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From the
Publisher’s Desk “It's not easy being green.”~ Kermit The Frog

Despite of what the great GREEN philosopher Kermit the Frog

once said… It has never been easier to become a Green person.

We are all feeling the direct and indirect effects of all the Earth
Changes: the energy shifts and the great need coming from all of
us to be more in tune with Mother Nature and all Living and
Sentient beings.

OM-Times Magazine saw this eminent need and decided to

spotlight all of the New Avant Garde Initiatives that are
happening right now in our global Holistic community.

Join us, as we discover new horizons in the old ways, re-

introducing the old techniques that emphasizes the respect for
Nature Cycles, the sacred spaces, and the respect for all lives.

This is new journey with a new invitation to all.

The Publishers of OM-Times Magazine.

“Someday we'll find it,

that rainbow
the lovers the dreamers
and me.”

Kermit The Frog

Health and Wellness
By DeZengo

common early activity was meeting groups of

mothers whose sons had fought or died on
opposite sides of the American Civil War. A
"Mother's Friendship Day" to reunite families
that had been divided during the Civil War was
created and soon after, in New York City, a
"Mother's Day" anti-war observance on the 2nd
June, 1872, which was accompanied by a
Mother's Day Proclamation. [1]

From the beginning of time women have played

a vital role in the physical, mental, spiritual
healing and wellbeing of all societies! Men play
an equal but very different role, but this month
we focus on women & mothers in an ever
changing/evolving society. A mother’s ability
and responsibility to nurture, teach, uplift,
protect, and expand the minds and hearts of
children and humanity—is NEEDED! As we
fall into the rabbit hole of consumption, greed
lies, and disharmony we are taken further from
our true nature and feminine super powers.

You heard me correctly – women have super

powers and this month we examine why and
how those super powers can help us heal self,
our children and humanity! Firstly, being a
“Mother” rang once more I saw at last its meaning mother does not always mean pro-creating, it
and its place; Not the blind passion of the brooding does however include being co-CREATIVE.
past. But Mother -- the World's Mother -- come at When you invest time, energy from your sacred
last, To love as she had never loved before --To feed space into anything, the product has potential to
and guard and teach the human race.” become a beautiful non-weapon of massive love
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: creation! From cooking a meal designed to
provide nourishment for the body to creating art
May is an extraordinary month offering that nourishes the soul.
opportunities for celebration, reflection and
healing; specifically, on a day we observe and Examine the devastation as societies are told
denote as ―Mother’s Day.‖ It was not too long and shown through mass media images | words |
ago in US history early "Mother's Day" was thoughts | insinuations that women are less
mostly marked by women's peace groups. A

Courtesy of: Obsidian Signum Art
May 2010 Edition
valuable than their male counterparts. Almost
all magazines, commercials, clothing lines use
―female sexuality‖ to sell their products. Yet,
hate crimes against women are at an all-time
high – so although consumption through
manipulation works, the results have not always
benefited humanity.

This Mother’s Day examine women for some of

their non-sexual super powers and see if you
don’t agree that our voice is worth being heard.
Female super powers include but not limited to:
compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness,
silence, intuitiveness, liberation, spontaneity,
joy, intimacy, authenticity, nurturing, and
wisdom, just to name a few. [2] Healing
humanity requires men and women to respect &
love one another as spiritual beings, each having
unique gifts and talents and both needed! Do
more than purchase a generic card or take her
out to lunch – honor her ―who & what‖ she truly
is – the heart of humanity!




Daniel Kobialka, Beneath the Wings of Mt. Kenya

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May 2010 Edition
Sales Associate
OM-Times Magazine is looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual
to join the Team.

Experience in holistic and alternative healthcare, spiritual practices and

other areas this publication reaches out to is required.
(you gotta be able to walk the talk)

For more information, email to:
Motherhood is a concept about which
most of us would probably agree; our
individual experience with this concept
however, is an entirely different matter.

It absolutely amazes me that my mother somehow

managed to raise seven very different (and notably,
very outspoken) children. I was able to raise one, who
arguably could have used seven mothers to raise her.
So like all mothers, I just did the best I could. Now that
my daughter and I have both survived her childhood,
we are on to new adventures. Still, I often take the time
for a personal review of the precious years she was
growing up. If it were a rapid slide show, it might look
something like this:

First, I see my "angel baby", the most beautiful and

happiest infant on earth! I barely see her crawling
before she is suddenly standing up and walking, then
running, always moving, always talking. I can clearly
recall her first personal "declaration of independence"
at 18 months, "My byself, Mommy, my byself!"

Then the slides move faster as I watch this magnificent

child jumping so many hurdles of childhood, both
surviving and thriving in so many situations that would
leave a lesser soul in shambles. I see her navigating the
high seas of adolescence, somehow swimming through
its terrible turbulence – all of it -- from always being
brave to sometimes feeling heartbroken. And now, I
see this blossoming young woman who can take on
anyone and anything, and is already making her mark
on the world.

My daughter is extremely gifted athletically, including

being an extraordinary ballet dancer. And while I am
always spellbound by her dancing, my most treasured
memories will always be those when we've danced
together. It is not unlike the dance I remember sharing
with her on one beautiful, warm summer evening when
she was just eleven. I pulled up in my car, roof open,
stereo blasting. The Moody Blues were singing for the
entire neighborhood to hear, "I know I'll find you
somewhere, somehow..." Joining hands, we sang along
as we danced in a circle, celebrating ourselves and each
other in that single magical moment. From where I sit,
motherhood just doesn't get any better than that.
Whatever your maternal memories, may you be
blessed this Mother's Day.

With all good wishes from OM-Times Magazine and in the

spirit of namaste',

Debbie Lawlor Camarda-Editorial Team

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Tête-à Tête at once? Here
are some
fragments that
will give you
the taste of
what is to come.

Creative Ideas to
Key Phrase: “ Love is the
make this Mother’s great miracle cure.
“Dealing With Loving ourselves
Day, an unforgettable
event Stress” works miracles in


“Mindfully managing Stress”

our lives. ”
PAGE 26 Louise L. Hay
“Reduce Stress and Be Happy”.
In this delightful
book, Louise L. Hay
. discusses the
power and
importance of
Learn How to deal
affirmations and
with Spiritual The Incredible Visionary Art
shows you how to
Sociopaths of RASSOULI
apply them right

PAGE 44 now!

Yuval Ron,‭master of the oud and a

brilliant Grammy winning world
musician who works globally to
unite mankind in peace‭,‭‭will be
How to Be an Agent of
discussing Ancient Sacred Music
and Middle Eastern Spirituality
PAGE 64 with Chris Anderson.‭‬PAGE 16 Do You Know How
to mend a broken


Consider including
By Ronald Alexander
Humanity Healing
“Learning How to
Embrace Your Store in your shopping
spots list this Spring
Resistance to Change”
Page 56

OM-Times Magazine May 2010 Edition

HOT News

4 New Interesting things that are happening right

1. The Peter Buffett Interview. 2. IS Green the

New White? The
best way to show your
true colors nowadays
is to be inside the new
ecologically correct
way to be; Going green
not always make it
easy on the
environment, but in
your general health.

Tuesday May 4th On OM
Times Radio:
Join host Chris Onefeather and Emmy Award winning
musician, social activist and son of billionaire Warren Buffet:
the Humanity
4. HEALTH Celebrity
Humanity Healing International
The beautiful and
and OM-Times Publishing CO in
their continued efforts to share Canadian singer
health & wellness ideas, tips, and is gracing us with
recipes with everyone who wishes her loving light.
to learn had organized two Special
cook books.


Healthy by Choice Food to the

Rescue Do you have interesting news to share with
our audience? Write to us May 2010 Edition


Louise L. Hay
There are few people we meet in our lifetime whose languages, is available in more than 35 countries, and
presence and effervescent spirit fills us instantly with to date has sold more than 35 million copies around
an abundance of energy and love. Louise Hay is one of the world.
those rare people who radiates peace and seems to
make time stand still. And when the prospect of a Louise was able to put her philosophies into practice
movie about her life and her work came to fruition, when she was diagnosed with cancer. She considered
the unanimous response from all who have been the alternatives to surgery and drugs, and instead
touched by Louise’s caring nature and generous desire developed an intensive program of affirmations,
to help others was—“It’s about time!” visualization, nutritional cleansing, and
psychotherapy. Within six months, she was
It all started more than 30 years ago when Louise saw completely healed of cancer.
how people let illness and hurtful circumstances In 1980, Louise moved back to her native Southern
control their lives. She vowed to help them see that California, and it was here that she began putting her
the root of their pain stemmed from their own workshop methods on paper. In 1984, her new book,
negative thoughts. So, she sat You Can Heal Your Life, was
down and wrote a little blue published. In it, Louise
pamphlet where she explains how our beliefs and
described how our mental ideas about ourselves are
patterns and beliefs can often the cause of our
actually contribute to illness emotional problems and
in our body. She even listed physical maladies and how, by
various medical conditions, using certain tools, we can
explained what thoughts change our thinking and our
correlated with them, and lives for the better.
showed us that the way to
heal our lives was just a In 1985, Louise began her
positive thought away. famous support group, "The
Hayride," with six men
Louise had a simple message diagnosed with AIDS. By
that she wanted to share: 1988, the group had grown to
“The body, like everything a weekly gathering of 800
else in life, is a mirror of our people and had moved to an
inner thoughts and beliefs. auditorium in West
Every cell within your body Hollywood. Once again,
responds to every single Louise had started a
thought you think and every movement of love and
word you speak.” support long before people
began to wear red ribbons in
Louise started what would their lapels. It was during this
become her life's work in New York City in 1970. She time that she wrote The AIDS Book: Creating a
attended meetings at the Church of Religious Science Positive Approach, based on her experiences with this
and began training in the ministerial program. She powerful group.
became a popular speaker at the church, and soon
found herself counseling clients. This work quickly “How does one put into words the effect Louise L.
blossomed into a full-time career. After several years, Hay has had on one's life? To do the subject justice, a
Louise compiled a reference guide detailing the book the size of The Complete Works of Shakespeare
mental causes of physical ailments, and developed wouldn’t be enough,” adds author Leon Nacson, who
positive thought patterns for reversing illness and also heads up Hay House’s Australia office. “Louise
creating health. Little did she know that this tiny blue has demonstrated that words have power, and that
book, which she incorporated into her second book power should not be misused or abused.
You Can Heal Your Life would change the world and
its way of thinking. You Can Heal Your Life, published “One of my earliest recollections of a mistake I made
in 1984, has been translated into 29 different which I’ve never repeated is I said to Louise, ‘Why
don’t we do this, and that way we’ll kill two birds with In the later decades of her life, Louise has touched
one stone?’ Louise replied, ‘Why would you want to hundreds of thousands of lives with her
kill two innocent, beautiful birds?’ groundbreaking wisdom and her generous heart. You
In that moment I suddenly realized two things: 1: can see this firsthand in You Can Heal Your Life: The
Louise really walks her talk and 2: She's right. Why Movie, which presents some of the most fascinating
would I want to harm my favorite animals?” and memorable moments of Louise’s life.

Leading women’s health expert Dr. Christiane If you would like to get to know Louise better, please
Northrup was also eager to share her experience: “I read her blog on A new content-
used to keep that book [You can Heal Your Life] rich, interactive, multimedia Website filled with
hidden away in my desk drawer when I started my inspiration from Louise Hay and all of your favorite
medical practice,” Dr. inspirational authors.
Northrup adds. Through such cutting-
“Though I’m well- edge features as blogs,
trained in Western twitter feeds, videos,
medicine, I knew that audio downloads, and
Louise (a high school live streaming Internet
dropout, no less) knew radio you’ll discover the
more about health and immense power of your
wellness than I did! thoughts and learn that
From that time on, by changing just one
Louise has been a thought, you can
shining beacon of fun, improve the quality of
hope, and health. your life. You’ll also
Louise is a trailblazing meet the world’s best-
goddess whose vision selling self-help authors,
continues to uplift and leading experts, up-and-
inspire me—and coming inspirational
millions of others—each writers, and new like-
and every day!” minded friends who will
share their insights,
Louise is the founder of experiences, personal
Hay House, a successful stories, and wisdom so
publishing company. you can help heal your
What began as a small life and the world
venture in the living around
room of her home has thought at a time.
turned into a
prosperous corporation
that has sold millions of
books and other media
worldwide. Hay House
authors include many
notables in the self-help movement, including Wayne Experience Your Good Now! Learning to Use
Dyer, Joan Borysenko, and Doreen Virtue, among Affirmations by Louise L. Hay releases on May 18,
others. In addition, The Hay Foundation and the 2010. Order your copy at or
Louise L. Hay Charitable Fund are two non-profit purchase at your favorite book retailer.
organizations established by Louise that support
many diverse organizations, including those dealing
with AIDS, battered women, and other challenged
individuals in our society.
Yuval Ron
Interview by:
Chris Anderson

Music’s Cross-Cultural Catalyst

Israeli born Yuval Ron is the musical director and disappear, even for just a moment, to let the real soul
oud player for The Yuval Ron Ensemble, which of peace, shalom, saalam enter the heart.”
includes Arabic, Jewish and Christian artists who
unite the sacred music traditions of Judaism, Sufism During his broad and varied career, Yuval Ron has
and the Armenian Church into an unusual mystical, worked with countless producers, directors, actors,
spiritual and inspiring musical celebration. Rabbi composers, arrangers, vocalists, and musicians.
David Zaslow says, “Yuval Ron's music arises from Having a special affinity for music in particular and
deep within the soul of the Middle East: the Arab for the performing arts in general, he's recorded and
soul, the Jewish soul, the soul of Druze, Sufi, and mixed the music for innumerable commercials and
Christian alike. In his compositions all differences recorded and mixed film scores and dozens of album
Since moving to California in 1997, after thirty Spirituality and the Mind and Adjunct Faculty at
years in the NYC music industry, Yuval has Loyola Marymount University and Yuval Ron have
continued to work with advertising clients on the one collaborated. Using Yuval's musical talents (designed
side of his musical identity while also developing to bring peace and understanding to diverse religious
themes around musical interfaith celebrations that and ethnic cultures) and Mark's scientific expertise to
include Andalusian, Gypsy, Sephardic Jewish songs, demonstrate how the spiritual practices of these
Sufi chants from Turkey, Jewish songs from religions profoundly affect the brain in life-enhancing
Morocco and Israel and Armenian Church chants... ways, together they weave music and meditation to
imparting the ancient and deep intercultural transport people into a realm of peaceful unity and
connection between these three Abrahamic traditions consciousness.
and the musical influences they share.
"I met Yuval at a Sufi meditation retreat," Mark
Among his many honors, Yuval was invited to recalls, "where we discovered that we share a similar
perform for the Dalai Lama, for Pir Zia Iniyat Khan vision of helping people connect with their deepest
(Head of the Sufi International Order), and has values, values that show that every person, of every
produced albums of Turkish master-musician Omar religion and culture embraces a common, united
Faruk Tekbilek. In 2006, Yuval won an Oscar for the thread. And when we immerse ourselves in
musical film West Bank Story, and in 2004 he contemplative music and meditation, we change the
received the Los Angeles Treasures Award. Yuval structure and function of the brain, stimulating the
has lectured throughout the world in universities such neural circuits of compassion, kindness, and peace."
as University of California Los Angeles, John
Hopkins University, Middlebury College, Brandeis "In our workshop," adds Yuval, "we’ll musically
University, MIT, Berklee College of Music, guide you through ancient and modern meditations.
Pittsburgh University, Texas University in Austin, We will experience the inner workings of ecstatic
University of California San Diego, and the Hassidic music and dance, and the Sufi mystical
Jerusalem Film School in Israel. practice of whirling meditation. When we share our
personal stories, we’ll use a new form of dialogue
He's done field recordings in the Sinai desert with meditation created in Mark and Andy Newberg’s
the Bedouins and produced the record One Truth university lab."
with Turkish master musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek
on World Class Records. His One, on Magda The Yuval Ron Ensemble Cd's “Under The Olive
Records, features Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Yair Dalal, Tree”, "Tree of Life" and "Seeker of Truth" have
Azam Ali, Pejman Hadadi, Nahil Azzam and Haim become international favorites with world music
Louk. A recipient of multiple grants from National lovers and been featured on National Public Radio’s
Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, “Echoes” and “Hearts of Space” programs.
the American Composers Forum and the California
Council for the Humanities, Yuval also has worked For those interested in following Yuval and his
with the Moscow Symphony, the LAJS Symphony, music:
and the New Hampshire Philharmonic.
To hear the full interview with
In 1998 he released his first solo recording In
Yuval Ron in video format, visit:
Between the Heartbeat on Simulacra Records,
followed by the CD In the Shallows in 2001. He Onefeather Journal Radio
produced the double album Masada - the Musical
Saga starring Davis Gains and provided the ethnic
music cues for Helen of Troy (US Network). Yuval
Ron is the producer & host of the world music
concert series "The International Underground" at the
UCLA Hammer Museum.
The Yuval Ron Ensemble featuring Najwa Gibran
Most recently, Mark Waldman, an Associate
Andalusian, from the album, Tree of Life
Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for
Health &
Innovative new
approaches to
Healing as well as
holistic methods
for dealing with
health issues and
personal growth
A Clear Description of the Pain Body

By Gary Jacobsson May 2010 Edition
motional charge (PEC) which leads to massive
dysfunction in our bodies-mind system. The
disproportion between positive and negative e-
motional charge (Pain-Body) is such that the
natural bodily activities are deeply affected. Just
think for a moment, the amount of Life force that
it has taken to "hold" that NEC stored in the cells
all this time! Now imagine for a while how you
would feel releasing that NEC, allowing the
transformation to take place. When we use this
technology, we do not erase the memory. The
stuck Life force is liberated, leaving the cells'
natural energy free to be used for self-healing and
growth. Since very young, we learned to resist our
feelings, damaging ourselves physically, mentally
and emotionally. We did this because we didn't
know what we were doing and because we
imitated others (ancestors, parents, teachers, TV
programs, publicity, books, etc.) When we
discriminate a feeling, we are resisting its
existence. We are trying to change it for
something else that matches our self-image.
When we resist "what is" and the existence of
present feelings, we cannot digest the experience.
This is how the NEC is stored in the body-mind
My teacher Luis Diaz is the founder of the Body- organism creating the Pain-Body.
Mind Center in California and the creator of the
CMR-Cellular Memory Release Process for The cells in which past physical or emotional
emotional healing and transformation. trauma is stored, operate in a survival pattern
based on something that is no longer real or current for anyone but the person maintaining
the pattern. When an unresolved issue or trauma
He has used the term 'Pain Body' for years impedes the flow of energy in the body-mind
referring to the N.E.C. 'negative emotional system, stagnation is created in a particular part
charge' before Eckhart made it popular in 2005 of the body, often the organ, joint or muscle most
with his release of 'A New Earth.' This is what associated with the trauma. We know further
Eckhart has to say about the 'Pain Body. that areas of stagnant energy contain negative e-
motional charge (NEC) that literally split and
subdivide the human energy field in separate
"There are two levels of pain: the pain that
compartments without communication between
you create now, and the pain of the past that
still lives on in your mind and body.

