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SET 12

151. The natural interaction between the biotic and abiotic components in the environment
suggests the existence of
a. an energy
b. a habitat
c. a biosphere
d. an ecosystem
152. Excessive release of detergents in natura streams pose danger since this can cause
eutrophication. How can such a condition occur?
a. Due to tripolyphosphate ions
b. Presence of chlorinated hydrocarbons
c. Due to chlorinated hydrocarbons
d. Due to chloride ions

153. Eating burnt hamburger pieces is dangerous due to the liberation of mutagenic agent such as
a. Formaldehyde
c. Alcohol
b. Acetaldehyde
d. Benzo(a)pyrene

154. Why does a gumamela flower appear red/

a. The petals absorb the red portion of the spectrum
b. The petals reflect the red portion of the spectrum
c. The red portion is of long wave length
d. Multiple reflection makes red prominent

155. If the radioactive emissions are arranged in the order of increasing penetrating power, with
the least penetrating radiation first, the order is
a. Alpha, beta, gamma
b. Beta, gamma, alpha
c. Gamma, alpha, beta
d. Beta, alpha, gamma

156. Learning about the problems and issues which cut across national boundaries and about the
interconnectedness of systems is referred to as
a. Peace Education
b. Environmental Education
c. Global Education
d. Multi-Cultural Education

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157. Which of the following is the ultimate purpose of Human Right Education?
a. identify threats of human rights
b. generate awareness of ones basic rights
c. check on abuses in the exercise of human rights
d. understand and change conditions which give rise to human rights violation

158. Which of the following best describes Gender Studies?

a. It focuses on the equality of men and women in all aspects of life
b. It stresses the superiority of men over women in particular societies
c. It examines the critical role of women as equal partners with men in development
d. It promotes the significant contribution of women to national and global development

159. Which of the following aspects of Citizenship Education is based upon the recognition that the
foundation of any legitimate political power originates in the will of individuals?
a. Democracy
b. Human Rights
c. Development
d. Lasting peace
160. Teachers should provide students with appropriate activities that will develop their ability to
think critically. Which of the following of global education should be employed to realize this goal?
a. Process Mindedness
b. Perspective Consciousness
c. System Consciousness
d. Involvement Consciousness

161. Which of the following principles of sustainable development stresses the importance of the
conservation of natural resources?
a. Enable communities to care for their own environment
b. Respect and Care for the community of Life
c. Keep within the Earths carrying capacity
d. Consume the Earths vitality and diversity

162. The standard and norms used by a person to decide and act on what is right are called a
a. values
b. criteria
c. beliefs
d. attitudes

163. The overarching value that characterizes the teaching of values as described in the DECS
Values Education Framework is?
a. nationalism
b. Human dignity

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c. Social Justice
d. Personal Discipline

164. The human person does not become moral in isolation. How does one acquire his moral
a. by initiating the moral behavior of adults
b. By reading books on moral development
c. By listening to people with high morality
d. By interacting with various environmental forces

165. Which practice should be avoided if we are to develop worthwhile values among the learners?
a. Be a good model of the value to be taught
b. Encourage openness and sincerity among learners
c. Pass judgments on the write and wrong behaviors of learners
d. Allow learners to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions
166. The type of cooperative which promotes thrift among members and create funds in order to
grant loans for productive and provident purposes is called
a. Credit cooperative
b. Producers Cooperative
c. Service Cooperative
d. Consumers Cooperative

167. Which of the following describes marketing cooperatives?

a. They distribute products of members to both members and non-members
b. They coordinate with other cooperatives in marketing the products of members
c. They undertake joint production of goods, whether agricultural or industrial
d. They engage in the supply of production inputs to members and market their products
168. The members of the federation of cooperatives are
a. primaries
b. secondaries
c. natural persons
d. primary/secondary cooperatives

169. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform La of 1998 stipulates that the retention limits of
landowners is
a. 5 hectares
b. 10 hectares
c. 8 hectares
d. 7 hectares
170. How many hectares should be awarded to each child of the landowner?


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a. hectares
b. 6 hectares
c. 5 hectares
d. 7 hectares

171. The comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1998 is also known as

a. Republic Act No. 6662
b. Republic Act No. 6673
c. Republic Act No. 6657
d. Republic Act No. 6654
172. An item or value upon which the tax is to be imposed is called?
a. Tax
b. Revenue
c. Income
d. Tax Base

173. If a taxpayer is married he or she can claim a tax exemption of?

a. P 32, 000.00
b. P 12,000.00
c. P 10,000.00
d. P 15,000.00

174. What does the principle of equity provide?

a. Taxpayers should be taxed according to their professions and status in life
b. Taxpayers regardless of income should pay the same amount of tax
c. Taxpayers that are similarly situated in life should be taxed similarly
d. Taxpayers who do not have permanent jobs should pay less tax
175. Taxable income is derived from
a. net income less additional exemption
b. Gross compensation income less withholding tax
c. Gross compensation income less total exemptions
d. Gross compensation income less personal exemptions

176. It has been observed that the world of the student is limited, centered around family, school
and friendship. Which recent education trusts in the Social Studies will give the student broader life
experience to cope with challenges of the 21st century?
a. Global education
b. Multicultural education
c. Human right education
d. Environment education


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177. In peace education, various forms of conflicts and violence are studies. The indirect violence
brought about by oppression, discrimination, poverty and injustice is called __________
a. Ecological violence
b. Structural violence
c. Physical violence
d. Cultural violence
178. In the study of international politics, the word hegemony is usually encountered. It means
a. weak leadership
b. Dominant influence
c. Interdependence
d. peaceful co-existence

179. The following EXCEPT one are experience that help students build a global orientation
a. Teach about the United Nations and its specialized agencies
b. Explore some of the reasons for the differences in ways of living
c. Conduct training with schools from other countries
d. Promote the development of stereotypes and ethnic bias

