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Mitts Enterprises Pvt.Ltd

Opening doors to new possibilities.


quality & stylish

Patara D012

Set Silyon D001

Futurism is always everywhere and in everything. The mystery of the
future is always on our minds as a shiny door waiting to be opened.
You won't be able to ignore innovation and change and you will nally
open the door to new ideas with highgloss.
* Composite Frame ( waterproof ) version available

Pamf i lya D036

Pamlya was one of the greatest cradles of civilization with its ethnic
diversity. In addition to this wealthy stance it had a "unique" plainness.
The double centered door, prominent with the naturalness added by
wood shows us how much minimalism can actually tell us.
* Composite Frame ( waterproof ) version available

A windy port city that gets its name from domes in the sky.
A city in which wind is ever present in all four seasons, it never
stands down in the face of many challenges. With four varieties
Patara provides modern looks with single centered glass, classic
looks with double centered models and an even dierent look
with triple centered glass. Just like the diversity of the city
* Composite Frame ( waterproof ) version available

Termesos D032 & 33

Termesos is maybe one of the most well preserved ancient cities
in Turkey. It continues to thrive as a national park at present.
Set in the mountains the beauty adorned with wild plants and pine
forests has its own unique mysticism. With ve centered glass and
no glass varieties the composition of wood's excellence couldn't
have been described better.
* Composite Frame ( waterproof ) version available

Pamf i lya D037

Pamlya was a rare civilization in which dierent cultures could be as "one"
Within an integrated harmony like a forest The Pamlya, prominent with
the naturalness added by wood, is the best example of unity under a single
capacity with its triple center.
* Composite Frame ( waterproof ) version available

We are introducing high quality European doors with an all inclusive aordable price.
The complete package includes door leaf, frame, architrave, hinges, lock as well installation,
all in the package price. These doors have beautiful wood appearance and plain colour
designs in a wide range of colours and designs. The exterior coating is PVC and hence tough,
scratch resistant and water-resistant. We even have a version with a higher degree of
water-resistant door frame and architrave specially designed for bathrooms.
Standard door widths for rooms and bathrooms are available. Although we advice the use of
standard widths, these doors can be planed down and nished with an extra edge band.
Feel free to call us, communicate via email and other online means or by simply dropping in
to one of our outlets. Our sta are always ready to assist in selecting the right product for you.