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B.E / B.Tech.

7th Semester (Page-1)

Theory Date-Sheet for B.E / B.Tech. 7th Sem. Examinations May / June - 2010
Time of Exam. 2.00 to 5.00 P.M. / Center of Exam : As per Roll List
Date & Day Syll. Code Subject (Full Nomenclature) P. Code Branches
CSE-307-C Comp. Graphics 1050 EE,EL,ME,CHE,IC,EL (Re-appear)
Monday EE-411-E Power Sys Operation & Control 2424 EE
MAE-402 Networking System 2450 MAE
PT-403 Quality Control 2455 PT
EE-210 E Electronics & Microprocessors 2442 Automobile Engg.
BME-411 E Ad. Bio-Medical Engg. 2426 BME
IT-471-E Mgt. Information System 2512 IT

19.05.2010 CSE-401-C Advanced Comp. Arch. 1101 CSE (Re-Appear)

Wednesday EE-419-C Electric Drives 1109 EE (Re-Appear)

MAE-401 Computer Aided Mfg. 2449 MAE
PT-401 Enterpreneurship Development 2454 PT
EE-401-C Ant. & Wave Prop. 1118 EL (Re-Appear)
ME-401-C Mechanical Vibration 1123 ME (Re-Appear)
CHE-401-C Petroleum Engg. 1134 CHE (Re-Appear)
IC-401-C Indus. Process Cont. 1142 IC,EL (Re-Appear)
IT-401-C Management Info. System 1117 IT (Re-Appear)
BME-401-E Biological Cont. System 2431 BME
BTT-401-E Bio Informatics 2436 BT
EE-401-E Data Communication 2401 EE, EL, EEE
ME-401-E Automobile Engg. 2405 ME
AE-401 E Vehicle Maintenance 2443 Automobile Engg.
IC-401-E Industrial Process Control 2409 IC
IT-401-E Data Ware Housing & Data Mining 2411 IT
CHE-401-E Petroleum Engg. 2418 CHE
CSE-401-E Advanced Comp. Arch. 2415 CSE
21.05.2010 EE-455-C Int. Inst. 1115 ME,EE,EL,IC,EL (Re-Appear)
Friday CSE-457-C Manag. Info. System. 1106 ME,EE,EL,CSE,CHE,IC,EL (Re-App)
MAE-403 Manufactureing System 2451 MAE
PT-405 Color Separation Tech. 2456 PT
IC-455-C Optimal Cont. Th. 1146 IC (Re-Appear)
PHY-451-E Nano Technology 2505 All Branches
PHY-453-E Laser Technology 2506 All Branches
CH-453-E Pollution & Control 2511 CH

24.05.2010 EE-403-C Multi Media System 1119 EL,IT,EL,ME,EE,CSE,CHE,IC (Re-Appear)

EE-304 E Control System Engg. 2425 BME
MAE-404 Computer Intregrated Mfg. 2452 MAE
PT-407 Computer Graphic in Printing 2457 PT
EE-409 E Electric Drives 2441 EEE
EE-403-E Electrical Drives 2423 EE
B.E / B.Tech. 7th Semester (Page-2)
26.05.2010 CSE-403-C Principles of Comp Design 1102 CSE,IT (Re-Appear)

Wednesday ME-405-C Refrigerator & Aircond. 1126 ME (Re-Appear)

