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Ryan Fitzgerald

Home Address:

234 Quasons Path, Brewster, MA 02631


School Address:

Lasell College 1844 Commonwealth Ave., Newton, MA, 02466


Home Phone:
Cell Phone:


To obtain an internship with a sports organization where I will learn from leaders about the
business, gain experience, and improve my communication and journalism skills which can be
utilized in the communication field.

Lasell College

Expected graduation 2017

Work Experience
Brookline TAB

Work in the office reporting on stories, making calls and meeting with general reporters
and editors.
Report on events like school committee meetings and interview members of community
for stories.
Gained experience working with a newspaper and learned skills from editors and
reporters as well as feedback after editing my stories.

Boston Globe Sports Hawk

Fall 2015

Answer phone calls from high school coaches to record statistics and scores of high
school sports and put them in the Globe database.
Manage the college results page and input scores into the Globe database for print in the paper.

Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL) PR intern

Summer 2015

One of the most prominent amatuer leagues for young college baseball stars in the
Covered Brewster Whitecaps and Orleans Firebirds teams for CCBL social media outlets by
managing Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Wordpress blog for CCBL.
Wrote a weekly feature story on players, coaches, or teams that were posted on CCBL website
Ice Cream Server/Maker

Summer 2011- Present

Ice Cream Server as well as prepare smoothies, frappes, espresso drinks, soft serve yogurt.
Stock products
Maintenance of store - including cleaning, mopping, dishes, stocking, upkeep
Promoted to Ice Cream Maker (new duties included making 40 + flavors of ice cream each
Strengthened leadership, teamwork, and efficiency skills by working with a team to attend to
customers while teaching and delegating to new employees.


Accepted in Lasell College Honors Program

Opinion Editor Lasell College Newspaper; The 1851 Chronicle
Sports Editor Lasell College Newspaper; The 1851 Chronicle
Learned computer and InDesign skills while on school newspaper
Strengthened writing skills contributing to school newspaper


Volunteer Experience
Our Lady of the Cape Church
Deliver and serve Christmas meals
Assisted with Childrens Shopping Day to hundreds of children


Brewster Recreation
Youth Basketball Coach for a team of ten children in first grade