This of course includes the pain that you suffer as

a child, cause by the unconsciousness of the world
into which you were born. The accumulated pain is
a negative energy field that occupies your body
and mind. If you look at it as an invisible entity in
its own right, you are getting quite close to the
truth. It's the emotional Pain-Body."

Unprocessed traumatic experiences create

suffocation and contraction of the positive e- May 2010 Edition

in the form of real pain, but you are adding by
default; self-condemnation, anger, guilt, fear and
"There are two levels of pain: the pain that you
create now, and the pain of the past that still lives
on in your mind and body.”

unforgiveness towards yourself. This process may

go on and on.

Acupuncturist, Tapas Fleming writes in her book

You Can Heal Now:

" the moment when a problem or a trauma

happens, (physical, mental or emotional) we have
the feeling that life is unbearable and we say 'NO'
to whatever is happening to us”.

Some variations to this theme include: 'this is too

much for me; if this happens, I won't survive.'
The implication to that inner statement is, 'I'll
deal with it later, file it away, I'll face it when I
can, when it is not life threatening'.

When we hold off the trauma, we are allowing But we seem to put off forever something that we
more layers of NEC to follow the original one don't want to deal with now, and the imbalance
making the situation even more complex. A of the undigested trauma stays with us. We can
simple example is: you hurt your ankle while put time and distance between us and the event,
running late to your office. You feel very upset for but the experience itself is still on hold. Another
that. You get angry at yourself for not paying response may be to deny that the problem
more attention when walking and you may blame happened. However the more we keep it locked
yourself by saying things like, "Stupid, you never in the 'so called Past', the more strongly we are
pay enough attention!" "You are going to be late connected with it, and the more unresolved
and your boss will be upset with you". By now, issues we hold off, the more narrow and limited
your body is not only feeling the physical trauma our lives will become.

Charlottemarie, Moksha
Purchase the Surrender CD May 2010 Edition

The Magic
Of By Dr. Judith Orloff

Adapted from Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells

Her Story and Show Yo... (Three Rivers Press, 2010) by
Judith Orloff MD
While once attending a general
Have you ever experienced perfect meeting of the Cedars Sinai Medical
timing, a moment when everything Staff, I met a plastic surgeon named
just seems to fall into place? For a Richard. Immaculately dressed in a
moment, we step out of the random three-piece suit, tanned and
chaos and find that all forces are handsome, he asked me out to
aligned with nothing pre-planned and lunch. In the Hamburger Hamlet at
yet, all is in order. Events come the edge of the Sunset Strip, we
together with such exactitude, it feels engaged in small talk for a while. He
as if we have been launched onto a appeared quite straight-laced,
pre-ordained course. We can't stop speaking about his prestigious
thinking about someone and we run country club, playing golf on the
into them on the street; a person we week-ends, and his Wednesday night
have just met offers us the perfect poker game. He was a nice enough
job; we miss our plane and on the guy, but not my type. Except for
next flight we sit next to someone being physicians, we didn't seem to
with whom we fall in love. This is have much in common.
synchronicity, a state of grace. May 2010 Edition

Usually, when a date isn't going well, He was talented, attractive and
I try to ease out of it as quickly as successful. People like Richard get
possible. But here I found myself married, have families, live charmed
talking about my spiritual beliefs and lives. They don't die young. At least,
then suddenly, the conversation that was my fantasy.
turned to death. Richard had never
spoken in detail about death to Suddenly the context of our date
anyone before, but now, he couldn't made perfect sense, the seemingly
hear enough about my description of off-beat direction of our dialogue.
an afterlife, how the spirit is eternal, There was obviously some
how death is not an end but simply a unconscious part of Richard that had
transition into other dimensions as intuited his impending death and he
real as our own lives. had yearned to know everything he
could about it. I had been the
I kept thinking to myself, "This is one messenger.
of the weirdest dates I've ever had."
It wasn't that I was uncomfortable Intuition often intercedes in the most
with the subject matter. There was subtle ways. The secret is to go with
just something unsettling about the the mystery. Sometimes the
way it was happening. The
immediacy in Richard's eyes, his
hunger to absorb it all even though
he claimed no spiritual leanings of
his own, were cues to me that
something was up.

Why did such a profound topic

arise with someone I hardly know?
One month later, a friend called to
tell me that Richard had been killed
in a freak motorcycle accident. I
was stunned. It seemed impossible. May 2010 Edition

significance of synchronicities is we go, you’ll see how they happen in
instantly obvious and other times, as the everyday--often when we least
in the case of Richard, it takes time. expect them.
We must trust the divine ordering of
our lives.
The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung,
defines synchronicity as "a
Some synchronous meetings are
meaningful coincidence of outer and
serendipitous and can signal a
inner events that are not
causally related." Jung speaks
of a collective unconscious, a
universal pool of knowledge,
independent of culture and
belonging to us all. It is the
basis of what the ancients call
the "sympathy for all things."
I believe that synchronicity
stems from this commonality.
We are all swimming in the
same waters and can feel the
reverberation of each other's
movements, riding the same

Recently, a close friend was

on vacation in Boulder,
fortuitous future. When we take Colorado, browsing in a used book
advantage of these golden moments, store. An avid science fiction fan, he
our lives can positively change. Such reached for a book that appealed to
opportunities do not only crop up him. When he opened it to the title
during important business meetings, page, there was my name written in
extravagant parties or special events. my own hand writing and dated
If we stay on the lookout wherever November, 1961. As a child, I used to May 2010 Edition

sign my name in all of my books in schedule and more inspiration visit
case they got lost. When I left my
parents' house, I donated stacks of
my old books to Goodwill. Somehow,
one of them had ended up in Boulder
and my friend had come upon it
twenty years later.

Although some synchronicities may

impact us more than others, they all
have value. Whether or not I fully
grasp its meaning at the time, I see
each synchronous moment as one of
rare and perfect harmony like the
accuracy of a bull's eye, the precision
of a hole in one, or the impeccable
sequence of a royal flush.
Synchronicity is a sign that we are
intuitively attuned, not only to our
immediate friends and family, but
also to the greater collective.

Judith Orloff MD is author of Second

Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells
Her Story and Show Yo... (Three
Rivers Press, 2010), upon which this
article is based. A UCLA psychiatrist,
Dr. Orloff synthesizes the pearls of
traditional medicine with cutting
edge knowledge of intuition, subtle
energy, and spirituality.
Marcomé, Dawn’s Spirit
Purchase the River of Soul CD
For Judith’s complete workshop May 2010 Edition

Mindfully Managing Stress
By Ronald Alexander

those who take things personally, is to

develop a deeply grounded core rudder so
that no matter what size of wave one
encounters they can recover quickly and
proceed with more focus. One very effective
tool to keep grounded is to develop what I
call “mindstrength” through a mindfulness
meditation practice. Mindstrength is the
ability to very quickly and easily shift out of
a reactive mode and become fully present in
the moment, experiencing the full force of
your emotions even as you recognize that
Stress is primarily caused by external they are temporary and will soon dissipate.
triggers and how we deal and process it
depends upon our constitution and A Mindfulness practice can affect the
temperament. People who handle stress amount of activity in the amygdala, the
mindfully will tend to be less reactive, are walnut-sized area in the center of the brain
more macro focused on the “big picture” responsible for regulating emotions. When
and have a thicker skin. Those who are the amygdala is relaxed, the parasympathetic
micro focused on the little details are usually nervous system engages to counteract the
more reactive and thinned skinned. anxiety response. The heart rate lowers,
Historically, men with their higher levels of breathing deepens and slows, and the body
testosterone tend to be more competitive and stops releasing cortisol and adrenaline into
are taught through activities such as sports the bloodstream; these stress hormones
to look at the overall strategy of the game provide us with quick energy in times of
while women who are genetically wired to danger but have damaging effects on the
communicate emotions generally are more body in the long term if they’re too
sensitive and empathic. But in today’s prevalent. Over time, mindfulness
economic climate stress can take a toll on meditation actually thickens the bilateral,
even those who normally are able to let prefrontal right-insular region of the brain,
things roll off their back. The key to dealing the area responsible for optimism and a
with a stressful situation, especially for sense of well-being, spaciousness, and
possibility. This area is also associated with
creativity and an increased sense of
curiosity, as well as the ability to be
reflective and observe how your mind
works. May 2010 Edition

nothing to do with me and are,
instead, the result of what’s going on
inside his own mind?

4. Is there anything I can do to help

myself depersonalize the situation?

5. Are there practices I can use to

nourish myself at this difficult time?

Mindfulness meditation and other

disciplines such as martial arts, tai chi, and
yoga are excellent ways of quieting the
rational mind and opening up to the intuitive
mind and its link to the numinous creative
I’ve found that my patients who are in a
stressful situation benefit from answering force. Through this connection one is able to
the following questions, which is like taking build their “mindstrength,” learn to stop
the pulse of the here and now. their reactivity, and focus on the big picture.

1. What do I feel right now? Ronald Alexander, Ph.D. is the author of the
widely acclaimed book, Wise Mind, Open
Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in
2. Do these feelings benefit me in any Times of Crisis, Loss, and Change. He is the
way? If I feel anxious and fearful, do Executive Director of the OpenMind
these emotions lead me to insights, Training® Institute, practices mindfulness-
or are they completely unwholesome based mind-body psychotherapy and
responses that cause conflict, hold leadership coaching in Santa Monica, CA,
me back, and distract and for individuals and corporate clients. He has
disempowered me?
taught personal and clinical training groups
for professionals in Integral Psychotherapy,
Ericksonian mind-body healing therapies,
3. If what I’m experiencing is in mindfulness meditation, and Buddhist
response to another person’s psychology nationally and internationally
behavior, what’s the evidence that since 1970. (
that person’s actions have little or May 2010 Edition

Sustainable Wellness 101
Are You A Sensitive?
By Cristina Smith

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, □ Novocain seems to have a diminished effect
invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.” during dental work. It just doesn’t seem to get
~ Edgar Allan Poe you numb no matter how many shots you get.

As we are bombarded with exponentially more □ You may have food allergies/sensitivities.
information daily than we were just last year, it may be
comforting to know that you are not alone in feeling □ Prescription medicines are especially potent. You
overwhelmed by the allness of it all. Sometimes it can are either allergic to one or several of them and
feel pretty isolating to not want to engage all of the you find that you take less than the
marvels of modern technology that most everyone else recommended dose because it effects you so
around seems to, however I would venture to guess that strongly.
there are more of us ‘Sensitives’ out there than we
imagine. □ Vicarious violence affects you profoundly. You
probably don’t go to horror movies and avoid
Sensitive people are some of the best candidates for ultra-violent action adventures.
energetic transformational and healing techniques. The
receptive condition of the body responds quickly and □ People love to tell you all their problems,
positively to the proper application of subtle treatments. probably pretty soon after they meet you,
because you are so understanding.
Here’s a quick list of indicators to determine if you are a
sensitive. □ You may find crowded settings overwhelming.

□ Sensitives often choose caring or artistic □ Your dreams are vivid.

professions such as therapist, healer, teacher, full
time parent, doctor, musician, actor, nurse, social □ You can almost feel what’s going on with
services provider, human resources specialist and someone else and respond accordingly even
manager. through nothing was said.

□ Laundry detergents affect you. For example, □ Your feelings get hurt more often than you like.
rashes appear, especially on your inner thigh, and
you can smell the residue on your clothes long □ You take care of everyone else first and may
after they are put away. forget to take care of yourself.

□ Perfume can drive you nuts. It is almost □ You have flashes of amazing insight.
nauseating to walk through perfume counters in
department stores. You can barely stand to be
close to someone wearing a very strong scent. If you checked off more than four of these indicators, you
Most sensitives opt for essential oils or a rare are a sensitive. The trick to being a sensitive in a
perfume as an external scent. progressively more de-sensitized society is to know that
you are one and work with yourself accordingly. I have
□ Diesel fumes can debilitate you. found that is particularly difficult for a manly man to
discover he is a sensitive and integrate that into the
cultural paradigm. Fortunately, there is a strong societal
undercurrent that facilitates those of us who are on this » Avoid treatments that push full-bore extremities.
different wavelength. Healing crises are common for sensitives.
Experiment with one half of the average person
Besides buying unscented products and requesting level of intensity and see how it works.
acupuncture for dental pain relief, here are a couple of
other tips that you may find useful. » Take time for a break alone for at least five
minutes twice daily.
» Accommodate yourself with what you need
without guilt. Find the courage to know yourself as a sensitive and treat
yourself properly. It can make all the difference in your
» You are not weird or alone. Many people are success in the world and enhance your sustainable
sensitive and work within that model daily. Once wellness™.
you identify yourself as a sensitive, you will find
many venues of support.

» Learn how to take care of yourself. In order to

Cristina is an energetic healer and
take care of everyone else you want to, you have Sustainable Wellness™ coach. Her
to take care of yourself first. Remember, the website is and you
good of the whole includes you.
may contact her at

©2010 Cristina Smith. All right reserved.
Reduce Stress and Be Happy
By John Levine

Anything taken too much is bad for the Write it out, schedule it out.
health. A little stress is actually good; as it
could serve to help you function at your best. It is best to write down everything that seems
However, stress that seems a little too much to be overwhelming. You will find a things-
could take a physical, as well as mental, toll to-do-list much easier to manage than
to your body. Stress should be managed in having errands all crumpled up in your
order for depression or anxiety to be head. Writing down the tasks, and putting a
prevented. specific schedule and time to do them, helps
anyone manage activities one chunk at a
So how should you do it then? The following time. Crossing out an activity that has
are tips and advice to help manage stress. already been accomplished is very rewarding May 2010 Edition

and could actually help you feel more
relaxed when doing the other tasks at hand.

One at a time works.

Focus and put all your attention specifically

on one task at one time. It does not help to
feel panicky about the other undone or to-do
tasks. Thinking about them only adds
unnecessary stress and could even hamper in
doing the task you are attempting to
accomplish at present.

Relax and take it slow.

At least, try not to expend too much energy

on activities that are currently not priorities.
This is in order for your energy to be not
easily expended on the tasks that are not
that important, at least for now. Give yourself a break.
You need it to be more productive. A ten to
Delegate, delegate, delegate. fifteen minute break during your work is
necessary. Go visit a café nearby, take a
quick brisk walk,
You need not do everything all at once, and
or do anything to put your mind off work, at
you need not do everything on your own. Ask
least for a while. This is
for help, get help, or pay for help. When
necessary to refresh and recharge. Believe it
there is a feeling of being overwhelmed that
or not, you can also stay in your work and sit
is cropping up, hire someone to mow the
with your eyes closed as you visualize a
lawn or get a sitter for your children. The
peaceful landscape or an relaxing scene.
feeling of being pressed to finish something
This frees the stress from your muscles and
on time will somehow be eliminated if tasks
your mind.
are delegated. It takes a load off unnecessary
worry and anxiety. Moreover, it is easier
checking up on how things are, than Relax and be cool. Doing so makes you
worrying yourself sick doing everything on healthier, happier, and a lot more
your own, all at once. productive.

And the most important – play alphamusic

Give yourself a reward. of John Levine and stay in alpha, peaceful
You deserve it. Acknowledging your state for longer. Blocking out interference
accomplishments, no matter how big or can help us find a clear space in which to
small, is an effort that is necessary before rest, think or play. This is John Levine's
getting on to the next tasks Alphamusic. A backdrop of aphamusic
and activities. It reduces stress and could calms your over-busy mind while you're
even make you happier in doing the next occupied with other tasks, when you study,
task. work, play, eat and sleep.
About John Levine, composer
and creator of Alphamusic. May 2010 Edition

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Breath of LOVE By Jodi.F.Lilly

The Breath of LOVE technique,

created by Cory Herter, allows one too
quickly and effectively process and
clear traumatic and troubling
memories. This releases not only the
memory but the behavioral patterns
that are associated with that memory.
Once the emotionally-charged memory
has been processed, the energy that was
previously stuck becomes available for
healing the body/mind and makes it
Just as when there are
possible for one to consciously create
programs running in the
background on a computer,
new, more constructive, behaviors.
the machine will run much
less efficiently, these old,
unprocessed memories bog
down our human system and
affect the quality of our
Breath of LOVE allows a person to literally health and ability to
release old memories, and the emotional perform. Once cleared,
charges they hold, out of the muscle fibers people experience a new
and brain wave states in which they are sense of lightness and
stuck (and as a result out-picturing in freedom.
behavioral patterns in our lives).

As they breath through the different layers

of the memory the person is able to make
connections between what happened in the
memory and the ways they are playing it out
today. Insights arise and the attachment to
the previously unresolved situation is For more Information,
Please visit:
The person still has access to be able to
recall what happened but it no longer
carries the pain or discomfort that it has
had for them until now. May 2010 Edition

Art, in all its myriad forms, is a way for the
soul to speak and the process of creation is
a vehicle to link body, mind and soul. The
Healing power of the creative process
benefits both the artist and the audience.
Our Gratitude to Humanity Healing
International’s Celebrity Ambassador Marcomé
for sharing her latest song and video.

