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PDA (We Just Don't Care) Words and Music by John Stephens, Jessyca Wilson, Eric Hudson and Kawan Prather Moderately fast Fmaj? Coa? ft) vw with pedat Fmaj7 maj Emaj7 Evb9 z g Frnaj? Fmaj7 Sa Eel 1 wanna kiss you un der - “*Recorded a half step lower. Copyright © 2006 Cherry River Music Co. (BMI), John Legend Publishing (BMI), Jossyca Wison Fubksting Design, E: Hudeon Music LLG (BM! and Kawan And Kanna (ASCAP) ‘Worldwide Rights for John Legend Publishing Administered by Cherry River Music 36 ‘International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved Bm75 iz a a] neath the Maybe we'll go Fmaj Cmaj7 i pa You know 1 dove it, when you're lov ing me. T see you're clos - ing down “the res tau rant Fina? Cimajt? ig Fae Sometimes i's bet - ter when its pub - ic - ly Le’s sneak and = doit, when your boss is gone. == lo: - 37 ‘Bm7?5 Frnaj7 Cmaj7 ota = shamed; us hug Om, may - ie ing; a dove but you're tun es ~ cape, ma's house, > arm to - day, off ana ma’s out while your ma Td tke set creep tthe bed = room Fmaj7 é love ei ‘May 2 oo low, keep Fmaj? cma? i = neath the fa make ae hear sical ly Jead —_ a : vil —__ ated rock May-be we'll go 100 Bars need! —_ knock: wanna Kiss you nO Ez Fa He We just don’t ‘der - Fina? Cmaj7 maj? Canj7 go some = where they Fmaj? mai? Baits Ent? Ebi? Dm? a cna mi? Fr Bhai? HG a = & fat tell the world of our love an at blinds, “case we Fmaj7 maj mai? Fini? Cai? Bu7bs Fmaj7_ ‘Cmaj7 Emaj7 maj? E7 DSS. and fade