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ANC Womens League Calls for our country to listen closely and attentively

We, the ANC Womens League remain steadfast in the course to stand and lead at
the front to protect the African National Congress.
For how long should we keep quiet? We respected the views expressed by others
but this cannot mean we must not express our own views. We have exercised
forgiveness, guided and respected by our fore fathers in the struggle for
emancipation .
We put aside all, and decided to open a new chapter of peace, prosperity and
equality. Some of us knew the day would come for truth to burst, in as much as it
was heaped up, boiling quietly inside.
I am not the one who will need to replay history and express on the level of
commitment and sacrifice most of us and our foremothers took towards the freedom
we have thus attained.
Many of our people are aware of how far, and what sacrifices were taken to be
where we are today. But going forward, it is evident that our people still struggle to
share in the wealth that we should all be sharing according to the freedom charter.
Dear compatriots, let truth be told, that our war for equality and economic prosperity
is still brewing.
It remains unjust that, after 22 years of dispensation, we still find unfair, unjust rule of
the many institutions that have sucked us of ourselves and even continues to cause
deep, scarred divisions amongst us.
It remains a mystery as to what extent the rule of law applies and to whom.
In the 1990s a report called the The CIEX report commissioned by the apartheid
government which implicates ABSA (Bankorp) in apartheid corruption worth more
than 3 billion still remains a mystery.
Our honourable Public Protector, Advocate. Thuli Mandonsela proclaimed to
investigate the report in 2011, but to this day apartheid crimes remain unpunished
and ABSA Bank continues to operate with no penalties attached.
We were critical of the public protector in the person of Thuli Madonsela but we
respect the office. We demand a more objective and less populist person who will
campaign against government and its people but defend principles of the structures.
Now the Rembrandt Group headed by Anton Rupert, who also called for President
Jacob Zuma to resign after the con-court ruling made by Chief Justice, Adv.
Mogoeng Mogoeng, is implicated in the report.
The report was commissioned to retrieve monetary gains unlawfully recieved to
sustain the role of the apartheid government. The findings were never followed
through by the apartheid government instead the investigation and report died.
We chose to forgive but not forget
We ask to what extent the law must take its true reflection of judgement. We are
worrisome of the fact that Mr. Trevor Manuel, the former Finance Minister, also
called in for the resignation of President Zuma.

Many forget or perhaps are not aware that in the early 2000, Barclays Group Ltd,
started negotiating with our government to buy ABSA Bank Limited. There was an
outcry by many of our people, when the deal went through, noting the many deaths
that Barclays was involved in funding the apartheid military with billions to kill ANC
operatives, PAC/AZAPO combatants and civilians.
In essence this could not have been possible without the approval by our very own
Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and our then President Thabo Mbeki to take
charge despite of Barclays banks many crimes against South Africa and her people.
The Gupta Family formally introduced by our then President Thabo Mbeki to
President Jacob Zuma remains a mystery as to the unfair amount of attack they are
facing, even after allowing the invasions of many institutions such as the
Oppenheimers, the Ruperts and the Barclays to continue to gain resources of our
beloved state.
We have remained quiet for far too long, chose to forgive but not forget.
Even then, we looked at a far distance on the instrumental role played in the Finance
Ministry by Trevor Manuel and his wife Maria Ramos, indeed a match made in
heaven. Maria Ramos was employed by National Treasury before 1994 and made a
Director General of National Treasury post 1994 holding the fort for seven years,
before proceeding to become the CEO of ABSA/Barclays bank limited.
She was also appointed board member of the REMGRO Group co-owned by the
Ruperts, not forgetting Ruperts gracious hospitality in hosting both Maria Ramos
and Trevor Manuels wedding at one of his lavish vineyards in Stellenbosch.
After many years of their invasion, the Ruperts are billionaires, with the Rothchilds
and a few others in control of the worlds finance. The World Bank
We have forgiven, but not forgotten,

In note of all the above, we have forgiven our leader, Comrade President Jacob
Zuma and remain steadfast in our quest, for economic freedom and equality
alongside President Jacob Zuma. We rally with his leadership to a better change,
and remain true to the course bound by the Freedom Charter.
We will not be shaken by songs of disrepute, clatter of confusion, misinformed
quotes by the mainstream media, and its originators , false religious prophets and
veterans who have been fed to their stomachs by our former oppressors. Now is the
time for change.
Our people are most welcome and liberated to derive their opinion, but we urge all
not to be hasty, but rather search within the deepest of secrets to unravel the truth.
We remain resolute to defend and guard the revolution against those who master
behind the scenes in dividing and ruling the people of South Africa led by the African
National Congress.


Issued by
Cde Meokgo Matuba
ANCWL, Secretary General