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Moving into the 21st Century
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, working on the internet if you so
where does it all begin? Sometimes desire.
it does seem like technological over- First, check out our new web-
load. But like the Apostle Paul who site: www.westwoodfresno.com.
made use of the Roman Areopagus Here you can find loads of infor-
(Mars Hill) to present the risen Christ mation about Westwood Baptist
to the Athenians (Acts 17:16-34), we Church and what is happening.
must be willing to present Christ in The Articles of Faith, Constitution,
all forms available today. The inter- calendar and much more are
net today is what the telephone was available at the click of a mouse.
when Bell patented the idea in the From the website, you can see
late 1800s; and is the “new” way to recent Twitter posts from pastor 3333 N Cornelia Ave
communicate with the world. Nunez as well as link to our face- Fresno Ca, 93722
Social networking sites have be- book profile. (559) 276-2467
come the medium that people con- To follow Westwood on Twitter www.westwoodfresno.com
nect to family, friends, coworkers, just go to: Email: pastor@westwoodfresno.com
and interests across the internet. www.twitter.com/Westwoodfresno.
Because of this, Westwood wants to Also, you can become a fan of
be available to a growing number of Westwood on Facebook by Ephesians 4:13
people who use these social net- searching for “Westwood Baptist
working sites everyday. Church”. “until we all attain to the unity of the
You may be thinking that this is all We hope that you will not only be faith and of the knowledge of the Son
too much for you to get involved in. connected to Westwood through of God, to mature manhood, to the
That’s ok, we just want to be avail- these Social Media sites, but that measure of the stature of the fullness
able to a larger audience that is you will connect to Westwood on a of Christ”
ONLY possible through the power of weekly basis at our worship ser-
the internet. There are many ways vices!
you can get involved in social net-

And the Lord added to their number... Pastor Mario at:

The Lord has brought a lot of excit- ranks. The vote was unanimous!
ing changes to Westwood Baptist These new members are: Carol Also, along the lines of growth, we
Church. Pastor Nunez finished the Stephens, Saima Nunez, Daniel Brad- have had several visiting families attend-
sermon series: Foundation Stones shaw, Leslie Torres and two returning ing Westwood on a weekly basis, with
of a Living Church based on Acts members Keith and Melody McCombs. one family reviewing the constitution to
2:41-47. Several frequent attendees Please take a moment to send them see if Westwood is where they would like
requested to be added to our fellow- an email or a letter congratulating them to have their church home. We are trust-
ship by requesting membership. On on their membership. If you do not ing in the Lord that as we focus on Him
May 1, 2010 Westwood added 6, have their email address or contact and our spiritual growth, He will take care
yes that’s right 6, members to our information please feel free to contact of us and our numerical growth.
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Upcoming Events:
Pastor Foote Appreciation service @ Sunnyside May 23 Service Times:
Sunday Family Bible Hour: 9:00am
Sermon Series: Free in Christ (Romans 8) May 29-July 4
Sunday Worship: 10:30am
Jim Garcines ABWE Missionary @ 6:00pm June 13 Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00pm
Vacation Bible School, 6:30pm daily. July 19– 24 Wednesday AWANA: 6:30pm
Missionaries Mike & June Bradley furlough July-October2010 Wednesday night Bible Study: 6:45pm

Tom Meyer: Scripture spoken Sep 12 & Sep 19


Pulpit Committee update

The pulpit committee has been hard at working at preparing
all the necessary paperwork that is needed in order to publish
the senior pastor position. The pastoral profile has been com-
pleted and is ready to be added to the package. The congre-
gational surveys have been sent out, and should have been Free in Christ!
received by the all of the members and regular attendees.
If you have not received a congregational survey and The Scripture says in Romans
would like one, please contact jkstephens@comcast.net and 8:1, “There is therefore now no
John Stephens will be glad to get one to you. These surveys condemnation for those who are
have been made drastically smaller and should only take 5 in Christ Jesus.” But many times
minutes to complete. When you receive the survey, please be we don’t know what that means. We
sure to fill it out and bring it in to the church, or mail it to the don’t know what true freedom looks
church. Once the surveys are completed, they will be ready like. What does it mean that there is
to be added to the package. The demographic information on no condemnation for those who are
the area surrounding Westwood Baptist Church has also been in Christ Jesus? What does it mean
completed and is ready to be added to the package. when the Bible says we are free in
There is still a financial shortfall as to what we would like to Christ? (Romans 8:2)
pay the senior pastor when he is called. This is going to be a How do we live out that freedom?
significant hurdle that needs to be overcome. However, we What does true freedom in Christ
know that where God leads He feeds, and we believe that look like?
when His timing is correct, God will supply all that we need in Do you want to be free from fear
the area of finances. We would like to pay our senior pastor and doubt? Do you want to have
well so he can focus on the duties of shepherding the sheep. complete assurance that you are for-
We believe this is a biblical precedent: 1 Timothy 5:17-18 given by God and guaranteed en-
says, “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy trance into God’s eternal kingdom?
of a double honor, especially those who labor in preach- Then don’t miss pastor Mario’s next
ing and teaching. For the Scripture says, “You shall not sermon series: “Free in Christ” that
muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,” and, “The la- begins on May 30 and ends on Inde-
borer deserves his wages.” and 1 Corinthians 9:14 says, “In pendence day July 4, 2010.
the same way, the Lord commanded that those who pro- Won’t you make it a point to join
claim the gospel should get their living by the gospel.” us each Sunday for this exciting ser-
Please pray that the Lord will provide the required finances mon series? Come learn how you
necessary to pay the pastor whenever he is called. can experience true and lasting free-
dom in Christ!

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Prayer Requests:
 Please continue to pray for the pulpit committee as they seek the Lord’s man for the senior pastor position.
 Please pray for the health of our membership: physical, emotional and spiritual.
 Finances. In order to have a senior pastor we need to be able to pay him. Please pray that the finances will
be there to pay the pastor a proper salary when he is called.
 Pray for VBS, that we would not lose focus on the reason we are doing this vital ministry.
 Pray that we will be able to regain our focus for the upcoming AWANA year, and for a fruitful upcoming
AWANA season.