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Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer write: "When a

woman learns to treat her breasts as items that

enhance appearance, they belong not to the girl, but to her audiences. Hence, a woman
becomes alienated from her
own body." 67
45. Naturism is the antithesis of porn.68
Nudity is often confused with porn in our society because the pornography industry has so
successfully exploited it. In other words, nudity is frequently damned as exploitative exactly
because its repression
causes many to exploit it.
46. Pornography has been defined as an effort to exert power over nature. In most instances
in our culture, it
manifests itself as an expression of sexual power by men over women.69 Naturism, by
contrast, seeks to coexist
with nature and with each other, and to accept each other as well as the natural world in our
most natural states.
47. Non-acceptance and repression of nudity fuels pornography by teaching that any form
and amount of
nudity is inherently sexual and pornographic.
In the words of activist Melissa Farley, "porn is the antithesis of liberty for girls. . . . to treat
the human body as anything less than ordinary and amazing will be to promote puritanism
and pornography. In the event the human
body is accepted by society as standard, the pornographers won't be able to advertise it." 70
48. Naturism is innocent, casual, non-exploitative, and noncommercial (and yet is frequently
suppressed); as
opposed to porn, which is commercialized and sensationalized (and typically tolerated).
In a few American communities it is illegal for a lady to publicly bare her breasts in order to
feed an
Baby, but it is legal to display Penthouse on drug store magazine racks.
49. Many psychologists think that repression of a healthy sexuality results in a greater
capability for, and
tendency toward, violence.
Paul Ableman writes: "We've divorced naturism family photo gallery from our instincts so
conclusively that we're now
menaced by their perverted expression. The blocked sensual instinct turns into
destructiveness and, in our age, many
thinkers have perceived that some of the very ghastly manifestations of
http://0371sex.com/floop/asian-nudist-family-photo.php are fueled by recycled
eroticism. Channelled into pure cerebration, naturist pussy pics may create nightmares
impossible in the animal
world. Animals are casually vicious and are usually, not always, indifferent to the pain of
other creatures. Creatures kills
for food or, infrequently, for sport however they don't torture, gloat over pain or exterminate.

We do. What is more, we can

tolerate our own ferocity. What we can't take is our own sexuality." 71
So extreme violence is born even on television, while the merest glance of sexual anatomy,
Yet innocent, is enough to cause movie ratings to jump.
Naturism boosts physical health.
50. Clothes limits or defeats several of the natural motives of skin: for instance, repelling
moisture, drying
Immediately, breathing, protecting without impeding performance, and notably sensing one's
C. W. Saleeby writes: "This commendable organ, the natural clothes of the body, which
grows continuously
throughout life, which has at least four entirely distinct sets of sensory nerves distributed to it,
which is essential
in the regulation of the temperature, which is watertight from without inwards, but enables the
excretory sweat to
escape freely, which, when unbroken, is microbe-proof, and which can easily absorb sun-this most lovely,
versatile, and wonderful organ is, for the most part, smothered, blanched, and blinded in
garments and may just
Slowly be restored to the air and light which are its natural setting. Then, and only then, we
learn what it is
capable of." 72
51. Exposure to the sun, without going overboard, promotes general well-being.
Research indicates that solar exposure activates the body's synthesis of Vitamin D, essential
for (among other
things) calcium absorption and a powerful immune system. 73 Exposure to the sun is
especially crucial for the growth
of strong bones in young kids.
52. Recent studies have indicated an inverse association between solar exposure and video
young nudist , colon
cancer, breast cancer, and even the most deadly form of skin cancer, malignant
53. An obsessive awareness of modesty about the body often correlates with a hesitation to
share healthy types
of touch with others.
Studies have increasingly linked touch-deprivation, particularly during youth and
adolescence, to
Melancholy, violence, sexual inhibition, and other anti-social behaviors. Studies have also
shown that people who are
physically cold toward teenagers produce hostile, competitive, and generally violent offspring.
On the other hand,
children brought up in families where the members touch each other are fitter, better able to
resist pain and
Illness, more sociable, and usually happier than families which don't share touch.75

54. Tight clothing may cause health problems by restricting the natural flow of blood and
lymphatic fluid.