans,
didn't want them to feel left out, after all we all know what they're really up to out there at Camp
Gaea. One of the longest entries is on Aleister Crowley who, for someone so little known by
common people, seems to have been blamed for everything from corruption of youth and
syphilis to bad toothpaste. And if it wasn't him then it was certainly the bankers or the Zionists
(or Zionist bankers).
Basically the book amounts to the Art Bell Bible, although most of the passages are short it
covers more than even the best conspiracy fans ever thought of. Each passage is followed by
references and most with internet addresses (although some of us would consider the Internet
a conspiracy, after all it was the CIA's before it was sent to infect the public and... I digress).
The approach to the entries is a stark contrast to the ruthless cynicism of writers such as
James Randi, not overly skeptical, yet not overly gullible. Most of all , like most R.A. Wilson, it
is a very easy read, the first time I read it I made it through the entire book in one day. So
whether you are a conspiracy buff, an X-Files fan or just in the mood for some light off-beat
reading I highly recommend this book. It is published by HarperCollins (who, of course, have a
web address www.harpercollins.com) or may be found at your local library.
- Brian McGuire

The Greek Qabalah

By Kieren Barry, Samuel Weiser, Inc.

If you're a closet purist at heart like myself, put off by perpetuating an innately incorrect
socio/poltical/religious system to explain everything, then this book is for you. Even those new
to this field of study will be rewarded. Sheol, the history lesson and references alone are well
worth the $19.95!
Mr. Barry's work reads like AC's 777, backed by extensive research to support his thesis
that the Qabalah (not to mention several other things) is of Greek and not Hebraic origin.
Recent discoveries at Wadi el Hol in Egypt further show the non-divine origins of our modern
alphabet, showing Mr. Barry not to be just another radical revisionist. In short, The Greek
Qabalah is a must read for those not easily duped by tradition or hidden agendas.


The Chemical Wedding

Bruce Dickinson

Although he has had a long musical career beginning in the 70s with Samson, Bruce
Dickinson is best known as the charismatic and theatrical frontman for Iron Maiden during their
glory years of the 80s. And although he was the second of Iron Maiden's three lead singers,
Bruce has become easily the most identifiable member of that band, even more so than their
founder and bass player Steve Harris.
In the late 80s-early 90s shortly after the departure of Maiden guitarist (and frequent
Dickinson collaborator) Adrian Smith, Bruce left the band to strike out on his own on with his
debut solo album Tattooed Millionaire on which he completely broke away from the
progressive and heavily harmonized metal sound of Iron Maiden for a more Deep Purple-type
roots metal sound. Despite this change his solo career began quite successfully, but with the
changes in the public's musical interests Bruce's albums became more of an obscure
underground interest, much like his own heroes in Deep Purple and Jethro Tull.
But in 1998, with metal re-emerging in the music industry Bruce reunited with Adrian Smith
and recorded the album The Chemical Wedding which was a return to the progressive sound
that Maiden made famous.
As the title suggests the album is made up of songs whose lyrics allude to high magick and
alchemy (with two exceptions, the two contributions by Adrian Smith). This is not the first time
that Bruce has written songs suggesting occult interest. The song "Revelations" on Maiden's
album Piece of Mind is made up of analogies to sex magick and high magick. (He claimed it
was his response to religious fanatics claiming the band were Satanists because of their song
"Number of the Beast").
On The Chemical Wedding he takes it much further giving us eight songs breaching the
subject of alchemy, sex magick, mysticism and high magick, still writing in the analogies and
euphemisms (as the old grimoires themselves were written) that only the "educated" would
recognize and understand, but boldly enough that even the "un-educated" or "mundane" would
realize that most of this is not the average Dio/Black Sabbath mystical-sounding gibberish.The
album art itself is made up of 17th century alchemical art, mostly works by William Blake.
Although the music is a return to the progressive and multi-harmonized metal of Bruce and
Adrian's days with Iron Maiden it does not sound dated as some of their work with Maiden may
sound today. They prove on this album that they have evolved with the times, the highly
orchestrated and at times sublime guitar harmonies are still there, but there is also a lot of use
of dropped tunings and more modern styled metal rhythms which might be most identifiable
with groups such as C.O.C. Notably this album may have also have been a catalyst of the
Maiden reunion. It is definitely an album that the Dickinson-era Iron Maiden fan or any hard
rock/metal fan could appreciate.
-Brian McGuire

What else can I say, Brother Maynard and the boys are back with another amazing album.
Anyone with the slightest knowledge of this group knows how beautifully disturbing their lyrics
and videos are, even inspiring a web site
(http://www.nascent.addr.com/lateralus_meanings.htm) showing how deep they can be. Any
review would be unjust in explaining the myriad levels and meanings behind their lyrics:
hearing is believing.
I would be remiss in not mentioning the self titled album A Perfect Circle, another group
fronted by Maynard. It is along the same style as TOOL, but able to stand alone as a
wonderful journey for ear, heart, and soul.