MAE-405 Materials Mgt. 2453 MAE
PT-409 Book Publishing 2458 PT
CHE-405-C Fuel Tech. & Engg. 1137 CHE (Re-Appear)
IC-405-C Comp. Based Inst. & Cont. 1144 IC,EL (Re-Appear)
AE-403 E Motor Vehicles & Environment Protection 2444 Automobile Engg.
BME-405-E Speech Processing 2433 BME
BTT-405-E Bio Sensors 2438 BTT
ME-405-E Operation Research 2407 ME
AEI-405 E Industrial Process Control 2447 AEI
CSE-403-E Software Project Mgt. 2412 CSE, IT
CHE-405-E Energy Tech. 2420 CHE
CSE-405-C Logic & Funct. Prog. 1103 CSE (Re-Appear)
EE-421-C Comp. App.. Power System 1110 EE,IC,EL (Re-Appear)
PT-411 Continous Stationary & Security Printing 2459 PT
ME-403-C Automobile Engg. 1125 ME (Re-Appear)
CHE-403-C Process Dynamics Control 1136 CHE (Re-Appear)
BME-403-E Hospital Management 2432 BME
BTT-403-E Recomb. Drug & Vac. Devp. 2437 BTT
IC-403-C Non Linear Cont. System. 1143 IC (Re-Appear)
EE-407-C Television Engg. 1121 EL (Re-Appear)
EE-407-E Digital Signal Processing 2404 EE, EL, EEE, AEI
ME-403-E Refrigaration & Air Conditioning 2406 ME
IT-403-E System & Network Admn. 2413 IT
CHE-403-E Process Dynamic & Control 2419 CHE
CSE-405-E Computer Design 2416 CSE
EE-405-C Opto Electronics 1120 EL (Re-Appear)
IC-457-C Parameter Est. & Sys. Ident. 1195 IC,EL (Re-Appear)
IT-451-C Fuzzy Sets & Logic 1190 IT (Re-Appear)
IT-453-C Web Site Design 1191 IT (Re-Appear)
CSE-451-C Sys. Ana. Design 1104 CSE,IT (Re-Appear)
CSE-453-C File Structure 1108 CSE,IT (Re-Appear)
MATH-453-C Linear Algebra 1107 CSE,IT (Re-Appear)
AEI-401 E Modern Control System 2445 AEI
ME-407-C Operations Research 1128 ME (Re-Appear)
BME-453-E Fiber optics & Laser in Med. 2435 BME
CHE-407-E Polymer Sc. & Engg. 2421 CHE
IC-403-E Embedded System Design 2402 IC,EL, EEE
ME-451-C Finite Element Methods 1133 ME,EE (Re-Appear)
EE-453-C High Vol. Engg. 1114 EE (Re-Appear)
ME-453-C Renewable Energy Resource 1124 ME (Re-Appear)
ME-455-C Engg. Design 1129 ME (Re-Appear)
ME-457-C CIM 1130 ME (Re-Appear)
ME-459-C MM 1127 ME (Re-Appear)
ME-461-C M/c Tool Tech. 1131 ME (Re-Appear)
CHE-453-C Polymer Science & Engg. 1141 CHE (Re-Appear)
CHE-455-C Int. to Bio Chem.Engg. 1139 CHE (Re-Appear)
EE-451-C Electrical M/c design 1113 EE (Re-Appear)
BTT-407-E Bio Ethics & Bio Safety 2439 BTT
HUM-451-E Language Skill for Engg. 2501 All Branches
HUM-453-E Human Resource Mgt. 2502 All Branches
ME-451-E Mechatronics System 2507 All Branches
B.E / B.Tech. 7th Semester (Page-3)
HUM-451-C Business Comm. 1138 EE,EL,CSE,ME,CHE,IT,EL,IC (Re-Appear)
IC-451-C Digital Cont. Sys. 1145 IC (Re-Appear)
IC-455-E Intelligent Instrumentation for Engg. 2510 IC, EL, EE, EEE
BME-417 E Nuclear Medicare Radiation & Safety 2430 BME
IT-204-E Multi Media Tech. 2513 IT
EE-425-C Principles of Comm. Engg. 1112 EL,EE,ME,CHE,IC (Re-Appear)
BME-407-E Int.to Med. Image. 2434 BME
BTT - 409-E Int. Property right in Bio.tech 2440 BTT
HUM-457-E Business Communication 2503 All Branches
HUM-455-E Entrepreneurship 2504 All Branches

07.06.2010 MATH-451-C Statistical Modd. 1135 ME,CHE,EE,IC (Re-Appear)

Monday AEI-403 E Process Instrumentation at 10 N & Control 2446 AEI

EE-461-C Digital Elec. & Micro. Process 1132 ME,CHE (Re-Appear)
CSE-461 E Computer Operating System 2514 CSE
BME-413 E Principal of Adv. Medical Imaging-II 2428 BME
IC-407-E Intelligent Instrumentation 2410 IC
EE-306-E MOSIC's & Technology 2422 EIC

08.06.2010 HUM-453-C Personal Mag. & Ind. Psy. 1122 EE,EL,CSE,ME,CHE,IC,EL,IT (Re-Appear)

Tuesday CH-451-C Environ. Sc. & Engg. 1116 EE,EL,CSE,ME,IC,EL,IT (Re-Appear)

CSE-455-C Comp. Pher. & Interfacing 1105 CSE (Re-Appear)
IT-455-C Natural Language Process 1192 IT (Re-Appear)
IT-457-C Neural Network 1193 IT (Re-Appear)
CSE-451-E Artificial Int. & Expert System 2508 CSE
CSE-303-E Computer Graphics 2509 CSE
EE-405-E Optical Communication System 2403 EE, EL
ME-407-E Mechanical Vibration 2408 ME, AE
BTT-419 E Microbio Tech.- II 2448 BT
BME-451-E Medical Physics 2427 BME
CHE-451-C Noval Sepera. Tech. 1140 CHE (Re-Appear)
EE-423-C Ad. Control Sys. 1111 EE,EL,EL (Re-Appear)
IC-453-C Random process in Con. Est. 1194 EL,IC (Re-Appear)
IT-405-E Introduction to E-Comm.. & ERP 2414 IT
CSE-407-E Neural Network 2417 CSE
EE-403-E Multimedia System 2515 EE
BME-455-E Principles of Bio. Engg. 2429 BME

Note :
1 Before answering the question paper the candidates should ensure that they have been supplied the
correct question paper. Complaints in this regard, if any, shall not be entertained after the examination.
2 Any electronic device / I-Pod / Pager / Mobile phone not allowed in the examination centre at any cost.
3 The use of only simple calculator is allowed. Exchanging of calculator is not allowed.
4 No Candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Hall without Admit card & College I-Card
As amended in the Ordinance's of Engg. Courses vide Resolution No. 58 dated 5.11.2003 of Academic Council :-
The Candidate will appear in the Examination in the Paper (S) of their choice in case of clash in the date-sheet and
they will not be entitled to claim any benefit consequently

Controller of Examination