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on Twitter:

“Twitter Me Some Love can be seen as a postmodern song that reflects the integration of social media and
social networking into our lives. The video features various icons from around the world, from where one
could possibly receive love. In times of recession, wars and earthquakes, Twitter Me Some Love is
refreshingly pleasant and playful.”
The Master of Fusionart

by Rasoul Sorkhabi
A glance at his paintings hooks the viewer and takes told them to spatter color paints on the canvas at
him or her on a pleasant, mysterious journey through random, and then start painting from the point that
colors, lines, shapes, and shades. The painter is draws their attention. ―Continue working on that
Freydoon Rassouli, an American-Iranian, now in his particular spot, but if you are caught up in your
mid-sixties and reputed internationally as the master rational thinking, stop there, and move to some other
of ―fusionart.‖ When I first saw his paintings on his spot and paint. Continue this process until you feel
website, I was simply fascinated by them; but I also that the painting is done. A creative work will come
wanted to know the artist himself— his insight and out by itself.‖ The participants worked on their
life journey that has led him to this visionary, paintings for the rest of the day. Late in the evening,
spiritual art. So I went to meet with him in Encino, they gathered around Rassouli; each painter showed
California, where he lives, works, and teaches his or her work, and Rassouli, as well as the others,
fusionart to hundreds of people from various walks gave their comments. ―My classes,‖ Rassouli told me,
of life, in classes, retreat sessions, and through online ―are not like standard sketching or painting classes
courses. where everyone has to produce a fixed image. I want
my students to create paintings spontaneously in a
A Life dynamic way.‖ Therefore, the painter does not start
with a preconceived
Touched by image, but lets the
work take its shape
Painting and color from the
spontaneous flow of
When I arrived on a energy through him or
Saturday morning in her. The results of that
Los Angeles, Rassouli day’s workshop were
was conducting a
amazing. Even though
daylong workshop at the students started
the Historic Mayfair with the same hint,
Hotel, where his their paintings were a
paintings are also on
diverse array of
display. Rassouli
began with a brief impressions, or
speech to his students symbolic figures.
and friends: ―Picture Moreover, working in
this,‖ he said; ―A the group generated a
tremendous current, a pure and powerful river, is particular energy in the environment—a synergy—
flowing. Call it the energy or flow of existence, life, that strengthened each person’s participation in the
God, or by whatever name you like. Now a tiny part, painting. When asked how they felt while they were
a drop, of this current desires to branch out. How can painting, the participants mentioned various
this drop make it happen against the mighty sensations, such as freedom, fun, a joyous spirit, and
current?‖ The students thought this parable over and creative energy. All these, of course, help the
at the end of the discussion, there was a profound
painter’s spiritual transformation or growth as well.
conclusion: The drop can manifest itself only if it is
limited and only if it can accept its limitedness. This Can painting, more specifically fusionart, be
is how creation takes place both in nature and in art. therapeutic as well, especially with regard to the
There is a tremendous power of creativity, not healing of the soul? Rassouli said he has had
despite, but because of limitedness in us and in our students with serious illnesses who gained much
artwork. comfort from fusionart. He then commented that
human life is a combination of both positive and
Rassouli then gave the participants a hint for the negative elements—darkness and light, pain and joy,
day’s painting. He called it ―Finding the Clues.‖ He failure and success, and so forth. In fusionart, the
practitioner comes to a balanced realization of life, Rassouli’s talent for painting was evident early in his
and actually utilizes the negative problem, rather childhood. He fondly told me about his first painting
than fighting it, to focus on his or her potential for experience. One day, at age five, ―my father came
joy, love, creativity, and a positive attitude. Or as home with a framed portrait of himself drawn with
Rassouli put it, ―If I cannot see, I can instead hear crayon by a professional painter. I heard the
much better.‖ This is the art of fusion, the union of discussion about how the eyes did not look like my
opposites. When we go through an overwhelmingly father’s. I told my parents I could fix it.‖ The parents
painful experience, our view gets blocked. Meditative were hesitant, but the ever kind uncle bought the
arts help us to go beyond this dead end and release same crayons and put him on the project.While
our insight, inner strength, and creativity. In this drawing, ―I felt the way my father saw through his
sense, fusionart ―is about life itself, a flow that eyes with love.‖ In the end, the portrait was ruined; it
becomes a harbinger of joy in the lives of those had two holes in it with a new pair of eyes painted
touched by it.‖ and pasted behind the holes. But still, his uncle hung
it on the wall and proudly showed visitors how the
From Isfahan to Los Angeles young Rassouli had fixed the eyes. ―This
encouragement and joy in the creative process
―Fusionart,‖ Rassouli triggered my love for
contends, ―is meant painting.‖ At age six,
to be a catalyst to while browsing a
bring the cultures of store with his
the East and West mother, Rassouli fell
together.‖ This is in love with a book of
indeed the fruit of paintings by Russian
Rassouli’s own life masters, including
journey as well. Born Andrei Rublev and
in the historic city of Ilya Repin, and he
Isfahan in Iran, spent much time
Rassouli was raised copying the oil
in an extended paintings of these
family. His masters.
grandparents, two
Rassouli also took
uncles, and his own
classes in Persian
parents and four
miniature from a
siblings (he was the
prominent master, Mahmud Farsh-chiyan, in
second child) all lived in a 24-bedroom Persian style
Isfahan, and he experimented with impressionistic
mansion with a large garden and several servants.
paintings of Isfahan’s landscape. At age sixteen, he
Rassouli remembers his uncle–a Sufi who hosted participated in a painting contest with high school
Sufi gatherings every Friday in their house–with students from all over Iran, and as the nation’s ―best
great appreciation. The Sufis recited poetry from student artist,‖ he was awarded a government grant
Persian mystics like Hafiz and Rumi, listened to to travel in Europe. During this three-month trip, he
music, danced, and shared their wisdom and joy with visited art museums and schools, and learned about
one another. His uncle used to take the young the works of European painters. Upon graduating
Rassouli to these gatherings. ―My nursery rhymes from high school in Isfahan, Rassouli had already
were poems from Hafiz and Rumi,‖ Rassouli said. ―In made up his mind: He wanted to go to the United
these gatherings, I sometimes would lay down on the States to pursue his career in painting. That was
floor and gaze at the beautiful Persian-style mural on 1963, the time of President John F. Kennedy, who
the ceiling of the hall.‖ This fascinating setting of Rassouli dearly respected.
painting, poetry, music, and spiritual conversations
made imprints on the boy’s mind.
Arriving inWashington, D.C., on a winter day, he
soon spent all his money and experienced financial
The Art of Fusion
hardships. Thanks to several Americans who
Rassouli first introduced the term ―fusionart‖ in 1984
appreciated his artistic talent, he began making
in Los Angeles. He organized a showroom where
money by painting, and a year later, went on to study
various lifestyles and art forms (architecture,
at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He
sculpture, painting, and poetry) blended together in
graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting and a
the spirit of mysticism. This was meant to
master’s degree in architecture in 1969. Rassouli
demonstrate how the environment and lifestyle
then teamed up with a colleague and began an
impacted people’s thoughts and behavior. Since then,
architecture firm. Although his architecture business
Rassouli has developed fusionart into a rich field,
was successful, Rassouli eventually gave it up for his
which he shrinks from putting in a fixed category of
love of painting. This was in April 1994, when he
art. He argues that art ―isms,‖ such as cubism,
organized an exhibition of his artwork in Beverly
surrealism, and so forth, include something of the
Hills which was attended by 800 people on its
art, but also exclude many other aspects. Fusionart is
opening day. Rassouli then decided to become a full-
not such a box. It is ―the means to connect with our
time professional painter, which was a tough
inner feelings.‖ In Rassouli’s opinion, what is really
decision, but his wife
valuable in art is the
and two children
inner connection,
stood by him through
transformation, and
financial difficulties.
spiritual act of
Since then, he has
creating. ―Art is a
witnessed remarkable
flow, and flow is not
success and growth in
something you are
his art, which has
able to categorize.
come to the attention
The way the audience
of the international
identifies themselves
community of artists
with the art develops
and art collectors.
the category.‖ But
Rassouli’s education Rassouli has moved
has given him a solid away from art
foundation of art ―categories.‖ Even the
history and terms ―inspirational
movements. He and visionary,‖ which
acknowledges several eminent painters who often describe his art,
impressed him as he embarked on his own path, are only partially valid: ―I consider my artwork
notably Andrei Rublev (the fifteenth century Russian inspirational, for I constantly hear how it has had a
painter of orthodox icons), William Blake (the positive impact on various people. I suppose it is
nineteenth-century British mystic poet and painter), visionary in the way it moves the audience and
Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon (both expands their dreams.‖ And this expansion of vision
nineteenth-century French symbolist painters). comes about because ―when my creating goes beyond
Rassouli also gives special acknowledgment to the my knowledge and my recognition, my works
influence of Persian mystic poets on his work: Attar, become expansive.‖
Rumi, and particularly Hafiz, ―whose concepts
An outward aspect of fusionart is the bridges it builds
appear in hundreds of my paintings.‖ Indeed,
to connect people’s souls— the East andWest
Rassouli has translated a large number of poems
together. But this takes place because of a
from Rumi and Hafiz. He adds, ―From the Persian
fundamental process operating in the fusionartist’s
culture, I learned how to dream, and from the
personality and in the artwork itself. This
Western culture, I learned how to reflect my
fundamental process, according to Rassouli, is the
―fusion of reality and dream.‖ But what are ―reality‖
and ―dream?‖ He explained it by way of example— clue for delving into the realm of Rassouli’s
the circle of our eyesight. We look at the outer world paintings.
through eyeballs which have a sight range of 180°.
That is reality as we perceive visually. But the other Rassouli does not consider fusionart as something
half of the circle lies within. That is our dream, what strange that he has brought to art; rather, it is the
we see spiritually. The fusionartist, then, fuses the essence of art in the first place. The very word ―art,‖
outer physical world with our spiritual dimension, Rassouli points out, literally means ―putting
and this happens not through a deliberate effort to together.‖ And he beautifully aligns this concept with
express our ego, not through a rational effort, but a poem from Rumi: ―You have come here to unite,
subconsciously (or superconsciously, depending on not to divide.‖
how you define it). ―It is the spiritual flow of
existence as it manifests through the individual.‖ “I Am a RichMan”
Fusionart thus takes place in the heart, and ―if what
is painted flows from the heart, from the personal Fusionart is union through love and joy. ―As for
truth of the artist,‖ Rassouli goes on, ―it opens a myself,‖ Rassouli said, ―When I feel good, I paint,
deeper channel of communication that would be seen and when I paint, I feel good.‖ And he paints almost
at first glance.‖ For Rassouli, painting is the medium every day, often late into the night—2 AM or so. His
to do this, but in a studio building is
larger context, he only a few seconds
adds: ―artists are from his house,
those who can place which is
our mind into surrounded by tall
dreaming, trees, plants, and
regardless of the flowers. Gardening,
medium they use; jogging, and
they could be a swimming in the
gourmet cook, an pool are his favorite
interior designer, or pastimes during the
a shoemaker.‖ day. For painting,
Rassouli does not
Therefore, ―what is start with a sketch
shown in a or a photo. He
fusionart painting,‖ draws inspiration
Rassouli says, ―focuses on the meaning behind the from Persian poetry, from nature (sunrise, plants,
images, not the images themselves.‖ I took this birds, sea view, night sky, and even astronomy
opportunity to ask him about the symbolism and documentaries), as well as from his daily life with
meaning of ―Rassouli’s women‖ images so family, friends, and students. He summarized it: ―My
prominently appearing in his paintings.Why only inspiration comes from living creatively.‖
women? He explained that it would be a mistake to
see ―only women‖ in these paintings. Both aspects of Rassouli has created over 900 major paintings. He
life, the feminine and the masculine, are represented has also painted two beautiful murals in California.
in them, but each with its own characteristic. The The mural Creation (84 feet wide and 16 feet high)
masculine power is linear, forward-moving, and was painted in 2000 at the entrance lobby of
apparent—like light. The feminine energy is Network Bank on 855 South Wall Street, in
attractive, absorbing, and yet generative; it moves in downtown Los Angeles. ―It took me six months with
a spiral manner, connecting the manifested Earth eight helpers.‖ The mural Angel of Unity (120 feet
with the heavens, with the dark mystery beyond. wide and 45 feet high), which took four months and
Rassouli views these apparently opposite powers not the help of two assistants, was painted in 2001, and
in conflict, but in harmony, co-existence, and union is located at 3111 Ocean Front Walk, Marina del Ray.
through love. This is perhaps the most important The Angel of Unity, a landmark of southern
California, resides amid thousands of passersby Rassouli’s emergence in the United States as the
daily. master of fusionart is, in a sense, a fulfillment of a
dream his mother had long before his birth. ―My
Rassouli’s artwork has also appeared in many mother once dreamed,‖ he recalled,‖ that she was
magazines and books, including Language of Soul swimming in our residential pool, and suddenly the
(1999), Jung: A Journey of Transformation (1999), pool caught fire.‖ A blind old man, who was
and Inspirations of the Heart (2004). Rassouli also respected for his spiritual insight and used to visit his
creates a Rumi calendar each year with his family from time to time, had interpreted the young
fascinating paintings and poetry translations from mother’s dream in this way: ―Madam, you will give
Rumi. birth to a son, and
one day he will
Fusionart is a
major art cross the waters,
and will represent
movement at the
beginning of the light.‖
century. It is
already Author’s Note:
contributing, in its
own capacity, to I thank Freydoon
the peace, joy, and Rassouli and his
beauty of the family and friends
human soul and for a wonderful
civilization. This is weekend I spent
a remarkable with them.
achievement for Rassouli’s
an artist, and correspondence,
Rassouli feels interview, and
gratified by it. ―I
published materials
am a very rich
also helped me
man,‖ he said, and
appreciate the rich
then recalled that
once a reporter world of fusionart.
asked him how
rich a man he was,
and he replied,
―Richer than the
Because richness
is not necessarily
how much money Publisher’s Note
you have in your bank account, but how much you
don’t desire, and how much you really utilize and Our Gratitude to Freydoon Rassouli for sharing this article
enjoy all that life and nature has given to you.‖ which was originally published in Pure Inspiration
Magazine, Fall 2009 Edition.
Rassouli’s long journey from Isfahan to Los Angeles
and his development of fusionart in this country also To get more information visit:
epitomizes the American ideal (which the global
community should strive for as well) of diversity and and
the blooming of the creative spirit, not in a
conflicting, but in a harmonious way. Moreover,
“In Love, We Know"

In the face of true love, all that is not of the same, burns to cinder
In the face of true trust, as each tear falls, illusion runs like a coward
Truth unveils its mystery when silence echoes the ever expanding grace of
the Self.. who you truly are

Last night my beloved came to me and woke me from sleep.. saying..

don't worry about what the world needs .. surrender to your loving heart..
become Love and the needs of the world will be met.

for Love is never lost in the fields of separation.. it is merely forgotten in

the fragments of illusion.
My beloved has opened the door of remembrance as timeless as a
quickened breath, I saw, I felt, I became.

What is more to be said other than, I Love You

To perceive reality from a
different perspective is to
open oneself to the wonders
and unlimited wealth of
creation. Simply Spiritual

Spiritual offers the opportunity to visit

new places, new methods, and
different ways to perceive the
vast human knowledge of our
Spiritual leaders can be the best people or
the worst. Many lead out of a sense of
altruism and a desire to make things better,
but spirituality also attracts sociopaths who
pretend to be leaders in order to exploit the

"Avoiding the
emotionally vulnerable.

By Dr. Marcia Sirota MDFRCP(c)

People become involved with spirituality for

many reasons. For some, this path is about
experiencing a sense of oneness with all
living things and discovering inner peace but
for others, spirituality is mixed up with
unresolved psychological or emotional
problems. A sociopath is a remorseless, amoral
predator who manipulates those weaker or
more innocent in order to benefit from them.
Many sociopaths choose a profession which
puts them in a position of power over others,
in order to have a more legitimate reason to
dominate and control.

Individuals who've suffered childhood abuse

or neglect are left with lasting trauma. Like
many others, they are attracted to spirituality
because it offers hope and answers.

Many people who need psychological help

for depression, anxiety, personality disorders
or addiction turn instead to spirituality for
healing. While the pursuit of spirituality can
bring comfort and community, it's not a
treatment for such problems. May 2010 Edition

While positive spirituality is uplifting, the
type of pseudo-spirituality promoted by a
sociopathic leader is terribly destructive.

Ideally, those who suffer from emotional or

psychological problems should seek
professional help in conjunction with their
spirituality. This would enable them to
benefit most from their spiritual pursuit
while helping them to recognize and avoid
the predators and pretenders.
Genuine spiritual leaders seek to empower
Genuine spiritual leaders are there to help their followers. Any leader who fosters
others; not to profit from them. One way to extreme dependence among their followers
spot a “spiritual sociopath” is by the way is in reality, just someone who wants to
they deal with money. Charging high fees control them. A sincere leader welcomes
for retreats and workshops or insisting that questions and challenges from their
the follower attend numerous expensive followers; anyone who forbids dissent or
seminars is a sign that profit may be the punishes it is not sincere.
leader's true motive.
A true spiritual leader will never ask
someone to separate from their family or
community, nor give away their material
possessions or money. These are requests
made only by cult leaders who seek to have
control by isolating and disempowering their

True spiritual leaders inspire people to be

their best selves; spiritual sociopaths rule
with guilt, trickery and intimidation. The
spiritual seeker may want to believe that
their leader is loving and good, just as they
wanted to believe that their parents were.
Sadly, the parent-like sociopath fosters a
childlike loyalty in their followers which
keeps them in control.

Taking responsibility to really deal with

your problems and recognizing that not all
spiritual leaders mean well is the first step in
avoiding being victimized by a spiritual

BY Dr. Marcia Sirota

Institute of Ruthless Compassion. May 2010 Edition

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Transforming Fear:
The Spiritual
powerful and protective of those who
surrender with love. So, one has to
recondition the mind to embrace the
Divine. Nurture the mind. Empower the
mind. Enlighten the mind to get rid of
these weeds and ghosts of the past and of
the mind.