180. The United Nations has declared 2000 as __________

a. International Year of the Family
b. International year of Tolerance
c. International Year of culture and Peace
d. International Year of Indigenous People
181. To educate for tolerance and international understanding citizenship education which is the
concern of Social Studies instruction should apply following criteria of approach. The following are
desirable and relevant except:
a. Pluralism
b. Mutilevel perspective
c. Ethnic loyalty
d. Cultural relevance
182. To celebrate the 1996 ILO/UNESCO recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers, the
international community designated World Teachers Day every
a. September 18
b. October 5
c. October 24
d. December 7
183. Which of the following global trends will have the greatest impact/effect on Social Studies
Instruction in the future
a. Advancement in new communication and information technology

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b. Rethinking of the concept of citizenship

c. Globalization of the economy
d. Democratization trends in many countries

184. To be relevant and effective , schools in the 21st century need to cope with new challenges and
opportunities of a complex and rapidly changing world. Which of the following characteristics is
urgently needed/
a. Global in perspective
b. Human value centered
c. Interdisciplinary in approach
d. all of the above
185. The following are generally accepted principles in ecology that need to be considered in
environmental education EXCEPT
a. infiniteness of resources
b. interdependence
c. biological diversity
d. ecological stewardship

186. In the Post Cold War Period, alliances and grouping countries such as EAGA, APEC EC and
NAFTA underscore the importance of __________
a. Ideological concerns
b. Economic concerns
c. Military concerns
d. Social concerns

187. Which of the following documents embodies the general principles of human rights which set
forth the minimum standard of living for all people pf the world?
a. International Covenant on Civil, Political Rights
b. International Covenant on socio-Economic, Cultural rights
c. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
d. United Nations Declaration on Rights to Development
188. Which among the types of cooperatives has the primary function of engaging in the supply of
production of inputs to members and at the same time help each member market their product?
a. Consumers Cooperative
b. Marketing Cooperative
c. Service Cooperative
d. Producers Cooperative
189. Which of the following best describes multicultural education?
a. Education of Multicultural Societies
b. Education for all regardless of ones race, ethnicity or cultural origin


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c. Education for the poor

d. Education of Human rights

190. Which of the following mechanisms best describes the present Agrarian Reform Program?
a. Change of tenurial arrangements of tenanted lands
b. Conversion of non-agricultural lands to agricultural lands
c. Distribution of lands to landless farmers
d. Land redistribution with corresponding support services and institutional rearrangements
191. The minimum level in which the family or household is able to sustain its basic/essential
needs is termed as:
a. Poverty level
b. absolute poverty
c. relative poverty
d. culture of poverty
192. The primary agency or institution tasked to promote the growth and development of
cooperatives as instrument of Social justice is:
a. Land Bank
b. Department of Agrarian Reform
c. cooperative Union of the Philippines
d. cooperative Development Authority

193. The primary objective of the government in pursuing a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform
Program is to:
a. Expand present family sized farms into corporate farm as part of the industrialization program of
the government
b. Establish owner-cultivatorship economic sized farms as basis of Philippine Agriculture
c. Increase size of commercial farms to encourage owner cultivators to shift to corporate farming
and establish it as basis of Philippine agriculture
d. Limit coverage of the agrarian program to tenanted lands owned by private individuals and not
by corporations
194. One of the objectives of Philippine Education as provided in the 1987 Constitutions is to
promote respect for human rights. To gave flesh to this constitutional mandate, President Aquino
issued an order requiring human rights to be integrated in the school curricula. Which of the
following specifies the said directives?
a. DECS Order No. 61
b. Executive Order No. 27
c. Presidential Decree No. 603
d. Administrative Order No. 2


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195. The prevalence of urban and rural squatters is accounted to some factors. What caused
squatter proliferation?
a. Adventurous life
b. Filipino indolence
c. Nomadic lifestyle
d. Poverty

196. Heinous crimes are punishable by death, which death penalty is the cheapest?
a. death by guillotine
b. death in gas chamber
c. death by lethal injection
d. death by electric chair

197. Several big land holdings have been divided and distributed to farmers. Titles likewise were
released to farmer recipients. What land areas are included?
a. The land reform act does not include government owned agricultural lands
b. Farmers who received land transfer get as much as 10 hectares
c. All lands are covered by the Land Reform Act
d. Only farms exceeding 7 hectares after giving each heir are subject to land reform

198. Charity begins at home. What illustrates this value?

a. Millionaires send checks anonymously
b. Patrons check out donations by the size of the advertisement
c. Grandparents stay with the Home for the Aged. They are nuisance to modern families
d. An ambassador in Jeddah shelters battered Filipino OCWs and avoid social gatherings to be able
to save food for these refugees

199. You cannot share what you do not have, Who portrayed it best?
a. Heaven is built on stilts. One can buy all happiness
b. The Man scorned on the Cross not redeem the world without suffering
c. Patience on the rice store cue was tested by a grumbling lady
d. Words without deeds can never go far
200. When is the development of ones value done?
a. values are easily caught from models
b. Parents are first models of the childs value formation
c. The home environment gives a child the concept of right and wrong
d. Values development starts from home values.


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151. d
152. a
153. a
154. b
155. c
156. c
157. b
158. d
159. a
160. b
161. a
162. a
163. b
164. d
165. c
166. a
167. c
168. d
169. a
170. a
171. c
172. d
173. a
174. c
175. a

Answer Key
General Education Set 12

176. a
177. d
178. b
179. d
180. c
181. c
182. b
183. a
184. d
185. a
186. b
187. d
188. b
189. b
190. d
191. a
192. d
193. b
194. b
195. d
196. d
197. d
198. d
199. b
200. c


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