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VMware Partner University

VMware Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP)

The Power of Knowledge

Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP) 5 (revised)

Technical Pre-Sales: Learning Path



VSP - VMware Sales

Professional Accreditation


Partner Ethics and


VTSP - VMware Technical

Solutions Professional

VLE - VMware License Expert

vCA - VMware Competitive


Financial Fluency for Partners

VTSP 5 (revised) is a free online training program designed to

provide Partners with fundamental technical knowledge about
VMware vSphere 5. The goal is to help Partner Solutions Architects/
Solution Engineers/Pre-Sales Professionals develop the capabilities
and gain the confidence to successfully guide customers through
product evaluation, selection and installation based on their business
requirements and/or existing IT environment.
VMware is constantly looking to provide the latest content and
training to partners in the most effective manner. To that end
VMware launched a fully updated VTSP Foundation course in June
2013 that refocuses the accreditation on the design aspects of
VMware vSphere and vCenter and less on the implementation
aspects. The new course is updated to the current vSphere 5.1
content and provides more scenario based training, white boarding,
and design considerations than previous versions of VTSP.
Upon attaining a VTSP accreditation, you will be able to:


Whats Next After Completing VTSP?

VTSP-SV (Server Virtualization), VTSP-BC (Business Continuity),
VTSP-MO (Management Operations),
VTSP-MA (Management Automation),
VTSP-VBCA (Virtualization of Business Critical Applications),
VTSP-SDS (Storage Virtualization), VTSP-Hybrid,
VTSP-DV (Desktop Virtualization), and
VTSP-DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

Identify where and how specific products fit into an overall

customer solution
Discuss and demonstrate the strengths and benefits of key
technical features
Guide customers through product evaluation and selection
Apply knowledge to answer technical questions related to VMware
products and solutions

Getting Started
Visit VMware Partner University for more information on how you
can become a VTSP.

Program Structure
VTSP Self-Paced Module


vSphere Product Overview

60 min


85 min

VM Management

80 min

vSphere Networks

60 min

vSphere vStorage

90 min

Architecting a vSphere Solution

TOTAL approximate time investment

If you encounter difficulties or challenges while completing this
program, please review the online FAQs, or email
*There are no fees to take these online courses.

60 min
7 hrs and 15 min

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