An empowered, enlightened mind is a

state of Yoga in the truest sense. It yokes
us, uniting us with the One, with that
which is beyond fear, beyond anxieties,
beyond all troubles and tribulations,
beyond all fear and negativity.
By Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari Cultivating our positive, empowered,
enlightened mind is the basic, essential
spiritual practice without which all other
Embrace Your Fearless Nature practices fall short.
It is natural to be fearful. However, it is
more natural to conquer fear. In truth, When we dwell in trust, willingness, and
by nature, we are fearless. But in the appreciation of the Universal forces,
modern rush, rush of life our mind has when we recondition the mind to
forgotten its intrinsic fearless essence. embrace the Divine, gradually we come
to realize that if what we are working
Fear is born in this cloud of toward, if what we are hoping for,
unconsciousness; fear is a monster doesn’t happen, then God is working
created in our undisciplined minds. Fear toward some greater beneficence
is like the weeds in our backyard, which through whatever does happen. We
grow without any care. If our mind is not realize there is nothing to fear.
nourished by Divine, positive thoughts it
becomes the ground on which the weeds But how do you learn to trust the Divine?
of fear grow rampant. One first practice is to contemplate on
how any experiences of fear have
Though our soul’s natural tendency is to ultimately contributed to your turning
expand, fear causes it to shrink and more to the life of your spirit? What still
contract. Fear is a profound, negative burdens you today? If those burdens
emotion that creates a very deep were lifted, what would you have gained
impression on the subconscious layer of from having them? How has your life
our mind, making it difficult to erase its been a movement from the lower to the
impact. Fear haunts us like a ghost, higher, from fear to faith and trust in the
robbing us of the positive charm of life. Divine?
Trust in the Divine Then any time you find yourself
At its root, fear comes from not trusting overwhelmed with fear from within or
in the Universal forces that are infinitely without, simply step back into your
heart. In your mind’s eye, see yourself
surrounded by a circle of Divine light. Spirituality is the science and art of living
Know that light will lead you to true where you dive deeper within you and
understanding. Embrace any cleanse your subconscious of all its
inspirations that come to you as you re- collected negativity. We do this with the
enter normal consciousness and make light of the positive power of the breath,
them part of your daily practice. meditation and Yoga.
Resolve to redirect every fearful thought
by holding it and the situation that gives Focus on Your Own Breath
rise to it in the light. Be assured, it is
your connection with Divine light and Shift your consciousness from anxiety
love that will take care of all fear. You and stress to the relaxation response and
will be in the body, free of fear, spiritual mindfulness by focusing on your
celebrating the present moment. breath. Take three deep inhalations and
Affirm often: “No fear, no doubt can three deep exhalations while counting
survive in the shrine of my enlightened the breaths. Once you shift your mind’s
heart.” focus away from the negative energy of
anxiety to the positive power of your vital
Explore a More Spiritual Perspective force (in the east called Chi or Prana),
transformation begins.
You can also overcome fear by realizing
the true nature of your Soul or your Do this breathing several times a day to
Spirit. That is where the need for true cleanse your mind and your body of any
spirituality comes in your life. negative attack. Fill your mind with
thoughts of gratitude for the wonderful
As we explore a more spiritual gifts that you have received in life and
perspective we ponder our deepest open yourself to the grace available in
questions about fear: what it is, where it the present moment.
comes from, and how we can conquer it.
Some of us have even been taught to fear Conscious breathing helps you to slow
God, but how can we fear that which down your racing thoughts that cause
encompasses all, that which is Oneness the stress. When you are tense about
itself? As we meditate on who we are, we some thing that is fearful, a train of
come to find that it is our mind that is thoughts flood your mind and you are
fearful, that our Soul is fearless, and that completely lost in these negative
we are one with God. thoughts.

If you are the fleeting, changing, restless By practicing the breathing exercises
mind, then fear will chase you wherever along with regular meditation, you create
you go, for fear has many masks and a much-needed pause, allowing you the
many shades. But when you recognize time to watch your mind and its
that you are the Soul eternal, unborn and tendencies.
deathless, that you are all that is, then
there is no fear. Clear the Clutter from your Mind
unite with the Higher Mind or the Divine
Your mind is a space. In its natural state, in your heart. As you open up to the
it is pristine, open, luminous, at one, in a continual Divine forces at play all the
constant state of celebration with the time, you connect to the Higher Power
Infinite creative energies of the Universe. and feel a sense of peace and assurance.

If you are unable to celebrate, if you are Watch your breath and mind. Let the
filled with fear, if you are constantly in mind finally dissolve in the natural
the grip of stress, it is because your mind rhythm of the breath, which is the
is occupied. There is no space for manifested Spirit. The Divine is ever
celebration in a cluttered mind. taking care of you; you are stressed when
you are separated from this Divine
The more you meditate on your positive source. Be in Yoga; be in the
gifts, power and strengths in life, the remembrance of the Divine and All Is
more you will experience a release of the Well.
old, unwanted clutter from your mind,
including fear. You can't be truly happy until you
recognize that you are Universal and not
The space that is created will be filled a separated, limited, isolated person on
with power from the Higher World that earth. The more you realize this
will empower you to look in the eyes of interconnectedness and how the
fear with non-blinking eyes of universe works in its own rhythm and
fearlessness. Believe me, once you do balance, the more you will endeavor to
this, fear will run away from you. offer yourself toward this universal
Don't feed fear with thoughts of
fearfulness. Let the fear die from hunger. All your activities will be not to promote
Resolve to divert your thoughts of fear your individual ego and stamp your
and its energy by focusing on more individuality on earth, but to offer your
positive, achievable things of life. contribution to the Universal flow of life.
All your struggles of success and failures
Know that fear is the trick of your mind come to an end with this. You are no
that holds on to the shadow of egotistical longer haunted by fear or stressfulness,
life. Hold fast to the positive and but are calm and contented.
powerful thoughts of fearlessness, which
is the Mind Essence. Expanding your In this centered peaceful state, wake up
Mind Essence moves you toward Yoga, to your fearless essence and roar like a
the One. lion in the midst of lambs to proclaim
the power of your Soul that is the One,
Be in Yoga the single reality in this whole existence.

Resolve not to surrender to the random

fearful, negative thoughts and uplift your
mind with your own mind to yoke or
The Core

By Marsha Cook

Dear Ones: We are each connected by threads

unseen, energies that travel and bind the
universe. One of these threads is silver. It is the
thread that is my main shuttle color. What colors As with truth, let‟s begin with what your
make up your tapestry of life? Are you gentle with Core Belief‟s are not. They are not
your loom? convictions that are shaped by life
experiences or interactions, by success or
Happy reading, Marsha. failure. (By the way – is there really such a
thing as failure??) A core belief is
“You are love and joy and freedom and clarity something you know deep in your heart. It is
expressing..." as simple as that. Oprah Winfrey writes an
article entitled “What I Know For Sure” in
Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham) every issue of her “O” magazine. It is
always at the end; 'the back of the book' so
The last issue of Silver Threads asked the to speak; the next to last page - it is the
question “What is your truth” and began article you read after everything else, so her
the explanation of how to embark upon a words of wisdom will remain with you. She
journey of frank and honest discovery. It writes about things she knows from way,
reminded all how important it is to be an down deep inside.
open and willing spirit; and provided that
the earliest steps to be taken included Everyone has a wealth of this profound
healthy breathing, quiet space and the gift of knowledge within. Core beliefs are as much
contemplation, with a touch of optional a part of you as your heart, your brain, and
journaling. the air you breathe. Your core beliefs are
your truth. When you live them, there is no
This issue will focus on something called doubt about your convictions, your integrity,
„Core Beliefs.‟ When you can tap into your or the way in which you make decisions.
core beliefs you will easily locate your truth.
What is a core belief? May 2010 Edition

behaviors and decisions, for you, and for
those with whom you interrelate. Take your
time and allow the wisdom within to rise to
the surface. When you are ready, come back
to reading Om-Times and Silver Threads!
Be sure to close with a deep, cleansing
breath and as you exhale, allow a sigh to
float away with your breath. A good, sweet
'ahhh' will close these moments with
tenderness and serenity.

Now that you have discovered one core

belief, take a few more moments to identify
some others. Are you on the outside what
you are on the inside? How congruent is
your inner-self with your outer-self? Have
you noticed there are times when you
Living from your core provides you with a choose one behavior while another feels
path on which to journey that honors more comfortably familiar, perhaps wiser,
yourself in all aspects of your being. In the possibly enlightened? That which feels
„marsha g. cook book of definitions‟ better, oddly familiar, even calm is from
honoring yourself and loving yourself are your core. By living from your core each
one in the same. day will become the precious gift it is meant
to be. In this state of clarity and openness
anger and odium will recede unneeded from
You may be asking, “Okay, so how do I
your psyche; colors will be brighter;
recognize my core beliefs? Let‟s dive into
laughter more full and robust; and the love
that right now. Turn off your phone, text
you know will deepen and spread to those
message device, television, radio, etc! Take
with whom you have a bond; the
a moment, be sure you are seated
relationships that surround you will blossom
comfortably and close your eyes.
like flowers in spring; you will have come to
Concentrate on taking deep, slow, cleansing
breaths. Best case scenario - you are relaxed the understanding that there are no strangers
in your world, just people you have not yet
and focused on the task at hand. This state
met. What an amazing revelation it is to
allows you to connect with the “One” and
understand each of us is connected to every
the Universe. (Don‟t look now, you are
living thing in our universe.

With an open mind ask to be shown one The last statement is one of the great truths
core belief. It will be something you know that all have the power to share. I cannot
without all the scripted occurrences of your envision a sweeter wish for you, dear ones,
life. For example, you may discover that than to find the strength and clarity to
kindness is one of the most important journey to the center of your being to
functions of your being. Believing strongly discover and live your truths. Want to live
in the act of kindness as a way to conduct your best life? Live from your core! Practice
yourself affects countless interactions, your very own truth! May 2010 Edition

Shared by
partner and
to the

Marty is my playful side coming

to the surface. He is designed to
be a relief-valve for a world that
takes itself far too seriously. A lot
of the ideas I plan to explore with
him are gentle reminders that
the material world is always
swinging from left to right...
duality is the nature of the
journey here on earth. Marty
questions beliefs and fears, is a
bit self-serving, but at his core
there exists a love supreme... the
mask that, when removed,
reminds us there is really only
one life, and we all are it.

To see more of Marty’s videos and other video

creations of Chris Anderson, click here:
The Path of Service
The ascension of humanity to a higher level starts in the
hearts of each of us.
When we raise another, we raise ourselves.

There is just One Planet. There is only One Humanity. We all bear the Earthmark.

We recognize that there are many Paths to Heal the Heart of Humanity and you will find the one that calls to
you. Volunteer your time with a Charity. Accept a Good Deed and Pay It Forward. Practice Random Acts of
Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

Most importantly, give the very best of yourself. Participate! That is the real key to making the world a better

This section of OM-Times is dedicated to highlighting organizations who are making a difference.

You have our profound respect and deep Gratitude.

The Ultimate Gift Foundation


The goal of the Ultimate Gift Foundation is to Unfortunately, the lives of some children in New
provide abused and neglected children with Mexico are quite difficult, if not horrific.
counseling, treatment, support, education and
mentoring to help them not only heal from the 1 in 4 girls are sexually assaulted; of those reported,
effects of abuse, but discover their own self-worth half of them are under 12 years old. Our NM youth
and innate gifts so they can realize their greatest suicide rate is historically more than twice the
potential. Our means to achieve this mission is the national average, with 14.5% having attempted
Agape Center for Hope, a safe and supportive space suicide and another 21% seriously considering
for youth and their families. suicide within the last 12 months. Our native youth
are 33% more at risk of suicide than any other youth
PROPOSED ACTIVITIES culture. Teen pregnancy is 1.5 times higher in NM
than in the U.S. An astounding 14,600 NM youth
Establishing the Agape Center – engaging counseling ages 12-17 are dependent on drugs or alcohol. This is
staff and volunteers to provide any of the following a rate of 6.5%...the second highest rate in the nation.
services free-of-charge care to abused and neglected
children in our community: All this is tragically compounded by the fact that NM
has the highest uninsured rates in the country and
1st Year: Individual Therapy, Behavior Enrichment many of the families that aren't able to afford
Classes, Family Dynamics Classes insurance also do not quality for Medicare/Medicaid.
Nearly 400,000 New Mexicans are without the
2nd Year: Above listed services, as well as Self means to pay for counseling or care for themselves or
Esteem/Leadership Skills Development, Self- their children, and only 36 Child Psychiatrists are
Expression/Communication Skill Development practicing in the state of New Mexico. Therefore, too
Classes and Body Image Classes many of our children do not get the professional,
quality care that can help them not only survive their
3rd Year: Above listed services, as well as Community dire circumstances but rise above them and even
Giving/Volunteerism Programs and Creativity
Development as offered by Volunteers

All three years to include the services of Therapy

Assistance Dogs to help build a bridge of trust
between the child and therapist, thereby helping to
reduce the amount of stress and anxiety the child
experiences and quickens the amount of time the
child will need to be open and receptive to sharing
and subsequently, to healing. the comfort and

As a start-up, it is hard to predict exactly how many

children we will serve. Depending on funding, we
hope to serve at least 35 children in year one, 70
children in year two and 85 children in year three
given that our plan is to have one Therapist in year
one, two Therapists in year two, and 2 Therapists
and Mentors in year three. Local youth (of any age,
race or faith) served may include: victims of domestic
violence and abuse; children with PTSD, anxiety,
depression or suicidal ideation, drug/alcohol abuse,
and children who have nowhere else to turn for
support, guidance, and mentoring.

help others in similar situations.

Additionally, many incidences of abuse or neglect are
never reported, thus many children suffer in silence Our work is aimed at significantly reducing youth
without the support of Child Protection Services, an suicides, youth addictions, abuse of legal or illegal
agency that offers basic, but not always drugs, teen pregnancies, school dropout rates and
comprehensive support to youth and families. cases of dating violence and or sexual assault,
including incest. With free and accessible counseling,
Without crisis intervention and comprehensive treatment, intervention and leadership development,
restorative services and programs many children and we hope to improve the lives of children, creating
their families seek escape in some (often unhealthy, better students, stronger families and healthier, more
if not dangerous ) form - either addictions, eating prosperous communities.
disorders, crime, unhealthy associations, violence,
abuse... even suicide. In fact, just last year, nine
children committed suicide in Ruidoso – a
community of just 10,000 – and the problem
continues to grow.


Fortunately, for victims of sexual or

domestic abuse, the Nest and COPE
already offer invaluable acute services to
the children and their families,
including crisis intervention, a safe
place to stay, a 24 hour crisis hot-line,
and the involvement of the proper child
welfare authorities. Services provided
by these local agencies are often
temporary, however, due to their
funding streams and limits (usually 90
days at maximum) of available services
and shelter. These agencies will act, in
part, as a referral partner to the Agape
Center for Hope, which is designed to
provide longer-term comprehensive
healing and rehabilitation.
Are you one of the Victims
Of The


Talk to us:

We are brainstorming new solutions…

The interconnectiveness
among all human beings
and, consequently, the
relationship among all
beings is the focus of this
section. The dynamics of
the web of connections we
make is one of the most
prominent aspects of
human existence: how we
interlace with each other’s
existence in a meaningful
I was inspired today after my hot yoga class, to write about how people really get
stuck in to the drama of their emotions. I watched people as they literally fought
with their bodies throughout the class, one to deal with the extreme temperatures
which were well over 80 degrees and two, to force their bodies into postures that
"dear old bod" was not ready for. One guy especially caught my attention. It
tickled me pink by the end of the class. He literally pumped out a dialogue of
puffing and panting loudly and even during Savasana (relaxation) at the end, the
whole class was subject to his deep "ahhhhhhs" and sighs as he came to terms
with the marathon that his body clearly had disliked with a passion !

And it made me think...if we feel something and allow the drama of it to take a
grip and manifest ...what then ? Some peoples outbursts can register on the
Richter Scale and those around them have to run for hills to take cover. I am sure
you know or have known someone like this ! How do you feel around that "threat"
? Eggshell treading becomes the norm to keep the peace.

I work with couples in conflict and it sprouts grand from triggered emotions
which can erode the relationship and the people in it gradually over time. Now I
am not saying we should all go around holding in our emotions. Lord knows
historical social conditioning has sent alot of people on a quest to express, but it's
WHY we should observe ourselves when our pain body is activated. 9 times out of
10 reaction based on "this is what I am feeling now so you are gonna get it", never
works. Think of the times you have done it. You are more pissed at yourself which
serves to increase inner pain and then you gotta dig yourself out of it with flowers,
apologies and massages ...or whatever !
by Gina Hardy
I spent 10 days meditating at a retreat last Emotions rise and they pass and if we can just
summer in Hereford. Vipassana is the extreme know that whatever we are urged to feel in the
sport of meditation. You spend 10 days in moment, will pass, then we have greater
complete silence and spend 10 hours of each day awareness to be able to do something about it.
meditating. I was never one to do things by Conflict is painful and often ugly and way too
halves ! The roots of this meditation technique reactive and I have witnessed throughout my life
are based in mindfulness and spending the what it can do. My dad, God rest his soul, was
whole time in observation of "the self" was one the master of reactive outbursts and like a
of the most profound things I had ever done. dutiful daughter I learnt that way to
You get to witness the ramblings of the mind and communicate too. In my early teenage years for
its ability to take you off on tangents, in and out example, I kicked hell into the kitchen
of stories and how it can play games with you if cupboards if I spilled sugar on the floor by
left to its own devices. It was scary and bizarre mistake. I always felt bad but at the same time
and incredible all at once. During meditation compelled like a battering ram to do whatever
time we were guided to simply observe whatever "came up". Anger management was not my
sensation or strong point !
emotion arose in the
body and watch it Past painful
pass without memories and
reacting. It did, unresolved
without fail, every childhood wounds
time. Sitting and sit like snakebites in
meditating without our bodies and
moving a hair on my minds waiting to be
head, or to scratch triggered so we can
an itch or move to look at them and
ease a shoulder ache with the help of a
gave me the ability partner, can heal
to be able to see how and grow beyond
our mind wants to them. Our intimate
drag us into the relationship can and
emotional and mental drama in the moment. As will activate those snakebites and is the only
feelings and painful memories came and went I relationship that creates the right conditions for
saw how if I just observed, things pass. Just as this to happen. It is what "is meant" in the grand
night turns to day and life in its endless cycle, scheme of this Universal Plan, to help us return
ebbs and flows, so do we, in this great cosmic to our wholeness and allow the "real us" to show
soup. It was the best "me" training I had ever up.
experienced and its benefits are with me every So when you next feel triggered into reactive
day now. Sure I feel triggered when my defensive behaviour with your partner or loved
boyfriend "pushes my buttons" from the past, one, wait a few moments and sit with what it is
but I am way better able to articulate what is they are bringing up for you. Your body will let
happening in me, without stripping layers of you know the signs immediately.
skin off him with my heated words. Thank God
he didn't meet me years ago ! Cortisol, a reactive hormone is released in your
body during these moments and prepares you
for “fight or flight”. The first 20 mins of this
get it off your chest. I do think it is a good idea to
get it out, but the danger comes when the
reaction is aimed to harm your partner from
what it is perceived they have to done to upset

The aim is to be able to say in a rational

controlled fashion "honey I feel really triggered
by what you have just said and I need a little
time to allow it to subside. Can we talk about it a
bit later ?(or now depending on how you feel)"
This way you preserve your relationship space
and save yourself the pain of allowing the
emotion to damage your mind and body. I have
cortisol reaction is the time when it is the most tried it and it works and I can't tell you enough
risky to express how you feel. You want to fire off what a revelation it is to feel in control of me but
a text (or 100 !), you want to chuck nasty words in a self respecting way. It works wonders for
to wound your partner for daring to hurt you preserving your precious relationship and hey
with their words, you want to stomp about the presto as the Law of Attraction kicks in, your
house and slam doors, or at worst you want to partner can stay connected and feel respected as
harm your partner physically. you both mature into a better way to
In perspective, when you feel triggered it is 90%
your stuff and only 10% theirs. What is arising
Honor yourself from today by observing and
for you is yours and no one else’s. You need to
preserving the delicate nature of you that is
own it and more importantly take responsibility
trying to make its way in this world. As you grow
for it. You have a choice right in that moment.
others will naturally help you. We are all in it
Reacting is exhausting so, with willpower,
with you.
choose a different way. I guarantee it will be a
better way.

Get into the habit of self observation. Think "ahh

I am being triggered" and be curious about it
rather than engaging in the drama of the
potential lava flow of emotions. Watch it as it
surfaces in your body. Feel the sensations, the
anger, sadness or whatever and simply "be" with
it until it passes. It will, every time. Blocking it
from arising will only create more fear in the
long run as you start to live with the fight or
flight syndrome and run from it time and again.
Your partner's job IS to push your buttons but in
doing so, is helping you ultimately face the
unhealed bits of you.

If you need to rant and I am not saying it's not

healthy to, set up time alone or with a mate to
enough is true security to be found." ~ Anne
Morrow Lindbergh One of the easiest ways to
change is to take your list from #1 above and
encourage yourself to do the exact opposite. If
that is not possible, create small steps to get
there and then take the first step.

3. Believe That Change Is Possible. "The most

powerful agent of growth and transformation is
Be an Agent for something much more basic than any
technique: a change of heart." ~ John Welwood.
Change If there is a voice inside your head that thinks
change is not possible, it must be shut up. Write
By Maria Khalife down why you know change is possible.

A change agent is someone who is easily able to 4. Inventory Your Strengths and Weaknesses.
make changes in their lives and the lives of "If you don't like something, change it. If you
others. They are considered to be people of can't change it, change your attitude. Don't
great influence and very likable. They seem like complain." ~ Maya Angelou. Benchmarking at
natural leaders. These desirable traits can be the beginning lets you know what you've got to
built and enhanced in just a single step. That work with and what you need to change.
step is to learn and build a belief in yourself that Maybe a friend could help you with the list.
you can easily change your own beliefs. 5. Buddy Up With a Supporter. "Become a
student of change. It is the only thing that will
Think about that for a moment. What bigger remain constant." ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo. We all
transition could you make than to fully believe adore the concept of self-sufficiency but we all
that you can change anything? Wouldn't that appreciate and feel good when someone else
empower you to take on any challenge, tells us "You can do it" or "You did a great job."
overcome any obstacle and outperform any Don't be shy about having a buddy.
expectation? That is what a change agent needs
to do and they need to be able to instill that in
others as well to not only change themselves,
but also those they interact with and teach.

1. Write Down The Ways You Resist Change.

"Some people change when they see the light,
others when they feel the heat. ~ Caroline
Schoeder If you really want to change, you have
to figure out what is stopping the change first.

2. Create Alternatives to the Resistance. "Only

in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically
6. Do the Things That Scare You. "Your current
safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers."
~ Unknown. Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do one
thing every day that scares you." You will
discover that the fears aren't as big as you
thought they were and that you can easily
overcome them just by moving forward into
them or right through them.

7. Overcome Rigidity and Pessimism. "If you

are still being hurt by an event that happened
to you at twelve, it is the thought that is hurting
you now." ~ James Hillman. You might think
that the way you are right now is good enough
so why change? Or, you might have a negative,
pessimist outlook on your life. Get help with
these problems because they will keep you
from the change you desire.

8. Discover Where You Are Most Comfortable.

"It is never too late to become what you might
have been." ~ George Elliott .You don't have to
change everything on your list at one time.
Choose one item with which you are most
comfortable and begin with that one.

9. Focus on An Action Plan. "Don't fear change,

embrace it." ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo. Write the
plan and then adhere to it. No plan, no change.
Life is intentional, so set your intentions.

10. Review and Refocus Monthly. "Everybody

wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow."
~ Goethe Review your progress on the plan and
rewrite it if you need to. Revisions will keep you
moving forward.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,

but anyone can start today and make a new

~ Maria Robinson
Pet Talk

convertible to pick the kids up at high school. Haley often
After my column in April’s Om Times magazine was rode in the convertible and knew not to get out; but a
published I received an email from Pam about her dog hamburger discarded on the ground in the school’s
Rusty. She was frantic as he had been missing for several parking lot proved to be more than she could resist.
days. Pam had put up flyers offering a reward around the When a loud thunder like noise frightened her Haley ran
neighborhood, the vet offices and Human Society and away in the wrong direction from the car, and became
wanted to know if I had any other suggestions. Below is disorientated.
my response to her. I would be happy to answer any
questions or concerns that you may have about your With a member of their family missing everyone was
pet(s). Just email them to me at understandably upset and had done everything they could to find their special girl. They put up posters with
pictures, contacted all of the animals shelters and vet
Dear Pam: offices in the area. The family took turns driving around
This is a pet owner’s nightmare. Many animal for hours searching for her as well.
communicators don’t like to work on lost animal cases as
they can be tricky and difficult. I have never had an Jan who lived in Kansas was feeling desperate and found
animal tell me what town they are in or that they are at out about me through someone who had used my
Third and Main Street. Since finding lost animals is always services before, via the internet. I told her how I worked
done remotely the first thing I need to know is if they are and offered to do what I could. I also indicated that I
alive. I ask questions such as, are you hurt, hungry, would only charge them if I was successful in bringing
frightened, or cold. If the answer is yes, I know they are Haley home as there were so many variables with this
still in their physical bodies. Then I ask questions that type of case.
mostly pertained to their surroundings such as, what does
it look like around you? I get clear descriptions of places Haley was easy to contact and desperately wanted to go
they had been, like: a white house, a fallen tree over a home. This is what she told me:
chain link fence, or by the water. But with this process
alone I only had about a fifteen percent success rate. H: I got out of the car for a hamburger on the ground. Something
Then a dog named Haley came into my life and taught me went boom and I ran. I want to go home. I do not hurt anywhere. I
a very valuable lesson about the power of contemplation am not hungry someone puts out food for me. There is a fence, a
that I included in my new book, They Sing to Our Hearts. white and brick house and cows. A red truck comes and goes. I am
Perhaps her story could help you find Rusty… far, far, far from home.

Excerpt from They Sing to Our Hearts The next words I’m certain came from Haley because I
not only heard but felt their impact.
Haley had been missing for about four weeks when I
received a call from her mom, Jan. On the day that Haley H: Connect us both ways; send the cord from me to mom and back.
disappeared she had gone with dad in the family
OM-Times Magazine April 2010 Edition
In my initial training I was instructed to connect a golden that we are creating our own reality all the time. I like the
cord when working with lost animals but at the time way Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it in his book, Excuses
didn't feel that it work. Now I had a clear message to do it Begone. “I am personally convinced that everyone has a
so I set for a few minutes visualizing a golden cord capacity for greatness that transcends anything they have
coming from Haley’s heart to Jan’s heart center. When I been taught to believe, that every being who’s ever existed
really felt it connect I got goose bumps and knew is in fact a portion of the all-creating power of intention.”
something powerful had just happened. This translates into what we contemplate we create.

Afterwards, I called Jan to convey Haley’s description of Haley verified something that I had heard and read many
her physical surroundings so she could widen her search times but never fully embraced. Thought is an energy
and repeated her chord instructions. I explained that system that isn’t found anywhere in the physical world.
connecting this chord was like when you think of The universe itself and everything in it is both mental and
someone and then out of the blue they call you. Jan had spiritual in nature. You create a field of energy with your
that experience several times with friends and family so thoughts, this field creates all of the particles; thus the
she totally understood the concept. I also ask Jan to golden cord.
change her thoughts from how sad she was that Haley
was gone to how happy she would be when she came
home. This way Jan would not be focusing on her fears,
but instead thinking and feeling what she wanted to
create. After our conversation Jan went to a quiet room to
meditate. She visualized a golden cord from her heart to
Haley’s and imagined the joy they would all feel when the
family was reunited again. She did this every night before
going to sleep and every morning for three days.

Then on the third morning Jan’s phone rang. It was one

of her friends calling to say that, it was a long shot, but
she had been talking to someone else they knew who
lived in a nearby town. This friend mentioned that her
neighbor had been putting food out for a yellow dog that
was living in their cow pasture. They had been feeding the
dog but were unable to catch her to read the tag on her
collar. Naomi McDonald is a professional animal
communicator, certified shamanic
I would loved to have been there when mom, dad and the practitioner, and educator. She is the
two kids drove to the place, all got out of the car, called author of the newly released book, They
to Haley and saw her come running; lots of kisses and
Sing to Our Hearts: A Communicator
hugs that day. Haley was a little thin but in good health
Shares Her Stories of Animal Wisdom.
and very happy to be home. I was sure excited when Jan
called to tell me, it worked, all that stuff worked, we Naomi has studied extensively throughout
have our baby back again. North and South America with renowned
teachers in the fields of metaphysics,
Haley must have wandered around for a week prior quantum physics, shamanism and animal
because the people said she had been there about three communication. She works with clients
weeks. Their house was white and brick and the man locally and long distance, teaches an
drove a red pickup truck. This verified what Haley had innovative animal communication
described as her surroundings, but she couldn’t give me program that incorporates shamanic
the name of the town she was in or her address. healing techniques and personal self
development, gives speaking
Now I approach lost animal cases from two different engagements, and volunteers her talents at
perspectives, the physical and the eitheric or spiritual. animal rescue organizations across the
Since this change, my success rate went to about eighty- United States. To learn more about
five percent. Yea!
animal communication and shamanic
Most of us don’t really know how powerful we are and practices go to
According to various studies,
mothers' time spent with children
benefits youngsters in numerous
ways—from producing lower rates of
obesity to higher scores on verbal

But there's a more immediate benefit

to spending quality time with your
child. It helps you understand "where
he or she is at" and gives you an
opportunity to have fun together—a
very important aspect of child

Here are 4 creative activities to do

with kids this Mother's Day:

Make "Me" Portraits.

With a marker, trace the outline of

your bodies on an old sheet.
Decorate your self-portraits with
symbols, colors, words, and pictures.
markers, crayons, paints, glue,
sparkles, and cut-up magazines.
May is Mother’s Day Make a Mini-Movie.
month and I’ve been Using a smart phone, flip cam, or
thinking of how to video camera, write, star in, and
produce your own movie. Ideas: mom
enjoy the day without and kid talent show; commercial for
your favorite thing; stupid human or
having to work too pet tricks with commentary; fashion
show. Post it on YouTube for friends
hard! and family.

By Charlotte Reznick PhD

I'd like to share some ideas about how to

use the occasion as an opportunity to
"check in" with your child—and enjoy
some creative play together.

May 2010 Edition
Make a Card Together.

Pick someone you both want to write to--

the President, Grandpa, your child's brother
in Afghanistan, etc. Decorate a piece of
printer paper folded in half, write a message,
and even print a picture of yourselves and
glue it on. Mail it together.

Make Music Together.

Find objects that make music. Ideas: glasses

filled with water along with a spoon to "ring"
them; pot and wooden spoon; rubber bands
to twang;
giant salt shaker. Now come up with a
rhythm and a tune. Record it on your
message machine or smart phone.

Have a great time together and share your


Charlotte Reznick PhD is a child educational
Dr. Charlotte Reznick psychologist, an Associate Clinical
Professor of Psychology at UCLA, and author of
the LA Times bestselling book The Power of
Your Child’s Imagination: How to Transform
Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success

In addition to her private practice, she creates

therapeutic relaxation CDs for children, teens,
and parents, and teaches workshops
internationally on the healing power of children’s
imagination. You can find out more about her at
Soulwire, Sleepless Dream
Purchase the Radiant Nothing CD

Privacy 101
Are You Accessible?
By Darity Wesley

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.”

~Napoleon Bonaparte

Did you know that of the 308,942,937 people in impaired. In addition to meeting the needs of a
the United States, about 18% (according to the large market segment, these companies know
U.S. Census Bureau) of us have some kind of accessibility issues have made it to the courts
disability? That works out to about 62 million and ADA compliance is now a crucial risk
people, which is the combined populations of management practice.
California, New York and Arizona.
There was a high profile case that Target lost a
In 1990, Congress enacted the Americans with couple of years ago regarding the use of the
Disabilities Act (ADA) to establish a clear and website by a member of the public. In the
comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on settlement Target agreed to establish a $6
the basis of disability. million fund from which members of the
Among the protections provided in the ADA is California settlement class can make claims.
the right for disabled persons to enjoy places of The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) was
public accommodation fully and equally as non- to certify the Target website through its
disabled persons. Since the turn of the century, Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification (NFB-
the definition of a public place has expanded to NVAC) program once agreed upon
include the Internet since it is now an everyday improvements were completed in early 2009.
tool for conducting business and recreational Target made the recommended changes and in
activities. February of 2010 Target was awarded the Gold
According to Linda Dunshee, Executive Director
of Des Moines, IA's Link Associates, “The world So what does this have to do with you? Most
is more geared toward the Internet now than everyone has or is part of an organization which
ever. People with disabilities lose out on many has a website. You need to know that in most
opportunities the rest of us take for granted like cases it is not very difficult to add accessible
weather alerts, notifications, and calendars of design features to a website. At the most basic
events because a website lacks accessibility for level, simple “alt” tags can be added to website
those with special needs.” images with just about any HTML editing
program (“Alt” tags help describe images to
Accessibility is being addressed by a few forward users who are using screen-readers, or who have
thinking businesses Facebook has an website graphics turned off). Also, by limiting,
accessibility page as does Google who takes it or eliminating, the use of JavaScript or Flash
even further with a search engine for the visually animation a website can become more
accessible. An alternative to limiting JavaScript If would like us to help you with accessibility for
and Flash, a website could employ a text-only you or your organization’s website, please let us
version of the site to make the site more know. Contact Cristina and she will take a look
accessible to users with disabilities. at your website and send you a free Website Risk
Check report. We also have a low cost
To make “reasonable accommodations” for Accessibility Compliance package available
disabled persons accessing your website and to which we will customize for your website.
reduce potential liability, the Privacy Gurus® As a part of this big wide world, each of us has
recommend you: now or will have our special needs. In this time
of global interaction via the Internet, it is
1. Provide an Access Instruction Page for important to continue to assure that we all have
Visitors, also known as an “Accessibility equal rights to accessing our community.
Statement,” which includes email
hyperlink for visitors to communicate ©2009-2010 Privacy Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.
problems with web page accessibility

2. Provide support for text browsers

Darity Wesley is CEO and Legal
3. Attach "Alt" tags to graphic images so that Counsel for Privacy Solutions, Inc.
screen-readers can identify the graphic a San Diego based consulting
firm. Her team of Privacy Gurus®
4. Hyperlink photographs with descriptive work with you to create policies
text "D" to textually explain the picture. and procedures to establish the
expectation of privacy for your
5. Caption all audio and video clips by using members, clients, customers,
"CC" hyperlinks prospects, affiliates, associates,
employees and vendors. You can
6. Provide alternative mechanisms for on- reach her at (619) 670-9462 or
line forms (such as email or voice/TTY, Visit
phone numbers)
our website at:
7. Avoid access barriers such as the posting
of documents in PDF, table, newspaper or
frame format or requiring visitors to
download software. If posting in PDF, the Join Darity on
HTML text or ASCII file should also be Privacy Solutions on Facebook
Ask the Tantra

Chandi Devi
Do you have a question for Chandi?
Email to:
The Dear Abby of Tantra™

OMG !!! OM …
I live in LA where beauty and sexiness seems By just about anyone’s definition, LA is home to
especially valued. How can I be more sexy?
the most glamorous and sexy people anywhere on
~ Anonymous earth. But how can we define sexy? Is it having the
ability to arouse sexual desire or interest? Is it
exciting, glamorous, beautiful, foxy, risqué? The
short answer is yes. The long answer is that sexy is
not the domain of the rich and famous.

Sexy is not demonstrated from the outside in, but

from the inside out.

Our culture tends to restrict sex appeal to youth

and artificial body parts, limiting it to emotionless,
frozen poses. From a tantric perspective, sexiness
does not require any of the popular ideals of
youth, enormous body parts, revealing or skimpy
Tantra Yoga exercises from
the East are the secret to
improved health and
rejuvenation! Tanta requires real passion from the inside out,
not the outside in, because this internal essence is
Find them at:
what is taken into the boudoir. No amount of
(deep breath)…OM …
working out at a gym or plastic surgery can guarantee genuine success in the bedroom.

We concentrate on the facade, neglect our foundation and ignore the decay happening inside.

Sexiness starts within. It starts with self-assuredness, confidence, poise and balance. Sexy is being open, having
an honest desire of a partner, being honest with yourself and partner. There is a healthy disposition and
approach to lovemaking that is not expressed by gross motor motion, but by being in the moment.

Love, orgasms, are even sexiness have been subjects of laboratory research by scientists and doctors. While
research may satisfy the intellect, they offer no remedies or solutions because answers do not come from the
lab or the mind. Matters of the heart come from the heart. So no matter much we try to analyze love, orgasms
or sexiness we can only surmise what, how and why they occur. The true essence of love, orgasms and sex
appeal is an internal process. Sex appeal is that elusive characteristic that attracts external attention. It is others’
unconscious reaction to your presence, your sexual energy.

Sexual energy is highly developed in people of great achievement. Referred to as kundalini in Eastern
philosophy, tantra awakens the kundalini through conscious sex, meditation and other ancient practices; then
contains and controls the energy within the body. The final stages occur when the energy is transmuted into
Universal Consciousness.

Control of your body, pelvic movements, wholesome emotional attitudes and healthy thoughts are necessary
steps for achieving permanent states of bliss.

You can choose to be a mannequin on display, a hollow shell, empty and stiff, or you can choose to live as a
genuine person, a multi-dimensional being capable of loving, giving, receiving, and sharing your heart.
Healing the
Romantic Heart
By Rev Judi Lynch

however, you may have had several marriages

or relationships and still are confused about
your choices and their outcome. Many times

Falling in love is thinking that you had a life partner only to find
yourself alone again after several years.

a rush! It's not such an easy thing when you think you
have met a kindred to have to let them go. If
Feeling the vibration of another in passion and they do not recognize your soul connection
sharing in the amazing energy it creates is a because they are spiritually asleep or distracted
most beautiful experience! We hope that it will by other things, you may have to move on
last forever, that feeling of being connected to emotionally and physically. So many people I
another human we love. The surrealness and have heard from lately have been doing just
out-of-body feelings of two souls who collide! that and processing all the confusing feelings
Some people may go their whole lives are the biggest challenge they face.
and never feel it. Some people are Memories come flooding back of the
addicted to it and seek it out with new good times charging up your energy field
partnerships again and again and you miss it. We sometimes go
throughout their lives. running back to negative situations out
of fear, seeking out that "rush" only to
As we spiritually ascend, we are all find ourselves right back in a relationship
learning how to understand these we know is not good for us or the other
romantic thoughts, feelings and person. Always ask yourself, what did I
actions and apply them to our soul's learn from this?
purpose. Maybe in your last life, you
were happily coupled and spent your Things may not seem so helpless or
life with the same person for sixty years. In this hopeless for you in romance if you always think
life, about it in terms of your spiritual growth. I have
also read and been reminded several times
about "twin flames" and "kindred souls"
meeting up again later in life after they have

May 2010 Edition

both worked on several personal issues or "soul
themes" crucial to their purpose. They may not
have been ready the first time they met, but in
finding each other again years later, they
discover the connection is even stronger.

Since we are all so different in our themes and

purposes, it's also important to remember not
to compare or believe in "society" rules on love,
marriage and romance. There are also many
loners among us who thrive on their lifestyle!
God made us whole individuals just as we are!
When we do find another to share our lives and
love with, it should always be respected and
celebrated. Lasting relationships require
unconditional love to keep vibrant and growing
and functional. Two awakened and ascending
souls can be magic together! It really is
happening more all the time in this new era we
are living in.

Hold tight to the reality that we are all in this

together but we must understand our life's
purpose and soul themes individually. As they
say, loving ourselves and taking care of
ourselves is key to truly loving and
understanding another.

Healing your heart from a broken romance

becomes easier when you realize the spiritual
reasons behind the situations. There is always a
purpose to be discovered from the pain and the
pleasure of it all.

May 2010 Edition

Looking for your Other

Love is Just a click away
Green Living

Going Green does not mean giving up your current lifestyle. Often it is just a question of
shifting your perspective and following up on the idea that lights up in your thoughts. This
section is dedicated to helping us all make that shift.
The earth is what we all have in common.
~ Wendell Barry


by Ernest Callenbach

Thou shall love and honor the Earth for it blesses thy life and governs thy survival.

Thou shall keep each day sacred to the Earth and celebrate the turning of its seasons.

Thou shall not hold thyself above other living things nor drive them to extinction.

Thou shall give thanks for thy food, to the creatures and plants that nourish thee.

Thou shall educate thy offspring for multitudes of people are a blessing unto the Earth
when we live in harmony.

Thou shall not kill, nor waste Earth's riches upon weapons of war.

Thou shall not pursue profit at the Earth's expense but strive to restore its damaged

Thou shall not hide from thyself or others the consequences of thy actions upon the

Thou shall not steal from future generations by impoverishing or poisoning the Earth.

Thou shall consume material goods in moderation so all may share the Earth's bounty.
The Top Ways to Become a
Useless by Conscious Eater
By Maria Khalife'
fun facts
about Food Our world is so fast paced, and fast food driven, that the main reason for food - enjoyment and
nutrition - has fallen to the wayside. I think it's a great idea to return to a slower time, prepare more
meals at home, eat with family and friends and make better choices about eating.
Milk chocolate was 1. Begin by being open, curious and kind with yourself and your choices.
invented by Daniel 2. Recognize that breaking free from the pain of overweight is mainly a desire to find a
Peter, who sold the rhythm, an order, and a natural push for light in your life.
concept to his 3. Why Do You Overeat? Do you eat to fill emotional voids? Do you eat to ward off
neighbor Henri pain and anger? Do you
feel guilty after eating a meal in which you couldn't control your
4. It's Not About the Food. Obesity is not a disease, but a symptom of one or more
Three quarters of underlying emotional issues, and those emotional issues can be resolved.
fish caught are 5. Our thoughts create our reality. See your body as the miracle it is. Love it, and it
eaten – the rest is will nourish your life.
6. Quit Thinking "I Am Fat". If you are thinking how fat you are with every bite, with
used to make things
every waking moment, you are feeding your subconscious mind the idea, "I'm fat."
such as glue, soap, That's what it will give you.
margarine and 7. Conscious Eating. Pay attention to the foods you buy, prepare, and eat. You'll free
fertilizer. yourself from destructive
habits. Rather than leaving the table feeling overstuffed and lethargic, you'll be
To make one kilo of energized and full of positive energy.
8. Check in With Yourself. Listen more closely to your own rhythms, habits, and
honey bees have to
needs. Are you hungry emotionally or physically? You'll be less likely to fall into
visit 4 million spiraling habits of mindless eating and poor food choices when you know why you're
flowers, traveling a hungry...
distance equal to 4 9. Use Affirmations to Heal. From Louise Hay: In order to permanently eliminate a
times around the condition, we must first work to dissolve the mental cause of it and replace it with a new
pattern that is healthier and supportive. This is why affirmation is a good tool to help
you overcome certain conditions especially if you are experiencing resistance in your
desired area to reach your goal.
Botanically 10. Four Key Tips. Look forward to your food. Slow down. Listen to your environment.
speaking, the Let go of physical tension.
banana is an herb 11. Don't Skip Meals. If you choose too low a calorie count or eat unbalanced meals,
you will create binge eating for yourself. Eat three healthy meals daily.
and the tomato is a
12. Eat in a Relaxed Atmosphere. It's simple. Remove all distractions and focus on
fruit. the enjoyment of the food. This creates consciousness about what you are eating.
13. Lower the Emotional Load. If you've got emotions broiling before, during or after
a meal, postpone eating until you return to normal.
In the middle Ages, 14. Do You Know When You're Full? This one tip can prevent you from too much
sugar was a intake. During your meal ask yourself (fork on the table please) How full am I right
now? You can train yourself to make less food enough food to satisfy you.
treasured luxury
You are the best helper you could possibly be to focus your attention on the food you eat
costing 9 times as
and enjoy. It's my strong hope these tips will help you along this journey.
much as milk. May 2010 Edition

Cooking OM-Times
 The History of
the Salt
 Uses for Salt

Welcome to the Church of the

Holy Cabbage.

Lettuce pray. Healthy Meals &

~Author Unknown
Healthy Life

The Power…

The Salt.

Om-Times Magazine May 2010 Edition

method of trade and currency. The word “salad”
also originated from “salt,” and began with the
early Romans salting their leafy greens and
vegetables. Undeniably, the history of salt is
both broad ranging and unique, leaving its
indelible mark in cultures across the globe.

Funny Facts about SALT

 every cell of your body contains

History of Salt
 an adult human body contains
about 250 grams to maintain
the normal volume of blood and Salt's ability to
As far back as 6050 BC, salt digest food preserve food
has been an important and  salt is used in manufacturing an was a
integral part of the world’s estimated 14,000 products. foundation of
history, as it has been  salt was used to preserve
interwoven into the daily Egyptian mummies civilization. It
lives of countless historic  until relatively recently, salt eliminated the
civilizations. Used as a part bars were the standard dependence on
of Egyptian religious offerings currency of Ethiopia
the seasonal
and valuable trade between the  in old Japanese theatres, salt
was sprinkled on to the stage availability of
Phoenicians and their before each performance to food and it
Mediterranean empire, salt and prevent evil spirits from casting
history have been inextricably a spell on the actors. allowed travel over
intertwined for millennia, with long distances. It
great importance placed on salt by many was also a desirable food seasoning. However,
different races and cultures of people. Even salt was difficult to obtain, and so it was a
today, the history of salt touches our daily lives. highly valued trade item, which followed the
The word “salary” was derived from the word pull of economics along salt roads such as the
“salt.” Salt was highly valued and its production
via Salaria in Italy, some of which had been
was legally restricted in ancient times, so it was
historically used as a established in the Bronze age.

Om-Times Magazine May 2010 Edition

6. Test the freshness of eggs in a cup of salt
water; fresh eggs sink; bad
ones float.

60 uses for salt 7. Add a little salt to your boiling water when
cooking eggs; a cracked egg
will stay in its shell this way.
Although you may not realize it, simple table 8. A tiny pinch of salt with egg whites makes
salt has a great number of uses them beat up fluffier.
other than simply seasoning your food. The 9. Soak wrinkled apples in a mildly salted water
following list will give you sixty solution to perk them up.
uses of salt, many of which you probably didn't 10. Rub salt on your pancake griddle and your
realize: flapjacks won't stick.
1. Soak stained hankies in salt water before 11. Soak toothbrushes in salt water before you
washing. first use them; they will last
2. Sprinkle salt on your shelves to keep ants longer.
away. 12. Use salt to clean your discolored coffee pot.
3. Soak fish in salt water before descaling; the 13. Mix salt with turpentine to whiten you
scales will come off easier. bathtub and toilet bowl.
4. Put a few grains of rice in your salt shaker for
easier pouring.
5. Add salt to green salads to prevent wilting.

Om-Times Magazine May 2010 Edition

piano keys.
22. To fill plaster holes in your walls, use equal
parts of salt and starch,
with just enough water to make a stiff putty.
23. Rinse a sore eye with a little salt water.
24. Mildly salted water makes an effective
mouthwash. Use it hot for a sore
throat gargle.
25. Dry salt sprinkled on your toothbrush makes
a good tooth polisher.
26. Use salt for killing weeds in your lawn.
27. Eliminate excess suds with a sprinkle of salt.
28. A dash of salt in warm milk makes a more
relaxing beverage.
29. Before using new glasses, soak them in warm
salty water for awhile.
30. A dash of salt enhances the taste of tea.
31. Salt improves the taste of cooking apples.
32. Soak your clothes line in salt water to
prevent your clothes from
freezing to the line; likewise, use salt in your
14. Soak your nuts in salt brine overnight and
final rinse to prevent the clothes
they will crack out of their
from freezing.
shells whole. Just tap the end of the shell with a
33. Rub any wicker furniture you may have with
hammer to break it open
salt water to prevent
15. Boil clothespins in salt water before using
34. Freshen sponges by soaking them in salt
them and they will last
35. Add raw potatoes to stews and soups that
16. Clean brass, copper and pewter with paste
are too salty.
made of salt and vinegar,
36. Soak enamel pans in salt water overnight
thickened with flour
and boil salt water in them next
17. Add a little salt to the water your cut flowers
day to remove burned-on stains.
will stand in for a
37. Clean your greens in salt water for easier
longer life.
removal of dirt.
18. Pour a mound of salt on an ink spot on your
38. Gelatin sets more quickly when a dash of salt
carpet; let the salt soak up
is added.
the stain.
39. Fruits put in mildly salted water after
19. Clean your iron by rubbing some salt on the
peeling will not discolor.
damp cloth on the ironing
40. Fabric colors hold fast in salty water wash.
41. Milk stays fresh longer when a little salt is
20. Adding a little salt to the water when
cooking foods in a double boiler
42. Use equal parts of salt and soda for brushing
will make the food cook faster.
your teeth.
21. Use a mixture of salt and lemon juice to clean
43. Sprinkle salt in your oven before scrubbing

Om-Times Magazine May 2010 Edition

44. Soaked discolored glass in a
salt and vinegar solution to
remove stains..
45. Clean greasy pans with a
paper towel and salt.
46. Salty water boils faster when
cooking eggs.
47. Add a pinch of salt to
whipping cream to make it
whip more quickly.
48. Sprinkle salt in milk-
scorched pans to remove odor.
49. A dash of salt improves the
taste of coffee.
50. Boil mismatched hose in salty water and
they will come out matched.
51. Salt and soda will sweeten the odor of your
52. Cover wine-stained fabric with salt; rinse in
cool water later.

53. Remove offensive odors from stove with salt

and cinnamon.
54. A pinch of salt improves the flavor of cocoa.
55. To remove grease stains in clothing, mix one
part salt to four parts alcohol.
56. Salt and lemon juice removes mildew.
57. Sprinkle salt between sidewalk bricks where
you don't want grass growing.
58. Polish your old kerosene lamp with salt for a
better look.
59. Remove odors from sink drainpipes with a
strong, hot solution of salt water.
60. If a pie bubbles over in your oven, put a
handful of salt on top of the spilled juice.

Om-Times Magazine May 2010 Edition

A Collection of Readings and Channeled
Messages to Help Guide Your Steps
The Astro-Sage
By Chris Anderson/Onefeather

Looking at the Heavenly Climate for May 2010...

“Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method the squaring of the Sun and the Winged One to Mighty
which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The Mars in Leo has made this a time when those in the
foundation of such a method is love.” Earthly realm experience a cycle of unanticipated inner
~Martin Luther King Jr.~ anger as well as resistance to forward momentum.
Freedom will be realized after the tension of Mars
Greeting Pilgrims! squaring the Ringed Teacher, Saturn, on the 3rd of May,
enhanced by a trine between the Messenger planet and
Lord Pluto, unfolds. Perhaps a volcanic release? The chela
who forces their passage toward the future might meet
unexpected reprisal; discretion's advised.

The growing sextile of Faire Venus to the Mighty Mars

over the coming days is fulfilled on the 7th, and harmony
unfolds. Chatty Venus in Gemini seduces the Warrior in
Leo, temporarily replacing the edge the Charioteer brings.
Social activity is favored and trysts could arise! And yet in
the midst of celebration, the Moon in marriage with
Jupiter and Uranus opposes Saturn... a potential for
global shifts it will bring: governments in chaos and land
movements could result in radical change.

The 11th of May, rejoicing and laughter! Mercury returns

and the Pilgrim advances. Slowly momentum is gained as
Merrily the Month of May enters with celestial storms the stationary direct phase completes. Lost items are
that will eventually produce an abundance of flowering discovered, to the chela's delight! Those who are wise
growth. The seeker is advised to exercise patience; examine their purses, balancing the checkbook is sound
tugging at the grass will not make it grow more quickly. routine.
Shadows of the fulling of the Moon in Scorpio on the 26th
through into the 27th of April continue to bring hidden The Goddess of the Night slips into obscurity on May
agendas to the surface, both those of others as well as 13th, newing within the cycle of fertile spring. Farmers,
the personal self. Mercury's continuing retrograde and gardeners poets and prophets, plant your seeds with

OM-Times Magazine April 2010 Edition

expectation of bountiful return! trust in one's connection to Spirit will be a shield and
comfort as the Universe advances to reform our futures.
The Sun in square to the Moon on the 17th renews the Inner focus is the theme and all who are mindful will
tension in the heavenly dance... while Venus advances to begin to sense the new directions we must set our sights
enter Cancer, squaring Jupiter, Uranus in opposition to upon! The beginnings of transformation are at hand. In
Saturn. The might of the T-Square formed over the next 3 the words of the Buddha, “On life's journey Faith is
days will have impact for those whose path is away from nourishment, Virtuous deeds are a shelter, Wisdom is the
Light. This is an edgy configuration, seekers should light by day and Right mindfulness is the protection by
exercise caution in crowds and gatherings... for the night. If a man lives a pure life nothing can destroy him; If
Maiden progresses to oppose Vulcan in this passage. he has conquered greed nothing can limit his freedom.”
Wisdom dictates the chela retiring, at least for another 5
days! BlessingLight&Love from the Celestial Ashram...

In Humble recognition of our shared Divinity

By the 21st the series of combative reactions will begin to
diminish, and order is slowly restored across the land. As The AstroSage~
the calender continues, the Orb of the darkness (in trine
“Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the
to Venus) joins Mercury as it comes in trine to Pluto...
Moon and the Stars.”
calmer days and the unfolding of Springtime delights!
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~
May 27th and Uranus leaves Pisces with the fulling of the
Goddess in Sagittarius. Red grows the Warrior in Leo, The AstroSage (aka Onefeather) can be contacted at:
contesting Neptune in Aquarius while Saturn continues to
oppose Uranus and Jupiter... stress blankets the Earth,
and powerful times of change are at hand. As is the His webpage and the services he offers is located at:
nature of mankind's journey, some shall gain and some
will see loss. This is a very powerful full moon with a
dynamic that reaches beyond the moment... careful
regard and prayerful intention
will see the seeker advance
through the plight! A door is
opened and those who seek
humanity's harmony must call
forth the Light.
The end of the month of May
brings somewhat calming
influences, with the Moon
trining Saturn in sextile to
Jupiter and ending the conflict,
at least for the night.

May is a month of major shifts

and conflicts, and the seeker
must be prepared to advance
on instinct, intuition and faith...

OM-Times Magazine April 2010 Edition

May 2010
by Darity Wesley

The energies and directions for the month of May continues us down a path, any path that is other than planning what we
April’s theme of re-formation and evolve around clearing of need to do. You know very well what I am talking about: the
past vows, connections, relationships and the stuff of form, scenarios the mind plays that really have nothing to do with
keeping in mind, this month, that many of us are experiencing anything…what we shoulda, coulda, woulda done. Catch it,
what I would call a “flowthrougth™.” stop it and clear it now! Just say “I erase all of that!!! It has no
meaning for me and who I am.” And bring yourself back to
As we all experience, at some level, these transformational and present time, back to the moment, back to the NOW! I catch
transitional times, this “flowthrough™” that so many of us are myself sometimes on such a trip, all made up by the mind and
experiencing, but not necessarily talking about, can cause a it just floors me, when I catch it, how really odd what the mind
sense of anxiety or unsettledness as well as concern about is playing is different from my “normal”  self, assuming there
“What the heck is going on with me?” So many times we find is any such thing as a normal mind meanderings. But this stuff
ourselves mentally off on some jaunt where we even wonder is new and, therefore, I pass this on to you that this is what
where the heck that came from. It is important in May that we May is about for those of us paying attention to the forces at
capture these feelings, understand there is such a thing as play in the universe at this time.
“flowthrough™” and erase or clear them off of our lines. In
ancient times, there was a lot of flowthrough™, but at the level It is also a time for clearing our physical life of unwanted and
of survival consciousness it was just “from the gods,” or just unneeded people and things. We all, myself included, find it
from “the dreamtime” but now even the experience of the hard to get rid of “things” and of course, the hardest of all,
most unenlightened or unaware person today who may still be people and relationships. But one way of clearing is to do what
dealing with survival consciousness, is at a much higher level Abraham calls “pivoting” and that’s where you stop thinking
than ever before imagined. about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you
do want. In order to clear a situation it is best to say to
In analyzing or Oming what this “flowthrough™” is, you can yourself “What do I want?” Then, as soon as you know what
understand it better if you believe, or even simply understand, you want, you can flow your energy into that construct and its
what reincarnation is, what parallel universes are and can effect is clearing, moving beyond that stuck situation.
conceptualize that everything that ever has happened is
happening right here, right now in synchronous time. This is Clear the clutter of your life this month, your heart, your spirit,
the time to clear the decisions, vows, beliefs, purposes, your mind, your body. Open to letting the Ascended Masters
experiences that you have chosen in those other forms or even and your Angels help you – just ask and they are there. They
non-form experiences. It’s time to come clean and divorce love you beyond measure and are available to be of service to
yourself from all long held beliefs, concerns or understandings you in your clearing this month. Connecting with heart energy
and look at them in a new light or perspective to see if they still will get us all through this clearing time.
work for you. We are at a stage of human consciousness where
we have the potential for everything new upon us. Our guides Let your mantra for this month be: I clear freely,
and angels are constantly sending us information and enthusiastically, fearlessly as I grasp this opportunity to
messages, personal and planetary and you can connect with expand my consciousness ever more…And So It Is!!!
that if you will just stop! The mind drives us insanely on, listen
to it! And while it has its place and has its value, we must learn Darity Wesley is the Founder and Chief Spiritual
to disidentify with the mind and clear/erase what is stored that Revivalist at ReviveYourSpirit™ based in San
we intuitively know has no relevance to who we are or what we Diego, California. You can contact her at
are doing at this time. If you wish to
subscribe to Darity’s Daily Oracles, just go to
“So, Darity,” you say “how do we do that?” I say let’s practice and send an email,
this month to catch ourselves when we find our mind has taken simply put “Subscribe” in the subject line

© 2010 Darity Wesley. All Rights Reserved.

Blue ay
Incoming Energies
May 2010

This editions channeled image tells of
peace, calm and balance approaching which
will be a welcomed change from the highs
and lows of the past few Months.

The intense Earth activity with all of the

earthquakes, solar flares and geomagnetic
storms that have affected many people.
Symptoms from the Solar activity that have Peace, Love, Calm by Araznu / Deb Graves
been reported to me were, ones of feeling
totally drained, to anxiety and pacing with
the fight or flight responses in full alert. The peace, calm and balance is coming in
Many are finding that they are more upon waves of aquamarine energy. I have
connected than ever before and sensing already noticed those sensitive to the
these vibrations well in advance. My vibrations changing their
personal experience has been to ground wardrobe from Magenta and fuchsia,
the energies or to sit and meditate and allow connected to unconditional love, to
them to flow through me. ones of soft pastel blue greens and
aquamarine, instinctively knowing
of the changes that are about to occur.

May 2010 Edition

Crystal choices
for the incoming

Aquamarine and Amazonite are both of the

incoming blue green vibration. Aquamarine
is credited with being calming and cooling
like a waterfall flowing over you, it can also
encourage clarity into inner knowing.
Amazonite on the other hand is said to bring
harmony and peace, so both stones
are appropriate for assisting to bring in the
new energies. Last year (2009) I painted
"The Crystal Chakras" and in this image it
shows of the new chakra between the sacral
and root chakra, the colour of this was

This energy being connected with

unconditional love and the re-birthing of the
new earth vibration which have been
pouring over the earth. Above the solar
plexus there was another chakra
to appear of a beautiful turquoise or
aquamarine colour. It appears to be in the The Crystal
center of our being, hence feeling centered. Chakras
by Deb Graves /Araznu

Blessings Deb Graves / Araznu

May 2010 Edition
Beyond Our Differences- POET RUMMI
The Documentary

Beyond Our Differences, a documentary film

conceived and directed by Peter Bisanz, explores
the positive role of faith in the world today and the
fundamental unity of the world’s religions. In what
context do faith and religion play principal roles in
inspiring our collective people toward a more
peaceful and compassionate humanity. View trailer

“We have the same goal and the same message to

create a better human being,” The Dalai Lama.

Om-Times Magazine May 2010 edition
The Video

The Original

Documentary, a must see.

Entropy Films is proud to present
Beyond Our Differences,
a documentary film conceived and directed by Peter
Bisanz that explores the positive role of faith in the
world today and the fundamental unity of the worlds

What are the fundamental issues facing our world

Where do world leaders and the biggest thinkers of our
in politics, religion, culture, arts and science
weigh in on these issues?

How do these leaders apply their own experiences with
faith and morality when forming constructive solutions
for the world's most distressing and calamitous
Peter Bisanz, Director
In what context do faith and religion play principal roles
Peter Bisanz is the Director and Founder of Entropy in inspiring our collective peoples toward a more
Films in New York. He is one of the World Economic peaceful and compassionate humanity?
Forum's Young Global Leaders, a select group of
visionaries who collaborate to formulate a positive
vision for the world and put forward innovative *
strategies to translate that vision into action. Peter was
also was also recently named a member to the WEF's
new Global Agenda Council initiative; he will focus
specifically on Islam/West relations. This new
appointment will supplement his past work on the
Council of 100 Leaders, a group charged with bridging
the growing divide between the Muslim world and the
Om-Times Magazine May 2010 edition
Digital Media
Raising Humanity
by Humanity Healing

"A human being is part of the whole,

called by us "universe," limited in time
and space. He experiences himself, his
thoughts and feelings as something
separated from the rest - a kind of
optical delusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a prison, restricting us

to our personal desires and to
affection for a few persons close to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves

from our prison by widening our circle
of compassion to embrace all
humanity and the whole of nature in
its beauty."

~Albert Einstein
Growth &
By Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S.

Our psychological associations to goals have a negative associations about our body from past
significant effect on whether we achieve them abuse, endangerment or neglect, a deep feeling
or not. Personal growth requires discipline. Yet of unworthiness may well sabotage our efforts
many of us have negative associations to limits, for greater health. Occasionally childhood
rules and structure. Sometimes resistance or sexual abuse leads to compulsive overeating
rebellion against discipline stems from past and obesity. The subconscious mind perceives
painful reactions to abusive or hypocritical role the weight as a necessary buffer between us,
models of discipline. Alternatively it can come and others who might hurt us, and also as a
from positive or loving associations to someone barrier against unwanted sexual attention. Or
who was overly permissive and enabling with perhaps we failed to receive sufficient positive
us. Furthermore, if we are perfectionist in our attention in childhood, and developed a pattern
discipline, faltering can be fatal to our goal. of overeating in an attempt to compensate for
Although as adults, we can intellectually this. Cake and ice cream can’t love us, but our
understand how healthy realistic observance minds may associate foods with comfort,
and compliance with rules and structure leads reward and pleasure, and associate healthy
to freedoms, opportunities and achievements, eating with deprivation.
our earlier associations may prevent us from
this success. When we have suffered significant
mistreatment or neglect early in life, a defense
We may have a goal of exercise, healthy eating, of entitlement can arise. If people and things
and/or quitting smoking, in order to lose weight hurt us in the past, we might expect
and overcome disease. But if we internalized compensation from people and things now. May 1020 Edition

esteem, and have negative or fear based
associations to personal and family closeness.
We may have lacked healthy role models not
only for positive relationships with significant
others, but also with ourselves, and therefore
feel that we would fail at this. Or if we have
problems with anger management, but
associate anger and intimidation with the
avoidance of painful earlier feelings of being
over-controlled, abused, or humiliated, we may
not overcome our anger issues until we change
our associations. When we give our attention to
how we think others should change, we are
avoiding painful, personal vulnerability and
awareness of our own faults and problems.

The hallmark of addictions, compulsions and

other unhealthy patterns is denial. Denial exists
in all of the problems that I’ve discussed here.
Denial tells us that our sick habits are
Therefore, we refuse to take healthy personal acceptable. Denial tells us that a future time is a
responsibility, because it should be someone better time to change than now. Denial says
else's job. This belief keeps us in a childhood that something magical requiring no effort or
dependent state. Many people that are able to difficulty on our part, will occur and all
take actions toward wellness, fail to do so problems will disappear. It tells us that we can
because they want other people, agencies or reach our goals without surrendering the
institutions to provide for them. Codependents character defects that keep them hidden.
who voluntarily assume excessive responsibility Denial finally convinces us to relinquish healthy
for others, find that dependent adults refuse to goals entirely, preferring apathy, bitterness,
improve and often worsen, despite their indifference and passivity over personal growth.
assistance. Furthermore, dependent adults with
an entitlement defense, are ultimately hostile
toward their caretakers. Thus entitlement only
strengthens feelings of anger, hurt, helplessness
and envy, thereby preventing resolution and

Sometimes our failures to achieve goals are due

to avoidant behaviors. We may be unable to
relinquish workaholism, for instance, in spite of
increasing stress, because we associate
professional achievements with positive May 1020 Edition

When we observe healthy children, we
understand that we have an innate, instinctive
desire for learning, solving problems,
overcoming obstacles and evolving
continuously. This is how we acquire positive
esteem, joy and fulfillment in life, and how we
realize our full potential as spiritual beings. It
requires more energy to hold ourselves hostage
to fear and defenses, than to relinquish them
and move forward.

If we decide to give up misery and stagnation,

we need to change our associations to the
things that keep us enslaved to unhealthy
habits. We must practice healthy discipline to
move from childhood dependent states, to
recognizing the current role models, resources,
knowledge and support that we have to assist
us toward positive goals. We need to surrender WWW.MARYCOOKMA.COM Mary Cook is the
entitlement, and experience the privilege and author of “Grace Lost and Found: From
rewards of healing ourselves and helping Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and
others. We must recognize that avoiding what Serenity”, available from Barnes & Noble,
ails us gives it more power, and blaming others and Borders. She has 34 years of
who mistreated us, keeps us prisoners of their clinical practice and 29 years of university
sickness and makes it ours. teaching experience. She is a national speaker
and has a private practice in San Pedro, CA.
Mary is available for telephone and office
counseling, guided meditation, speaking
engagements and in-service training. Contact
her at and see website
for further information.

Soulwire, Struggle From Within

Purchase the Radiant Nothing CD May 1020 Edition

When you look at the view of Earth from
space, you are immediately in awe of what
you do see: the incredible beauty of
Creation. It is not until you look closer that
you realize what you do not see.

You do not see lines partitioning countries.

You do not see separation between races.

You do not see division between religions.

You do not see the walls people build to

isolate themselves from each other.

There is just One Planet. There is only One


This section is dedicated to introducing

thoughts and ideas to foster a greater
understanding of Humanity’s
'12seconds for Peace' is a new venture into
collaborative video-arts and is designed to raise
the energy of manifestation for peace on our
planet and in our individual hearts and minds.
When humanity manifests internal peace and
recognises the natural order of the human
condition, then peace in the world will follow.

Background Symbol:
Click Below to Request Boarding Clearance


Do YOU want to spend your computer time being empowered… entertained… and INSPIRED? Please
visit our community homestead where people like YOU are gathering for personal and planetary healing,
development and transformation! Inspiration is just a click away…
It’s virtual… It’s reality… It’s a whole new dimension in cyberspace and self-exploration!

C.S.ONE - Cyber-Space Station ONE (for ONEness) - is a unique and innovative new Internet
attraction that weaves together spirituality, metaphysics, holistic health, empowerment, self-exploration,
and consciousness to create an inspirational, informative, and fun experience.

Energetically coded and designed for repeat visits, C.S.ONE is a community “experience” center,
educational resource, art and entertainment showcase, and social hotspot all rolled into ONE. Current
offerings include online circles, guided meditations, spiritual readings, teleclasses, shopping, games,
radio shows, daily prizes, and much more – all for you to enjoy online right from your own home!

Together with OM-Times and Humanity Healing, we invite you to get onboard and experience the
energy… to laugh… cry… get connected… release and rejuvenate… share your experiences… expand
your awareness… stir your soul… and have fun!

We look forward to your visit.

Twin Telepathy
The Psychic Twins,
Terry and Linda Jamison

“This life has been a test. If it had been

an actual life, you would have received
actual instructions on where to go and
what to do.”

~ My So-Called Life

More and more, our life is becoming like a TV reality

show…it’s like Ghost Whisperer meets The Surreal

This past week we had a remarkable trip to Denver,

Colorado, where we delivered the opening keynote years apart, on the same day! This guy had such a
speech to kick off the MOMS (Mothers of Multiples) light about him—a real joie de vivre. The three of us
convention. It was at the scenic Inverness Resort. We were kibitzing with each other like an old vaudeville
will post highlights when we get the video. The topic act. Even with all his winnings, which amounted to
was “Twin Telepathy,” and who knows better than over $350,000, he continues to drive his van seven
yours truly when it comes to that? Thank you to days a week because he loves it. What a spirit!
CPOM and all the lovely multiple moms-- it was
delightful! (The altitude does take a bit of getting Once we got to the airport, we were standing in line
used to). when we met a comic named Carmen. She was so
funny, and when she said she tap-danced, Terry
We knew it was going to be a crazy time as soon as urged her to show us a little shuffle-off-to-buffalo.
our shuttle picked us up for the airport. LAX had Without missing a beat, Carmen dropped her bags
been shut down, and re-opened just as we got there. and one of the stewardesses handed her a
The night before, a terrorist had been arrested in microphone. Carmen launched into her stand-up act
Denver for trying to light his shoes (or something) on right there in the airport, finishing with a split! We
fire mid-flight. We predicted this, by the way, on were in hysterics.
Coast to Coast A.M. Our shuttle driver was a
wonderful man from Lebanon who had been Speaking of shuffling to buffalo, we did get to see a
kidnapped three times by Palestinians in that country. whole field full of them while in Denver. In
He related a story of how he won the lottery twice, 13 American Indian tradition, the buffalo symbolizes

OM-Times Magazine January 2010 Edition

abundance, peace, and honoring your sacred path. A
big thank-you to our friend Frank for the guided tour!

On our return trip at the Denver airport, we

encountered a wonderful woman dressed in an airport
security uniform named Denay. She had a poof of
red-orange braids piled on top of her head, and wore
gold wire-rimmed glasses. Denay suddenly appeared
out of nowhere to help Terry with her bag. Terry told
her, “You are truly an angel!” Linda felt compelled
to take her hand and said to her, “You should be a
pastor!” Denay burst into tears, and said, “You have
no idea what you just did. I gave notice this week
here at work so that I could pursue my dream of
becoming a pastor!” She gave us both big hugs with
tears streaming down her face. Linda said “You also
had someone else in your family who was a pastor.”
Denay looked amazed. “My late father was a pastor
too!” she said. Now we were all crying. “Your telling
me that is a confirmation from God that I am doing
the right thing. Thank you both so, so much.” Just
goes to show that you can meet earth angels
©2009 The Psychic Twins. Images Used with Permission.
"The Psychic Twins are the Michael Jordans of the
Returning home, we barely had time to unpack, when
psychic world." 

the earthquake we predicted for China this year
~ Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Afterlife
happened. The 7.2 shaker has sadly caused more than
800 deaths, and we ask everyone to send prayers to
those in the affected area. We have predicted most of
To read more testimonials, click HERE
the biggest earthquakes in the world this year. See
our website for a complete list of our predictions:

Terry and Linda

The Psychic Twins

Separated at Earth is the inspiring, amazing true story

of the world famous Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda

OM-Times Magazine January 2010 Edition


Bird are
21 Jan - 17 Feb Robin
The cool exterior disguises a fiery temper and is
very opinionated - although those opinions are
not always shared by everyone. They are proud
and particularly home-loving, although have a
tendency to be quarrelsome.
Photo ©2010 Debbie Camarda

18 Feb - 17 March Goldfinch And a sometimes ruthless

Goldfinch people are colorful characters who determination. Avoids problematical obstacles
are sensitive and always alert. with skill, although must be fully
They are gregarious by nature and love being in targeted so as not to waste energy in fruitless
groups of people, which offers them security. chases for the impossible.
They need to find an outlet for their imaginative 15 April - 12 May Albatross
abilities or they are sometimes being in danger
The Albatross has a tendency to have a mind
of becoming nervous and irritable.
that wanders, but when in search of a particular
goal, will travel great lengths to achieve it.
18 March - 14 April Hawk Occasionally, the albatross
A powerful individual which displays courage may become caught up in things it shouldn't May 2010 Edition

8 July- 4 August Nightingale

More often heard before being seen,

nightingales always have something to say
for themselves. They are however very much in
tune with their partners. Their unimpressive
exterior hides a personality that is just waiting
to burst out.

5 August - 1 Sept Kingfisher

Another flamboyant and colorful character that

is always exciting to encounter. They rush
around at great speed and have a close spiritual
affinity with water. They have a sharp and
when not seeing clearly enough. perceptive head on them, but can make them
impetuous enough to dive in where others
13 May - 9 June Dove would fear to go.

2 Sept - 29 Sept Swan

Peace-loving by nature, doves will bill and coo
about things close to their heart. They enjoy a The swan has a complex character. While
fulfilling love-life and rarely fail to satisfy. They appearing on the surface as a calm and
are also patient, adaptable and personable. relaxed individual, underneath they are working
Their lack of aggression sometimes hard to keep up with the pace of modern life. If
makes them the victim of more predatory provoked their natural graceful demeanor can
characters. give way to a violent temper which puts them in
a flap. They are definitely someone to have on
10 June- 7 July Eagle your side.

The Eagle is a well-respected figure which has

excellent visionary qualities. Eagles will
truck no nonsense and will fix opponents with a
powerful stare. They have the
power to rise above the trivial aspects of
humanity, and are highly talented.
\ May 2010 Edition

30 Sept - 27 Oct Woodpecker problem-solvers. They enjoy challenges
are stimulated by wild and exposed places.
The Woodpecker is a tough, hard-working
character with plenty of stamina. He has no
24 Dec - 20 Jan Heron
problem drumming up support for their ideas,
no matter how wacky they seem. With a
lateral-thinking mind they are skilled at Heron people are deceptive. Although they may
dissecting problems and seeing the wood for be solitary individuals for much of the time,
the trees. However, with their noisy and they nevertheless have a need to settle in busy
exuberant lifestyle, you might not communities where they know everyone else.
want to have one as a neighbor. They may get bogged down as they wade the
course of life, but have broad enough shoulders
to cope with weighty issues. But their
insecure nature often leads them to fish for

28 Oct - 24 Nov Kestrel

a sharp brain helps kestrel people hover from

one subject to another without losing
concentration. They focus on their life's goal
with a single-minded focus, not flustered by
what is going on around them. A confidence in
their own ability helps them to soar to heights
others may only dream of.

25 Nov - 23 Dec Raven

Always impressive, raven people are a tower of

strength. They are more
intelligent than their peers and are adept Images: Courtesy of Imageafter May 2010 Edition

one of those by Debby Rosenberg

in this moment of grace I say my thanks

because to notice things
like all poets do
those intricate gears and
subtle details
to describe a color
without any paint
to fashion an instant
upon a landscape
then whirl around
and lift off the ground
into another dimension of
time or emotions
where tears may fall
or grins grow wide
was no simple task
but an act, of grace

love is felt, and shared

wounds are open
then healed, as fantasy
and imagined worlds
dream their way into
language revealing
a unity of community
and passion is revered
and nearly every act of humanity
becomes observed

evidence displays of compassion

within social and political worldviews
aspects of reality
parody, and parable, instinctively
pivots patterns of behavior
and I am blessed and thankful
to be measured
…as one of those
By Debbie

Choose Love

Love is so powerful
that it transcends
all time
all tragedy
all betrayal
all heartache.

Have no misgivings in
Love is always
the right Path to take.

When in doubt
or rage
or hurt
or sadness,
you can still choose

Do not fear your

just allow them.
And choose Love
Wandering away from the smoke filled streets
Not Alone
to where the open water laps the shoreline By John Edwards
Wandering away from the smoke filled streets
in the gentle breeze, creating occasional whitecaps

on the sparkling surface of the churning body below. 
to where the open water laps the shoreline

Resting with my back against the Mighty Oak,

feeling its roots become my own, reaching deep
for its nourishment, providing support for the trunk

and branches which they will require to grow higher.

Peering through Pussy Willow buds, and the others,

not yet weeping, but looking quite content to allow
the warmth of the sun to draw the flowing nectar

for the feeding of young leaves and new growth.

Allowing all the tensions to drain as I feel your hand

at the back of my neck, quietly encouraging,
just being there, at my side; I can feel you too.
There’s no such place as far away anymore.
Coming home. 
www,OM-Times .com ^o^
I see you
through your armor, tough look and
your loud voice.

I see you
through your hunched shoulders and
your small voice.

I see you
through your cold eyes and
your indifferent manner.

I see you
through your moist eyes telling stories
of hurt and misunderstanding.

I see you
through your words
stating that you are separate from others. I see you
how you react when you hear words of
love, support, healing, and

I see you
asking with your eyes
saying how can I experience more

I see you
as I see myself
both drops from the same ocean.

I see you
as I see myself
both with the same desire in our

I see you
as I see myself
both learning how to connect again
the Source.

Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat
May 2010 Edition

The warm, soothing rain of thy love

Washes me smooth as polished stone -
And then turns me from a cold,
Hard, polished stone
Into clay so fine, so moldable
That once again, I am transformed.

From clay so fine

I am transformed into the warmest wood –
So green and bendable
That my leafy shape matches thine
In every branch and curve,
But then, again, I change.

I change from warmest wood

Into bones and flesh, sinew and heart –
I am a woman now with
The warmth of the wood,
The softness of the clay,
And the strength of the stone.

And in my heart-of-hearts I feel thee,

Every sigh, and tender touch –
Every elation, every freedom is
Amplified a thousand-fold
In the knowledge that though we be apart,
We are one.

©Marina Phillips
4 April - 2010
No wonder it's called Rosella Tomato Sauce —
they're that red, lined up on the wide rail.
But their yellow-green wings can't be compared
to any tree or grass, or even the ferns
crowding up and over the high verandah
They are unique, and have their own colour.
Bright. Bold. In your face
like the big Reconciliation badge I wear:
red, green and yellow, black and white.

"Walking Together" it says. And we sit together,

a circle of Australians, indigenous and non.
We sit together talking, even after the last light
strikes the opposite hill in a sudden blaze.
We're dreaming up a monument,
a reminder of who came first — Walk With This Spirit
something to touch, like the rock or tree
that has always been the place (A meeting of the Kingscliff-Cudgen
to speak to ancestral spirits. Reconciliation Circle)
We dream it could heal all hearts.
We invent phrases, like, "Walk with this spirit."

Somebody mentions earth.

Grey beard, gentle eyes, brown face,
a man of measured words.
"What do you mean exactly when you say earth?"
I ask, flushed and earnest, wanting to get it right.
"Australia? This bit of land? Or the whole planet?"
For the first time, he stammers.
"All that. The earth supports us.
She is our Mother!" His eyes fill with tears.
We fall silent. On the rail, the Rosellas jostle.
The forested valley begins to grow dark. © Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2000
We sit together, sipping coffee, watching First published Secret Leopard: New and selected poems 1974-
one green patch of shared, beloved earth. 2005, Alyscamps Press (Paris) 2005
The Time Returns
after St. Symeon
Come blessed one, blow forth blessed oneness.
Come attunement of vowels and sound.
Come holy knowing. Come throb and magnetize

to earth's music. Ground sacred spiraling

to sky from core. Come radiant eye. Come
blonde ascension and dimensional dawn.

Come resurrected subtle body. Fuse

and recombine our DNA. Come mightest alignment,
flowing motion and flowering. Radiate circles

of golden chi. Oh window of the miraculous,

raise my bliss, seal my blues! Dear one, Come.
And come deep comprehension of all othering

done. Turn wheel of release, wheel of insufferable

sorrow. Come starry pillar and spinal stairway. Breath
and elevate us to intake and output of natural law.

Come sway of treetops and linen clouds. Arrive

estranged twin, my highest self. Oh come now,
galactic grok! The times return to meld and dwell,

merge and emerge. Come filament, come sew

and sough through my hand and heart.
Take hold muscular light, Blakean body.

And so it is. And so it is. And so it is.

By Deborah deNicola
Human Nature
Aromatic earth,
Energetic air,
Often I wander
and find myself there.

Where trees coalesce

to greet me, I guess,
My senses embrace
the pleasure in Grace.

The beauty surrounds

as I remind myself that
The Sacred within me
is also without.

Debbie Lawlor Camarda

Poem and photograph
© Debbie Camarda,

April 2010

All Rights Reserved.

Destinations Article by Gina Alzate

Celebrate the Feast of Beltane in Ireland, Scotland and

the Isle of Man
Celebrate the Feast of Beltane in Ireland, Scotland and at the University of Edinburgh. The Beltane Fire Society, a
the Isle of Man on May 1st. Beltane is a cross-quarter registered charity which runs the festival, and all the
day, marking the midpoint in the Sun's progress between performers are volunteers.
the spring equinox and summer solstice. It
Underwater Playground of the Children of the Mayan
marks the beginning of the pastoral
summer season. In Ireland, great bonfires
celebrating Beltane marked a time of
purification and transition. They were
meant to usher the spirit of fertility to
ensure a good harvest later in the year.
These bonfires were accompanied with
ritual acts to bring protection to the people
from any harm by Otherworldly spirits.

A revived Beltane Fire Festival has been

held every year since 1988 during the night
of 30 April (May's Eve) on Calton Hill in
Edinburgh, Scotland and attended by up to
15,000 people. It receives academic
support from the School of Scottish Studies

Beltane Fire - Loreena McKennitt
Author Biography

Gina Alzate is a Cruise Planner and

Owner of World Tours and Cruises,
specializing in group travel for
destination weddings and
honeymoons, family and school
reunions, corporate events,
conferences and workshops at sea.
She is an Online Radio Talk Show
Host on and, and the
Broadcaster of World Radio 365. As
the Metaphysical Therapy Educator
with Holistic Life Designs, she leads
and coordinates holistic and
metaphysical workshops on land
and at sea. She writes for as the National
Holistic Travel Examiner and the
Philadelphia Romance Examiner.
Beltane by NaDobra Films http://www.worldtoursandcruises.
Beltane comes from the Gaelic culture and is widely
observed by Neopagans, people who follow diverse
modern religious movements, particularly those
influenced by pre-Christian pagan beliefs of Europe. The
Druids, who were known to be members of the learned
Celtic society and functioned as priests for the Celtic Beltane Narsilion
people, have been known to create a need-fire on top of
a hill during Beltane and drive the village's
cattle through the fires to purify them and
bring luck. Wiccans, a religious group who
practice magic, are devoted to nature and
ecology, and revere Gods and Goddesses,
celebrate "High Beltaine" by enacting a
ritual union of the May Lord and May Lady.

The Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea

between the islands of Great Britain and
Ireland, was influenced by Gaelic and Celtic
cultures fro 400 AD to 700 AD. It celebrates
May Day, the Feast of Beltane, to this day.
Host of and in Partnership with:

with Host
Chris Anderson
Tuesday May 4th On OM Times Radio:

The Peter Buffett Interview. Join host Chris Onefeather and Emmy
Award winning musician, social activist and son of billionaire Warren
Buffet as they discuss Peter's musical career, his current human
rights efforts to stop human trafficking in Africa and his newly
released book (April 27th) that promises to be an inspiring and
insightful look at life from all angles and levels, Life is What You
Make It.

Thursday May 6th on HumanityHealing Hour

The Matt Schoenherr Interview. Host Chris Onefeather connects with Matt Schoenherr
and his latest endeavor, where he explores one entrepreneur’s
spiritual journey through the trials and triumphs of running a small business, raising a
family and the growing awareness of every day serendipity and the magic that
surrounds us. “Zero Inspiration” refers to the divine inspiration we open to when we
strive to clean away the emotional and mental junk and return to a zero state. Matt is a
lively and lucid chap who is on a mission of awakening both himself and others. This is a
fun and insightful discussion that is sure to give the listener a few new ideas worth

Currently on Onefeather Journal Radio

The Ann Taylor Interview. Join host Chris Onefeather as he dialogues with healer Ann Taylor.
Ann is the founder of Inner Healing, Inc. and an internationally-known energy healer and
teacher. Her work by phone is as effective as her work in person. Ann's profound gift is to
facilitate your healing on a genetic, cellular, emotional, mental, spiritual, and past life level.
Her work eliminates belief systems that no longer serve you and imprints ones that do. The
results are more health, wealth, and happiness in your life. This is an opportunity to
experience the potentially profound effects of a gifted spiritual healer, so do call in and have
Ann transform your life!
Book Reviews
Healing Begins with
Thought By DeZengo
I month we decided to look at healing from a new perspective - where it actually begins. In the beginning there was
G and he was without sickness. The bible says sickness came as a result of sin and as I know understand it - being
hurtful, abusive, angry, hostile, negative could be considered an act of war and sin against Humanity – the humanity
that lives within you. There is much evidence to suggest that our thoughts and emotional state of being are directly
related to our physical - mental - spiritual well being. Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book Quantum Healing took many of us
on the greatest adventure of life – as we begin inward exploration for solutions & healing, we are now realizing we
have more control over individual health and wellbeing. Dr. Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing begins to explore the
connection of our micro / macro universe (we call it our body) to our mind and conscious intent.

Quantum Healing:
Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Combining current research
of Western medicine, neuroscience, and physics with the
insights of Ayurvedic theory, Dr Deepak Chopra shows how
the human body is controlled by a 'network of intelligence' -
a network that has the power to defeat cancer, heart This is
an extraordinary new approach to healing by an
extraordinary physician-writer - a book filled with the
mystery, wonder, and hope of people who have experienced
seemingly miraculous recoveries from cancer and other
serious illnesses. Dr Deepak Chopra, a respected New
England endocrinologist, began his search for answers when
he saw patients in his own practice who completely
recovered after being given only a few months to live. In the
mid-1980s he returned to his native India to study Ayurveda,
humanity's most ancient healing tradition. Now he has
brought together the current research of Western medicine,
neuroscience, and physics with the insights of Ayurvedic
theory to show that the human body is controlled by a
'network of intelligence' grounded in quantum reality. Not a
superficial psychological state, this intelligence lies deep
enough to change the basic patterns that design our
physiology - with the potential to defeat cancer, heart disease,
and even aging itself. In this inspiring and pioneering work,
Dr Chopra offers us both a fascinating intellectual journey
and a deeply moving chronicle of hope and healing.

Om Times Magazine May 2010

Is What You Make It

From composer, musician, and philanthropist Peter Buffett comes a

warm, wise, and inspirational book that asks, Which will you choose:
the path of least resistance or the path of potentially greatest

You may think that with a last name like his, Buffett has enjoyed a
life of endless privilege. But the son of billionaire investor Warren
Buffett says that the only real inheritance handed down from his
parents was a philosophy: Forge your own path in life. It is a creed
that has allowed him to follow his own passions, establish his own
identity, and reap his own successes. In Life Is What You Make It,
Buffett expounds on the strong set of values given to him by his
trusting and broadminded mother, his industrious and talented
father, and the many life teachers he has met along the way.

Today's society, Buffett posits, has begun to replace a work ethic, relishing what you do, with a wealth
ethic, honoring the payoff instead of the process. We confuse privilege with material accumulation,
character with external validation. Yet, by focusing more on substance and less on reward, we can open
doors of opportunity and strive toward a greater sense of fulfillment. In clear and concise terms, Buffett
reveals a great truth: Life is random, neither fair nor unfair. From there it becomes easy to recognize the
equal dignity and value of every human life—our circumstances may vary but our essences do not. We
see that our journey in life rarely follows a straight line but is often met with false starts, crises, and
blunders. How we push through and persevere in these challenging moments is where we begin to create
the life of our dreams—from discovering our vocations to living out our bliss to giving back to others.

Personal and revealing, instructive and intuitive, Life Is What You Make It is about transcending your
circumstances or status, taking up the reins of your destiny, and living your life to the fullest.
You’ve Read Their Columns Here In OM-Times….
Now Read Their Books!

Judith Orloff, M.D. Ronald Alexander, PH.D Charlotte Reznick, PH.D Sarah Maria

Terry & Linda Jamison Chandi Devi Marsha Cook Shervin Hojat, PH.D

Mary Cook Naomi Brenda Steve Bhaerman


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Recommended Reading

These Selections Available In The OM-Times Bookstore

Life Is What You Make It

by Peter Buffett

You may think that with a last name like his, Buffett has enjoyed a life of endless privilege.
But the son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that the only real inheritance handed
down from his parents was a philosophy: Forge your own path in life. It is a creed that has
allowed him to follow his own passions, establish his own identity, and reap his own
successes. In Life Is What You Make It, Buffett expounds on the strong set of values given
to him by his trusting and broadminded mother, his industrious and talented father, and the
many life teachers he has met along the way.

Pope Annalisa
by Peter Canova

From the time Peter Canova first experienced phenomena such as telepathy, remote
viewing, intuitive medical readings, and psychic healing, he has spent much of his life
seeking to understand the forces that link humanity together at an unseen level.
In Pope Annalisa, he explores an ancient spiritual tradition which cut across not only
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also the so-called pagan mystery schools of ancient

They Sing to Our Hearts: A Communicator Shares her Stories of Animal Wisdom
by Naomi Brenda McDonald

They Sing to Our Hearts: A Communicator Shares her Stories of Animal Wisdom is a
charming collection of poignant stories from her many years as a professional animal
communicator. In her new book, Naomi shares the lessons that the animals she has had the
privilege to work with and love have taught her. Through her metaphysic and Shamanic
studies, Naomi had learned many of the Universal Truths on an intellectual basis. But it was
her connection with the animals that deeply touched her heart and allowed her to fully
embrace these valuable life lessons.

If you are an Author and would like to have your book featured in OM-Times Recommended Reading and the OM-Times
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Recommended Reading

These Selections Available In The OM-Times Bookstore

Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story and Shows You
How to Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom
by Judith Orloff MD

In her new book Second Sight, this moving personal story Dr. Orloff recounts her "journey
to become whole" by first accepting and then embracing her intuitive abilities. She tells of
her childhood fear of her intuition, of her physician-parents' efforts to ignore and even deny
them, and of her slow awakening to the understanding that her intuition is truly a gift. She
tells of her struggle to incorporate her abilities into her MEDICAL practice and traditional
medicine and of the many successes she's experienced with patients ever since.

Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here
by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. & Steve Bhaerman

In the midst of the current worldwide crises comes a hopeful new story of our evolutionary
future, a book Deepak Chopra has called "world changing." Based on the latest discoveries
in "new edge science," resonant with ancient spiritual wisdom, Spontaneous Evolution
weaves science, spirit, politics and economics into a holistic paradigm that maps a pathway
for planetary healing.

Grace Lost and Found: From Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity
by Mary Cook

Many recovery books are for the beginner, and that makes sense. But then what? This grace-
filled book is for people at later stages in their recovery who are looking to uncover the
underlying causes for their addiction and heal the psychological and spiritual pain, often
lingering from childhood that many addicts bear.

If you are an Author and would like to have your book featured in OM-Times Recommended Reading and the OM-Times
Bookstore, write to
Recommended Reading

These Selections Available In The OM-Times Bookstore

You Are Here – Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment

by Thich Nhat Hahn

In this book Thich Nhat Hahn, the renowned Zen monk, author, and meditation master,
distills the essence of Buddhist thought and practice, emphasizing the power of mindfulness
to transform our lives. "Mindfulness is not an evasion of an escape," he explains. "It means
being here, present, and totally alive. It is true freedom - and without this freedom, there is
no happiness." Simple, warm, direct, and startlingly potent, this book reveals the heart of
the Buddhist path and helps us to reconnect with the joy and wonder of being alive,
regardless of life's changing circumstances.

Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears
by Pema Chödrön

In this book Pema Chödrön shows us how to break free of destructive patterns in our lives
and experience a new sense of freedom and happiness. Drawing on the Buddhist concept of
shenpa, she helps us to see how certain habits of mind tend to "hook" us and get us stuck in
states of anger, blame, self-hatred, and addiction. The good news is that once we start to
see these patterns, we can begin to change our lives for the better.

For the Benefit of All Beings - A Commentary on the Way of the Bodhisattva
By H. H. the Dalai Lama
Translated by Padmakara Translation Group

The fourteenth Dalai Lama, a living embodiment of the bodhisattva ideal, presents here
detailed practical guidance based on sections of The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva,
the best-known text of Mahayana Buddhism. The Dalai Lama explains this classic and
beloved work, showing how anyone can develop a truly "good heart" and the aspiration for
the enlightenment of all beings. In this book, the Dalai Lama's profound knowledge is
evident—the result of extensive training. Here he shares his extraordinary insight into the
human condition and what it means to be a responsible and caring person.

If you are an Author and would like to have your book featured in OM-Times Recommended Reading and the OM-Times
Bookstore, write to
Recommended Reading

These Selections Available In The OM-Times Bookstore

Surviving Cancer and Other Tough Stuff: An Illustrated Journal for a Healthy and
Abundant Life
by Kanta Bosniak

Hypnotherapist and cancer survivor Kanta Bosniak shares her inspiring story and offers
readers facing any life challenge a gentle process for transformation with excercises in the
included workbook. It will help anyone who wants to emerge from a difficult experience
better than before...happier, healthier and living a more abundant life.

Secret Leopard
by Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Tasmanian-born Rosemary Nissen-Wade, who now lives in northern New South Wales, fell
in love with poetry as a child and has been making it ever since. She is one of the founders
of the Poets Union of Australia, coordinated a series of prison poetry workshops, created a
poetry theatre group with three other poets, and for a decade was an independent publisher
of Australian poets, some of whose books won major national awards. Readers comment
that what they find in her books, above all, is love.

Forgive Myself
By Bruce Morse

I built a fortress to hide from the world. I built a prison to lock up my heart and soul. But life
has a way of tearing down walls. Institutionalized at thirteen, diagnosed schizophrenic at 24,
losing a son at 45, this is the story of how my walls shattered, my defenses collapsed and I
was given the gift of confronting my deepest fears. It is also the story of the people in my life,
those who wounded me, those I wounded, those who inspired me and those who loved me
and taught me to love.

It is a story about a boy filled with rage who dreamed of becoming a man capable of love.

If you are an Author and would like to have your book featured in OM-Times Recommended Reading and the OM-Times
Bookstore, write to
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